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I had thought about writing this in a semi-formal way, to make it seem real eloquent, but then I realized that would take more brain power than I’d like so I dropped the idea. Then I thought about  making it super informal, to make it seems more casual, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it so I dropped that idea too.


To cut a potentially long winded preamble short and cut to the chase: I won’t be writing for BFB anymore, even with the new Run of Play-esque format we’ve got going on. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving the site; I’m just demoting myself from a mod to a simple reader.

Why? Well, it’s the oh-so-cliché ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ kind of thing.

Time is one of the reasons. I’m in school and it’s not easy making time to blog about football. But that’s not a really a big issue – if you really like something you’ll make time for it. And that’s just it.

The main reason I’m stepping down is blogging about football isn’t at the top of my priorities anymore. Unexpected changes in life have made it so.  While I love watching Barca and really enjoy their games (and football in general), I don’t really feel like writing about it. And it’s this lack of passion that is the problem. Having a writer that doesn’t write is pretty pointless isn’t it?

When I think back on my BFB blogging experience, I only remember fun, fun, and more fun. I really enjoyed writing nonsensical things (that were actually pretty bad now that I go back and skim through it, lol) and sharing my thoughts with you guys.

I’ve never blogged or wrote about anything before so it was such a great learning experience too. I learned how to gauge things better; what to focus on and expand on, and what to be brief about. I learned what writing style is most effective for whatever topic I want to discuss… It was a really fruitful and enjoyable experience and I’m glad I took the plunge and decided to try blogging out. I even got to record a podcast! (That was frightening and cool at the same time).

To me, BFB is the best Barca blog on the internets and one of the best on the Net, period. To write for the site was such an honour. As for the writers – they’re the best. And when I say the best, I mean that. As writers, they are intelligent, engaging, hilarious, and fun to read. Although I don’t know them personally, as people, I’m sure they’re even better.

So to Isaiah, Kevin, Calvin, Euler, SoMa, Luke and Linda: thank you so much for letting me be part of your team.

To be quite honest, I’d only step down a site with such writers when I was sure I wouldn’t contribute much.

As for you guys, all I can say is I’m writing this post for the sole purpose of letting you guys know (rather than pulling a Hector and disappearing). I can’t say how grateful I am for your taking the time to read the posts I wrote. This community is really something special. It’s really difficult (next to impossible) to find such respectful fans and readers on football blogs nowadays. (Which is a sad thing indeed).

So to the readers of BFB: thank you very much for reading and commenting. If I ever feel like blogging again, a glorious return to BFB would be at the top of the list.

If you’ll allow me one parting message: enjoy this team. I’ve said it ad nauseam but it really bears repeating: enjoy this team.

I say it because I don’t believe Barca fans truly are. They are far too caught up in an utterly ridiculous perceived notion of bias embittered fans, players and manager(s) have invented in their sad attempt to discredit the achievements of a fantastic and historic team. They post more enraged comments addressing the nonsense than they do about the actual game.

“But it seems like everyone believes it and talks about it!” they complain. Well of course they do — we’ve dominated and embarrassed a lot of freaking teams. Arsenal, Madrid, Milan, Manchester United…

But the shame is on them. If they don’t want to recognize the great achievements of this team and want spend their time writing bitter and baseless comments about something that isn’t true, fine. It’s as unhealthy as it is pathetic.

But the real tragedy is if you spend most of your time addressing this nonsense. How can you enjoy watching and supporting Barca when you’re busy focusing on referees and their decisions, conspiracies and other things? The answer is an easy one: you can’t. Which is exactly what those embittered individuals want.

The whining is pure jealousy. No matter how logical and factual your arguments are, you won’t change beliefs that are born from inferiority and envy. So why bother? Their opinions are irrelevant in the grand scheme. Addressing idiocy gives it value.

Barca has become a dynasty and people hate dynasties. Rather than fight the inevitable backlash and hatred that comes with being that team, it’d be much better and infinitely healthier to just embrace it. You want to hate us for being too good? I’m down with that. Make the focus on the players, tactics, and those things; laugh at everything else. It’s more fun and you’ll enjoy supporting a team more.

Does it this mean acting overly superior and ultra blasé to what other people say is the answer? Not really. But sometimes it’s clear which opinions are worth engaging.

Supporting a historic team should be really fun. If it isn’t, something’s very wrong.

….And that’s about it. You can follow me on Twitter (@officialkari) if you’d like, but I’ll still be commenting on BFB like usual so you don’t really have to.

See you in the comments guys!

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By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. I will miss you, my fellow Cule.

    Always loved reading up your passionate posts on this site.

    Do visit often and keep our spirits high by posting regularly in the comments atleast.

  2. See, now it would be downright churlish of me to point out that you’re written a very lovely post about not posting any longer, but that would just be wrong.

    When Kari laid the news on us a week or so ago, we were bummed. And we kept hanging on to the hope that she would change her mind. Nope. I’ll join the public chorus is saying thanks for everything, and you will be missed like hell, not that anybody misses hell, or who knows if hell even exists, but you get it.

    Life does things, pretty much what and when it wants. All we can do is react to it. And if the last bit of your farewell is what you leave us with as readers, it’s a lovely sentiment that cules should take to heart.

    Be well, and see you down below, so to speak.

  3. Oh no! I loved reading your posts, Kari.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I love this blog and read everything but I dont even have time to post comments anymore so I quite understand you. And much as everything Barca makes my day…I also have other priorities that take up my time now.

    Oh well. We will still be seeing you here, right?!

    We will definitely miss your posts though!

  4. Your posts were great fun to read. Always enjoyed them.
    Hope to see you around in the comments section.

  5. Is Barcelona the only team that getdecisions in their favor? Doesn’t Barcelona
    have decisions that go against them?Doesn’t their opponents get decisions in
    their favor? But why do people forget them?

    Why do people forget Militos goal at San Siro was offside, Sneijder’s tackle on Alves
    was 100% penalty and Bojans goal was wrongly disallowed but only remember Motta was wrongly given a Second Yellow?

    Why do People conveniently forget Arshavin’s hand ball in the area and Messi disallowed goal in the first leg but brings
    only up Van Persie wrongly given Second Yellow?

    Why do people forget Abidal was given a Straight Red after Anelka tangled on his own
    feet and Barcelona had to chase the last 30 minutes with Ten Men, Why do they forget
    the Ballack hand ball, he escaping a Second yellow, Puyol wrongly suspended for Second Leg with a Yellow, a legitimate penalty
    denied after Bosingwa brought down Henry in the box being the last man in the first leg, and only remember 4 (?) penalties which could have gone either way?

    Why do people only remember Pepe was
    wrongly sent off but both Carvalho and Alonso survived the entire Second Leg without getting Sent off when they did 5-6 Cardable offences?

    Why does people doesn’t even care to know Giggs was offside in the built up of Rooney Goal in Champions League Final 2011, which
    would have been a costly decision had Barca not been that dominant in that match?

    Why do people cry out loud about the dubious penalty given for a Shirt pull (A foul
    according to rules of the game) by Nesta, but conveniently forget There was Two Stone Wall penalties denied in the first leg when the Goal line referee saw it just 5 yards away?

    The fact is, When a Team becomes so dominant, sweeps away all the trophies
    coming in their way, defeats the favorite teams of majority of people around the world, there will be people who try to undermine their achievements at a given
    chance no matter what! There were people back in 1960s who believed it was the fascist
    regime of Franco and his influence behind the unparalleled success of one of the greatest teams ever – Di Stefano’s Real Madrid who won 5 consecutive European

    Referees make mistakes both in favor and against Barcelona. But to undermine the
    achievements of one of the Greatest Teams to Ever Play the Game by formulating a
    UEFA Conspiracy and Referee Favoritism alone is absolute Rubbish! Many who says it
    knows it is lame, but you have no other way to respond to the fans of this Wonderful
    team other than this Crap!

    1. well, as we all learned when doing our conspiracy class you have to hide the fact! so all those decisions are efforts to hide the very conspiracy… so if all calls were in our favor (like a string of 10 penalties all coming when team needs it is not a conspiracy since it is obvious no one is hiding anything)… but now, it is clear that there is indeed a conspiracy!!


  6. Good.Now I wont have multiple gifs slowing down my browser 😀

    Will miss your xaviesque posts though 🙁

  7. No 🙁
    Well, atleast we’ll get to read your great thoughts in the comments section.

  8. Awwww, Kari! 🙁

    Can’t you just be a missing-in-action sort of mod like Luke? Or Linda? (That was a hint, Linda, we’d love to see a post from you!!!)

    Does this mean you won’t run loveblobs anymore? You’ll still come visit, right?

    Oh, well, as long as you will still comment. You know a lot about tactics…for a girl. 😉

    1. The thing is, I would have gone on hiatus until I got back into the groove of writing, but I dunno when that would be, so I thought it was better to call it quits. I didn’t mention it, but the coolest thing is I can be a mod again if I ever want to go back to blogging which is such a cool gesture.

  9. Jordi Alba is some player.

    Now that we won’t have the services of Abidal any longer, we should get Alba in the summer. He knows our system, can play LB, and is still quite young. And we can probably get him at a reasonable price. Win, win.

  10. Kari we’ll miss you on the team. Your posts were great and becoming more and more interesting as time passed.

    But things always change. So while we wish it were otherwise we understand.

    Look forward to having you provide your insights as you wish and find time for in the comments.

  11. I will miss reading your posts, Kari!

    Thank you and best of luck with everything.

  12. Best of luck Kari, it was nice having you.
    Just finished watching Bilbao Vs Schalke, what a game, also now 3 Spanish teams made it to the Europa league semifinal, and 2 in the UCL semifinal, truly a Micky Mouse league. the English pundits were right after all.

  13. Two out of four UCL semi finalists. Three out of four UEL semi finalists. That’s five out of eight left in European competition. Does one need to say anything other than that as an advert for La Liga?

    EPL markets itself as the best league in the world …

  14. The narrative in the English language media for so long has been that La Liga is the new Scottish league. Only 2 teams and the rest are terrible.

    This season the PL was getting even stronger- Man City, Liverpool joining in the ultra-competitive best league in the world.

    And in the end Man United will once again win the PL title.

    While 2 of the 4 CL semifinalists are from La Liga and 3 of the 4 Eurpoa league finalists.

    Liga sides are derided all of the time as either not trying vs Barca and Real Madrid or just being almost second division quality sides.

    But Barca and Real Madrid are just that good. Put Man United and Man City in the same league with Barca and Madrid and they wouldn’t be anywhere close to the top of the table.

    There are clearly problem in La Liga. But this whole idea of La Liga being “Scotland” etc is just ridiculous.

    1. If the two Manc clubs were in La Liga, Valencia would be nipping at their heels.

    2. No matter how many times I hear it called “Scotland in the Sun” I still can’t help but roll my eyes.

    3. I remember, close to a decade ago, I went to a Tokyo based bar to watch the clasico. There was some other EPL game on TV – a recorded one – and the crowds had gathered to watch that over the Clasico which was played out on request over a very small screen TV in the corners, watched by a couple of us. Not very later, the World Cup was held and Spain, as usual, underachieved, not helped by a poor referee in the game against South Korea.

      Flip a decade from then, and the domination of Spain in football is complete. They are the world champions. Their most representative club which embodies the way they play – Barcelona (it is actually the other way around) – is World Club and European champions, the second best club, Real Madrid is the only one which has beaten Barcelona in a cup final in a while, 3 of their mid-league teams (possibly the next best in the league) are in line to win the Europa and they still are favorites to win it in Euro 2012.

      Spain should be roundly proud to have turned a corner, thrown a huge underachiever monkey from its back and dominate football with rare precedence in an era of football which is much more professional, well trained and competitive than ever.

      Now if only the administrators of the game in that nation (and all administrators and political representatives in general) lived upto that performance in their respective fields. Asking for too much?

  15. Some of your posts were my most favourite posts on BFB…going to miss them. Thanks for everything Kari. 🙂

  16. Sorry to hear that you won’t be postng as mod, Kari. Your posts are always fun to read. But hopefully you’ll still find a little time to join us in the comments.

    Good luck with your studies ! 🙂

  17. Kari,

    I heard you on that podcast back in December. I fell in love. The voice. The love for the club. The fact that the prior sentence combines with the fact that you’re female. And Kanadian.

    God bless you Kari.

    We’ll miss your contributions. Although you’ll still be around.

    And remember — Visca Barça!!

  18. Kari, thank you for your all contribution. I love your articles and your gif. collection 🙂

  19. Re CL semifinal vs. Chelsea:

    – Current Chelsea team is probably the worst Chelsea since Abramovich invasion. This season mark the transition period with senior players (Terry, Drogba, Lampard, Cech, Cole) declined performance and some new faces (Mata, Meireles, Sturridge) are trying to blend and take more responsibility to carry the team. I think AVB at the beginning of the season already expecting and preparing to integrate the younger player and gradually phasing off the seniors. But at some point, it didn’t work because of various reasons: incorrect tactics, dressing room conflicts and mistrust between AVB and some senior players and restricted funds from the Russian to perk up their weaponry in transfer market.

    – On paper, Barca is unquestionably the better team. But I think Chelsea have slight advantage in the context of reserving energy in their EPL match between this tie. They have room to rest key players because they have nothing to chase again, except the” minor objective“of 4th position to ensure CL spot next season. They can fully throw all their energy to us. While our focus and energy would surely be divided to keep alive our chance in liga.

    – I think Chelsea would definitely park the plane in both legs, working on the counter attack and dead ball situation. It’s the same tactics last time we met them in 2009. EPL experience of Pique and Mascherano would be lots of help. We must rely on our usual rapid ball circulation combine with individual penetration to break that plane, too. Pep would need to find way to stretch their defense and to open some space in the middle. One of Cuenca or Tello could be surprisingly started. Some people said Chelsea would defend deeper than Milan would be a highly likely scenario. And we must be expecting a Stamford “cow pasture” Bridge again this time.

    – All in all, I think the probability is 60:40 for Barca. Allianz Arena Munich is waiting for us. Visca BARCA!

  20. When I saw in the last post that a new post by you was up I immediately came here. I’m sad about this. But we got to read your fun posts and insights for a while. I hope soon you’ll recover your motivation, maybe a triplete from the guys can do the work? Well you’ll be sorely missed Kari, thanks for the articles, you write way better than you think. Hope you can still comment often.

    1. Triplete would be a huge jubilation for all cules, especially after overcoming the mountainous 10 points gap in liga.



    This is terrible news indeed. I loved reading your posts because you were so passionate about Barcelona and everything associated with the club. I wish writing about Barcelona was still a priority for you. Hopefully you’ll change your mind, and change it soon. If not, best of luck for the future, and see you in the comments.

  22. What a Shame. I was in a good mood this morning aswell. Good luck with your studies and I hope to see you commenting in the future. Your posts were always my favourite.

    Official: Pique has not recovered from his thigh sprain and is not available for tomorrow’s game against Zaragoza.

    We should be OK without him anyway. I think we will see Adriano at left back with Puyol and Masch in the middle.

    Dani Puyi Masch Adriano
    Thiago Busi Ini
    Cesc Messi Alexis

    In other injury news it seems like Afellay is nearly back and should be available for the chelsea games. You never know he could be a secret weapon for us and give us something new like in the UCL semi last season against EE. I still would love to see him in midfield for us just once.

    1. the benefits of a larger squad.

      i am a bit worried that our finishing is wanting of late. maybe it was just the quality of the opposition but we did miss some clear clear chances. even the intensity of the tie must have added to players physical and psychological tiredness. i hope that the qualification for the semis would help ease the later…

      in next hellish weeks we need to be sharp sharp !! hope we can reach this.

  23. Awwww 🙁

    Just when you were becoming my favourite writer here. Kari, you have that unique talent to put into words your passion and through it express exactly how we, the readers are feeling. Striking a chord as it were.

    Hopefully you comment here regularly and not just on twitter!

  24. Thanks for writing all this Kari. I’m grateful for all you’ve written.

    I can identify with much of what you write. I haven’t been checking the site, the liveblogs, or posting on the comment threads nearly as much as I used to. It’s not because my love of FCB or this blog has diminished, but the passion definitely has and that’s for very happy reasons.

    As my life has been going through a lot of promising and hopeful but time-consuming turns, I find myself waking up with far more zest and energy than I did for (especially) 2010-2011. FC Barcelona helped me get through my days, even through a short stint at a mental hospital. I’m grateful for that. But that horrible period in my life is over, and with it, I just don’t need Barça like I used to. And I think if anything my love for the club is stronger for that. In other words, a new friend/lover may be on the mind a lot more than an older one that has become trusted over the years, but while I’d be more fixated on the former, I’d definitely say I love the latter more deeply, more faithfully, and more unwaveringly. I’d like to think that when my life settles down more I’ll be posting/commenting/reading the blog more often but I admit it’s possible that might not happen.

    OK I could write more but like I said my time is strapped and even though I’ve probably left out some important stuff I wanted to say I really feel like I should go back to smashing my skull against some textbooks more, so that is what I will do. Som-hi Barça.

  25. …i guess there is always a limit when supporting your team becomes more than that and takes a too large share of ones life. when i am between fellow supporters (of my local team) we take pride in our devotion, but I have the intuition that this is sometimes just another way of hiding from our misfortunes, filling our empty lives … it is then when defeats are close to Greek tragedies and not the normal way in sport and so on. it is then when violence results and we all know the rest.

  26. Kari… You were on of my favorite writers.. So full on optimism… Don’t go please..

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