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Today is the day. The first day that our new coach, Gerardo Martino, will be in charge of our first team. It is also the first day of many, that I have to wrestle with not being in any way, shape or form mature enough to deal with a coach nicknamed Tata.

A lot has gone on this summer, and a lot will go on this year. We will discuss, harangue, vex and turn inside out many things that are going to happen in this season, things that didn’t, things that “if only.” We already have, right? Cules are seeing doom, and a defense that is certainly going to concede 47 goals per match, while its new coach is staring at the roster, staring at it again, smacking himself upside the head, staring at the roster again, and wondering what magic has placed him where he is.

“(PINCH!) Wow. Still here …. ”

And were I a genie who could grant wishes, my fondest wish for many cules would be contextual freedom.
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"Adriano! Squirrel!"
“Adriano! Squirrel!”

This, even though it appears under my name, is a minute-by-minute rundown from Kari, who many of you no doubt remember as a journalistic delight and breath of fresh air. So suffice it to say, when she banged out this piece and offered it to me, I said “Yes” faster than Adriano hopping on the injury cart. So heeeere’s Kari! (@officialkari on Twitter)

FCB v FCB – a running diary

I only have my laptop and a lot of free time right now, so I’m going to amuse myself by writing a really crappy min-by-min.
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Tito Vilanova you know. And you, like me, are reeling with today’s bombshell. But Thomas Richter is a guy who, I am willing to bet, none of you know.

He was a wonderful friend who died from complications related to brain cancer. He was a cyclist and a young man who evolved from a shy, bookish guy, scrawny of frame and not all that fast, to a strong, wiry bullet.

One day, he started having severe headaches. Then, while at Thanksgiving dinner with his family, he had a seizure. They did the first of many operations that night. I went to visit him as much as I could, and the last visit, I was about to leave to catch my flight home. We looked at each other and knew, somehow, that it would be the last time we would see each other. And we hugged, and cried. And I don’t know about Tom, but I cried all the way from Boulder to Chicago.

So whenever I hear of someone battling cancer, I think of Tom. But so many of us have someone that we think of when we hear of that news, and try as we might, it becomes personal. So it is with the coach of the football team that I love so much.
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