Fabregas? Mascherano? Suarez? Poll!

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By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, Iā€™m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, Iā€™m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. why arent their any pissed off ajax fans or liverpool fans gettin all insane over here?
    i guess the arsenal fans might be alittle worried about something.
    i dont know what to make of arsenal fans calling us out on a barca blog yet we’re being disrespectful…atleast ajax and liverpool fans show some class

    1. Exactly, I am a Liverpool fan but there’s no sense in me getting dramatic in a discussion post made for Barca supporters. It was simply a poll to discuss certain options, not sure why Arsenal fans feel the need to be all defensive over such a minor thing!

    2. Shhh, they’ll be asking you where you’re from soon! Documents and papers please!

    3. haha my country is only playing in the WC because were hosting, we are not even in the african cup of nations!!

      the only reason i can see for the arsenal fans to get so upset is because they think that their team revolves around him. without they will crumble and not win anything.

      wait, with him they dont win anything either.

  2. These Arsenal fans need to focus on themselves, and on ways to make their team better, instead of wasting our time with this utter nonsense.

    And the idiotic logic that you must live in the vicinity of the stadium/team to be able to be a fan… C’mon. Three words from the Barca Blog: GET A LIFE!

    And all this armchair nonsense, you must be kidding. If you would read previous posts and discussions, both here and on the previous blog, you would probably realize that our devotion to FCB is borderline obsessive and we have just as much love for our club as you do to yours.

  3. I live in San Diego. We don’t even have a professional footy team.

    Should i stop watching football then? I mean, i have no local team, so i shouldn’t support anyone right? And if I am a fan of no team, then what is the point of watching?

    Anyways. You can’t be to hard on them. They are about to lose their captain and best player so that he can play back-up to the real talent.

    Face it. We WANT Fabregas. You NEED him.

    We don’t hold much of a grudge against Cesc for leaving. It was a smart move. He knew that he would NEVER be better than Xavi or Iniesta, so he left to where he could get a professional contract.

    And don’t be flattered that he picked your club. He would have gone to whomever offered him the contract and cash. It could have been ManU, it could have been Fulham. Credit Wenger for having better scouts.

    Also, not to take anything away from Cesc who is a great talent, but, you Arsenal fans overestimate him. He looks amazing in the Premier League because just 2 years in la Masia puts your passing game head-and-shoulders over anything seen in the EPL. Just because he does great there doesn’t guarantee he can do it at a bigger club in the best league in the world.

    You guys taught us a very good, but very expensive lesson by selling us Hleb. He managed to play very well under your system, but when it was time to step up to the big-time, he wasn’t good enough.

    Same thing with Fabregas. He is the best player in Arsenal. thats nice. But he still has much to learn. Thats why he doesn’t start ahead of Xavi or Iniesta on the national team. He didn’t even start when Iniesta was out.

    If and when he finds his way back home, we will still need for him to take his game to the next level. From Arsenal-class, to Barca-class.

    As far as Fabregas “not coming to Barca because he loves Arsenal”, well, I remember Wenger and Henry saying the same thing 2 summers ago about Henry, so… I shouldn’t be to worried. And if he doesn’t come, o well, we have better players šŸ˜‰

    as far as Barcelona being arrogant, well, I suppose we should leave modesty to the mediocre, so Arsenal fans, please continue…

    1. why would fab replace iniesta when he’s injured? doesn’t iniesta play wide for the national team? and i’m pretty sure that fab can do stuff that the yaya can’t did you see the highlights from the blackburn game?
      and as for the trollers saying that you have to support a local team. thats ridiculous. arsenal and barca would not be the teams they are without international support. both make millions off tv and jersey sales… to foreigners. there is a reason that arsenal fans are freaking out about losing the CL tv money.

  4. I confess to not understanding any of acrimony. If you were to ask any Barca fan which non-Spanish side they support, you would get huge support for Arsenal. And probably vice versa. Both clubs play the game the way it is supposed to be played, both sides face the same crummy pitch, kicking and fouling nonsense.

    So no, I don’t get it. When the talk turned to Yaya joining his brother at Arsenal, we discussed it here, but that was about it.

    Look, players move. Henry joined us, and did very well. And nobody is thinking less of him because of his love for Arsenal. It would be weird if he didn’t have that love, actually.

    But players move. For money, for opportunity, for who knows what. I respect Gunners fans for feeling strongly about their player. We feel the same about Messi, or Xavi, or Iniesta. Fans don’t make players move, despite the contentions of lanky Togolese strikers. So if some fans ask a question, that’s all it is.

    But I think that both clubs’ fondness for and support of the beautiful game should bring a mutual respect from fans.

    But again, maybe I am just being naive.

    1. “If you were to ask any Barca fan which non-Spanish side they support, you would get huge support for Arsenal.”

      Absolutely, myself included. Which is why some people here, I think, were even suggesting that these weren’t Arsenal fans. Hell, most of the Arsenal fans I know are generally better-mannered and, when discussion turns to Fabregas, will concede that he is tied to Barcelona and Catalu~a more than London, so they expect him to leave eventually. Arsenal won’t rise or fall on the basis of one player.

  5. Barcelona are a better team as they have won trophies over last few years… Arsenal can be as good when they get more experience.. Currently 21,22 year old midfield is too young.. Both teams play the best football I’ve seen and a game between both sides I think would be the best pass n move game in many years. Obv barca have a lot more money than arsenal so can afford to buy players at their peak…once arsenals stadium is paid off… Arsenals football, wengers legacy and the ability to buy on par with Madrid barca man utd n Chelsea… Well it will be bloody scary! Btw any team that can spend 70 mil with eto obv are on same financial levels as Chelsea/rm… Arsenal have spent drastically less than any of the eu big 5-6 and play sexy football.. That should be applauded. Hard not to see why henry wants to come back to arsenal eventually..

    1. “Obv barca have a lot more money than arsenal so can afford to buy players at their peak”

      When you have canteranos like Messi, Puyol, Pique, Xavi, Iniesta, Valdes, Bojan, and many more on your squad, and who comprised 7 out of our 11 starters in the CL final, then no, you can’t take the moral high ground on this.

      We’re a wealthy club, but we didn’t buy our success through players. We make the yearly money splash (last three summers: Henry, Alves, and Ibra) on a player, but the team is more canterano than most other “big clubs” (except Arsenal, perhaps).

  6. I think everyone admires arsenals football under arsene wenger, but I feel their football is a bit lightweight against the thuggish football tactics man utd n Chelsea deploy especially againt them. Maybe their new cb and formation will help them. Their football probably better suited to European game. Lets see… Barca obv have talent within but still can make big marquee signings every year to complement the existing players.. Fabregas will leave eventually but not for 3-4 years..
    I actually remember cl final and even with 10 men arsenal outpassed barca for lot of that game… Just were too tired in the end!
    Arsenal only team that have finances in order, don’t overspend, play sexy football and have a good youth policy in place…Barca too are v good… Just have more money to spend . Hope these two make the cl final…

  7. @Ramzi
    “There is nothing Cesc can do, which iniesta cant. The opposite is not true.

    There is nothing Cesc can do, which Yaya cant (I wish we give it a try, and you will see!). The opposite is not true.

    Xavi will be our key member for at least 3 years from now. Taking a look toward the youth ranks, we have players who are not less talented than Cesc.

    Cesc is not better than Mascherano and suarez together. Even though he costs nearly the same.

    Cesc failed to break through into the Spanish NT (with two different coaches), and as I predicted before- and lot of people had a shoke- with time he will not even keep his place behind Iniesta and Xavi in the picking order. There are other options in spain that are threatining him. Which lead me to wonder if he looks much better while playing for arsenal simply because the overall passing quality in the EPL is not on the same level of how it is in spain. Check the following templates: Hleb Arsenal/Barcelona. Gudjhonsen Chelsea/Barcelona, Xabi Liverpool/RM. And how Man utd got outclassed by Barcelona passing game.

    But its almost a deal done to buy Cesc. Next season there is an election. There is no better way to earn votes than bringing a catalan back home. And Wenger know when to sell, and its time to warm up Ramsey (his young player) to take the role.

    Cesc will be good addition if we will only rate his contribution as a stand alone factor. it will be possitive in general. but evaluating the contribution to the fact that we paid our souls to get him and burned the opportunity of couple of younger players to find their way to the first team and with some patience perform the same or even better, that will make this transfer catostrophic (or however you write that šŸ˜€ )”


    Oh! That was spot on!!
    Point 1 about Cesc & Iniesta, I’ve been shouting that all summer šŸ˜›

    Point 2 about Cesc & yaya, I doubt it. I don’t know man, but I trust you ever since I knew you’ve been in coaching a football team

    Point 3 about Xavi… I’ve seldom seen Xavi run, so I’m more than sure he’d stick around for 3 years as the main starter. Youth players are quite promising, and in 3-4 years time we’d be having more than just one player who’d be way more matured, composed & creative than Fabregas… In the mean time Iniesta could well manage Xavi’s role in a more effective way than I suppose Fab would šŸ™‚

    Point 4 about Masch & Suarez. Suarez should be the type of player we need to sign ASAP, a winger/forward(second striker). Regarding Masch, I don’t think his style matches our game but In Pep We Trust

    Point 5 about his breaking into Spanish NT… Even when Iniesta was not available Fab was not preferred to start the game. I’m pretty sure in very near future the trio of Busi, Xavi & Iniesta would be the starting mid-fielders for NT ahead of Xabi & Cesc.

    Point 6, on how he’s just not gonna cost inflated amounts of cash but also 2 certainly-not-less talented players future at Barca, is spot on

  8. Wow. You have a busy day so you avoid reading the blog because work comes first. Then you settle down after dinner to read through some comments looking for insight from the usual suspects and then — BAM! The comment threads are out of control. And since I read this long after moderation applied, I can only guess how intense things got.


    So, the poll was just some fun hypotheticals to wile away an international week. But when it comes to thinking about new players for the team, I think position is more important than specific possible players. In this sense, I agree with what looks to be the majority opinion in these comments: we need another winger/second-striker. Currently our left-wing doesn’t seem to have much depth, which is concerning in seasons filled with league play, cup play, champions league, etc. I haven’t seen Suarez, so I have no opinion about him. What I am sure about is that Guardiola and his staff are scouring far more video than any of us could watch to find the right match for our team. Will it be a youngster or a seasoned veteran? Who knows. Speculation is fun but rarely accurate.

    This is going to be a tough week. No Barcelona to watch and no easy means to watch the USA v Honduras games (bar-pay-per-view showing only in the USA — now there’s real drama!).

  9. @Jose25

    canada aren’t even in the CONCACAF qualifiers! we’d rather watch hockey. what a glory hunter i am for supporting barca and not my local hockey team

    1. I am from the Dominican Republic. Need more info? We played one match in World Cup Qualifiers, getting eliminated on an extra time penalty by a Puerto Rico team half of whom were about as Puerto Rican as Roman Abramovich.

      Our national team games are never televised (not enough demand), our league plays 12 games and gets about 5 articles on the newspaper a year (btw, it also is not televised), we have no FIFA-compliant stadiums in the entire country and we’re ranked as the worst team in Latin America.

      So yeah, I didn’t grow up with soccer at all; I am a die-hard supporter of my local baseball team, though.

    2. P.S. The local soccer team support is actually also called Barcelona, and they wear the same jerseys as FC Barcelona. They used to be named after a bank that then went out of business, so the new owners (circa 2003) gave them the name and colors of the team they liked.

  10. Wow. This thread is hilarious. I’d go for Luis Suarez. Cicinho or Rafinha in addition would be nice, as well as that Gojko Kacar CDM that Boat is always talking about, since Masch is too high profile and expensive.

    Living in Roswell, New Mexico, West Texas, and central Arkansas, my first experience of soccer was seeing a RARE sportscenter highlight of Ronaldinho scoring in a Champions League match his first season in Barca, I believe. After catching occasional highlights of Ronnie on Sportscenter I became more and more interested in the team, becoming a complete fan during the 07-08 season, unfortunately. I have to say without R10, I would know nothing about soccer, but now I definitely have to say I would pass on any other sports team playing to watch a Barca match. I all of the above makes me a glory hog, and so does being a fan of the Chargers, Mariners, and Magic. I guess I should consolidate my fandom to the one professional team out of everywhere I have lived for more than a year- a single ABA team, oh and I’m not talking about attorneys.

    1. You are a Chargers fans and not a native San Diegan?!?

      wow… that is odd… we’ve never even won a Super Bowl!

    2. Finally I’ve some backing for Gojko Kacar šŸ™‚
      Rafinha would be dressing room trouble, with Alves always ready to play like an engine and never wanting to get subbed…
      So as of now I’d go with Luis Suarez & Gojko Kacar. No need of a new LB, Muniesa is gonna own that spot after Abidal & Maxwell are out.

    3. Yea…Junior Seau, Stan Humphries, Natrone Means, Rodney Harrison= great players. What really hurt was when some guy named Welihan sp? was quarterback. Ouch. LT is my favorite player. I dig Cromartie too, but don’t care for Rivers.

  11. Seems like it completely depends on Pep. If he thinks Cesc is going to be a vital cog in the long run, then I hope Txiki or whoever is in charge does what it takes to get him.

    Luiz Suarez seems awesome but then again he’s playing in a really really weak league!

  12. Look guys as an Arsenal supporter i have always had a soft spot for Barca and will watch every game on Sky TV, however it must be stated and pointed out the truth that every one of us knows, one day Cesc Fabregas will return to Spain and maybe to Barca, this is a fact, so we will be dissapointed yes, but on the other hand he will have been an Arsenal player, schooled and nurtured by the likes of Vieria, Bergkamp, Henry, so be thankfull that we have taught him to play football the right way, be thankfull we have taught him how to be a good person as well as a good footballer and as such you should respect him when he say’s that Arsenal is his his his club and stop trying to lure him to Barca as he will come but in his own times and on his terms.

    If your club Barca continue to try and disrupt his stay at Arsenal you may find that he resent you for your lack of respect towards him.

    Lastly i will say this that Arsenal football club under Arsene Wenger and his team of coaches is a great place for a young player, you only have to look at the strides that Fran Merida has made he as well will be a world class player and may oneday return to Barca but for now just leave them alone to enjoy the football without your pressure.

    1. After what Diego Perotti did to Sergio Ramos, he’d no longer remain at Madrid I guess… So no use replacing Henry with Perotti, WHAT UP?

  13. I agree totally with Kevin’s comment. If I can’t watch Barca I’m looking for an Arsenal game as they are the nearest thing for my fix of passing football. I would also rate Fabregas a bit higher than some of us on this forum seem to. He can still develop as a player and its never easy carrying a team on your shoulders – I remember Kenny Dalgleish struggling to do this at Celtic before moving to Liverpool. In a Barca team with its movement his intelligence could pay dividends. however, my money would go to Suarez. I know the league isn’t great but some of the goals I’ve seen on YouTube it wouldn’t have mattered if there had been three goalies on the line.

    What has disappointed me is the quality of comment from the Arsenal fans on this forum. I suppose it just highlights how lucky we are here to have sensible comment / discussion where we know how to disagree without antagonising each other.

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