Suarez Hates To Lose

18 December 2014

Midway through the World Cup news regarding Luis Suarez joining Barcelona started to emerge. Fans were furious at the fact that we are signing someone with such a terrible character. Let’s just say Luis Suarez is not a person you want to look up to. From Suarez being involved in acts of racism, to actually […]

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Hope and beauty, aka “Making the nonsensical make sense”

17 December 2014

The question was a simple one, posed by a favorite Twitter account, that got at the core of everything about this game that has become so much more for so many. The more BVB fail the more I cheer for them and like them. What’s wrong with me? My reply was a simple one, that […]

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The talent complexity, aka “Having your cake and the patience to let it bake”

17 December 2014

Adama Traore. Sigh, swoon, right? Riiiight. After his goal against Huesca, the hype rose to an even higher level for this astonishing talent who has an even more astonishing physique. But let’s have a closer look at the situation, how it is and what it might or might not mean. Traore scored that goal against […]

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How do you answer time, aka “The problems of inaction”

14 December 2014

Andres Iniesta has made me cry. I’m probably not alone in that admission and the reasons vary, in the ways that pieces of art come along to remind us of our most noble capabilities as well as our abject frailty. He is a beautiful man with a good heart, a player who looks exactly as […]

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Getafe 0, Barça 0, aka “The correct answer to the blame question is ‘all of the above'”

13 December 2014

The rain, the pitch, no penalty, Enrique sucks, Alves … The quest for blame in the wake of a negative result scatters thoughts like dandelion spores in a hurricane, a fascinating search that often finds them landing in odd places and pollinating certain ideas. But today’s draw vs Getafe was a great many things all […]

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Barça saved Barça

12 December 2014

Pep Guardiola became Barcelona coach in 2008. Pep guided the club towards years of glory. He created what was considered the best team in history. It was considered the best team in history for many reasons. That team could entertain, win matches, win trophies, and go out every match day with ridiculous score-lines. There is […]

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Barça 3, PSG 1, aka “Excellence is usually about belief”

10 December 2014

The bracing, all-encompassing majesty of sport is that the best team doesn’t always win. What sells out stadiums as newly promoted teams face championship sides is precisely that, the belief that on any given day, anything can happen. From back when Goliath didn’t see it coming, looking down to wonder what that little dude was […]

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Barça vs PSG … for all the marbles

10 December 2014

Another guest appearance from Peter, with this preview of today’s match. Here’s one important thing to know about PSG. The Proud Sons of Gaul are unbeaten so far both domestically and in the Champions League. After 16 rounds in Ligue 1 and five matches in the Champions League, Paris-Saint-Germain is the only top team in […]

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Barça 5, Espanyol 1, aka “The aesthetics of results”

07 December 2014

When people snark and caterwaul about the Liga talent gap, today’s Catalan derby serves as an excellent illustration. More than a tale of two halves, it was as stark a depiction of haves vs have nots as you will ever see. It’s a fairly easy thing to summarize this match, and the truth lies in […]

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Appeals, Douglas and Barça, aka “An investment in rage”

05 December 2014

There is probably, I am sure, someone around who would like the sitting board of FC Barcelona gone more than I. There is probably a person somewhere who has disliked Bartomeu since childhood, who once upon a time had the board collectively kick their puppy in a conga line of canine disdain. Which brings us […]

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The Zubizarreta Files, Pt. 1 (2010-11)

02 December 2014

Few high profile positions in this world have as many people thinking they can do a better job at than that of the technical director of a huge and powerful football club. With millions (and millions and millions and millions) of euros and one of the world’s largest scouting networks at your disposal, it’s hard […]

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Mister Stat Guy, Justice For Leo

02 December 2014

My laptop is in front of me, my fingers are on the keyboard and my cup of coffee is getting cold. It’s getting cold because when I first ordered it I sat down to write about Lionel Messi. I thought this was easy…Obviously not. You see, when it comes to Lionel Messi you ask yourself […]

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