You oughta be in pictures …. Fab Day, in images

"Maybe they will forget about me selling the shirt now!"
"I have to admit .... this feels pretty good. Hi, Mom!"
"Hmmm, I got smoked about right here last season .... "
"It would really suck if I got hurt right .... don't even think it."
"Okay. When you get up, nice and slow. Don't get .... you know .... "
"I know it's a photo op, but not all that much for me."
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  1. August 15, 2011

    Silly Kxevin, you won’t win anyone over until you add in the training pictures, particularly the Pep one. There is also a video format of it. Oh, my.

  2. barca96
    August 15, 2011

    I had a good night’s sleep. A good dream. A good morning after seeing these pics and the pics of his 1st training session and the birds are chirping. I couldn’t be any happier.

  3. August 15, 2011

    I find the lack of top hat and monocle disappointing.

    • August 15, 2011


      Apparently if you put anything between > < those symbols, it doesn't show up.

  4. simple_barcafan
    August 15, 2011

    Kissing the FCB crest?..ok..

  5. Triplo Volanti (formerly Cesc Pistol)
    August 15, 2011

    BTW According to Cesc was earning 6 Million Euros Annually. Am I to understand he is now going to be earning 3?? Are we sure about it? If it’s true it’s an unbelievable sacrifice by Cesc. Can someone confirm both the numbers.

    • Helge
      August 16, 2011

      Only 3m?

      That must be the salary of fringe players…

    • August 16, 2011

      I don’t think he said that he was getting paid 4m in Arsenal. I believe what he said was that he is geeting paid 4m by FCB but 1m will go to Arsenal for the next 5 years so his sallary practically will be 3mil. I think his salary is from the lowest in the squad. If you consider that Toure is getting 12-13 mil at City, we can get an idea how much money Cesc could get. The kid’s love for Barca seems pretty genuine 🙂

  6. barca96
    August 15, 2011

    Van Persie is the captain of that team and Theo Walcott will outshine Fabregas. Let him go Win with Barcelona they will not repeat as Champions League winners.

  7. Blau-Grenade
    August 16, 2011

    This is the video that needs to be up there.
    Pique and Cesc.

    • barca96
      August 16, 2011

      That;s old.

  8. Triplo Volanti (formerly Cesc Pistol)
    August 16, 2011

    Does anybody know where I can download the SuperCopa with RayRay Commentary?

    Can someone request the gentlemen at fbtz to get them for future Barca matches?

    And here’s the new kid on the block already adopting the Barca way by owning Thong Boy imgon(dot)net/di-KU27.gif 😆

    Some interesting stuff on new finance rules in La Liga:

    • nzm
      August 16, 2011

      Interesting stuff, that second link. It’s in Portuguese for those who want to Google-translate it!

    • nzm
      August 16, 2011

      This explains why the Bojan deal was structured as it was done!

  9. outerspacedout
    August 16, 2011

    Apparently the hilariously dorky song choice wasn’t just what Barcelona felt was appropriate to the occasion, but because it’s one of his favorite songs. Still funny, but that’s kinda sweet.

    I was against the transfer but the feel-good-ness of the whole thing (on our side, clearly wasn’t for Arsenal) with him being all happy and grinning (haha, he was talking about how he had suffered and been in doubt the past months, I’m remembering people dissing Xavi for saying Cesc suffered then funny to see Cesc saying it himself) and Pique and Puyol driving him to training and knowing Pique and Messi since he was thirteen and the final homecoming and all that just makes me feel very happy about this.

    • outerspacedout
      August 16, 2011

      And mostly the sun and the atmosphere of the photos remind me of Eid. Very rare to have sun without being humid and sweltering, and the photos look like how Eid often turns out back home where it’s cool but sunny.

    • nzm
      August 16, 2011

      Trust me, outerspaced, that coolness is just an illusion – Barcelona is experiencing hot weather right now, although not as sweltering as last year!

      Ramadan Kareem to you – not quite Eid yet, but I bet that you’re pleased that the moon is past full! ;.)

  10. Olufestus
    August 16, 2011

    Never been this happy since the historical MOUNITA in november

  11. paxtonpale
    August 17, 2011

    Enjoyed himself though you couold see that it was an emotional time for him in the press conference. It was interesting how he was shaking his hand with Sandro Rosell even after the Manchester United game, Rosell was saying stuff like:
    “Cesc’s marketing price has gone down”
    What does that mean he isn’t a good midfielder anymore? Though I came to a conclusion that he was trying to say that most of the season Cesc didn’t play much and even when he did he wasn’t playing brilliantly. Confusing Sandro though it was good to see him wear that nukmber four jeresey. It was a disgrace to see Thiago wear it in the preseason.

    • Ryan
      August 17, 2011

      Why was it a disgrace to see Thiago wearing the #4? He was our best player during the preseason.

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