Gracies Pep! UPDATED with new video.

Well yesterday kicked my ass, how about you? When I heard the news I was simultaneously gutted, grateful & relieved. Pep has been the best coach (and man) we could possibly have asked for. I have no words to express my gratitude for what he has done for this club. Silverware is the least of it. Pep has crafted a team that has combined fantastic football with human values and a clear philosophy (there’s that word!) and identity. There will never be another one like him. Fortunately, we have an excellent successor in Tito Vilanova, who has been with Pep every step of the way and shares his vision and football principles. I look forward to continuing this journey with Tito at the helm.

If you, like me, spent yesterday evening drinking, eating comfort food and feeling weepy, you might want to check out a few of these videos about Pep. If you can stay dry-eyed I will make you a manita on the house.

This one is an oldie but a goodie:

Pep Guardiola — The Director:

Adeu Pep. Stills. If this doesn’t make you cry, I don’t want to know you.

One of the best Pep interviews I have ever seen. Translation can be found here courtesy of the ladies of @FCB_LJlive

And lest we forget, Pep has other interests besides football:

TV3 also has a lovely musical tribute that you can find here.

EDIT: I was looking up the song in the TV3 video and found out that the song “La simfonia perfecta” by Toni Beiro was actually written as a tribute to Pep Guardiola and his Barça team. Enjoy!

Thanks for everything, Pep.

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Canadian, cule, corporate wage slave. Came late to the beautiful game, but fell under FCB's spell in 2006 and never looked back.


  1. Wenger (coach Arsenal): “Guardiola’s exit comes as a surprise. It may not be the right moment to make this decision after a disappointment.”

    Very true

    1. if he’s telling the truth , he made this decision in octomber/november coming off the two supercup wins

  2. *sniff sniff*

    Well, I lost out on my free manita, but at least I’m worthy of Blitzen’s acquaintance!

    As far as I’m concerned that man can waltz off the pitch mid-Champion’s final-match to go twirl a hoola-hoop atop Leo’s Lamborghini in the stadium parking lot for all he’s done for this club and its fans.

    I like Wenger and we were wondering if he was gonna red-rover-red-rover-let-Arsene-come-over but until he wins 13 trophies in 4 years he can s*&^%$$ it.

    It says a lot when such a bummer announcement can make me jazzed for the opportunity to cheer and weep some more tomorrow.

  3. The club is bigger than the players and coaches, yet it’s going to be depressing seeing a Barcelona not headed by this man. I hope one day he returns…Wish him success in all his future endeavors and I hope we never have to face a team coached by him.

  4. F**** blitz, this first video is a killer, complete knock out, I could not even hold up for 2 minutes. My head has accepted what has happened and all that nobody is bigger than the club, my heart just can not see somobody else on the sidelines

  5. Readig in Sport that the club wants a centre back and two offensive players (one being a classic no. 9) in addition to Jordi Alba which is said to be a done deal.

    With Thago Silva being the first choice for a central defender, the club might have to go for a cheaper solution up front. What about a player like Demba Ba, who would not cost that much?

    1. Problem with Demba Bo is that he has a knee problem, it did not show this season but that was the reason why a lot of EPL clubs did not want to sign him (Stoke

    2. We’d also lose him for the African Cup of Nations, which seems to be right about when the team hits a slump.

  6. …Wait, so yesterday wasn’t just a never-ending nightmare perpetuated by my treacherous subconscious as a misguided distraction from my finals?!

    The panda makes a return

    I’m going to talk to some brownies about this. Will make a note to tell them about these videos as well. And yes, the panda was necessary. It always is.

    1. Those Panda cheese ads are funny. We used to get them all on TV in Dubai. Made by an Egyptian media company.

  7. Seriously though: I totally understand and actually empathize with Pep’s decision. When I saw his reasons (via barcastuff) I could see a lot of myself in those quotes. Just made even more sense when I read Sid Lowe’s piece on him.

    The last two seasons haven’t been as fun as they should have. I hate the baseless insinuations, accusations, misquoted/fake interviews. People can say and do whatever they want with no repercussions. Sure, that’s to be expected; that’s just how it is in this sport. But it’s incredibly annoying, fun sucking, and just generally joyless.

    Add in unreasonable expectation, crisis even when we win, you’re a villain no matter what you do kind of environment…

    I was fed up and I’m just a supporter – imagine the one who has to deal with it all. It would take its toll. Then you factor in the surgeries, back problems, tumors… This is the best decision, especially when you take in his personality.

    You can’t change the media culture or fandom, so you’ll just have to back away from it, disconnect, until you can cope with it again.

    It depends how he feels after his sabbatical, but Pep will be back as coach. No real basis behind it, just a “feeling”. He’ll be a shadow coach next season with Tito around anyway…

    As for a thanks, no words can express the gratitude I have for Pep. How he’s changed the club, fans, players, football…


  8. I know this may sound juvenile, but bear with me –

    Pep and the club were in a relationship.

    Pep had control issues, the club wanted him to commit.

    Pep said ‘We need to have a talk’.

    Pep used the ‘Its not you its me’ routine.

    It was Super Effective!

    [Disclaimer: This is a bad attempt at humor to try to deflect the grief if only for a few moments or so, not to be taken seriously]

    1. 🙂

      but then, I could ask as Sport did ‘where is it better than at Barca?’ 🙁

      simply put, Pep is the ‘idiot’ that dumped the dream girl, the girl with style and personality and not to mention the sexy sexy looks. he left her in tears because he was tired of too much ‘fun’ ;;)

      what a silly man 🙂

  9. When is Pep’s last game at the Camp Nou? I imagine it will be a spectacle for the ages – ninety minutes of “Guardiola, Guardiola!” chants.

    1. Camp Nou will be flooded with tears of joy, sadness and appreciation for Pep. Got to have our tissues on our side.

  10. Can anyone hook me up with some links or torrents for downloading the santos game and the 2-6 bernabeu game please

  11. still sad!!! its like breaking up with your girlfriend after 4years!!!
    think i loved Guardiola too much thats why his departure is hurting me so much!

  12. it is exaclty like a break-up … fell my life is so empty… I am scared of imagining Barca without our couch there…

    i will miss him

    i could not see our game with Chelsea. but if I could choose a favorite moment, my special moment in all these 4 years i would choose the Camp Nou singing after Torres’ goal and Messi in tears. I find it very revealing for who we are and extremely beautiful. faced with the painful reality we choose to sing our deep joy for our team, for what is clearly more than a club for us. i never heard our stadium singing more beautifully … with messi in tears, with Pep zipping what i can guess could be only some vodka at that moment… the song was that there isn’t a more beautiful thing than being a barcelona supporter …

    maybe in football you are not as good as your last result after all. maybe is not just about winning the next game or the next cup… many teams win over the years, few teams manage to win constantly but how few inspire us, make us believe again and become the things of legend?

  13. Not sure if anyone watched Napoli/Roma, but Krkic looked really good on the wing. Keeping possession better, dangerous passing. Not bad.

    1. maybe if we call him Krkic he might get a second chance…
      That Bojan fella wasn’t well liked but Krkic, he’s that kid with Roma who looks alright.
      He has always had the skills and the potential but needs his head sorted.
      If he could remember his finishing and keep possession well like he has been in Roma.

    2. Vastly more effective as the winger type. Change of scenery also an excellent thing for him. Camp Nou and high, high level of club was getting to him.

  14. Watching the 1st video you can see just how much Pep puts into each and every game. His emotions are on a roller coaster every game. You can tell it’s hard for him to sit there and watch the game and not be able to physically alter its outcome. I think it’s hard for most superstar athletes who are captains/coaches for their team to make the transition to coaching. Pep did it well. Not many have. However, I think because of the strong emotions and stress that he felt from coaching his HEART out, he was burned out. You can see it from his sideline directions and hysterics! 🙂 It meant soooo much to him. FCB means sooooo much to him. He brought glory and honor to FCB in 4 very short years. He deserves a well extended rest with his family and friends. If he should return to coaching I don’t think it will be with FCB because he won’t want to undermine Tito. That’s what a top class individual he is. Tito would be his 1st thought. I do think he’ll return at some point. It will be a time when FCB need him the most and his heart will tell him to come home and get things right for the club.

  15. The game tomorrow (Sunday) is at 3:30 pm EST. We have 5 games left with Pep, let’s celebrate. And good news, Rayo doesn’t park the bus 🙂

  16. The insanely good news that is overlooked in all of this: Tito is healthy enough to be head coach. Remember earlier this year he wasn’t even up to traveling with the team. From this perspective we must agree that this news is quite joyful!

    1. Absolutely. I am certain that was the reason the whole “will-he-won’t-he” thing was so drawn out. Both Tito and the club wanted to make 100% sure that he was healthy before they committed to anything.

  17. I dunno. I’m still depressed. Here I am sitting eating ice-cream and watching Pep videos. This. Is. Not. Healthy.


    1. I envy you for eating that ice cream…hmmmm…ice creammmm…

      But I’m still gutted on Pep. Why Pep!??? Whhyyyyyyy!????!!!

  18. Have been following this blog since an year. Just logged in to greet thanks to Pep Guardiola for his job.

  19. Cruffy once said he already knew the best replacement for Pep. Wondering if he means that will Tito Villanova?

    1. Yeah – it’s disgusting.

      Karanka is actually worse than Mourinho because he’s trying to be Mourinho and failing.

      He simply comes over as a snarling, sneering, bitter and twisted failure who is using his time in front of the microphones to score soundbites, but just sounds like a miserable git.

      When’s all is said and done, more people are going to remember Pep than that second-string Mourinho puppet…err…what was his name again? 🙂

    2. Mourinho knows that no matter how many trophies he wins with all these different clubs, he will never be loved, revered and remembered in any of them. Guardiola built a legacy in 4 years. Mou will never have that.

    3. Xavi is right. People will always remember Pep because he revolutionized football.

      Mou will always be remembered as someone who’s too petulant so he poked someone in the eye. As for Karanka, he’s the forever lapdog of his boss.

    4. That’s not true.
      Mourinho has built his own legacy at Inter by giving them the first CL title since many decades. The Interisti will always love and admire him.

      But the common, neutral football fan will never associate anything special with him, except of his pressers and arrogance.

  20. Oh, and thank you for the videos. Right now I watch them with a strange mixture of happiness, shock, denial and sadness. I’m sure a time will come in the near future when we will watch them, remember and just smile

  21. Thanks for the videos Blitzen!
    I could sense Pep’s departure was coming for awhile now but its still difficult to accept 🙁

  22. Hey there-Off topic post, but Balague said last night that the club will try to sell Villa and more shocking Alves in order to finance a re-shaping of the team.
    I realise that Alves is possibly one of the few we could sell and make big bucks from but this seems strange as I think he’s pivotal to how the team plays.
    Secondly as good as Montoya is, he’s still far from Alves’ ability.

    I dunno if there are other reasons- maybe some of the squad have developed a galatico mentality, Pique, alves and Cesc maybe.

    What do ye think?

    1. Don’t see the Villa one but I could see Alves going. I find him increasingly frustrating both in defence and attack. However, I’m not kidding myself that he’s going t be easy to replace. Not sure this year that he’s as effective filling the further forward space. In some ways filling that space makes it easier to mark than him arriving late from the back. Mind you, I want to see the back of the three man defence anyway.

  23. Yeah I saw that too. Dunno how reliable that is but it could very well be true. Maybe Villa could be axed but not so sure about Alves, although there is interest from Anzhi and PSG.

    But I dont think that Guardiola would allow a “Galactico Mentality”, I think maybe it is just tiredness

  24. Picture this, as it happened during the Bundesliga matches yesterday.

    A contrast in how two farewells to two players took place at their home grounds.

    1. He came on to play the last 30 minutes of the game. The crowd clapped desultorily. At the final whistle, a bouquet of flowers was presented, and then he was gone.

    2. He played the full game and scored his last goal at the home stadium. The crowd chanted his name and applauded every move. After the match, a huge presentation took place, where speeches were made, the player was presented with a framed shirt and his number 7 shirt was retired – never to be given to another club player. The player then took 3 victory laps around the stadium with his 5 children, while the crowd bayed his name, and was so overcome with emotion that he cried practically every step of the way. In his 2 seasons with the club, he has become a hero.

    The first player was former German International Captain, ex-Chelsea and retiring at Bayer Leverkusen – Michael Ballack.

    The second was former RM player and captain, former Spanish International and adopted son of Schalke 04 for the past 2 seasons – Raúl González.

    Nice guys do finish first. 😀

    1. Schalke treat Raul amazingly. The level of gratitude and respect shown to him is so touchy.

    2. Especially poignant for Raúl, given his exit from RM. He had barely left the stadium before the #7 was being slapped on Cristiano’s back.

    3. I have a lot of respect for Raul. It was shocking how poorly RM treated him at the end.

      I don’t believe Schalke is permanently retiring the 7 though. Maybe just for next season?

      As for Ballack…he’s been on the outs at Bayer Leverkusen for a while now. he seems to have a habit of making himself unpopular with the management and other players.

    4. I read it in the German press as a permanent retirement, and the shirt presentation speeches indicated that, but it appears that the club may be backtracking on that.

      Retired temporarily – maybe permanently, maybe not.

      The club will probably bow to pressure and release it again, given that there are calls for other more worthy Schalke players whose numbers should be retired over Raúl’s.

    1. @sidlowe: RM’s ultras singing “sevillanos, junkies and gypsies”. Wonder what Sergio Ramos makes of that?

      Una raya más al tigre.

      Thanks to Ramzi for that.

  25. seen CR’s goal today… so simple. i don’t mean it as a critique to him, but i wonder if i have seen our wingers try something like this. i have a feeling that we over-think it there very often…

  26. I’m not too sure about Oscar Garcia. He seems too similar to Tito. Think this squad could do with someone a bit more bullish. He should also be a former player.

    My 10c

  27. Barça starting XI:

    Pinto, Montoya, Puyol, Mascherano, Adriano, Busquets, Keita, Thiago, Messi, Alexis and Pedro

    Bench: Valdes, Dani Alves, Iniesta, Bartra, Tello, Cesc and AFELLAY. Cuenca doesn’t make the squad.

    I love this lineup! Hope Flyboy gets some minutes today!

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