Don’t kill your idols, but don’t let them blind you either

11 May 2015

Pep Guardiola doesn’t care about you. Lionel Messi doesn’t care about you. The people and players whom you revere, who consume so much of your waking moments and cause you to argue and take after complete strangers, don’t care about you. If Bayern Munich score a goal against Barca tomorrow, Guardiola isn’t going to weep […]

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Barça 2, Real Soceidad 0, aka “It had to be you”

09 May 2015

It had to be you / It had to be youuuuu … It is hard to think of a more extraordinary short stretch of time in recent Barça history: beating Bayern, beating La Real and Valencia drawing RM. Revenge in the first two cases, psychic revenge in the last as our two wins over them […]

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Analyzing the analysis, aka “When smart can be dumb”

08 May 2015

For all of its data and analysis, football is kinda dumb in how it evaluates itself. On Wednesday, for 77 minutes of an enthralling match of football, Bayern Munich had it right. Then things fell apart. The match is, therefore, judged by those 13 minutes rather than the previous 77, something akin to a man […]

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Barça 3 – Bayern 0, report from Barcelona

08 May 2015

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Barça 3, Bayern Munich 0, aka “Team excellence”

06 May 2015

Of all the narratives leading into this extraordinary match of football, the one that only a few dared to utter was the simplest one: FC Barcelona is the best team in Europe on form right now, so they would be favored. It was a weird thing to say, as most of the pre-match buzz was […]

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Eat, Pray, Support

06 May 2015

Here is a Bayern preview courtesy of Peter, who often holds forth in the comments, section. I couldn’t have said it better, myself. “The pitch is very, very wet in places, particularly in the centre circle. There’s been no rain in Munich all day, just an over-zealous groundsman with a new sprinkler to play with. […]

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Barça, Bayern, and Time

03 May 2015

“FC Barcelona”, someone tweeted on my timeline. I realized the Champions League draw had started and Barcelona’s name came up first. I started refreshing my timeline like a maniac.  The next tweet I saw read “Bayern Munich”. For the next few seconds, I received notifications from almost every possible application and source of information available […]

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Cordoba 0, Barça 8, aka “Footballing extravagance”

02 May 2015

FC Barcelona has, in its last two matches, put up 14 goals. Those 14 goals have been scored in a variety of ways, from pretty triangles suitable to sate the most devoted purist to over-the-top bombs that make the Premiership devotees say, “Now THAT is football!” Barça was supposed to put Getafe and Cordoba to […]

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Resolving Thiago, aka “It’s just business”

01 May 2015

Thiago Alcantara. As the midfielder strolls onto the Camp Nou pitch next week clad in a Bayern Munich shirt, it’s safe to say that the culer world will erupt. Should the player do anything decisive, the rumbles will rupture social media and the space-time continuum. The mind strains to think of a more polarizing transfer […]

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Joy and Giddiness: Getafe and the General Brilliance of Barça

30 April 2015

Another day, another guest post from Isaiah. When it rains, it pours. You can find him on Twitter as @rockofthune. There’s no space, I think. There’s no space, I repeat, maybe out loud, maybe still in my head. I’m not sure. There’s no spa—and the ball is wedged in like some spherical needle, finding that […]

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Belief and belonging, without fear: Bayern thoughts

29 April 2015

This is a guest post by Isaiah, BFB founding father and one damn fine writer. He is @rockofthune on Twitter. With the speed of a hand pulling a plastic ball out of a hopper, the world seemed to flip upside down. A growing sense of bravado, a feeling of skill and power cultivated over the […]

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All Eyes on Barcelona

28 April 2015

Luis Enrique became Barcelona’s coach in the summer of 2014. Throughout the rest of 2014, people doubted what he is capable of. He did not start off so well. His side lost against PSG and looked clueless against Real Madrid. The team even ended up losing at home against Celta Vigo. Back then, many people […]

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