Granada 1, Barça 2, aka “The confidence game”

16 February 2013

This picture of the coaching staff cracks me up because like many New Cules, they already have an expectation of what is supposed to happen, even as their reasons are different for having the same anticipation: — We roll into town, kick the crap out of whatever poor side has the great misfortune to play […]

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Granada vs. Barça: That Which Defines Them

16 February 2013

A challenging fortnight begins for Barça with an away game to Granada. With no mid-week game last week, the team even had 2 days off and 6 days in total to recover and prepare for what will be a decisive and intense 15 days. Prepare yourselves, culés!

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blitzen awards, the Mad Dogs and Englishmen edition

12 February 2013

Well, that was a heck of a game, wasn’t it? Worth getting up at 6 am for? (Yeah, yeah, I know Asian & Australian cules regularly get up at 3 am to squint at fuzzy streams while standing on one leg and balancing a bookcase on their heads, I don’t want to hear your sob […]

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Joy, Six Goals at a Time: Barça 6 – 1 Getafe

10 February 2013

The little man is a magician. And he put on a bewitching display today against Getafe. From his defense-splitting pass for the opener to his own manita maker, Andres Iniesta was brilliant. I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t point out that the defense was actually rather stellar as well, with midfield play thoroughly […]

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Barça vs. Getafe Preview: From Flame-grilled Whoppers to Frozen Fish

09 February 2013

  A big deal has been made around the Barça players having to adapt training and dietary procedures to play at mid-day against Getafe. But what about us fans who have to deal with this new earlier time messing up our Sunday?

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¡Anims! as I want you to spare a daily thought for our coach

07 February 2013

Anims Tito! Barça is not the same without. Culés around the world got you on our minds and in our hearts. Don’t think that football is more important than your health. Even if that means we will win fewer games, trophies, whatevers. First things first. God knows what he is doing. Hopefully the doctors do, […]

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Book Review: “Pep Guardiola: Another Way of Winning” by Guillem Balague

05 February 2013

Let’s get this out of the way right now: If you are looking for an in-depth tactical analysis of the “Guardiola system”, this isn’t the book. If you are looking for a detailed account of Pep’s four seasons in charge of FC Barcelona, this isn’t that book either. Instead, this book is (or claims to […]

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Valencia 1 – Barça 1, as we could have won a game we should have lost

04 February 2013

black·out [blak-out] 1. power failure; wide-spread electricity outage 2. lapse of memory, preferrably but not necessarily caused by excessive consumption of your favorite alcoholic beverage 3. Zzzzzzzing! When the lights go off… Denizens of the Third World are all too familiar with definition number one. During my youth and early adult life spent in wealthier (and […]

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blitzen awards, the El Morbico edition

01 February 2013

They’re back! You didn’t think I could let a Clasico Morbico go by without a nice fresh round of blitzen awards, did you? Oh, you know you missed, them, really. Golden Kneecap Award: Xabi Alonso, who successfully used his Cloak of Classiness to conceal several quite nasty kicks, or rather knees, to the nether regions […]

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M*drid 1 – Barça 1, as we could have lost what we should have won

31 January 2013

NOTE: If you just logged on, Kxevin also put up his thoughts about the match in the post before this one. It’s a MUST-read, as always.   I woke up this morning and opened my eyes (although not necessarily in that order). I looked to the left to see the woman of my dreams sleeping […]

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Raphael Varane 1, Barça 1, aka “Let’s take a moment for a bit of perspective here, folks.”

31 January 2013

Short and sweet: The mood after what was a good result in the first leg of the NIT Copa del Reig strikes me as rather odd, and a bit difficult to comprehend for many reasons, but let’s start with why it was a GOOD result: –In their house, we came away from a two-legged tie […]

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M*drid – Barça Preview, as a matter of clásico

29 January 2013

In the tradition of great Dutch masters before him, this not-so-great Dutch not-even-a-master will attempt to draw a journalistic self-portrait, or uhhmmm… an emotional sketch of a culé the day before, if you will, a Q & A between him and himself. Hi, nice to meet you. You look great today, as always! Yeah, yeah, […]

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