Celtic 0, Barça 1, aka “Another day, another test”

01 October 2013

Another day, another moving target for our wee ones. Levante wasn’t fit to be in the Liga. Wait til Malaga. Malaga was down on its luck. Wait til Rayo. Rayo had more possession, we got lucky. Wait til La Real. Yeah, whatever. La Real are playing like crap. Wait to see what happens against Celtic. […]

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Champions League Liveblog: FC Barcelona vs Celtic FC

01 October 2013

Yes, Virginia, there will be a LiveBlog today, hosted by our good friend Vj. Be nice to him!

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Almeria 0, Barça 2, aka “FC Barcelona: We create drama”

28 September 2013

Can little people run hurdles? If so, yet another one was leapt today as FC Barcelona has gotten off to the best start in club history. — Better than last season, in which the club won a Liga in record-settings style — Better than any of the Guardiola years — Just plain better And on […]

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blitzen awards, the “Where have you been?” edition

26 September 2013

I admit, I’ve been off to a slow start this season. But then I heard that Rio Ferdinand was planning his own awards, the “Footies”, and I was spurred to action! Make no mistake, the blitzens are the premier football awards going. Accept no substitutes! Falling Up Award: Neymar is a diver. Even his biggest […]

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The right thing the wrong way, aka “You models can’t feed me ice cream until your hair is perfect.”

21 September 2013

Once upon a time, there was a man. He was a humble man, who went about his humble way, doing humble things. And yea, verily, though he doth kicketh a football around, it was in the most humble way possible. Then, one day, during his most humble of kickabouts with his most humble of friends, […]

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The burden of expectations, aka “We’re doomed … I think”

19 September 2013

I just want to make sure that I understand this correctly: FC Barcelona won its opening Champions League match 4-0 over Ajax. The team is still unbeaten this season, and perfect in two competitions. Okay. Got it. Like Victor Valdes, Barça is this thing that nobody will realize is as good as it is, until […]

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Barça vs Ajax, Champions League match comments post

18 September 2013

In understanding the complexity and the majesty of Levon’s Sevilla breakdown, and the difficulty of its loading for various folks, here’s a handy match comments post in which people can have at it. Two storied clubs with inextricable links, and a cranky old Dutchman who refuses to set foot in the Camp Nou for as […]

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Barça 3 – Sevilla 2: Last Minute Mwa-ha-ha

17 September 2013

(If you have a slow internet connection, you might want to let this page load a little while longer before you scroll down) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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A short something about defense, aka “No … really?”

15 September 2013

Defense. So. When this season started, people were saying that we were going to be able to learn a lot about this club after the first batch of Liga matches, which contained some traditionally difficult opponents. At the end of that stretch, we are perfect, with a piece of silver to boot. I shouldn’t be […]

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View from the stands: Spain vs. Chile

11 September 2013

One of our long-time members, Eklavya, was lucky enough to attend the friendly between Spain and Chile yesterday, and was generous enough to write up his experience for us! Take it away, Ek: I was on holiday in New York when I saw a tweet from @barcastuff mentioning this friendly match taking place in Geneva, […]

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More Than A Slogan: Eric Abidal and FC Barcelona

08 September 2013

“Abidal’s new contract has been written and as soon as he plays his first game, we’ll put pen to paper.” – Barcelona vice president Josep María Bartomeu, 12 December 2012 At the time, Eric Abidal accepted his departure with the grace that characterised his behaviour at Barcelona. He could have raged then about broken promises, […]

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Routed by the Bus

06 September 2013

  Parked buses. It is ironic that the man who came up with this brilliant and much popularized metaphor, José Mourinho, is the same who later perfected the bus against his arch nemesis, our beloved Futbol Club Barcelona, when Internazionale (in)famously held us to a 1-0 “win” in the Camp Nou. True enough, with a […]

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