Adeus, Maxwell, quase não sabia que você

He appeared as if out of thin air, conjured up for the sake of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s transfer for €5 million (4.5m + .5 in bonuses). He’s now moving on to Paris Saint-Germain, also as if through some sort of process-less wizardry, Barça earning a rumored €4 million on the deal. 2 years, 89 games, 2 goals, and 10 trophies on, Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade leaves with a good record and a series of solid performances under his belt.

At times he was instrumental, forging a solid defensive record out of Eric Abidal’s injury woes in the 2009-10 season. Yet he was also often forgotten. Once dubbed an honorary Brazilian on Twitter by a friend when taking a picture with the CL trophy alongside Dani Alves and Adriano, he’s the one that you might not be able to name if you were listing off the squad. And yet when he was on the field, there was never much doubt about his quality. Sure, he’s not the fastest guy on the planet, not the guy showing off his footskills all the time, and not the guy slamming the ball into the back of the net.

No, Maxwell was the guy doing the little things behind-the-scenes: getting in the way of passing lanes, being an outlet for a teammate in a tough spot, sweeping his hair out of his eyes while winking. Every team needs those things. And every team consistently under-appreciates them, as do the fans.

But why now? Why offload him? He appeared in 41 matches last season and even scored in the Club World Cup against Al-Sadd this season. One of the reasons is because he’s 30 and not getting any faster. That’s for sure. Another reason is the purported interested in bringing in another, younger left back to become Abidal’s understudy for a couple of years and eventually replace King Eric when he retires. The name currently on everyone’s lips regarding that position is Jordi Alba, but it could be any of several different defenders, really. It’s just rumors. Adriano also covers the LB position for the time being–in FIFA12 I sold them both to make way for Gareth Bale and Gregory van der Wiel–and is just 27. Now we get to speculate wildly, though! Neymar for LB!

MAXWELL!!!! (February 26, 2010 - Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images Europe)

Also, big apologies if my Portuguese in the title is just jibberish. I put it into Google Translator since I speak not a lick of that fine language.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Farewell, Maxwell. hope you’ll do well. <3

    thank you for everything. 10 trophies, not bad, huh?

  2. A fine supporting actor, an intelligent and decent person, and a thoroughly professional team player. To his immense credit we were NOT subjected to weeks/months of mouthing off from his bottom-dweller agent (Raiola, if you didn’t know, yes that Raiola)–I honestly suspect Maxi told him to just shut up and take care of business.

    I will miss his pretty hair, his flawless English, and his cute kiddies at trophy celebrations. I am glad that he goes out on a high after scoring in the Club World Cup competition. Good luck, Maxwell!

    1. They’ve done a horrible job on most of the guys’ eyes, and most of them are almost cross-eyed because the lens was too close. Maybe I should apply to be their retoucher.

      But I do like Maxwell, VV and Afellay!

    2. My favourites are VV, Puyol, Thiago, Villa, and Adriano. Xavi looks a bit weird, and Alexis has the crazy eyes. And did they all forget to shave that day? 😆

  3. I will miss him.

    There have been more than a few posts I wanted to leave comments on but haven’t because I’ve been so #^@#ing busy, this merits the first thing for me to comment on, even if I don’t get to the other things.

  4. Handy enough player, did his job with minimum of fuss…the perfect squad player to add depth.

    Hardly a blow to lose him, and can’t help but feel it’s a good move for all concerned, wish him all the best but looking forwards to who will fill his boots.

  5. In terms of value for money Maxwell was probably one of the best signings of the Pep era. We bought him for roughly 5 million and sell him for a rumoured 4 million, and in return we got 30+ appearances per season a great fill in for Abidal and this gem of an assist against Seville in 09/10:

    (note* its the first goal on the video)

  6. I’m not sure what you meant with that title… Google translate strikes again xD

    Maybe “goodbye Maxwell, I barely knew you”? Then it should be “Adeus, Maxwell, mal te conhecia”.

    1. Oh, the one right now actually says: “Goodbye Maxwell, I almost didn’t know that you” so I clicked waiting for the rest of the phrase.

  7. I always liked Maxwell.
    He was ever reliable. He did not do the fancy stuff but you could bet your life on him not screwing up. He did not have pace, but his dribbling for a defender was pretty good and his positional and tactical sense was brilliant. He always reminded me a little of sylvinho, the sub who started in the CL final and did a fine job in shutting ronaldo out. Both brazilian left backs, it is sad to see maxwell go. but a nice guy like him must play as often as he likes and i wish him all the best in PSG. psg will be my french league team.

  8. I’ve always loved Maxwell and will miss him. I’ve missed him this season also. Was great to see him score in Yokohama against Al Sadd.

    I think that there has been a behind-the-scenes deal with Qatar as the middleman in this process.

    The Qatar Investement Authority now owns Paris St. Germain. The Royal House of Qatar owns both the Qatar Foundation and QIA, so wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve had a hand in this.

    Rosell has probably been wanting to get rid of Raiola off his books, so Maxwell has had to take the brunt of that decision, as they work to make Raiola a persona non grata at FCB.

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