Barça 3, Juventus 1, aka “This team stands on its own”

06 June 2015

“I don’t know if I will stay, but I am happy at the moment.” — Luis Enrique “I haven’t yet decided my future.” — Dani Alves Those two quotes seem an odd way to start a piece on a glorious, history-making day, but they are also the perfect way to conclude the uncertainty that came […]

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Does it matter if Barça wins today?

06 June 2015

Calm, calm, everywhere calm. All over Barça social media is an eerie feeling on the day of an immense match: calm. People can wonder why such a thing is going on, but it’s easy for someone who has tracked the arc of this season to place a finger on it. This magnificent season is something […]

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We’re Going To Berlin

05 June 2015

This is a guest post from Isaiah. You can follow him on Twitter at @rockofthune. I’m headed to Berlin in the morning to join a good friend in trying to turn a German city into one big mass of blaugrana merrymaking. For a portion of the day we’ll be partying at the fan zone near […]

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Did this season, this Messi, begin with a simple look?

04 June 2015

A look. A lot of things begin with a look. A friend had an Aussie named Jazz, and if another dog looked at Jazz and held eye contact, it was on. An award-winning portrait captured Lionel Messi during the World Cup final ceremonies, looking at the championship Cup trophy. In his face you can see […]

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blitzen awards, the “I’m in Barcelona, suckas!” edition.

03 June 2015

Tapas d’Oro: Italy has it’s “Golden Tapir”, which is awarded to celebrities who have failed spectacularly or done something humiliating. In 2012, after his season in charge of Roma, it was awarded to Luis Enrique as the “worst coach of the year”. Being Lucho, he accepted it with good humour and even displayed it on […]

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03 June 2015

On May 20, 2015, US Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch declared charges against fourteen FIFA officials, media managers and marketing executives, while federal and interpol agents swooped down upon organizational hubs from Miami to Zurich. Admist the scandal, Sepp Blatter has resigned as president of the organization, mere days after his re-election. My fellow Americans, […]

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I got 99 problems but M*drid ain’t one

01 June 2015

  1. Blessed 2. Beloved 3. Admired 4. Idolized 5. Celebrated 6. Applauded 7. Worshipped 8. Deified 9. Envied   10. Humble 11. Enigmatic 12. Patriotic 13. Silent 14. Stubborn 15. Determined 16. Generous 17. Joyful 18. Fearless   19. Skillful 20. Inventive 21. Efficient 22. Precise 23. Fast 24. …er with the ball than without it […]

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Acceptable levels of violence?

31 May 2015

In the wake of the 1-3 Copa victory by FC Barcelona, it seems that only two things happened: a stupefying Messi goal, and a Neymar flick. The reactions are, of course rather different. It’s the latter one that interests me in this post. Football has long had a black leather-booted code of Things You Don’t […]

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Knowledge is power, aka “The secret of my success”

31 May 2015

Anyone looking to understand the success of this FC Barcelona season really only need pay attention to about two minutes of the Copa final to understand, even in a match filled with such moments. At 0-1 down, Athletic began to play with more urgency. They pressed, they got the ball into the Barça end. But […]

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Athletic Club 1, Barça 3, aka “Paid in full”

30 May 2015

Paid in full. You wonder if somewhere there isn’t a cosmic ledger marked “paid in full,” as the cosmos finally determined that a team, a club and the people who love it had suffered enough. On a lustrous Saturday when confetti rained down at the Camp Nou as Barça celebrated taking another step toward repeating […]

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Deulofeu isn’t making it. Whose fault?

27 May 2015

Gerard Deulofeu. It’s difficult to think of a more talented player to come out of La Masia in recent years, but there is also a problem, outlined here in the very good Sid Lowe column about Unai Emery. It’s worth exploring his complexities a bit in a quote from Emery about Deulofeu: “He has incredible […]

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Gràcies per tot, Maki!

26 May 2015

    November 6, 2004: F.C. Barcelona – Deportivo de la Coruña, 2-1 It was cold. Not as cold as Montreal winters, but I was back in Europe and had spent the last four months living the good life in the south of France where, beautiful truth be told, other than attending parties and chilling at various family-in-law’s downtown […]

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