Okay, kids, pick your Man of the Match

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By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


    1. i’m having trouble downloading the birmingham game. initially arshavin bitched @ having to play on the left for arsenal and wanted a more central role. i don’t think he would’ve given pep as much lip but who knows? he does have his own hairstylist he flew out from russia though. hard. core.

    2. I love Arshavin, i wanted him here, but it seems that Ribery, Suarez, Silva, Matta or um… Robinho ( πŸ™ ), might be higher up than he is on the shopping list.

      People can say whatever they want about Wenger, but that man sold us Hleb for 17 mil and got Arshavin for 20 mil (i think)… the man is a genius.

    3. He got Arshavin for 16 mil… I’m sure he’s gonna sell RVP for like 20 mil to us in a few years time(3 I suppose) πŸ˜›

  1. goltv’s having satellite trouble in the athletico bilbao sporting gijon match. i hate you goltv.

    if valdes hadn’t have stepped up, although i wish he wouldn’t have had to, barca would’ve been served their first defeat. he gets my vote.

    1. Ah Ha!


      lol, I just felt like saying it. πŸ˜€

  2. Silva’s my MOTM.

    He was our best player out there. Valdes played a hell of a match, top class, and worthy of my praise, but I gotta go with DavidS.

    If he had capitilized where he should’ve, we’d be having a very different conversation.

    (yes I know he plays for Valencia) just in case the ingorance claim was about to be hurled.

  3. Txiki told SPORT we tried to buy Robinho last summer. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there some way we could petition Pep to please sign Luis Suarez instead?!

    1. Well! What’s this!?

    2. and SPORT’s cover is another Robinho story…oh hell.
      dont they know we want suarez????
      In Pep i trust!?!?!?!

  4. //http://www.mysoccerplace.net/video/valencia-vs-barcelona-00-full

    i think maradona’s back on the booger sugar:

  5. I am officially sick Dani “motherfucking drama queen” Alves. He needs to stop acting like a whiny bitch!!!

    Anybody else fed up with his acting>?

    1. YES! I’ve been sick of this since March. It’s just pathetic.

      Not to mention Alves has become the poster-boy for Barca hatred… because he makes it so easy.

    2. i know, i net the neutral fan would say alves is more despisable than robinho, and here we are worrying about robinho. i dont like robinho either but im just saying…

    3. The diving is bad enough, but whats worse is where he dives.Someone should tell him and busi if theyre gonna dive, do it in the opposition box where it might actually n=benefit us,and not in the midfield or by the edge of our box, leaving us royally fucked numerous times per game while they lie around in “agony”

    4. I love alves and his “show a card to the enemy” attitude. You can tell he gets better when the crowd in an away game boohs him, just like hristo did. They boo him because he is good at it.

    5. Me too I love Dani Alves. No one tiki-taka with Messi like Dani. Dani runs aheart out all 90 minutes game after match without getting winded, discouraged or attitudinal. He robs a corner in ValdesWorld and wins ’em in Iker’s all within a whistlestop. His free kicks are world class in a team just getting its legs under set plays. He fouls and falls, sΓ­ ~ but when the MightyMites are getting clipped up without calls, when play is going nowhere and FCB could use need a restart, or when the counterattack is on. SoccerMama says everyone play nice with Dani!

    6. I will love Dani for ever because of the one cross he made against Chelsea that was the right one, and ultimately it came to Eto’o and it came to Messi and it came to Iniesta and the rest is history. Never seen a better crosser of the ball from the wing.

  6. I’m sure Txiki is thinging we need one or the other(Robihno or Suarez), they each have their reasons for being seen as better than the other. Robihno is La Liga tested, has great skill with the ball, and he’s a crack. Suarez is probably better with our style of futbol and he’s cheaper. I say Robihno, but if we can’t get him for the money we want for him, Suarez will do.

    I like Silva over Fabregas(only because he’s a traitor) and Silva runs like nuts! Someone on this blog suggested Guiza, I would go with that as a benchwarmer. Bojan should be loaned to an attacking team. He just isn’t getting enough time on the pitch, Pedro and Jeffren might have to be loaned too. Since we have a certain Brazilian in Portugal coming back.

    This Valencia game dissapointed me. We all new that it would take something amazing to repeat last year. We’ve been struggling so far, teams have been giving us a hard time. Thank you God Puyol and Pique are so solid, Amen.

    1. who is a better passer, robinho or suarez. ive seen robinho make some sick, filthy passes over the years. against us, no less. ive never watched suarez except one highlight reel

  7. nobody, i think, is worried about Robinho’s ability; what they’re worried about is his commitment and workrate. could Pep possibly be overreaching if he adds too many volatile stars to the squad? Zlatan’s ego is as well known as it is well founded, and while thus far he’s shown a willingness to work for the team, i can’t imagine him working as diligently if Robinho on his left wing decides to sit down and pluck grass instead of tracking back. right now Zlatan’s ego is being well balanced by the groundedness and commitment of the rest of the squad, but as we saw with Ronaldinho and Romario before him a loose (or should i say lax) cannon of a Brazilian in the dressing room can seriously upset a squad’s harmony.

    Brazil produces, bar none, the best footballers of the modern era. but along with that brilliance often comes a big streak of unpredictability and the inclination to be temperamental, a love of the good life that is more than often at odds with the needs of a smoothly functioning football team. people complaining (rightly) about Alves’ diving and histrionics should ask if they want yet another player who indulges in that kind of playacting with as much regularity. Robinho is a brilliant player; but can we count on Pep turning him into a more model person and a more committed teammate?

    1. BA speaketh the truth, yo. His talent is immense. I remember my “Oh, shit,” when EE signed him. I expected him to just kill the league, instead of dissolving into a sulky head case.

      On paper, he is the player that a lot of people have Iniesta as in their fantasies. And no offense meant to our beloved Ghostface, but good Robinho is a combo platter of Henry, Iniesta AND Messi. He destabilizes defenses, makes great passes, moves well without the ball, and has a ripping shot from distance.

      Bad Robinho, the vile spectre that BA, myself and others raise, is more distressing.

      What I would view Robinho as is a short-term solution, a gap loan on our future. If the natterings are serious …. and frankly, the different sources can’t all be attributed to Goal.com BS, I would capitalize on his need to win the big one. He will be a model citizen for as long as it takes him to win big titles. Guardiola must think he can capitalize on that.

      If the rumors are true, and Guardiola can get some mojo out of Robinho, we get a killer on attack who makes us a LOT better. We also deepen the squad, and buy time for Assulin and JDS to season.

      It’s a risk, but so was Henry. And for this squad, I’m willing to run the risk on the immense potential of Robinho over running the risk that Suarez might be another Huntelaar–big rep, lotta goals, but couldn’t quite cut it at the highest level.

  8. i’ve been absent for a while, so let me just throw down what i’ve been thinking.

    – At first, I was mad about the Valenica result? why? because of my Barcelona-are-the-best-team-ever-and-no-one-should-ever-take-points-from-us hubris… But Kxevin was right. We were down and out, tired scraped, and bruised. And those were only the ones that were “well” enough to play. Puyol, Abidal and Valdes took it upon themselves

    -Balon D’Or nominations came out with our front 6 all nominated. Henry, Ibrahimovic, Messi, Iniesta, Toure, Xavi. Bitter sweet. Yes we have the worlds best front 6, but Puyol! Pique! and yes, you are hearing this from me… Valdes! all snubbed. i guessed they probably thought that nominating our starting 11 wouldn’t be fair to the other teams.

    but anyways, I want Messi to win because he is the best player in the world. I want Iniesta to win because he is my favorite player, and the 2nd best player in the world. But I think ultimately i’m pulling for our own Xavier Hernandez Creus. Messi and Iniesta have plenty of time to win them. Xavi is getting old. Not only that but… There may be 3-4 players with more ability, than he, but he might be the only person in the world that can control 10 superstars around him at will. He also dictates how use Messi and Iniesta, and the ball. Plus, everytime check the stats, he covers more yards than EVERYONE else. who woulda thought?

    I think i had more, but i can’t think of it. Is there a midweek game?

      Rubin Kazawhatever is next, and they’ve got some striker injured, so good for us although our form isn’t too good, with Ibra and the camp nou we should be quick and efficient!

    2. There’s also Milan – Madrid meaning you can look forward to Gattuso tackling Crynaldo! YAY! πŸ˜€

      Wait a second, Crynaldo is injured!

  9. Im still not so sure about Suarez. I have to admit I have not seen him much but I have heard very mixed things about him. Everybody here seems to love him, but I have read on other blogs that he is extremely selfish and always goes for the shot instead of passing and playing with the team. This is feedback from a dutch Barca fan who apparently watches him a lot and doesnt really like him. Again, I also really dont like the fact that his only exp is in the dutch league, which tbh is crap.

    As far as I am concerned my order of preference for the LW is: Silva, Robinho and then Suarez. Ultimately though I have a lot of faith in Pep and whatever decision he makes I sill support fully.

    1. I guess Ribery isn’t there cause he’s pretty much impossible to get ( at least in January).

    2. And if Sport is to be believed, Ribery is the big reason that Mark Hughes will agree to part with Robinho, as in “Let’s throw in a big-ass, ball buster bid for Ribery, one that might even match Bayern’s absurd valuation of their player.”

      How ’bout that?

      What I know is this: We have serious needs: Winger, quality DM for January, midfield help for Xavi. Anyone who is confident with Busquets in place while The Yaya and Keita are gone, is sharing booger sugar (love that! Thanks, Miguel.) with Maradumber.

      We’re officially in “wait and see” mode, I reckon.

    3. Agreed, we def need a LW and a holding mid because I dont think Busquetz can cover in the big games. That being said it looks like Pep is willing to put his faith in Sergio. Has anybody heard anything about us signing a DM? I haven’t. Usually you hear something, even if its vague. Then again we could have a Maxwell where we sign somebody out of the blue….i hope so.

      It looks like we will def go for a LW and it looks like it will be Robinho. Certainly all sides have admitted the interest and City look willing to talk. My preference has always been Silva, maybe even over Ribery (who i didnt mention because of his silly valuation), but I dont think Valencia would sell him to us. I think he would be all-round the best option; his versatility, his work rate, his ability, his attitude, his existing relationships with key players on our team. He would, IMO, be the perfect buy. Plus his versatility means that he could potentially help to relieve pressure on Xavi, so we wouldnt have to buy another player for that position. All the other potential signings raise too many questions; Is Robinho’s attitude going to be an issue? Can Suarez really cut it in a top league? Etc, etc… Whereas with Silva there are no doubts really that he would fit in perfectly. It is almost as if he was brought up in the Barca system. Unfortunately I just dont see Valencia selling him to us, I think the relationship between the two clubs was soured over the summer and they must be against making us even stronger than we are now.

      That being said I am sure if we threw 30M Eur at them they would have to consider it and IMO he would be worth every damn penny because his versatility gives us so much depth. He can play on either wing and virtually any attacking/creative midfield position. Is he cup tied though? He would be wouldnt he if Valencia are in the Uefa cup. Maybe that is why Robinho/Suarez are more obvious choices…

    4. I’m all in for Silva when you play the ‘versatile’ card, but I feel he’s nothing more than our Iniesta in wings… In fact I think Silva is a not-so-poor man’s Iniesta πŸ˜› So why have two same kind of players in the team. I am against Robinho for the same reason, why have another Messique player in the team. I think the beauty of having Henry on LW is he’s so unlike Messi, giving tough times to the opponent defenses in his own way. With Henry cutting in from left, the defenders would have to be prepared for 3 kinds of different players working in perfect co-ordination which makes it more difficult for them. I feel Suarez can provide this among all the 3 options.
      Moreover Silva is a bit injury-prone, Robinho with his attitude make me feel worried considering them for Barca. Of course, can Suarez make it at Barca is still a major stumble block against him… But he does play good for his national team, also good in Europe. Also do you guys think Hunter was a total flop at Madrid!? I certainly do not!!

    1. Why isn’t it pleasing to admit? Just curious. Or is that some Phil Schoen creeping in here? πŸ˜€

    2. It’s just that we didn’t score and he saved some goals… like iker “el santo”. It’s ok when EE’s best player is their goalie since they suck but I don’t like it that way in my team. It’s not like we got a draw with a goal in the last minute… VV gave us the draw stopping some great Valencia chances. Besides, Victor is not very popular in terms of personality, but that is a whole different subject πŸ˜‰

  10. I think that the problem with Huntelaar at the EE was expectation. He rolled in with big grins, a pigpile of goals and the promise of saving the world. The Dutch league is a goal party, all day and all night, so it tends to make players coming out of it do so with gaudy statistics.

    Sometimes, they get into a real league and flourish. Ibra was an Ajax product, after all. Other times, they do okay, but are victims of their own hype.

    I’m just not ready to take a risk on Suarez, not with the delicate state of our attack, which can’t support another “Crap! Okay, we’ll put him in for Copa stuff” Krkic. It needs someone who is ready for the big stage, and has been tested at that level. That is probably the staunchest argument for Robinho.

    He’s also the closest to that Henry type that Boat Forever mentions. I don’t think he’s as close to Messi as he is Henry. Both have pace, both can take defenders one-on-one, both can either bring the ball up or take a long pass, both are excellent passers and crossers.

    If this sounds as though I’m trying to talk myself into Robinho, I’m not. I just think that we have to prepare ourselves for any and all possibilities. If Guardiola likes him, he sees something that we mere mortals like. Remember that he didn’t want Keirrison. Benfica’s treatment of him certainly looks to be bearing out that evaluation. If he had that much talent, he’d be playing, right?

    My sole concerns about Robinho have nothing to do with his attacking skill. It’s work rate, willingness to play defense and dedication to the cause.

  11. Since Messi looked so gassed on Saturday, I doubt he will start against Rubin Kazan. I suspect Bojan will be part of the front 3.

  12. iniesta got only 2 percent of the votes… damn! I think he is second close to man of the match, at least he was the only one doing things that could entertain a spoiled culΓ© πŸ™

    1. Well Bosnia for Portugal, Miralem PjaniΔ‡ does the trick for me and makes the world cup dive/whine-free πŸ™‚ No offense Deco… BTW have you guys noticed? Deco is now the starter for Chelsea under Ancelotti, Deco gave a very nice performance against Pool last week. And yesterday what’s up with Ronnie and those two killah passes!? It’s a pity Pato could control and convert the difficult one and missed out on a very easy opportunity!!!

    2. Though Ronnie was really poor in the first half(not more than Seedorf of course) he really came lively after converting that penalty kick, played with new-found confidence… Some of his passes reminded me of old days πŸ™‚ I still feel Seedorf should have been subbed off for Flamini instead of Ronnie, but whatever, the job was done for them…

    3. Seedorf was shit. Serie A is so difficult to watch for me these days. Not sure why.

      Ronaldinho was sweating like a pig. He didn’t look all that fit, either. I hope he finds a role on that squad. I just don’t think he’s cut out for that libero part any longer. Every now and again he’ll pull one out, but usually not.

  13. Arshavin is back at it, nattering about British tax laws and how they will force players to leave for Spain, where the tax laws are far more generous.

    And this comes right on the heels of him expressing his love and admiration for us?

    Look for the Spanish press to start up any day now. πŸ˜€

    1. 11 goals and 10 assists in 24 games in all competitions since he joined them is pretty great. Hleb imcidentally had 11 goals and 14 assists in 130 appearances for comparison.

    2. Arshavin has repeatedly stated that he loves barca and was ready to join us from beginning. After watching him play for gunners, i can say that he is darn good. I think he will be way better option then Suarez or robinho. Don’t think arsenal will let him go though. if we want him, we should try and get him asap. i am pretty sure that he will do all he can to join us.

  14. in addition to Arshavin, put Diego down as a player we should have signed last season (or the season before). i just caught the last Juventus game and he was utterly brilliant every time he touched the ball, as he has been every time i’ve seen Juve this season. the idea that that guy doesn’t make it into the Brazil starting 11 is craziness, and i’ll bet he’s playing like a madman in part to secure a spot there for South Africa.

    1. diego showing us why messrs mexes isn’t starting for the french nt


    2. This is exactly what I have always maintained… It shouldn’t have been Fabregas that the board were after in summer but Diego; with Iniesta eventually stepping into Xavi’s shoes, Diego playing CAM… would be perfect, because I think that Fab doesn’t have that composure to be our CM and orchestrate each & every move. But the board do have to put political priorities ahead of team needs as always, don’t they!? That too when Diego cost only 25 mill, while Fab rumored to be around 45 mill, it would have been quite a bargain on financial aspects as well!!!

    3. but fabregas is spanish and/or catalan πŸ˜‰

      diego is from brazil… he sure won’t have as much commitment to FCB as a kid who grew up in the system. Look at what happened to deco and ronaldinho.

    4. To be honest, I’m not really impressed by Diego and I have a feeling he wouldn’t deliver for us.

    5. diego? He’d want to play regularly which means less playing for xavi,iniesta and yaya.
      Hes good but not meant for us..at least when we have xavi,iniesta

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