The Power and the Glory: El Clasico

05 October 2012

I speak Spanish, not Catalan. A lot of friends would claim I speak neither, that stringing curses together does not constitute fluency. I tell them to [bleep] [bleep] [bleeeeeep]. Other friends just look at me and shake their heads. I have no excuses other than to point at the screen I’m watching and repeat my […]

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El Clasic, aka “The biggest match EVAH! Until the next one.”

05 October 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the most important player in this Sunday’s El Clasic …. No, not the one in the foreground, the one in the background, leaning forward as if to say “Who, me?” Yes, you, Cesc Fabregas. Isaiah will be in the house later with a proper preview. But here are a […]

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Stories Mothers Tell Their Children

03 October 2012

Wait … we’re not going to talk about it? An interesting link here, a provocative comment there … and then we’re not even going to talk about it? Don’t pretend that you don’t know about what we’re not going to talk about! Doth not (dothn’t?) protest too much, that you donth’t want to talk about […]

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The Match No One Cares About: Benfica – Barcelona

01 October 2012

I settle into my desk chair this morning, all ready to get to work on things (or at least that’s what we’ll tell my boss), and I’m confronted with a question from a coworker: “Man, Cesc should win an Oscar, shouldn’t he?” I suppose that was inevitab online viagra soft le, but besides it not […]

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blitzen awards, the colossal comeback edition

30 September 2012

That was a fun game, wasn’t it? And by “fun” I mean “I hope we don’t have another game like that anytime soon, my heart couldn’t take it!” I’ve scraped together a few awards for your edification. Read them slowly, they have to last you all week! Smells Like Team Spirit Award: This was not […]

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Sevilla 2, Barca 3, aka “As beautiful as they are, I HATE matches like this”

29 September 2012

The aka says it all: I hate matches like this, for so many reasons, but let’s start out with happy, Snoopy dance stuff: Improbably, we won. And we didn’t just win. We came back from 2-0 down against a gritty, resolute opponent in their house, an opponent who, in that same house, defeated our most […]

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Match Comments Post – Sevilla vs. Barca

29 September 2012

Thank the stars that they aren’t playing in Barcelona tonight because it’s been raining camels and donkeys all day.  Most unlike Barcelona weather, but there you go.

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Not Just Another Match: Sevilla – Barça

28 September 2012

There are moments when La Liga matches feel generic. Barcelona takes on [Insert Team Name], Messi scores twice, fans/media create week-long controversy to kill time, all is right with the world. There are times when these mundane realities are all we have to go on leading up to the next match. Swap in whatever opponent, […]

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Barça v Spurs in the NextGen Series: a few thoughts on youth development

27 September 2012

“I won the European Cup as a player and this feels like a junior Champions League so we are very proud to be in it…But we are also proud to have used players born in 1995 against opponents born in 1992 – our guys will be more experienced as a result and have to use […]

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How to Give Yourself a Rating (And Win Friends While Doing It)

26 September 2012

When you’re new anywhere and you’re interested in being liked, it’s usually a good idea to hew to the party line, make yourself look humble, and generally not rock the boat. In football, this is a pretty good way of winning over fans. It can become something of a burden on teams that fan favorites […]

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The Art of Yelling at Friends

24 September 2012

If I were to retype the exact words said between my teammates in my last pickup game, I would probably be banned from the Internet. Suffice to say that they were of the aggressive sort. And that was during a pickup game. The clean version: get there, get the ball it’s that round thing the […]

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Barca 2, Granada 0, aka “Why must EVERYTHING be a lesson?”

22 September 2012

I rather imagine that we are going to be repeating this question a lot this season: What did we learn today? To start with, we learned that yes, an opposing player can be MOTM. “Tono” Rodriguez, a 32-year-old keeper formerly of Racing Santander, was spectacular today. No. He was absurd, that kind of head-smacking good […]

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