Illusion 09

10 January 2015

History Lesson In the year 2009, Pep’s Barcelona won six trophies in one year. In 2010, Barcelona ended the season with only one league defeat and almost reached the Champions League final. In 2011, Barcelona had a very dominant team that won both the league and the Champions League. On the other side of the […]

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Citizens, to the ramparts!

09 January 2015

I did a recent Barça roundtable discussion and one of the participants, Nando Vilar, likened Barça’s fundamentally self-inflicted turmoil to citizens taking a very active role in their government. Following that, a commenter here, AllasFCB, Tweeted this: How funny is that a fan/club member of Barca (Jordi Cases) took down Rosell and a player (Messi) […]

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Rest In Peace, Coach Sam

08 January 2015

For the first time in my life I’m playing football and it’s not in the streets. I’m in an actual football field and I’m overwhelmed by what is going on around me. My team gets a penalty and someone from outside yells: “You, kid, take it!” The other players hear him and back away from […]

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Elections and a return to normalcy

07 January 2015

Ahhh, that’s more like it. For longtime culers, a happy, consistently victorious Barça was kind of weird. So it’s in many ways reassuring to find that the team and the club have returned to its old, infighting, backbiting self. — Factions within the board? (Check) — A superstar unhappy with the manager? (Check) — An […]

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Then as now, aka “Respect my authority!”

07 January 2015

“Luis Enrique will do a better job than I did.” — Pep Guardiola History is most interesting when we forget it. In using the “where there’s smoke …” adage, it’s doubtful that anyone continues to use “alleged” when discussing the alleged rift between Messi and Enrique. Is there something in fact going on? Again, we […]

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Vocational training, aka “Be a reporter”

05 January 2015

These are worrying times for our football club, when the din is threatening to shut everything out. The people who want Enrique gone are screaming the loudest right now, and people who might be considering a different view retreat in the face of vehemence. People who say the wrong things are being attacked, and it’s […]

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The first shoe drops, aka “Don’t be fooled”

05 January 2015

I was watching a TV show called “Fool Us,” featuring the magic duo of Penn & Teller. The premise is that magicians come out to do their thing in an effort to find a trick slick enough to fool two of the best magicians ever. It’s pretty hard to fool Penn & Teller. The question […]

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Real Sociedad 1, Barça 0, aka “Choosing your path”

04 January 2015

The match between La Real and Barça today was one of the strangest I have seen in some time, for a number of reasons. Most noteworthy for me is that this was the match that assembled every last dysfunction that this club has, and dumped it into a cauldron. We can talk about mitigating circumstances, […]

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Too much or too little, aka “Is rotation what makes the world go round?”

03 January 2015

Each matchday, Luis Enrique’s lineup rolls out and the anguished yowls begin. I wish he would decide on an XI! How are we supposed to know what he’s doing if he won’t play the same people! How can the players gel if he keeps changing everything?? Sigh … the 47th lineup in 16 matches. He […]

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blitzen awards, the Annus Horribilis edition!

01 January 2015

The season is half over, which means it must be time for a bumper midseason edition of blitzen awards. 2014 has been a difficult year in many ways for the club. We lost a beloved coach, a somewhat less beloved president resigned but no elections took place, the World Cup was a disaster for many […]

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CAS appeal denied, so now what, aka “No shopping for you!”

30 December 2014

To start, there’s this: I don’t care about the transfer ban. Sorry, but I don’t. I can’t get mad about it, I won’t stomp my feet and talk about how heads must roll, junta dimissio etc, etc, ad infinitum. It’s because this board has been on bad paper with me since it took office and […]

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Enrique and life on the fringe, aka “Stuff is happening, but why?”

26 December 2014

The challenge of holding a minority opinion is whether it stands up to the litmus test of logic. A popular worldview, supported by many an intelligent football chronicling voice, is that Barça under Luis Enrique is a team that is losing its identity. The latest piece, and an excellent one from Sid Lowe, makes the […]

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