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28 April 2015

Luis Enrique became Barcelona’s coach in the summer of 2014. Throughout the rest of 2014, people doubted what he is capable of. He did not start off so well. His side lost against PSG and looked clueless against Real Madrid. The team even ended up losing at home against Celta Vigo. Back then, many people […]

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Espanyol 0, Barça 2, aka “Fully operational Death Star?”

25 April 2015

As an athlete, you structure a training plan. It begins with an ambition. Then comes the structure of what you need to reach that goal. Then you implement the plan. Usain Bolt doesn’t start his season running 9-second 100 meter dashes. So when FC Barcelona, under its new coach Luis Enrique, started the season clearly […]

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Calling all stars …

25 April 2015

Buenos días, B’Foobers! It’s been a while, huh? I’ve been busy pursuing an imaginary career in radio broadcasting. It’s something I just do, you know, while I’m on the road. The side of the road. When the road is under construction. Anyway, there I was, wondering what happened to all the attractive ‘flag ladies’ when […]

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It’s the big one! Barça v Bayern, and why the Blaugrana will advance

24 April 2015

It’s boxing day. Not the traditional kind, but my gloves are on. Why? Because of the Champions League draw in which Barça drew Bayern Munich and culer boots began to tremble in fear. If Bayern advances against Barça, fair on them, but I don’t think that they are going to, the magic elf that is […]

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The Crusades of football opinion

22 April 2015

Drama. In contemplation of the remainder of this Champions League, the only available word is … drama. Draw Juventus, and there’s drama about the bus. Draw RM and there’s drama about more Classics (even though the CL encounters aren’t Classics, but that’s another matter). Draw Bayern and the world implodes on its axis. In anticipation […]

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Barça 2, Paris St.-Germain 0 (5-1 agg.), aka “Of COURSE it was”

21 April 2015

FC Barcelona is one of the best football clubs in the world. FC Barcelona started the season as one of the best football clubs in the world. That it handled teams such as Manchester City and now PSG with ease, really should have come as no surprise to supporters of one of the best football […]

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Barça 2, Valencia 0, “A fraught, “easy” win”

18 April 2015

A clean sheet and two goals as the home team strolled to a comfortable w … Not so fast. This is a match with a scoreline that will in no way reflect how complex things were, making it almost a reverse of the Sevilla match in which the scoreline wasn’t reflective of how much Barça […]

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The dimmer switch of opinion

17 April 2015

“He’s the greatest!” “He’s NOT the greatest!” Being a football fan is being exposed to reactions like an on/off switch in a world that often requires a volume knob. Maybe the player, coach or technical director is neither the best nor the worst. Maybe he just is. No, your manager, your star player, your icon […]

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PSG 1, Barça 3, aka “This team, people!”

15 April 2015

This team. There is speculation, nattering, punditry and all that other stuff but at the end it all comes down to this team, the players and how its supporters manage to deal with it. And for too much of this season, a lot of how supporters have dealt with this team has been like villagers […]

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Sevilla 2, Barça, aka “Moments change a lot”

11 April 2015

Everything in sport comes down to a moment, sometimes less. Races are lost in hundredths of a second, a moment’s hesitation allows an opponent to get free. A moment is nothing, but sometimes it’s everything. Barça’s draw to Sevilla came down to a trio of moments, all of which went Sevilla’s way: a Suarez miss, […]

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Believing the unbelievable as the countdown begins

10 April 2015

Fate owes us. At the end of what seems an interminable cycle of fear, loathing and heartache, that damsel has some blaugrana debts to pay. The notion of a team or group of supporters being “due” is an odd one, but for the record and from this chair, Fate owes the hell out of us. […]

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History, Barça and you, aka “Respect the past, but don’t let it hobble”

08 April 2015

My wife says that I am like a dog. Not in the Messi sense, but in the almost complete lack of history. It’s like when you go out the check the mail, come back and your dog does a happy dance: “You’re HOME! I didn’t think you were EVER coming back! This is the best […]

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