Classic Doublespeak: Sexism in Football

02 January 2014

This post was written by Isaiah. The world loves to hear people prattle on about themselves. If you don’t believe me, just listen to any of Kanye’s albums. Sometimes interviews are immensely revealing of their subjects, such as Inside the Actor’s Studio‘s trip through comedy with Dave Chappelle (YouTube has some of it here), but […]

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blitzen awards, the Midseason Wrap-Up edition!

31 December 2013

Hello and Happy New Year, everybody! I know it’s been a long time, so here is a bumper edition of blitzen awards to start 2014 off on the right foot! Enjoy! Busquets d’Or: A new award, for the most perennially underrated player of the year/game/moment. And the inaugural winner is: SERGIO BUSQUETS! Although most of […]

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Tika taka, golden days and the fallibility of memory

28 December 2013

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it doesn’t exist.” The dude who said this probably wasn’t talking about the nuances of football systems of the 20th and 21st century (or maybe he was, and we just didn’t know he was prescient […]

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Match control, Barça and you

27 December 2013

[Heya, BFB! This, unfortunately, isn’t the fun times post you’ve been waiting for. Hopefully, it will entertain you in some other way, though!] Match control is what pretty much every team in football strives for. As the saying goes, control the match, control the game. Control the game and you win. Unless you fail to […]

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Barça at halfway, aka “Making sense of seeming craziness”

25 December 2013

It isn’t the exact midway point of the season, but it’s close enough where we can start to examine some things, look forward and look back with anger, sadness, happiness and any other emotion you can think of. Healing Messi Obviously, the most dominant thing this season has been Broken Messi. He first picked up […]

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Live MBM: Getafe – Barça

22 December 2013

Goood morafterevenight my dear global followers, and welcome to our live minute by minute report today’s matchup. Since the last MBM covered a game I wouldn’t have cared about had I watched it from the stadium with Shakira on my lap, I am certainly hoping for a bit more participation than the previous MBMs. This […]

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Live MBM report Barça – Cartagena

17 December 2013

Right ladies and gents, when the missus turns on Grey’s Anatomy you know it’s time to sneak off and prepare a minute-by-minute report for both dear and loyal readers. But before I get started I should lay down a couple of ground rules. Here we go. DO refresh your page regularly, as I will update […]

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My Moments of Barça 2 – Villareal 1

16 December 2013

1. Dangerously beautiful While some like to believe that Tata is moving his team away from our essence, on the planet fútbol that most of us inhabit, there is only one team that pulls stunts such as these. First Jordi Alba dribbles a good ten yards under pressure through our penalty area. He lays it […]

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Live MBM: Barça – Villareal Minute-by-Minute Report

14 December 2013

Gooooooood morning/afternoon/evening/night, depending on where on the globe you find yourself this fine fourteenth of December. With about fifty minutes to go, prepare yourself for our first live minute-by-minute match report . Y’all know my motherstinkin’ name –  terrible jokes and typos are guaranteed. Let’s start by giving a big shoutout to Osasuna for keepin’ […]

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Ones that got away, aka “I love him so much! How can he DO that to me!?”

09 December 2013

Just had an interesting discussion on Twitter that, of course, became the seed for a post, on the ones that got away and the reactions of supporters. These days, no word can spark a spirited discussion like “Thiago.” Culers are never on the fence with this one, be it that Vilanova and the board cast […]

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Fear and Loathing in La Liga, a review, aka “It has been forever thus.”

07 December 2013

Joan Gaspart: “Barcelona is the defense of a country, a language, a culture.” Okay, I’ll buy that. But you know what? I’m not Catalan, and I HATE Real Madrid. At my first Camp Nou Classic, I almost fell over the rail in a froth-mouthed rage. A complete stranger supported me at the waistband as I […]

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Lev vs Isaiah: The Ballon d’Or Conundrum

01 December 2013

Isaiah: With the Ballon d’Or voting coming to a close whenever UEFA stops pushing the date back, Lev and I decided to have a Point-Counterpoint discussion regarding whether anyone should even care. Going into this clash of the brainy titans, we have our sides squarely figured out: Lev thinks the Ballon d’Or is the bee’s […]

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