A nou season, with hope and uncertainty, 2014-15 as foretold by …

24 August 2014

  Barcelona 2014 – 2015 as foretold by LevonLast summer I predicted we would be trophyless at the end of the season (I was a wrongfully disallowed goal off) but that it wouldn’t matter as we would have a transition year. Which we did, until we stopped transitioning halfway through. Since enough has been said […]

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Douglas, scouting and risk, aka “The parade of incompetents”

22 August 2014

It is safe to say that few transfer rumors in recent history have caused a greater stir than that involving Douglas Pereira dos Santos, aka just call me Douglas. After a season of Cuadrado, and this spendy player and that spendy player, and what is Enrique planning, all of a sudden the name Douglas popped […]

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An example is made, aka “Baby can’t go shopping? Now what!”

20 August 2014

The expected happened today as FIFA, the organizing body that handed down the two-window transfer ban to FC Barcelona for violating youth player strictures, denied the club’s appeal. So the transfer ban remains intact, affecting player movement in the winter and summer 2015 transfer windows. The club’s next step will be to (again) head for […]

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And here we go again … Gamper Trophy time, aka “Much ado about … what”

18 August 2014

Is it that time already? The Gamper Trophy match, the traditional festivity that is also a Friendly That Matters, is a herald for a new season at FC Barcelona. Liga starts next week, but the Gamper shows off the squad and its new signings, sets up a festive atmosphere and has, of late, rolled out […]

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Once upon a time in Catalonia

17 August 2014

Note: This article was written some time ago to be published when Suarez’s signing was made public. Things got in the way, and five weeks later our new number nine will soon be presented in front of a full Camp Nou at the traditional Gamper’s Trophy. What the hell, I might as well… THE PRELUDE Little more […]

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A case for the defense, aka “Not just any old defender, but almost”

09 August 2014

The most fascinating debate of this summer and its transfer window, has been the debate raging about our two centerback signings, Jeremy Mathieu and Thomas Vermaelen. A respondent on Twitter said to me that Vermaelen was fine, but that he was expecting a “spectacular” signing. So of course, precisely because I am guilty of thinking […]

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Mmmm, so satisfying, aka “A look back at transfer history”

08 August 2014

This will be a short one, in part because chocolate donuts await, but with the news of Thomas Vermaelen being all but done and the attendant wailing and rending of garments, I racked my brain to think of the last Barça transfer that satisfied everyone, and you know what? I came up with two, possibly: […]

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McKuler is not impressed, aka “The summer of our discontent”

26 July 2014

Whatevs … Summer is here, and after years of neglect of the sporting project, transfers are being made, players coming in that people — most notably the folks whose asses are on the line — hope will improve the team. Finally! Whatevs … not good enough.

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Winner of the World Cup Prediction Pool Game Thing

19 July 2014

Nope, I haven’t forgotten about this. (Can I get a drumroll, please?) The winner of the first BFB World Cup Predictions Game is…

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GOATS, success, failure and Lionel Messi, aka “Be here now.”

14 July 2014

The World Cup is over and now the debates begin about Messi, roiling tempests that reduce the actual winner of the tournament to a seeming afterthought. And they are so predictable that it’s almost lazy, as if by rote the same lines are drawn by the same groups of people: – Look at the stats. […]

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12 July 2014

  6 Ligas 2 Copas del Rey 6 Supercopas de España 3 Champions Leagues 2 UEFA Super Cups 2 FIFA World Cups 1 Olympic Gold Medal

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Anything to win, aka “Benvingut, Luis Suarez!”

11 July 2014

Let’s be clear about this: The Luis Suarez transfer is a vile, disgusting act by desperate men, a board trying to save its power-hungry asses and a new coach who doesn’t want to be like his predecessor. It’s at the terminus of an arc of lies and neglect of a sporting project. At the end […]

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