Fabregas? Mascherano? Suarez? Poll!

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By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Personally, I would so for Suarez, and with the extra 25-30m, try to grab Mascherano on the cheap. It wouldn’t work, but I’d give it a shot. I’d also try for a right back supplement. Yes, Alves is a stud, no, he shouldn’t play every match of every tournament of every season.

  2. And it goes without saying that the comments are the space for where to play whomever we purchase, does anyone go, and what’s the deal? (Polls aren’t sufficiently flexible to encompass those varying possibilities.)

  3. As I said in the previous post, Suarez would be a great addition to our second striker roles. He is a better freekick taker than Xavi, and more consistent than Dani. He has pace, finishing and heading also. He would definitely be a hard worker too. Messi on one wing, Suarez on the other with Bojan and Pedro covering the right and left wing and Ibra and Keirrison covering the central role.

    Cesc would be a more important transfer than Masch next summer also, with Xavi and Keita both turning 30 in January. Mascherano cannot effectively play a single pivot, like the Yaya and our system is not suited to a double pivot.

  4. Cesc to play the role of Yaya when the bus is parked. Busi to be sent to Arsenal in exchange. He is much better than Busi or Yaya in finding the killer pass, or to just kill(score a goal I mean)!!! Cesc also adds to the midfield to give Xavi and Iniesta rest for matches.

  5. Huh? English clubs and the paedo perverts stalking our young talents and enticing them with their sweeties (first team football and pro contracts).

    Please keep your thoughts to yourselves if you don’t have anything constructive to say.

    1. i don’t think roman polanski i mean arsene wenger should be demonized like that either. stupid work. i’ve been holding onto that gem all day =)

  6. The last option shouldn’t have been there, I mean its funny and all but we’re not going to get a proper majority preference now…

  7. Well even if we don’t recognize it, we sure made it.
    Come back when you have a player in the starting XI who came from Arsenal’s youth.

  8. Ach! Pardon the incorrect spelling (fat fingers!) of Fabregas’ first name.

    Visitors are welcome. But this space has rules of conduct. This is a speculative poll that asks a very simple question. Anyone is welcome to participate in the debate, but you will do so within the boundaries of this space’s specified rules and overall tone.

  9. Ultimately its Cesc who makes the decision, and who would blame him for wanting to move to a team that is actually winning titles.

    So stop your whinning and grow up. This is the name of the game. You WILL be loosing Cesc if ya’ll cant start winning titles.

  10. Yeah like sitting on the bench for a few seasons then being loaned out and then coming back home for 5€?

  11. The nearest any of you ‘Barca’ fans have got to the Camp Nou is probably your’e two week holiday in Benidorm!

    1. Actually, I was just recently there this summer. I wanted to get pictures with the Champions, League, and Cup trophies in all the stadiums I visited, but I was only able to do so in Barcelona 🙁

    2. Actually, I am a soci in good standing, and live in the U.S. I went to four matches last season, but only two the year before. My best year was 7, but that was due to spending a month in France, in a town about a two-hour drive from Barcelona.

      This year, I’ll be there for the Inter Champions League tie, and El Clasico. Should be a hell of a week.

      But it doesn’t matter if a Barca fan never, EVER goes to a match in the Camp Nou, if they feel and love the club in their heart. Not everyone has the fiscal means to pick up and follow the club that they love, and not everyone lives in or near Barcelona. Arsenal has a great many fans who are just as fervent, who have never visited Highbury, and will never visit the Emirates.

    3. Well Dennis, I’m sure you have a life-time season ticket for the Emirates but we can’t all be so lucky to life in Barcelona. I, too, have seen Barca live and will again this season.

      Funny to think though, Petite, Overmars, Van Bronckhorst, Sylvinho, Henry and Hleb have all left Arsenal to find their way to Barca so it wouldn’t be strange for Cesc to do the same.

    4. As i remember it Cesc left YOU! to come to arsenal ?

      We’ll get the prime out of him and when he’s washed up & ready for a retirement package we’ll ship him off to you like we did the rest for a good price 😉

    5. …and inspite of that we’ll still be winning trophies while u languish in the upper middle obscurity of the epl…just ask henry, van bronckhorst, sylvinho, hleb etc…

    6. i think the comment about barca fans not being able to go to the camp nou is insensitive and comes from an ignorant and naive upper class mindset. i live in africa and with a shitty economy i have to work for a couple of years to afford a trip to the camp nou, even though it is something i dream about all the time. so in this sense keep your eurocentric upper class bullshit to yourself.

      besides, if you dont come to the world cup does that mean that you are not a supporter of your country’s NT?

      and to echo the other cules’ sentiments above, its pretty lame for arsenal fans to be trolling here considering you guys havent won anything in how long? do you not think last year when we won the triplete that cesc was sitting at home wishing he hadnt left barca?

      so for gods sake please think before you comment, you only make yourself appear stupid and shallow.
      get over your english hooliganism and upper class bigotry.

  12. Hey did you guys know that Bojan is attending the Spanish Federation Gala Dinner in Madrid to mark the organization’s centenary to which all past and present internationals have been invited.

    1. someone is only permitted to be a fan if they can afford financially to travel around the world?

      the more you post the more i realise you are just trying to get on your “moral” high ground. is this because you have nothing else to talk about with arsenal?

      can i vote to have this guy banned if thats an option?

      i find his upper class bigotry insulting and makes me not want to read through the comments which is usually and enjoyable experience but now i feel angered by his immature trolling.

  13. It’s nice to know so many read this blog, even if they aren’t primarily Barça fans. But its just funny to me that there’s so much anger over the possibility (possibility, not certainty) that Cesc might one day find his way back to Barça. Personally, I would rather bring Luis Suarez to the team than any of the other options, but like we’ve all said at one point or another, “In Pep We Trust.”

    And also, this stuff about us not being true Barça fans because we haven’t been to the Camp Nou is pretty lame. I have no idea why its a requirement for anyone to attend a match at the home stadium in order to be considered a true fan.

    But blah blah blah. Looking forward to some of the qualifying matches coming up and can’t wait till Barça takes to the field against Valencia.

    1. Thanks for pointing out the “rules” on how to be fan, but I think I’ll stick to the teams I support now, regardless of where they’re located.

    2. can we get this guy banned? please? he is truly ruining my BFB experience.

      whats more i do support my local team (Mamelodi Sundowns) and my NT Bafana Bafana and my parents team Glasgow Rangers and Barca.

  14. Personally, I don’t see any need for Fabregas. With the talent that we have coming through our very own cantera such as Johnny Dos Santos, Thiago and Gai Assulin, I would much rather spend the dosh on a real improvement.

    The reason Fabergas is playing behind Xavi and Iniesta on the Spanish NT is the same reason I wouldn’t go near the 50m that it would probably cost to bring him “home.” The quotation marks are because for me, you don’t leave home. Had he been patient, he would have been part of a treble, a double, and almost certainly have had two Champions League ticks next to his ring.

    He’s the man at Arsenal, for sure. And for my money, he can stay there. Johnny Dos Santos is going to be better than Fabergas, in my opinion.

    I do see a need for Suarez, or a player like him. Henry will be leaving this summer, and Iniesta is much more effective at the side of Xavi, where he can learn to become what Xavi is, so that Assulin can become the next Iniesta. Which means that the explosive, scoring winger is a need. Jeffren ain’t it. He’s good, but he isn’t going to contribute 20+ goals over a season. Hell, I can’t think of a winger outside of Henry (really a second striker) who can.

    1. I think you answered it in your poll Kxevin, Suarez has 12 in 9 matches this season already. He could surely fill Henry’s role… eventually

    2. I voted for Cesc, but not for the next two seasons or so. I feel it is a move that will happen eventually though.

      Right now, I do think Luis Suarez is what would be perfect for us. I don’t think he’ll cost more than €50m, but I wouldn’t underestimate how much he will cost us. The key issue will be whether other clubs, come the transfer window, will be making offers too. If that happens, the transfer fee will go up.

    3. i agree. arsenal is so worried about losing cesc because the team would fall apart then because england seems to struggle to raise youth players of their own.

      also, if he wanted to leave so badly he should come back for a paultry sum of money.

    4. Why would you want to make Iniesta what Xavi is? they bring different strengths to the side.
      I don’t see Cesc coming next year unless Arsenal drops out of Champions League play. I do see Cesc coming to Barca when Xavi retires or maybe a year before to learn more from Xavi. (yes, Xavi and Cesc are similar but who wouldn’t want two “xavi’s” playing on the same team? it would make man-marking difficult)
      I see a more immediate need for suarez (still voted for Cesc though) since he could be a replacement for Henry. Never seen him play but it sounds like he would bring more of what henry offered.
      But why not try to find another Henry? another striker (with height) who can dribble and shoot? Beyond Ibra our attackers a kinda short.

  15. Well, as an Arsenal fan, I aint gonna give the armchair Barca “fans” a load of abuse for acting like arrogant glory hunters.

    Cesc is a Catalan. he may well end up back in his homeland one day. That is something that any team who buys a player from another country should expect.

    However, Cesc’s devotion to Arsenal, the club, manager and fans should not be under estimated, either. Of course he wants to win things and who can blame him? He is a winner and an brilliant player.

    He will win things, this season…. Oh yes.

    And, even though barca robbed us in the Champions league final in 06, I hope they stuff Real this year.

    1. The Champions League final in 06 was ruined by the referee. If he has played advantage on the Lehmann red card, let Giuly score and give Lehmann a yellow the match would have been a far more exciting and open contest, with the better team winning.

    2. Also worth noting that the goal Arsenal scored was off a free kick won by a blatant Eboue dive. I really don’t see how this “robbery” thesis holds any water.

    3. It doesn’t. The advantage is not given and Barca won the game. The advantage is given and Arsenal fall 1-0 early in the game, against a possession obsessed team.

    4. robbed? kidding right? red card deserved, Arsenal got the lead and tried to hold on to the lead as long as possible. Barca just was too much for 10 man Arsenal.

  16. Oh and give it a season or 2 and you lot will be having this same poll about Fran merida too!

    Then again, half of you will probably be supporting Real, Inter, Man U or Arsenal then…..

    1. Probably true. Which is why we’re the ones scoping out the blogs of other teams, right?

      Look, if you want to become a Barca fan, just tell us.

    2. Yeah, beacuse Fran Merida is so amazing that he can’t make the Arsenal starting XI and has to be loaned out to a Segunda side.

      Look, we get it. Cesc is staying at Arsenal. If you bothered to read the comments, you’d realise that the majority of us don’t really want him anyway. Luis Suarez is the man of the hour as far as we’re concerned.

      Your opinion is fine, but it’s really loser-ish to come to a Barca blog and try to start stuff. Seriously, I’d like to think the majority of us are more mature than that…

    3. Never underestimate the capacity of comments on blogs/youtube/social networking sites to degrade rapidly into idiocy.

    4. that’s b.s., I’m 26 and I’ve been following Barca since the early 90’s…People love Barca because Barca are more than a club. If you’re from London, the team to follow is Tottenham and not Chelsea and definately not Arsenal

  17. As a Barca fan, I live in constant fear that Messi, our best player, will leave to join Arsenal.
    mmmm… so that’s what it would feel like

  18. Wasn’t giovani meant to be amazing?

    Jonny will amount to nothing

    suarez had scored 12 in 9

    In a shit league where alfonso alves and mateja kezman were sxoring 30 a season

    xavi has said he wants cesc so they can reinforce what they have in the NT

    but he loves arsenal so he won’t go

    Arsenals current academy rapes barcas as do our youngsters

    don’t reply about academies as I doubt most peeps have any idea about both teams academy
    Youngsters (non academy):

    vela wilshire Ramsey merida sunu frimpong coquelin bendtner the list goes on

    1. Claiming the likes of Vela, Bendtner and Merida as youngsters is a bit of a stretch. Bendtner made his first team debut in 2005, a year after Messi and is still not a first team player at Arsenal.
      Vela is 20 and still hasn’t featured in Arsenal’s league team.
      Merida is light years behind Cesc in terms of his potential and is already 19 and hasn’t made it.
      Bojan, Pique, Messi, Pedro, Gai, Thiago & Muniesa have us fairly well covered.

    2. If you think about it, Arsenal’s “Academy” take our cantera players and we get their senior players.

      I love how Arsenal fans come and say “Hands off Barca! Cesc is from OUR academy. We MADE him into the great player he is today.”
      …while their scouts go and stalk our cantera players. Don’t deny it, Fabreagas admits himself that Arsenal scouts watched him 50 times while he was STILL A BARCA PLAYER.

      Sheesh, you guys can say what you like, but don’t be hypocritical about it.

  19. Kevin, I think now you know what to post about when site hits are low 😛

    P.S. How are the charitable causes for the site working out?

  20. There is nothing Cesc can do, which iniesta cant. The opposite is not true.

    There is nothing Cesc can do, which Yaya cant (I wish we give it a try, and you will see!). The opposite is not true.

    Xavi will be our key member for at least 3 years from now. Taking a look toward the youth ranks, we have players who are not less talented than Cesc.

    Cesc is not better than Mascherano and suarez together. Even though he costs nearly the same.

    Cesc failed to break through into the Spanish NT (with two different coaches), and as I predicted before- and lot of people had a shoke- with time he will not even keep his place behind Iniesta and Xavi in the picking order. There are other options in spain that are threatining him. Which lead me to wonder if he looks much better while playing for arsenal simply because the overall passing quality in the EPL is not on the same level of how it is in spain. Check the following templates: Hleb Arsenal/Barcelona. Gudjhonsen Chelsea/Barcelona, Xabi Liverpool/RM. And how Man utd got outclassed by Barcelona passing game.

    But its almost a deal done to buy Cesc. Next season there is an election. There is no better way to earn votes than bringing a catalan back home. And Wenger know when to sell, and its time to warm up Ramsey (his young player) to take the role.

    Cesc will be good addition if we will only rate his contribution as a stand alone factor. it will be possitive in general. but evaluating the contribution to the fact that we paid our souls to get him and burned the opportunity of couple of younger players to find their way to the first team and with some patience perform the same or even better, that will make this transfer catostrophic (or however you write that :D).

    1. Why do you insist on lowly name-calling? Instead of making us disagree with your opinion (however crudely formed it may be), this just makes us dislike you. And we haven’t even met you. What an awful shame. It makes this whole experience rather unsavory.

    2. I agree, Cesc is over-rated and if he comes in the summer it’s only because of an election. I want him to stay in England, and represent Catalans in that island.

  21. Your arrogance is repugnant. A team that only won the CL because the other team was short by one player; 10 against 11.

    Bring Messi for Cesc or pay more than what Madrid paid for Ronaldo before you can get him.

    Your tapping up of the boy makes us laugh. Wenger has Cesc contract safely in his safe. He’s not coming to Barca because he knows what Arsenal has done for him.

    1. No. Your ignorance is repugnant. Your assertion that it was 10 v. 11 in the 2006 CL final seems to imply that the playing field was uneven from the off, that 10 v. 11 was how it started. The only aspect of the game that was really uneven was the quality present in the respective squads.

      It would be laughably delusional of you to suggest Arsenal was arbitrarily and unfairly disadvantaged by Lehmann’s sending off. He was sent off for an indisputable red card offense. While it is true that the referee may have allowed the letter of the law precedence over the spirit of the game, there is no way to justify that Arsenal were unfairly disadvantaged by this episode.

      And like I said above, Arsenal’s goal was the result of a blatant dive. So I really don’t understand where your insinuations of injustice are coming from.

    2. Don’t let it get to you. The majority of Arsenal fans are probably cool. It’s most likely some Chelsea fans in disguise. No fan would judge another fan based on whether they’ve seen the time live, or if it was their “local” team.

      Of couse they only assume we follow them beacuse we’re glory hunters, beacuse that’s probably what they are. They’re just throwing a tantrum because we did the Treble while playing the kind of football they WANT to play. They wouldn’t know the majority of us were here during the infamous 2007-2008 season where we finished third.

      No one here is going to insult Arsenal because a lot of their fans are probably more sensible. If it makes you guys feel less insecure,

      Fabregas is going to stay for many,many,many more years.

  22. Touched a nerve there, obviously. Was it the glory hunting bit? Soooo sorry, didnt realise you were sooooo sensitive about being armchair “fans”

    I aint scoping any sites. This came up on newsnow (as the author knew, no doubt, to get hits) so responded.

    As for Merida, it does not surprise me you think he is average and at a segunda liga team, seeing as your opinion is formed by others.

    merida will be a quality player, not right now, but soon. I am just trying to give you a heads up, so you can brag to other armchair geeky “fans” telling em you knew about Fran before them.

    1. No need to get defensive, I’m just playing with the troll 😛 As a common poster on this site, it’s my right.

  23. These guys keep coming saying the same stuff over and over again/

    I bet it’s the same guy, but he’s just changing his penname

  24. Ja, do the gooners googele “fabregas” and attack any random article merely metioning the word “purchase” seriously, on other barca blogs its the same, mention fabregas and they come out of the woordwork.

    1. Please, they’re more classy than that. They google ‘Fabregas to Barcelona” THEN attack any article they see.

      If I’m not mistaken, weren’t these the same Arsenal fans that were saying how they were going to bring The Yaya to Arsenal to “reunite” him with his brother?

      Oh my. How the times have changed. 😛

  25. Ugh, I’m checking out of this discussion. I love this site for its informed participants, not to hear about how I’m a lame fan b/c I can’t afford to pay for a plane ticket to Spain, pay for accommodations, and then pay for the match. And even then, is there a requirement about how long I’m supposed to have followed the team? How about how many jerseys I own? Or my knowledge of the youth ranks? Will there be a test?

    This was just a poll. If Cesc joins Barça in the future is up to lots of different variables, none of which includes the poll. And if the powers that be for some reason do see this blog? I hope they read what Kxevin and Ramzi have written.

    I’ll check back in when there’s a new post up.

    1. Erm, or you could just support your local club?

      Just a thought.

      Loving the fact this is really pissing off all the pathetic glory hunters on here.

      Why is it that people jump on bandwagons? Why cant you support the team where you actually live? And actually put money in to THAT teams coffers? Why the need to follow a team coz it is successful or big?

      If everyone followed that lead, then the whole league syatem would collapse.

      Its bad enough with people following the big English teams, let alone over seas ones.

      Sheeesh, that is sooooo depressing.

      Thanks for having me, you’ve been wonderful hosts.

      Good night and good luck….

    2. I live in LA and I just can’t follow the Galaxy or the Chivas USA. My family has always supported teams from Guadalajara (MEX), where my parents are from. I’ve actually followed Barça for quite a while, before their treble winning season.

      And that’s the extent of defending myself. But maybe I should be happy that I’m not a true home-town fan such as yourself, that would mean looking for Man City sites and sprouting bs about how they’re destabilizing my team by trying to take Messi.

    3. Technically in LA County, but bordering Orange County. 😀

      I have an uncle who lives off Valley, you know, the street with all the neon?

    4. valley street? i’m talking “valley girl, she’s a valley girl” san fernando valley. “you know like whatever.”

    5. This is a profoundly foolish post. Although of course I’m not going to stoop so low as to assume its author can be characterized the same way.

      I don’t want to waste my time responding though if the author’s going to peace. So Thierry, if you are still here, give us a shout.

    6. you want to bring a fucking nationalist argument into this? please tell me which team to supprt. my grnadparents on one side are french from the island of st helena, my other grandparebts and parents are socttish from glasgow while i was born in south africa, raised in sub saharan africa and spent time in new york, london and holland.

      is it wrong that i started supporting them before the 2005/2006 season? is it wrong that i support barca because i admire their politics, playing style and the history of their city?

      your tag is “thierry”, thats very local of you.

    7. totally in agreement. i am out of here while these trolls are about. its turns a nice leasurely read into a bar fight.

      i dont need that.

      see you all at the next post

  26. In other news…

    Martin Palermo is, according to a source which doesn’t really count as a source, going to partner Messi in the Argentna attack


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this guy like, 35, and missed 3 penalies in one game FOR Argentina against…Brazil, was it?

    Also, it looks like Mascherano is injured (like someone already said). And his replacement?

    A 36 year-old with ZERO caps, while Cambiasso is still in Milan.

    Ahh, Maradona 😀

    (This is where Hector dies a little inside, unless there is nothing left 😛 )

  27. Cesc will be a fool even to consider the arrogant [club]. He should just go back to history and see how they eventually maltreat their star players. In fact, I don’t even understand why players go there because of the manner they ungratefully parted company with:


    Soon, they will deal another terrible facial blow to Henry. Its their stock in trade.

    1. This site usually has people that are 1. Well informed and willing to share info(facts) or 2. Not informed and willing to learn…Not in this post.

  28. Arsenal fans accusing Barcelona of tapping up? Pot. Kettle. Black.
    Arsenal offering a 15yr old kid a professional contract is not something to be proud of.
    Great scouting network I will say. It’s something to be very proud of. They pick up some good players.

    They also have signed players like:
    Jose Reyes, Richard Wright, Francis Jeffers… and the less famous gems like Diawara, Luzhny, Stepanovs, Amaury Bischoff and Quincy.
    All real winners

    1. Jose Reyes? They signed the Mets shortstop? Maybe Arsenal’s scouting is not as keen as they say.

  29. Kari, I am a hallow shell inside 😀 . I laugh so as not to cry.

    Dear trolls,

    On behalf of us humble caretakers of this site, I thank you. The more hits we get then the more advertising revenue we make which in turn goes to FC Barcelona related charities. The children of the world (and FC Barcelona) thank you for your trolling. Personally, I never relaized an innocent poll in a strictly Barca blog was going to influence Cesc to switch sides. Are we suddenly the media powerhouse that is Sport and El Mundo Deortivo? I am flattered.

    1. I think the poll is a little uneven Hector. It says ‘how will you spend €50m?’. I don’t think anyone would spend €50m on Masch or Suarez so it could be an influencer.
      I’d rather spend €18m on Suarez than anyone else next summer.

  30. So i guess the logic in this forum is:

    1) if you don’t live in a city outside of the Team you want to support, you’re not truly a fan

    2) anybody who wants a good player to come to their Team is arrogant and stupid.

    Based on that, I guess we can’t like national teams seeing as they really don’t have a city, we shouldn’t want good players to come to our team, and we’re dumb for wanting players who are from our youth system to come back. You arsenal fans are right, WE’RE IDIOTS!!!

  31. yeah I guess I’ll support the La Liga team over here in Austin, Texas……oh wait. It’s the United States, we don’t even know what real football is.

  32. See, I’m telling you. “Local team this, local team that”.

    It’s the same person, different penname. 😛 Lovelymofo, don’t take him seriously.

    1. That deleted post actually made me laugh. Serves me right for even answering to any of the posts at all.

  33. Interesting. So now you’re saying that my financial circumstances affect the style of football I should be enjoying, the club culture and history that I can admire, the players I spend time following?

    Hold on now. I just realized that since I live in China and cannot afford to visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem and all the other sites of importance in the Christian faith, I need to immediately renounce my Christianity and convert to a more locally grounded Buddhism or Taoism… intriguing.

  34. You know, we should just sic The Yaya on them. 😀 That’ll solve everything 😛

    Oh wait, they tried to sign him from us! 😛

  35. I’ll take Suarez, please. Hopefully, we see Thiago and JDS integrated into the team later in the season or no later then next season. Jonny’s dad mentioned the other day that he thinks his son will be at Barça for a long time, which is a good thing.

  36. Yes it is, Jose25. Moderation is in full effect. 😀

    The poll question is deliberately open. Fabregas might cost 50m. Heck, Mascherano AND Suarez might be able to be had for 50m. You get to choose your combo platter.

    And no, the poll wasn’t ginned up to generate hits or comments. A few people in a previous post called for it, and this is a blog that listens to its readers. It always will be.

    I confess to being rather silly in thinking that vituperation wouldn’t be unleashed over a bit of silliness over the break for Internationals. T’is true.

    This blog isn’t official, and I would reckon nobody from the club comes anywhere near it. But if they do ….

    Psst! Buy Suarez! Now! And tell Benfica to play Keirrison more so that we can see what the deal is with that dude. And get a wireless radio for Busquets, so that whenever he starts getting funky with the ball, Guardiola will tell him “Keep it simple, stupid!”

    That’s all for now. Thanks. 😀

  37. So if nobody on this site would like to sign Cesc why does youre poll indicate otherwise???

    1. It’s early days for the voting. I think that Fabregas is being seen by some as a Xavi replacement. Different fans have different opinions. Nothing wrong with that, right?

      I think that with Xavi being at the reins for the next 3 years, Fabregas’ (if he comes) best shot at playing will be if Iniesta continues his injury trend, in my humble estimation. As Ramzi said, Fabregas doesn’t do anything that The Yaya can’t, and we already have one of those.

  38. I guess I have to support NY red Bulls since im from the bronx :kicks dirt: oh darn 🙁

    1. You can’t, man, they’re based in New Jersey! I’m at a loss as to who to follow because, well, not only do I live in Brooklyn, but I’ve been watching the game since before Red Bulls existed!

      Better bust out my Cosmos jersey and cheer them on.


  39. Just a few quick points for all of the Arsenal “fans” out there…
    Firstly, if you are only able to support teams from your locality, then you should only play for teams from your locality and most of the English teams would be fairly screwed. Arsene Wenger isn’t exactly cockney either.
    Secondly, Cesc is a good footballer, and will continue to be linked with big teams… accept it. Smaller clubs rarely hold on to their best players but normally adapt well enough. When Henry left for Barca it wasn’t all bad, Arsenal still play good football.
    Thirdly, I wonder if the same scouts that watched Cesc all those times ever opened their eyes wide enough to see players like Messi, Iniesta and Pique who were all in the youth system when Cesc was being scouted. Just asking if someone needs some glasses. 🙂

  40. I have to say this, based upon alot of the comments on this page, i can perfectly see the arrogance and sanctimonious BS that so ruins the image of a great club like Barca.

    ‘More than just a club’…, seems to me a way of avoiding having to follow the rules and graces of the game that binds us all.

    I’ll say this, i respect, i admire, i revere even the club of Barcelona. I love watching them play, and i find them a pleasure to view. But i just can’t find myself holding onto anything but a mild irritation for the name. Why, well scrolling back through these comments section, listening to Laporta’s daily spewing of crap, the unsettling of players, the disgraceful conduct in regards to transfers…., that is why.

    Success, sheer size is no reason to abandon basic principles of decent conduct and behaviour. Barca’s elite, in that i mean Laporta and his kind, disgrace what your club stands for time after time. Their arrogance and disregard for other proud footballing icons is something that i have seen perfectly demonstrated right here on these pages.

    The campaign to unsettle cesc has been disgusting. It has been incessant and out of line. The daily ‘stories’ from your stooge papers, the lines from Xavi and iniesta. Cesc will one day return to barca, but what your club, and you people need to realise is that Cesc is a contracted player, being paid by fans of another team. The attachment of cesc and arsenal is immensely strong, and areguably more concrete than that of the bond he has with barca. Arsenal gave cesc his chance when barca did not want to know. Enough of the crowing about tapping up etc, if you wanna bitch then whine to the spanish authorities that allowed such a loophole to be exploited….., thats not even mentioning the way you did the exact same thing with Messi!!

    My club Arsenal has existed for over a hundred years. Its history has been syonomyous with success and honour throughout. When you comment on my club, your starting point is respect…, don’t forget that. Failure to do so will only add credence to the notion of you being arm chair fans with no real understanding of the game you claim to follow.

    1. All valid points, j, but I don’t think any of us in this forum have shown any disrespect to your club. We’ve merely tried to establish some grounds for reasoned debate with those inane trollers posting here purporting to support your club.

  41. FYI, everyone, I will be taking a brief break from the moderation chores, for my train ride home. So I would encourage everyone to not respond to any provocation in my absence. Such things will be dealt with. If we stick to the topic at hand, the discussion can remain on point and in keeping with the traditionally high standards of this space.

    Thanks, everyone.

  42. sigh. missing the point entirely. not going to respond further out of respect for Kevin and the rest of this forum.

  43. Whoever wrote this blog must be very naive or just thick, to think that any self-respecting Arsenal fan would not respond in the way in which we have. This constant hounding of a contracted player is very disrespectful!

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