CWC Final Liveblog: Barca vs Neymar + 10

culegirl3 is the Heroine this time around. Be nice and maybe she’ll only Neymar you for a bit.


By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. Line-up according to barcastuff:
    Alves, Pique, Puyol, Abidal
    Xavi, Busquets, Thiago
    Messi, Cesc, Iniesta

  2. Well my sleeping schedule is kinda messed up right now so I can stay up all night without feeling sleepy. Only 30 minutes until the match!

    1. I’m so glad this game didn’t go into extra time because I completely spaced and forgot to record that extra hour. It’s almost 5am. I’m gonna watch it right now.

  3. Visca Barca!!!
    For the first time in a long time I didn’t have to stay awake in the wee hours of the night to watch the game :).

  4. Lol i liked how Messi casually passed the trophy on while when Thiago got it he kissed it up. Glad to hear the Barca anthem being played in Japan.

  5. Love you guys!

    Where were the majority of this community though?
    Tsktsktsk….Can’t even wake up… :p

  6. I haven’t seen any Pique-Cesc photo in a long time….
    No fooling around..Strange. I thought they would be all over each other.

    1. Frankly, I expected better legs on a footballer 🙁

      Anywho, if you’re getting your picture taken, throw on a towel or something.

    2. my TL exploded with girls screaming. they don’t want towel, mom4. they want Xavi’s legs for the next trophy.

    3. Haha, talk to Andres then! Because he almost always posts a photo of himself sin pantalones after every game on Facebook.

  7. I really love the fact we played our entire first team players in this tournament (okay, except Pinto), even FONTAS!

    great move by Pep…



  8. As I said on the LB, We’re so pretty.

    OT, how the heck do you display that Toyota trophy. Awkward thing, won’t sit on a shelf.

  9. “I don’t know if the players are aware of what they have achieved. In a few years they will be very memorable.” -Pep


  10. For all the neymar! Neymar! Neymar! Talk before the match, dude failed to have any impact on the match. Cant blame him though as his team had very little time on the ball. Did well with the borghes cross but messed up his one on one with VV. Me thinks he needs to move to europe so he can improve his skillset against better opposition. No use been a local champion. On the team, Alves rocked! But he needs to work on his shooting. Learn from Adriano man.
    This makes it 3 cups lifted with 3 more to go this season.! 13 out of 16 in 3 and a half years!!! INCREDIBLE is an understatement.

  11. ¡Campeones! ¡Campeones!¡Campeones! 
    Could’ve been 6 but I’m not complaining…
    I’m witnessing greatness. Thanks Team…
    Thanks Pep…
    Visca Barça!

    1. Well, yelena. It’ll back to waking up at ‘what on earth do you call this’ hour to watch the boys play after this. But it’s such a little, little price to pay. 😀

    2. Oooh, I admire your devotion BarçaOwl as with a lot of other Asian culés..
      Sadly, Work requires me to be rather sharp and eye-bags free 😉 hehe
      Let’s hope we could play CWC annually and they’ll hold it in Asia again..

  12. Congrats Cules! – CWC Campions

    Got up early to watch on the US East Coast… the first half dominance was remarkable. Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, Cesc, Busquets, Puyol, the whole defense… great performance.

    My favorite part of the match was the header between Puyol and Neymar, looked like a sheep tussling with a skunk.

    Neymar (a.k.a. TABOH), hope he can recover from this, can be humbling, if not disheartening. Total unrealistic expectations and somewhat unfair all that got put on him for this match, and career… quickly falling into the too much too soon category. That match could be a real confidence killer… could get you thinking things like; I thought I was good, but THAT is what good really looks like. He was very gracious in his remarks saying that they basically got taught a lesson. He may be good, who knows?, time will tell, certainly can’t tell when you barely touch the ball. Not unlike what happens with CR7 vs. Barca… they mark his support out of the match, and isolate and completely neutralize them. Wonder if the kid has the wherewithal to understand this.

  13. DId you guys see Neymar after the match? He was crying for quite some time. Even when he was giving his interview he was sobbing.
    He was really brought down to earth.

  14. to be honest I feel a bit sorry for Neymar, for his terrible hair for being overhyped by other people.

    it’s not him who said Neymar >>> Messi, it was Pele. but Pele took a wrong medication, as Maradona said.
    and it was also not Neymar who claimed that this is a Neymar vs Messi battle, it was the stupid media.

  15. From barcastuff:

    Neymar (Santos): “Barça was totally superior, they have fantastic players. The best team in the world today showed us how to play football.”

    Very gracious.

    What a wonderful game that was, especially the first half. The team played spectacularly and Santos just never got into it.

    I’m glad Villa’s injury happened during the semifinal and not in training, because he will able to feel that he was really part of the tournament. I was happy to see Fontas get minutes for the same reason.

    Now the majority of the team gets a good long rest. I think Pep will call up lots of B-team players for the Hospitalet game, although with only a one goal lead I suppose I shouldn’t take that win for granted.

    Visca Barça i Visca Pep!

  16. ‘i thought i was good, but THAT is what good really looks like’
    this though wicked, hits it right.

  17. I actually rather like Neymar, I don’t advocate buying him yet but unlike a year earlier when he was throwing tantrums and getting the coach fired etc I think he’s an okay guy and I wouldn’t complain if we got him either.

    Not this game or his reaction changing my mind, just a thought I’ve had for quite a while now. I don’t think he’d disrupt the dressing room so I wouldn’t be horrified if he came. I don’t think he’s a necessary buy with Messi, Pedro, Cuenca, Sanchez all tons of quality and still very young, though, just cos I don’t think 40mil or so would provide as much of an incremental upgrade anywhere across the frontline to be worth that much. But if Pep decides we need to get him I’ll agree with Pep and assume that as always he knows better than we can even imagine.

    1. I feel much like you, and think that many things that have been attributed to him (by the atomic hype machine of press TAHMOP), both good and bad, are exaggerations. He is a very talented young player, with tremendous potential. He doesn’t appear, given the way he has conducted himself in recent months, to be quite so problematic from a temperament standpoint as people were saying… this kind of match could tip you one way or the other though… get frustrated, discouraged and wig out, or continue the humbling and increased perspective to realize the potential.

  18. Also, if Pep doesn’t win the Manager of the Year award, there is something very very wrong with the world.

    1. Agreed.

      Pep – La Liga; Champions League; Spanish Supercup; Euro Supercup; Club World Cup

      Sir Alex Ferguson – Premier League; Charity Shield

      Mourinho – Copa del Rey (slightly damaged)

  19. The footage of Messi with the giant gold Toyota Key was hysterical… the look on his face is priceless

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