Real Sociedad 3, Barça 1, aka “A question of balance”

22 February 2014

It was the best of teams, it was the worst of teams, this group of players that we gather to support whenever they strap on their boots. From the heights of joy on Tuesday to the depths of despair on Saturday. And on a day when the ancient Vikings predicted the end of the world, […]

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Manchester City 0, Barça 2, aka “Worry banished, if only for a moment”

19 February 2014

Pam, pam, pam, pam … The players move, amoeba-like shapes forming and breaking apart, being chased by other players like a schoolyard game of keep away defined by an incessant rhythm. Pam, pam, pam, pam … A lunge, a shove and a press to shift play for a bit, an effort met by an anticipatory […]

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Manchester City vs Barça, aka “The biggest, most giantest match EVER!”*

18 February 2014

*But not really. Today, FC Barcelona will play an immense match, one of the biggest that the club has played in a looong time. In this Champions League knockout clash against Manchester City, the players return to the scene of a psychological crime, so to speak. Last year a bruised, battered, injured, exhausted team with […]

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Real Sociedad 1 – Barça 1: The Anoeta Affair

12 February 2014

It was a breezy February night in San Sebastian when the team stepped onto the pitch with one leg in the final. They had won the home game by two goals to none, but that didn’t mean much to the men who mattered. Or at least it shouldn’t have. The Anoeta was a tough ground […]

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Sevilla 1 – Barça 4: Doomsday Delayed

10 February 2014

One of the biggest teams in the world is on a record breaking run this season. That sounds really good, doesn’t it? Well, it is not that kind of record breaking run. First time ever that they lose to team X at home. First time ever they lose to team Y. Team Z. Hell, if […]

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Rodrigo’s Questions

07 February 2014

Our reader Rodrigo sent in a couple of questions* through Without feeling the need to get into long-winded introductions… Is it plausible to think Pep’s Barcelona to play a counter-attack strategy in order to have more space to pass the ball? If not, is it an attacking strategy more suitable? I will start by […]

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Barça 2, Real Sociedad 0, aka “A view of Barça Rashomon”

06 February 2014

In wrestling with the vastly different reactions to an effective home leg victory against a quality opponent, unbidden, my mind turns to the great Kurosawa classic film “Rashomon.” For those unfamiliar, Wikipedia is your friend. The long and short of the movie is that an incident occurs, and four different people have four different views […]

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Barça 2, Valencia 3, aka “End of the world, blablabla, all gonna die, blablabla”

02 February 2014

“The feeling was that the game was over after 30 minutes and we paid dearly,” Tata Martino said in a post-match Press conference. “When you can step on your rivals, you have to step on them, finish the game and win.” Few things are more meteoric than culers during a Barça match. “Best team ever!” […]

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Barça – Valencia Match Comment Thread

01 February 2014

Good morning culés, and a fine one it is today. Just a match comment thread, with two bits of news I need to share with you. The first of which is: R.I.P. Luis Aragonés (1938-2014) The former Barcelona coach died at the age of 75 after a battle with illness. He led us to victory in […]

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Barça mid-season statistical review

29 January 2014

Hi, this is lea_terzi, a BFB reader and occasional commenter who hopped on the Barcelona bandwagon to watch Ronaldinho and was never able to leave, mesmerized by a million things that make Barça more than a club. Something else I’m passionate about is statistics, which I occasionally use to make bets, play Football Manager (and […]

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Barça – Levante Match Comments Post

29 January 2014

It’s a preview (drum roll)! It’s a minute-by-minute report (tens of voices saying “Aaaah”)! No, it’s a (trumpets blazing from somewhere up high) match comment thread! Ok, so after the somewhat underwhelming opening line of this “quote”, “unquote”, article, a quick look on @barcastuff tells me that Tata will employ the following line-up: Pinto, Montoya, […]

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Barca v Malaga Match Comments Post

26 January 2014

‘Sup, everyone. An empty post for all y’all to run wild in. Barcelona starting XI vs Malaga: Valdes; Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Alba; Xavi, Busquets, Cesc; Alexis, Messi, Pedro. Afellay is on the bench! Let’s hope he gets some minutes.

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