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Posting from the afterlife because I’m pretty sure this goal gave me heart failure.

Couldn’t find the Valdes saves but to anyone and everyone that tries to claim or seriously argue he is not one of the best goalkeepers in the world, I have one video for you:

Also this:

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  1. Best freekick I’ve seen this season. Though that Villa one was close.

    In other news, Pep pretty much conceded the league to the LWBs. Sigh.

    Though he did say we’d try until the end. Hope springs eternal.

    1. For me he just said the truth.

      Dani Alves said something equivalent:
      “We should continue to compete in the Liga. Even if it doesn’t serve to win the Liga, it will help us for the other competitions.”

      And I think that is true. We won’t win la Liga, but we can use it as a preparation for the Champions League. I personally will be in 9th heaven if we win the CL, independent of all the other stuff that might happen in football until then! 🙂

    2. That’s the truth, something that they believe deep inside they heart..
      But still, saying it to the media is a different thing.. People will make headlines, and do the talkings..

      Well, never mind, it doesn’t bother me he admitted that tbh.. What matters the most is we keep fighting and competing until the end, like Pep said..

  2. I’m hoping it’s a tactic to take pressure off of EE to stay sharp. If they think it’s already won, they might relax and try to focus on the CL. It’s a long shot, but it still ain’t over. They looked shaky today, but managed to squeak by. Maybe next time they won’t be so lucky.

    That said, they have played better than us this season, and unless something major changes, they deserve to win. I hate saying that, but it’s true…

  3. It is a little deflating to look at the schedule and see potential dropped points for the ee and then watch that somehow they pulled it off again against 10 for the opposing side and a penalty was not given for their opponents and somehow Ramos and Pepe did not get thrown out. Not blaming the referees. But again, anticipating dropped points and somehow they squeak through…which is how you win a league title. How does Ronaldo’s backheel make it through all of those bodies??!!

    1. and so many missed chances from RV… unbelievable.. last minute with empty goal ball hits the player in the hip …

      Pepe’s case looks pathological…

  4. From the abyss..Messi takes us out of doom lol
    Brilliant kick. Some are saying its because Atleti didnt have their wall set up and Cortouis wasnt ready but that there freekick was a looped and went in the faaaaaaar corner..Cortouis couldnt and wouldnt have done anything about it..even if he had been supposedly ‘ready.\

    A moment of brilliance. Woop woop!

  5. is anyone else still unsure of the messi handball-yellow card?…ive watched the reply several times and still feel it was a legal play..i know the ball bounced up..but it seems like it rolls of his thigh…anyway, what a pass from alexis! from the holding up of the ball, the pass, the control of the pass, and the was really such a beautiful play…

    *i never watch ee games because they make me nauseous..but i had this one playing in the was funny to hear the announcer calling them ‘rayito’..i was so happy to see rayo really putting up a fight..they looked like they were going to go ahead on several occassions…then that backheel…cruel.

    *i read today, maybe on this blog or somewhere else..messi and pepe have the same amount of yellow is that possible!?

  6. There has been a lot of talk about referees and their mistakes. I get very angry at the referees during the games and shout and scream at the TV but after reflection I know its nothing intentional against one team or another. Whether it is something subconcious because of pressure from the press, Madrid, or whatever…well, they can’t do anything about it. Either way, I usually even with my anger swallow that they will make mistakes and wrong calls will be made and things won’t go our way. Thats football and thats life. However, what I have a real problem with is referees not using their heads. Collina was excellent because of many things but also because he used his brain. For example, Alexis got booked today for a handball he couldn’t possibly have done anything about. Just because the federation said all handballs are a yellow doesn’t mean you should just follow with tunnel vision. At the same time much more malicious fouls go unpunished. That I have a serious problem with. Wrong calls…fine, we all make mistakes. But using a little bit of sense thats not much to ask for.
    The second thing that annoys me about Liga refs is their arrogance as Messi mentioned recently. Few games back Valdes came out of the area as team captain to speak to the ref but was shown a yellow card. That was close minded arrogant refereeing. This happens all the time. Last year I believe Xavi got 5 cards (maybe less) for talking too much. Today, in the Madrid game Ramos’s elbow caught the Rayo player. I don’t whether it was deliberate or not but thats not the point. It was genuinely hard contact and the player din’t dive. It was an instaneous fall to the ground with impeded progress. In my opinion it wasn’t a dive. If the referee din’t see a foul in it thats fine, it could just have been incidental contact so Ramos gets nothing. BUT, heres the kicker. The Rayo player complained for all of maybe 5 seconds that the referee made a mistake. Now, I don’t know if he swore or not or maybe worse but after being caught in the face with someone’s elbow you should be allowed to be a little angry. The ref at this showed the RAYO player a yellow for talking too much. Now that is just nonsense. While once again much more severe things would go unpunished. It seems to me there’s a disconnect in what it means to control the game and show authority. The referee has to establish his authority by ensuring the game is played within the laws of the game and not by dictatorial regime type action.s
    Genuine mistakes are one thing. They are part of the game. But not using common sense, being arrogant and not showing sensitivity towards the situation is unacceptable. This I feel is much more prevalent in Liga then EPL (the only other league I follow). Does anyone else feel this way too?

    1. p.s. sorry to reopen this can of worms. We should really be speaking about the game but I had to get this off my chest.

  7. a few people were interested in zonalmarking at headers in the loveblog comment section: hope this helps a bit, at least until euler creates another masterpiece

    Barcelona’s zonal marking system covers up for their lack of height and makes them very difficult to score against from corners. The system only needs 2 or 3 good headers of the ball because the other players perform tasks that do not require aerial ability.”

    1. “Barcelona are on average, the shortest team in Europe but they have an excellent record when it comes to defending set pieces.”

      Oh how I miss those heady days of 2011!

    1. So Messi only scores such goals vs Pathetico… 🙂

      Nonetheless I’m a bit confused about the rules for a freekick.
      I’ve read (and I also cpuldn’t see it in the highligh videos) that the ref did not signal, i.e. whistle, that the freekick was ready to be taken.
      So is it arbitrary? Sometimes refs repeat a freekick because they have not blown the whistle before. And this time it was a legal goal although the whistle has not been blown???
      Very confusing…

    2. Do they always blow the whistle before a free-kick in Spain? I know that in some countries the referee will just signal or wave their hand. If the referee gave the signal, then Messi was perfectly within his rights to take the kick early no matter how hard the ATM players protested afterwards.

    1. The offside call was horrible. But Busquest handball would have been really unfair. He jumped with his arm up but even if wanted he couldn’t bring the hand down as it was held high by the opposition player who jumped with him.

  8. It feels so weird to be not in the race for la liga. Quite sad actually. A lot of people believe that it is completely our own doing, but that’s BS. Of course we are responsible for being behind the leaders, but definitely by not this much. It is sad that our style is also partly to blame. In the past 3 years, barca has won not because they were better, but because they were much much better. This year, we have not been as good, but even that standard is more than enough to come out victorious. Its almost become a case where we can win only when we dominate totally. And that is completely unfair on a bunch of individuals who are also trying to win just like the rest. The history and recent success shouldn’t affect the ref’s decision. Who the hell is he to even things out, play god, decide when to give goals and choose to keep 11 brutes on the field, then feel bad for the other team and award them a meaningless free kick. Things have to become more organized.

    What a great goal by leo and what a ridiculous yellow card.

    Honestly, with the terrible luck we’ve been having with the ref’s decisions this year and mou being allowed to bully refs in car parks, I highly doubt our chances in the CL this year.

  9. A hard fought win and sweeter because of it.

    This season just shows how difficult it is to keep on winning, though theoretically we have the best side. There is small margin between winning and losing. Over the course of season, decisions will go our way and against us. They do balance out but never completely.

    Atletico played hard and seemed much more difficult to break down.

    As for messi, his five yellow cards form bunch of most innocuous cards i have seen given. Still, he misses home match so is a softer blow.

    1. And Messi scored from a freekick, something that the ‘master of freekicks’, as some journalists or commentators call CRynaldo, has not done yet this season 🙂
      I think it’s truly ridiculous that any time when there is a freekick for Real within 30m towards to the opponent’s goal, the commentator goas ballistic about Ronaldo and his brilliant freekick technqiute.
      He scores one from 20 or even less. Kolarov from ManCity is a lot better in it. So was Ronaldinho, Juninho, Van Hooijdonk and many more.

    2. I’m so happy that you mentioned van Hooijdonk. Not many people remember him. Im pretty sure a lot of the folks here don’t even know who he is.

      Btw, I do think that the GK would’ve saved Messi’s FK if he was in the middle. The ball went across the goal. No way in hell he would’ve missed it unless he thought the ball was going over.

    3. I had to think a little bit about his name, but I still had a picture of him in my mind so I checked via ‘google picture search’ that I got his name right.

      For me, he’s up with the very best freekick takers of all time.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks the CR7 backheel goal was a fluke? There’s no question it was a great play, but I don’t think it was meant to be a shot on goal. To me, it looked like he was just trying to get the ball in a dangerous place for someone else to take a shot, and it happened to go in.

    I do think it’s a lesson to Barcelona that they should take more shots. Just chut de bol! Too many times, they hold on to the ball for too long and get dispossessed, when a shot could have create more possibilities for danger even if it doesn’t go in.

    1. It was just a simple back heel. He was just trying it. But hey, sometimes you gotta try to shoot instead of walking the ball into the goal like how our team tries sometimes.

      But that backheel was in now way a brilliant or genius goal like how some journalists are saying it is.

    2. Exactly that. It was a simple backheel that was struck well in that in generated quite a bit of power. He meant for it as a shot on goal no doubt. He tried it, it worked, and it was the winning goal. It wasn’t genius or anything out of this world. Goal of the year (and one of the best ever) is still that scorpion kick in the Colombian league I believe. Unreal shot.

      We need to attempt random shots at times too when it’s evident we can’t walk in the ball.

    3. In my opinion, such backheel goals, or also overhead kicks, evolve mainly from pure luck.
      That’s why you can see backheel goals, overhead kicks etc. much more often than solo runs that result in a goal after beating 3+ men. With all due respect, on a lucky day an average player can score such goals. I’ve seen overhead kicks resulting in goals from my home club Arminia Bielefeld, and they are not particularly talented to be honest^^
      If a player scores them regularly, it’s another story. But I can’t think of anyone right now.

    4. Overhead kicks? Van Basten scored like 5 of em in his career. Hugo Sanchez. Also some German dude in the lates 70s early 80s I think, but I forget who.

      Great goal by Ronaldo. It was not a fluke, unless he was actually trying to pass it or something, though obviously a defender could have stuck a foot out. Not brilliant, not a genius, but a very very very nice goal nevertheless. I remember him scoring a similar back heel goal for Man U.

  11. A free kick is exactly that – a ‘free kick’.
    It is not up to the attacking team to wait for the defensive team to be ready – unless the ref specifically says so.

  12. I seem to be the only one who believes that barca are still in with a shout. I have watched most of the la liga matches and much as barca have struggled (bad team selection,players who are under on the day, dubious calls etc), all that it will take is 2 losses and a draw for ee to lose the title. this is possible (please make it so dear god!) and barca need to stay focused and motivated. ee have a crazy season coming… osasuna, Valencia, atletico etc in a row (notice i assume our match is a walk in the park for messi and co.!). interesting things await us fellas, dont despair.

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