Catalunya vs Tunisia Liveblog

Go read Isaiah’s State of the Liga posts. Done? Okay. Liveblog is ready.

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By Kari

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  1. From that excerpt from Pep’s book in the previous thread. I never knew Pep’s footballing idol was Platini (fits, I guess, considering Platini is the player from the great legends known best for incredible passing more than for individual skill a la Maradona etc). But I laughed thinking about what those conspiracy-theory nuts like the ones spamming all over Soccernet forums who insist Platini specifically favors us since he praises us much and arranges it so that we win games would respond to that hahahahahahaha.

  2. no olvido el ano viejo
    porque me ha dejado cosas muy buenas

    me dejo un chiva
    una burra negra
    una llegua blanca
    y una buena suegra

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