Right in the Nostalgia: Barça v Real Sociedad 12-10-2010

07 May 2014

Well, this may seem like a blatant excuse to curb the 300+ comment monster that is the Getafe comment post but what you don’t know is Hey look, a full match video from 2010 in English. Let’s watch. Iniesta’s goal celebration gets me every time. I think this – posting classic matches from the ‘vault’ […]

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Barcelona 2 – Getafe 2: Game, set and ma…

04 May 2014

Tito Before kick-off the Camp Nou paid a final homage to a man who, in all honesty, has simply been more culer than thou during his forty-five years on earth, Tito Vilanova. First we were shown a remembrance video in which several players bade him farewell, which was in my very personal opinion both moving […]

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I want one of those, and two of those, and a chicken, aka “Transfer talk rocks”

02 May 2014

What if dating was like silly season? Newly single Biff Majestic is in the market. Rumor is that he has a pre-contract with the barista at the town coffee shop but when pressed for details, Mr. Majestic said no comment. The barista has been scouted by Majestic’s mother, who has glowing reports of her calmness […]

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Buses and institutional arrogance, aka “Barça take planes, not buses”

01 May 2014

This has been the Champions League and week in which football has taken it on the chin. — Chelsea beat Liverpool. — RM stomped Bayern It has also been a week in which the phrase “parking the bus” has acquired a heretofore unseen malleability as counterattacking football has become “parking the bus,” for reasons that […]

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Dani Alves and the perfect gesture, aka “Your stupidity is soooo tasty!”

28 April 2014

How often do we get to say the exact right thing, make the exact right gesture? Many years ago, when my wife and I were urban pioneers, we lived in a neighborhood festooned with um … indigenous businessladies. One night while she was out walking the dog, a car rolled up alongside the curb and […]

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Farewell, Tito Vilanova, aka “The ‘boat’ loses an important plank”

25 April 2014

What makes you weep for a complete and total stranger? Some people wonder that as we reel from the punch in the gut that was the news that our Mister, Tito Vilanova, succumbed to cancer at the age of 45. It’s one cell. One cell that you can’t see with the sharpest eyes decided his […]

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Goodbye Tito

25 April 2014

Today the devastating news has been reported that former FCB coach Tito Vilanova has died at age 45 after a 3-year battle with cancer. Like all culers, we here at BFB are deeply saddened by his passing. He represented all the best characteristics that the club strives for: decency, humanity, humility, strength under pressure, and […]

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The malleability of absolution, aka “If one is responsible, then everyone is”

21 April 2014

So. Barça ended a 3-match losing skid with something that wasn’t as much a comeback as a bit of common sense rearing its head. “Hey, what say we stop hitting the ball directly AT the keeper.” Messi scored a goal so all is right in the culer world again, but for me something more interesting […]

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Barça Be Like

19 April 2014

Poor Tata. Called upon to replace an ailing Tito, he arrived in Barcelona with nothing but a crumpled suit and a backpack filled with pistachio polo shirts. Given a poorly balanced squad to which he could add no players he was told to smile, take a picture, and off to Bangkok for a summer tour […]

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Goldilocks and the Camp Nou, aka “The case for Neymar”

18 April 2014

Neymar has a problem. Neymar IS a problem. Whichever (or both) of those sentences you think true, there is one thing we can agree on: Neymar is a galvanizing figure on the world football stage. When he came to Barça at the beginning of this season for a pile of cash, nobody knew what to […]

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RM 2, Barça 1, aka “The inexorable inevitability of defeat”

16 April 2014

Someone who knew once said to me, “You have to do 100 things exactly right to win a bicycle race. Do 99 of them exactly right, and you finish second.” Margins are like that in athletic endeavor. You push, you shove, you train as hard as you can, doing efforts and intervals until you actually […]

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16 April 2014

The 3rd clasico for the season. Well – technically not, because that term only really exists for the Liga games, but has now become synonymous with every meeting between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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