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The club has taken a great many decisions in its long, storied history, but none that I find more detestable than the decision to say goodbye today to Eric Abidal.

This is a club that bills itself as “mes que un club.” That phrase has nothing to do with any footballing aspirations. It is socio-political, referencing the club’s roots as a Catalan institution, a place where more than football is played. It is supposed to be a family.

So THIS is how you treat family?
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"They paid HOW much? Wuuut?!"
“They paid HOW much? Wuuut?!”

It is very safe to say that not since the arrival of Ronaldinho has a player come with so much weight.

As many of you know, then-president Joan Laporta was running on the “bring Beckham” platform, even as that deal never had a chance of happening. Ronaldinho was the one, and boy, did that work out. And now we have another Brazilian, who is describing a very different path from Ronaldinho, one fraught with complexity.

The question now is, what does that path mean, and what does it mean for the club?
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Barça heads into the penultimate home game for the season against Castile and León side Real Valladolid but, for the home press, all focus appears to be on the after-match celebrations in which the Liga Trophy will be presented to the team by RFEF President Ángel María Villar.

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