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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. We are not getting valid penalty calls. At some point we may need some luck. And, these pepes and welingtons are rubbish in the beautiful game of football. They should ban this butcher for at least 4 matches.

    1. PM, any particular reason for 4 matches? I don’t necessarily disagree, but I was thinking 3 because that’s fairly typical for “violent conduct”.

    1. HAHA…such a disgrace should at least be stripped of his uniform. i mean he should not be able to represent the colors of Malaga, even though after that game, I have lost all respect for them.

  2. Now i still cant believe he punched pique, and it resulted in a pique Yellow! This was the 1st game we’ve won with Ferreira in charge.

  3. Malaga played dirty, really dirty. Not only Weligton. But he was the worst. I wish Messi had scored one of his opportunities to take revenge on them (and to go one ahead of CR). I actually think the run for the pichichi will be a lot more exciting than La Liga this season – because on the one side, there are 4 aspirants, whereas the other only contains two… πŸ™‚

    Oh, and if there are still any doubters, I can tell you, Ibra was the real deal!

  4. Ibra was worth the money just for grabbing Welington by the shirt and pulling him to his face and saying ” try that again bub i dear you ” all wolverine like.

  5. did you guys notice how on the official site there was a news item about inter’s loss to sampdoria today? no mention of eto’o’s name – just a recap of the match and how they place in serie a. i found that random, even if they are in our CL group

  6. i think wellington should be banned half a season. I mean come on! Even Adebayor’s behavior could not match that. A stomp, a punch to the head, a couple throw-downs, and who knows how many kicks??!! What a F’n disgrace. Likewise for the ref.

  7. anyone notice that Welington struck Pique in the exact spot where his head was bleeding from on wednesday?

    So… this Ibrahimovic guy… he isn’t all that shabby is he?

    it kinda sucks that in my fantasy team i took out Ibra and Pique and put in Henry and Chyg, anticipating that they would start. And then they go and score from the bench… grrr…

  8. OMFG!?!? In his report, Delgado Ferreira (the “ref”) wrote that Messi was substituted by Pique… yeah, you heard that right. He confused Messi with Chygnasty. WOW. Also, he wrote down Abidal in his book for a yellow when in reality he showed the card to Yaya so he confused Abidal and Yaya.

    This a-hole is simply on a another level. WOW.

  9. In minute 39:24- 39:26 Ibr is being hacked at the heels by Wellington aswell as being shirt tugged. Ibra trurns around with Welingtons abort in hand pulls him close Chest to Chest and face to face and then proceeds to ” decirle de lo que se va ha morir”

  10. Speaking of Sport, here are quotes ridiculing (justifiably) “ref” Delgado Ferreiro:

    “Delgado Ferreiro has demonstrated no bad enough to be a referee but also not even aware of what happens on the pitch”

    “But do not worry, Delgado Ferreiro [will] continue refereeing and hurting whom he wants for ever and ever.”

    For an entire article on the ref:

  11. Is this the first case of refereeing under the influence of alcohol?

    No. This is probably one of many times for that jackass.

    1. What a load of crap. Notice the pic for the “article” of Wellington being taken out, suggesting he was fouled by Ibra or something. Total TRASH. I wouldn’t be surprised if EE bought him. He’d fit in next to Drenthe. I guess then they would not only receive the most penalties in La Liga, but also get away with the most fouls. I hope we crush them and force those pathetic journalists to eat crow once again. Why even write about a Barca win if all you’re trying to do is put a negative spin on it. I feel bad for the people reading that…not

  12. Considering the spineless creatures that FA’s are, i do not think anything will happen but the stupid bloke deserves to be put out of game for a while. I did notice that he kicked pique where he had been hurt before. the guy is an animal and a freaking twisted animal at that.

  13. would it be possible to post game footage from mysoccerplace.net in the game post for this match like what was done for the racing game in the post “anatomy of a goal: racing edition”? I am in china and don’t have a way to watch the games because of blocked websites. got to watch it on that post though and it was glorious. The team is playing some beautiful footy, it’s making other matches i watch seem sloppy.
    How bad was Henry’s injury?

  14. Whoever voted for him to be put in a cage with The Yaya overnight is cruel… a fate worse then death…

    1. Maybe he and skeletor and plan some evil plans to hijack the next banquillo or something but of course THE YAYA will bend them in his will by just PURE WILL
      That is the fate of all who defy THE YAYA!

  15. Is it right that this was our first win in a match led by this ref? I don’t know where I picked it up, so can anyone confirm this statistic? Based on his refereeing yesterday, I’d definitely believe it. What a damn bad referee… that is something you wouldn’t see in the EPL. At least, it would have serious consequences for the ref, but I bet LFP (or whoever is responsible) won’t do anything about it πŸ™

  16. or with kaka talking about god and jesus… and not knowing they are txigri and messi

    CLASSIC !!

  17. Goal.bs come up with another gem.. Chiggy doubtful for Kiev..

  18. Anyone who wants the match in better quality and Canal + commentary:

    1st half: *http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V9LAN7NA

    2nd half: *http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I5VCAKH0

  19. Anybody have clips of the beatings that Weligton inflicted on us. There is nothing on youtube. Zlatan is the shit……

  20. That sucks for Txigrinski. He was really good yesterday. I think I saw the play where he landed funny, almost with his knee locked.

    No, I haven’t forgotten the review. Working on it as we speak, but I had to watch the match a second time, then a third. Interesting.

    More later.

  21. Wow, I’m glad to see i’m not the only one who felt like jumping through the tube and personally administering a beatdown to that welligton character. Spanish league officials need to do something to him and that ref. If you look at corrine’s GIF image of welligton stepping on Messi, the ref was looking at that direction! Ridiculous.

  22. Wesley Snaijder, who has been fighting injury, wasn’t called up for yesterday’s loss to Sampdoria, and wasn’t called up for Tuesday’s match against Rubin Kazan.

    (expect them to possibly drop points again)

    But they got Cambiasso back playing. (good for world soccer, not good for us. although i still have no doubt about us qualifying as first place.)

  23. Drenthe yesterday “stomped” a player’s ankle in the game against Tenerife.. The kind of stomps that get legs broken like Eduardo’s or like that dude’s in the french league lately.. Another piece of good refereeing then was awarding Drenthe a yellow card..
    BertrΓ‘n, the player stomped, is out for four months.

    Drenthe sucks, he always plays very dangerously and always gets off the hook.. Hope our boys stay safe when they face his skills..

  24. it’s always funny how people seem to get hurt right before the “paron de liga…” hmmm….chyggy efffectively misses one match — almeria — and now he can stay in town for two weeks and study Pep talks…

    just a pattern thats all. but still if he werent hurt you know he would be desperate to play for ukraine, they still might make the qualifying play-offs..

  25. Funny how Messi immediately got up and tried kick in his nuts after that stomp… That freakingly dangerous look on Messi’s face, man he’s really a BEAST as Pep said. Yeah you heard it right, Pep actually referred Messi as Beast in a press conference LOL πŸ™‚

  26. Elvis Onyema? Is he the same player touted to be the new Eto’o?
    No discussion about Barca B players these days!?!

  27. No i believe new eto’o was etock there was a video of him in pep’s place. Eto’o = Etock ha don’t have to be a rocket scientist

  28. Regarding the ref of yesterday’s game, I would like to quote The Wire’s Cheese Wagstaff: That was some shameful shit.

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