Too much or too little, aka “Is rotation what makes the world go round?”

03 January 2015

Each matchday, Luis Enrique’s lineup rolls out and the anguished yowls begin. I wish he would decide on an XI! How are we supposed to know what he’s doing if he won’t play the same people! How can the players gel if he keeps changing everything?? Sigh … the 47th lineup in 16 matches. He […]

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blitzen awards, the Annus Horribilis edition!

01 January 2015

The season is half over, which means it must be time for a bumper midseason edition of blitzen awards. 2014 has been a difficult year in many ways for the club. We lost a beloved coach, a somewhat less beloved president resigned but no elections took place, the World Cup was a disaster for many […]

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CAS appeal denied, so now what, aka “No shopping for you!”

30 December 2014

To start, there’s this: I don’t care about the transfer ban. Sorry, but I don’t. I can’t get mad about it, I won’t stomp my feet and talk about how heads must roll, junta dimissio etc, etc, ad infinitum. It’s because this board has been on bad paper with me since it took office and […]

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Enrique and life on the fringe, aka “Stuff is happening, but why?”

26 December 2014

The challenge of holding a minority opinion is whether it stands up to the litmus test of logic. A popular worldview, supported by many an intelligent football chronicling voice, is that Barça under Luis Enrique is a team that is losing its identity. The latest piece, and an excellent one from Sid Lowe, makes the […]

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Barça 5, Cordoba 0, aka “Does it matter how the chef stirs the pot?”

20 December 2014

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha (pant, pant!) bwahahahahahahahaha! Whew! Now that I am composed, Barça put the hammer down on Cordoba 5-0, to roll into the holiday break with a bang. This was a match was either wasn’t very interesting or fascinating as can be, depending on what you were looking for. Prima facie Barça did what it was […]

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Merci, Abidal

19 December 2014

“As a defender, my aim is to infuriate the opponent. I want him to be so sick of the sight of me that he has to move somewhere else on the pitch to get away.” –Eric Abidal This player, this man, has officially retired from football today. It’s worth a few words on this wonder […]

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Suarez Hates To Lose

18 December 2014

Midway through the World Cup news regarding Luis Suarez joining Barcelona started to emerge. Fans were furious at the fact that we are signing someone with such a terrible character. Let’s just say Luis Suarez is not a person you want to look up to. From Suarez being involved in acts of racism, to actually […]

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Hope and beauty, aka “Making the nonsensical make sense”

17 December 2014

The question was a simple one, posed by a favorite Twitter account, that got at the core of everything about this game that has become so much more for so many. The more BVB fail the more I cheer for them and like them. What’s wrong with me? My reply was a simple one, that […]

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The talent complexity, aka “Having your cake and the patience to let it bake”

17 December 2014

Adama Traore. Sigh, swoon, right? Riiiight. After his goal against Huesca, the hype rose to an even higher level for this astonishing talent who has an even more astonishing physique. But let’s have a closer look at the situation, how it is and what it might or might not mean. Traore scored that goal against […]

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How do you answer time, aka “The problems of inaction”

14 December 2014

Andres Iniesta has made me cry. I’m probably not alone in that admission and the reasons vary, in the ways that pieces of art come along to remind us of our most noble capabilities as well as our abject frailty. He is a beautiful man with a good heart, a player who looks exactly as […]

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Getafe 0, Barça 0, aka “The correct answer to the blame question is ‘all of the above'”

13 December 2014

The rain, the pitch, no penalty, Enrique sucks, Alves … The quest for blame in the wake of a negative result scatters thoughts like dandelion spores in a hurricane, a fascinating search that often finds them landing in odd places and pollinating certain ideas. But today’s draw vs Getafe was a great many things all […]

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Barça saved Barça

12 December 2014

Pep Guardiola became Barcelona coach in 2008. Pep guided the club towards years of glory. He created what was considered the best team in history. It was considered the best team in history for many reasons. That team could entertain, win matches, win trophies, and go out every match day with ridiculous score-lines. There is […]

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