Appeals, Douglas and Barça, aka “An investment in rage”

05 December 2014

There is probably, I am sure, someone around who would like the sitting board of FC Barcelona gone more than I. There is probably a person somewhere who has disliked Bartomeu since childhood, who once upon a time had the board collectively kick their puppy in a conga line of canine disdain. Which brings us […]

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The Zubizarreta Files, Pt. 1 (2010-11)

02 December 2014

Few high profile positions in this world have as many people thinking they can do a better job at than that of the technical director of a huge and powerful football club. With millions (and millions and millions and millions) of euros and one of the world’s largest scouting networks at your disposal, it’s hard […]

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Mister Stat Guy, Justice For Leo

02 December 2014

My laptop is in front of me, my fingers are on the keyboard and my cup of coffee is getting cold. It’s getting cold because when I first ordered it I sat down to write about Lionel Messi. I thought this was easy…Obviously not. You see, when it comes to Lionel Messi you ask yourself […]

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Valencia 0, Barça 1, aka “Wait … WUT?!”

30 November 2014

FC Barcelona won a match off a set piece. Ball by Messi, from the right. In the 94th minute. Off a header rebound and a put back by … Sergio Busquets, that goalscoring machine. If you wanted to draw up a more bizarre ending to a more bizarre day, I would challenge anyone to take […]

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Welcome to the Batcave, aka “Peter in the house again”

29 November 2014

In the “I could get used to this” category, here is another guest preview from Peter. Days after it turned out that DC comics does not in fact sue Valencia for its bat image, the team’s home stadium, the Mestalla, was fronted with a giant solar-powered bat that looks orange at day and shines at […]

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Barça 5, Sevilla 1, aka “Congratulations, Messi”

22 November 2014

Today was an extraordinary day at the Camp Nou, a day on which a truly remarkable thing happened as a 27-year-old player … no, phenom, broke the Liga goalscoring record with a remarkable 253 goals. He accomplished the feat at home, in front of Barça supporters, via hat trick, at the end of a truly […]

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The Sevilla preview and notions of coming home aka “Thanks, Peter!”

21 November 2014

(This is a guest preview from Peter, who if he keeps it up …) I’m coming home, I’m coming home, Tell the world I’m coming home. Let the rain wash away All the pain of yesterday. Bargain of the century? Less than 48 hours before kick-off, it may be a good idea to speak about […]

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No Liga For Old Men

16 November 2014

    Lou looked at the screen hard and then he clicked on the mouse and he paused it. He sighed. It’s one thang to believe in your players, but it would be nice if they helped him some. Or helped theyselves, rather. He had to believe in em cause they all he got. Ain’t […]

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The job of Luis Enrique, aka “What the hell to do with these leftovers?”

13 November 2014

An interesting quote from Sergio Busquets should, if it hasn’t already, spark some thinking among those who follow, cover and are otherwise interested in Barça. Busquets said, simply enough, that the best Barça and Spain are never to return, that tactics and the game have caught up. This isn’t news to anyone who has been […]

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This Is A Call For Patience

10 November 2014

It was a terrible day in Barcelona when Pep Guardiola signed his contract as Barcelona manager. Wait, what?! Yeah that was severely exaggerated, I admit. Before you shoot my head off, here is what I have to say: Pep signed in 2008 and gave the world the impression that coaches can handle a group of […]

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Almeria 1, Barça 2, aka “We won, but we still lost … or something”

08 November 2014

“Worst game of the season. (The) second half was a bit better, but more because of the players’ desire than because of our game. “I don’t know what happened in the first half. The result is the best thing, but the goals won’t hide the things we did wrong” — Luis Enrique Even in the […]

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Standards and ghosts, aka “Barça and the 1985 Chicago Bears”

07 November 2014

The 1985 Chicago Bears won a Super Bowl, the hyperbolically monikered championship of American football, a Roman-numeraled event that was an extraordinary thing. The Bears had style, the Bears had swagger. The Bears had a long-suffering group of supporters, who braved weather that would make even hardy souls giggle at the notion of sitting around […]

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