A Classic preview, aka “For some, this colossal event is also the end of the road”

21 March 2014

We have it, they want it. It was always going to come to this, when you really stop to think about it. This remarkable team that to date has yet to lose a big match, faces on Sunday one that is immense. Cliches abound: all the marbles, season at stake, etc, etc, but what it […]

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Champions League quarterfinals, aka “Not again!”

21 March 2014

And now, we understand. Atletico Madrid. I leave the sussing out of the entire bracket to others, and instead focus on the team we now have to defeat to complete the extraordinary task of 7 CL semi-final rounds in a row. We know them, they know us. We knocked heads in a nasty, well-played SuperCopa […]

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And so it continues, aka “Who do we have to kill for just a moment’s peace?”

17 March 2014

Just a moment’s peace. Is that too much to ask? I don’t presume to know, why, what and how. And I do know that politics, backbiting and infighting are part and parcel of life at and with FC Barcelona, where often the most virulent enemies come from within. But here’s the thing: when Fate herself […]

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Barça 7, Osasuna 0, aka “It’s the little things”

16 March 2014

I won’t begin, for an instant, to pretend that I didn’t expect Barça to win this match. –They were at home against Osasuna, a team that doesn’t travel well. –I think that those who want to write this team and its coach off are nuts. –The group appears to be coming out of a collective […]

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Barça 2, Manchester City 1 (4-1 agg.), aka “Taking care of business”

12 March 2014

So much doubt, so much worry, so much anguish all at the roots of a moment of collective human frailty. When Barça lost to Valladolid this weekend past, it was more than a loss. It was like the starting pistol in a race to establish culpability. Something is wrong, whose fault is it. And we […]

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Believing in beliefs, aka “Welcome to the Barça house of mirrors”

11 March 2014

These are the times that try culers’ souls. The team is in turmoil, rumors are flying hither and yon and we don’t know who to believe. Players coming and going, coaches coming and going. But thankfully, I am here to help you, with a handy guide to who you should believe: Nobody. The convenience of […]

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Searching for Answers: Barça’s Greek Tragedy

08 March 2014

[It's been a bit since I wrote something of value for BFB. Time, you know. Not much of it. Still, sorry!] As I stare at my laptop screen, I wonder how I should frame this post. Should I explore the blame route where the coach, players, the fandom are taken to task? Or should it […]

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Farewell, Capita, aka “The lion roars no more”

04 March 2014

I will be fighting until the end of the season to help the team achieve its objectives for the season. Capita.

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News of the day, aka “Despatches regarding the worst team EVAH”

26 February 2014

As The Replacements sang on “Bastards of Young”: God, what a mess / On the ladder of success / Where you take one step / And miss the whole first rung If I had to choose a word to describe our club right now, it would be “beleaguered.” – Rumors that the coach has lost […]

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Real Sociedad 3, Barça 1, aka “A question of balance”

22 February 2014

It was the best of teams, it was the worst of teams, this group of players that we gather to support whenever they strap on their boots. From the heights of joy on Tuesday to the depths of despair on Saturday. And on a day when the ancient Vikings predicted the end of the world, […]

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Manchester City 0, Barça 2, aka “Worry banished, if only for a moment”

19 February 2014

Pam, pam, pam, pam … The players move, amoeba-like shapes forming and breaking apart, being chased by other players like a schoolyard game of keep away defined by an incessant rhythm. Pam, pam, pam, pam … A lunge, a shove and a press to shift play for a bit, an effort met by an anticipatory […]

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Manchester City vs Barça, aka “The biggest, most giantest match EVER!”*

18 February 2014

*But not really. Today, FC Barcelona will play an immense match, one of the biggest that the club has played in a looong time. In this Champions League knockout clash against Manchester City, the players return to the scene of a psychological crime, so to speak. Last year a bruised, battered, injured, exhausted team with […]

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