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Just a moment’s peace. Is that too much to ask?

I don’t presume to know, why, what and how. And I do know that politics, backbiting and infighting are part and parcel of life at and with FC Barcelona, where often the most virulent enemies come from within. But here’s the thing: when Fate herself is putting a boot in the club’s groin at every opportunity, why do others feel compelled to join in?
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So much doubt, so much worry, so much anguish all at the roots of a moment of collective human frailty. When Barça lost to Valladolid this weekend past, it was more than a loss. It was like the starting pistol in a race to establish culpability. Something is wrong, whose fault is it. And we know something is wrong, because a history-making football club lost to a relegation side.

Whose fault is it, and oh my, Manchester City is coming to down with “only” a two-goal lead to overcome. By cracky, they can do that in their sleep, especially with Aguero back to fitness and in the lineup. Oh, my!
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"What a man! This guy bought me dinner. You'd think Neymar Sr would have paid, but whatever."
“What a man! This guy bought me dinner. You’d think Neymar Sr would have paid, but whatever.”

As The Replacements sang on “Bastards of Young”:

God, what a mess / On the ladder of success / Where you take one step / And miss the whole first rung

If I had to choose a word to describe our club right now, it would be “beleaguered.”

— Rumors that the coach has lost the locker room, coming off a 3-1 loss at a place at which losing is kind of a habit of late.
— A board that many culers and socis want to burn in effigy.
— A new stadium vote fast approaching, even though there ain’t hint of a model, etc.
— The tax man is calling, saying that the 40+m paid to Daddy Ney is in fact salary to the player.

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