Lev vs Isaiah: The Ballon d’Or Conundrum

01 December 2013

Isaiah: With the Ballon d’Or voting coming to a close whenever UEFA stops pushing the date back, Lev and I decided to have a Point-Counterpoint discussion regarding whether anyone should even care. Going into this clash of the brainy titans, we have our sides squarely figured out: Lev thinks the Ballon d’Or is the bee’s […]

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Get Your Ta Tas Out, Vol. 3: Compare & Contrast

28 November 2013

  The Managers:           Current club Bayern München FC Barcelona España Chelsea FC   Once and future king of  FC Barcelona Newell’s Old Boys España FC Porto   FC Barcelona connection  Player (90-01), Coach (08-12) Coach (2013-) Poacher (2008-) Assistant coach (96-00)   Coaching style Tiki to the power of taka Tiki […]

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The Ajax Post Game of Our Everlasting Unhappiness

26 November 2013

The sky bleeds black. The scorched earth is littered with dead ravens. A cule shouts “HASHTAG BARCA LOST” into a void. The world burns. I lie on the floor, dazed and confused. Outside my window, it’s snowing and grown men are sobbing on the streets. My body feels like the eyes of a terrified rabbit. […]

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Common Misconceptions Debunked: Why Barça Need a 9

25 November 2013

Or, corollary to that, ‘Why False 9 Isn’t a Viable System Anymore (At Least in Europe).’

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My Moments of Barça 4 – Granada 0

24 November 2013

1. Tiki Taka Ini Dribble Combo Ney Every press conference, Gerardo Martino defends his team – and by extension, himself – against accusations that we don’t play as beautifully as before, that we’re playing badly because we don’t hold on to the ball as long as under previous coaches. Tata has introduced a bit more […]

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I went to the Brazil/Chile game and all I got were these lousy pictures!

20 November 2013

Alexis Sanchez is 3 feet tall. That’s my takeaway from the Brazil/Chile game I attended last night. Alexis Sanchez is 3 feet tall and so fast that when he runs his legs spin around in circles like the Roadrunner’s. Meep meep! Seriously, though, Alexis is tiny! I knew he was the shortest guy on our […]

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Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson Q & A (part 2)

16 November 2013

Good morning, all. Here is part 2 of the interview with Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson.. If you haven’t read the first half you can do so by pressing your right index finger on your left mouse button until you hear click. Mr. Schoen and Mr. Hudson have been very generous with their answers and […]

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Yes, Messi’s broke, aka “The rush to blame shouldn’t bypass a mirror”

14 November 2013

Injuries are part of athletics. The capriciousness of the human body, ergonomics, a way of movement that is just fine a million times but is NOT fine a million and one times … it’s all part of the deal. There’s never a good time for them, particularly when they involve the best player alive, Lionel […]

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Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson Q & A (part 1)

12 November 2013

  (EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first half of an interview with celebrated soccer commentators Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson, the second half of which will be published soon. Also, while posted under my name, this was really a BFB team effort.) Welcome to Barcelona Football Blog. My name is Levon and I am one […]

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Betis 1, Barça 4, aka “Plan A, B and C … What sort of madness is this?”

10 November 2013

“This was an intelligent win,” said the team’s coach, Gerardo Martino. While it’s always tempting to analyze statements, like when someone says “You look nice today,” and your thought is “What, do I look like crap all the other days,” that analysis is often dangerous. But let’s have a little look at it, just for […]

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Get Your Ta Tas Out, Vol. 2: The Unbearable Lightness of Being Normal

08 November 2013

[Part II of an occasional series in which barely background-checked, community-center soccer coach SoMa provides a managerial perspective on Gerardo "Ta Ta" Martino and why he gotta be all like that. -Ed.] As one of your media correspondents on all things fútbol, SoMa watches a lot of Spanish television. And while searching for an old […]

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FC Barcelona vs AC Milan Liveblog

06 November 2013

Today the Camp Nou hosts our eternal inevitable why-arewe-playing-them-yet-again? esteemed opponents AC Milan in our fourth group stage match. Join us as Vj hosts the Liveblog!

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