CWC Liveblog: Barcelona vs Al Sadd

True Cule Heroine Barcaowl’s here to host the LiveBlog for you all. Three cheers for her! Hip-hip HOORAY! x3

Moving on, the lineups are unknown to me as there’s an 57.093% chance I’m sleeping and a 97.HLEB% chance I’m half asleep, nearly dosing off, as I prepare to watch 90 minutes of samurai dueling with plastic footballs. Or something. I dunno.

Anyways, it’s showtime. Behave and, more importantly, visca el Barca!

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. Barcelona line-up (official): Valdes – Adriano Puyol Mascherano Abidal – Thiago Keita Iniesta – Pedro Messi Villa #fcblive #cwc

  2. really really sad for villa’s broken tibia.
    i guess that rules him out definitely for the season.
    aaarrrghhh! so Pissssed!
    this shit is the flipside of competing in so many competitions.

  3. Nice victory for Barça. But awful news about Villa, hope he recovers soon, and that our team dedicates this cup to him on sunday.

  4. Very sad news about Villa but what happened with Alexis? Why did he get subbed out instead of Pedro when he replaced Villa?

    Please don’t say he will miss the Santos game.

  5. @Kimcelona

    I do find it pointless to tire Messi when we’re 2-0 up and Al Sadd didn’t look like they were going to make a comeback at all.

    2ndly, look what happened to Villa & Alexis (touchwood). Isn’t it better to rest Messi instead of tiring him when we might need him more in the future?
    Now he has unnecessarily played 90mins when on Sunday he needs to do it all with Pedro up front.

    Pep might be the best coach in the world but he is not the best in managing Messi’s fitness.

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