Tag: Season in review

May 25, 2010 / / Thoughts

Great scott, what a season. And in consideration of the Goal of the Year, there are a great many things to look at. For me, it all comes down to these factors:

–Quality (how good was the goal? This kinda rules out bundled-in, scrappy goals.)
–Import (how big was the moment)
–Execution (different from quality. You can have a great goal that is poorly executed.)
–Outcome (generally, but not always, a goal of the year will be a match-winner.)

We had a pigpile of them, from the Xavi-Alves-Messi one-touch trident against Malaga, to Pedro!’s half-volley from about mid pitch. But to me, the Goal of the Year was as clear as day.

May 22, 2010 / / Thoughts

Every year, we start the season fraught with uncertainty. Will x or y crucial player get injured? How will the new signings adapt to the side? Will someone step out of the shadows to blow us all away?

Each and every season has a great surprise, a player who just knocks us out, going above and beyond the call to not really be MVP or Most Improved, but still offer stunning performance that leaves everyone with their jaw dangling.

This year, it goes without saying that it’s Pedro!.