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18 March 2015

We’ve all been there before. The frustration, the hypocrisy, the never ending sense of ennui, the powerful urge to deactivate all social media accounts, throw out all technology in your possession and embrace life in the wilderness, the— Wait. Maybe you’re not actually there yet. Maybe you’ve never been there. (That’s possible, though such luck is […]

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Eibar 0, Barça 2, aka “An acceptance of active stasis”

14 March 2015

Football is funny, because it likes nothing more than to confound us, to giggle at vehement prognostications and assertions that issue forth from bile-flecked keyboards. This season has been something of an object lesson in that, no matter its eventual outcome. From notions that Messi is past it, to Pique being a worthless playboy and […]

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Twisting in the wind, aka “Love, respect and legends”

12 March 2015

When a player outlives his usefulness, it’s brutal. And nasty. An exceptionally useful part of a championship team is not any longer and a club has to manage what to do. And that’s just the club. Supporters also come in to add many additional layers of nasty to the aging process. There are three kinds […]

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The value of history

09 March 2015

Spend too much time looking back, and you stumble over the present. But sometimes, history can be useful as a reminder. This season has seemed like one endless squabble. Enrique out. Give him time. The team has lost its way. What is that way. Pedro, Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Mascherano, this and that as a group […]

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Barça 6, Rayo 1, aka “Top of table on a perfect day”

08 March 2015

When RM lost yesterday, gifting Barça with a glorious opportunity to go top of table, it was almost charming the way many culers were still worried. Pessimism is indeed part of the culer mindset. Barça can be 10 points ahead with two matches left, and culers would say, “Well, the Liga is considering that win […]

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Messi by the numbers, aka “Is there a way to evaluate sunshine?”

06 March 2015

Y’all cray. As a trained journalist who has been working with words for the better part of three decades, sometimes eloquence fails and you just have to fall back on what even the least-trained wordsmith can relate to. Y’all cray. Someone ran the numbers on Messi, his goals and assists, and determined that the net […]

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Villarreal 1, Barça 3, aka “Whaddaya know … a final!”

05 March 2015

Well, ain’t that just a kick in the teeth? There are so many eminently logical reasons for the predictions that this season’s Barça team wouldn’t do well. But just as with upsets in sport, the theory all falls by the wayside when the kicking begins. And this match is interesting for the simple fact that […]

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Barcelona’s Midfield: Is it black and blue or is it gold and white?

02 March 2015

Throughout a major part of this season I kept reading the phrase “no midfield”. In football, this phrase is a huge assumption that usually leads to your team’s destruction against any opponent capable of controlling midfield.  More importantly, if a team didn’t have midfield it would definitely suffer terrible defeats. After all, a team can […]

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What’s our hurry, aka “What does a “Barça midfielder” look like?”

01 March 2015

Harold Miner. Now only the most die-hard fan of American basketball will remember that name. He blasted into the National Basketball Association carrying the nickname “Baby Jordan,” after the already-iconic Michael Jordan. His NBA career lasted 4 years. A comment in the last thread noted that Ivan Rakitic, for the commenter, has for the past […]

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Granada 1, Barça 3, aka “Change is good”

28 February 2015

“Why aren’t people happy with your team?” It’s an interesting query that I had to deal with the other day on Champions League day, which is pretty the only time that a Prem-centric universe pays attention to those little guys from Spain. It was a struggle to come to grips with the answer, but finally […]

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The best league ever, and the failings of a GOAT

27 February 2015

None of it matters. Messi was absent from the UEFA Team of the Week, but Ronaldo was in there. So what. Some don’t think that Messi is better than Ronaldo. So what. The Premiership is called by many “best league in the world.” So what. At the end of a remarkable week of football, in […]

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Manchester City 1, Barça 2, aka “Finding the divine in the everyday”

24 February 2015

The ending was perfect. In many ways seeing Messi laying there on the Etihad pitch raging at his penalty miss, prone in the aftermath of a putback attempt, was a perfect ending to this wonderful match. Because art shouldn’t be perfect. Art, like life, should contain flaws, and Barça is life. Messy, violent, sublime life […]

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