Betis 1, Barça 4, aka “Plan A, B and C … What sort of madness is this?”

10 November 2013

“This was an intelligent win,” said the team’s coach, Gerardo Martino. While it’s always tempting to analyze statements, like when someone says “You look nice today,” and your thought is “What, do I look like crap all the other days,” that analysis is often dangerous. But let’s have a little look at it, just for […]

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Get Your Ta Tas Out, Vol. 2: The Unbearable Lightness of Being Normal

08 November 2013

[Part II of an occasional series in which barely background-checked, community-center soccer coach SoMa provides a managerial perspective on Gerardo "Ta Ta" Martino and why he gotta be all like that. -Ed.] As one of your media correspondents on all things fútbol, SoMa watches a lot of Spanish television. And while searching for an old […]

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FC Barcelona vs AC Milan Liveblog

06 November 2013

Today the Camp Nou hosts our eternal inevitable why-arewe-playing-them-yet-again? esteemed opponents AC Milan in our fourth group stage match. Join us as Vj hosts the Liveblog!

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Barça 2 – M*drid 1: Color me Clasico

05 November 2013

And you thought I was gonna let this game slide? Please wait for the images to load…                                                    

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Oh Tello: Of promises and poetry

02 November 2013

Once upon a time in Catalonia, the stage was set for a young star too shine… TELLO Oh playing time, oh playing time, where art thou, playing time? THIAGO Expectation is the root of all heartache, oh young Tello. Why hath thou stayed in Camp Nou against reasonable hope? TELLO I am a culé, am […]

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Of Ibra, Identity and the Differing Attitudes towards Sports Stars

30 October 2013

Because she doesn’t have a mod’s login any longer, I have to publish this under my name. But this is an absolutely fascinating piece on the psychology of Ibrahimovic, and why he didn’t fit it at Barça, by Kari. It’s lovely to have her voice in these parts again, and let’s hope this isn’t a […]

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Myths, legends and difficult times for a football club, aka “The myth of Pep”

28 October 2013

So, there was this lumberjack named Paul Bunyan, and what a lumberjack he was. When he came into the world, it took not one, but five storks to bring him home. His hand claps and laughter broke windows and he was sawing legs off beds even though he could barely walk. He made a mountain, […]

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Barça 2, RM 1, aka “The boy has put away childish things, and become a man”

26 October 2013

Narratives. Quite a lot happened in the match today, an event that pundits and ancillary critters have weighed in on and found wanting. Not surprisingly, I think they are dead wrong, and not just because I am a culer. Today’s match for me, the first time the teams have met in 8 months (as opposed […]

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El Clasico Liveblog!

26 October 2013

It’s the game we have all been waiting for, El Clasico! Join us in the liveblog with your host Vj! Barça starting XI: VV, Dani Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Adriano, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Neymar and Messi Barça bench: Pinto, Puyol, Montoya, Song, Sergi Roberto, Pedro and Alexis. Bartra and Tello don’t make the squad.

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It’s time … Classic time, aka “Be happy I’m not Barça coach”

25 October 2013

Yikes. Portents, anguish, violence, history, independence chants, the Best Player in the World vs the Best Player in the Galaxy … it’s the end of the world as we know it. The Liga is in the balance, don’t ya know, as our beloved sprites stagger into this match off the heels of two … count […]

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As a matter of Clasico, pt II

25 October 2013

So about a year ago, I interviewed this guy about a certain football match that was about to take place. Now you will never guess who I ran into this morning. Or, actually, and uhhh, truth be told, quite unfortunately, he ran into me…   Hey you! Yeah, you, come here! (eyes widen) …Uhhh, dude, […]

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Get Your Ta Tas Out, Vol. I: The Man in the Pistachio Polo

24 October 2013

While BFB readers are the most informed, insightful, and (surely) attractive in the whole World Wide Web, Gerardo Martino’s appointment as FCB’s new coach this August took many of us by surprise. However, your humble SoMa, who successfully led the Cheeseburg Lil’ Kickers to a 1-5 season this Fall (ba-bam!), is uniquely qualified to appraise […]

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