May 18, 2010 / / Thoughts
Messi's "accessory" is adorable
Denis Doyle/Getty Images Europe

It just never gets old. I’m still enjoying the mood, the pictures, the memories of the year, and the simple act of thinking or saying: “We are the champions.” I haven’t even played any Queen yet, I’m still too buoyed by the trophy, by the glorious season we just had, and by knowing I don’t have to write another preview for several months. Aaaah, life is good.

99 points. 98 goals. Our 20th league title. This is wonderful. This is fantastic. This is monu-fucking-mental. Guardiola is so full of it he’s bursting at the seams if he thinks he owes us one. Owes us one!? We just won La Liga with 99 points, defeating an evil conglomeration of the Undead and practitioners of the Dark Arts, and we very nearly made it to the finals of the Champions League. I realize Guardiola really does feel that way, that he thinks he has failed us cules in some way, but he hasn’t. To suggest he has is, in my estimation, terrifically myopic and completely retarded.

Last year was unbelievably magnificent. 3 trophies! It had never been done in Spain before and to expect it to have happened again 12 months later is foolish. Could we have repeated it? Yes, but fortunately sports aren’t won by who is the most popular kid in school, but rather by actually competing on the field of play. And we didn’t get the breaks at the right time, didn’t finish off teams when we could have, and were bounced from two cup competitions despite winning the second leg 1-0. So it goes. And I’m completely satisfied with that.


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May 17, 2010 / / Team News

“I will crush you mere mortals, now avert your gaze!

“Which wallet is yours?”
“It’s the one that says Bad Mother Fucker on it!”

You “Pulp Fiction” fans will remember that scene. You fans of The Yaya probably already know that it could also be talking about his wallet, as well.

Now I ask you …. can any club in its right mind sell this? The look on the face of the defender on the right is priceless. Were he not so completely paralyzed, he would have formed the words that would have been something like:

“Please. Sir. Don’t kill me. Don’t. Kill. Me.”
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May 13, 2010 / / La Liga

More rumors, more nonsense:

Cesc Fabregas has said “If I leave Arsenal, it will only be for Barca.” So of course, people have gone into levitation and palpitations about an ooooold, tired-ass subject.

“Will he or won’t he?”

And we at BFB carefully chose a picture that we hope will convey the seriousness with which we view this matter.
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May 12, 2010 / / Team News
We win even while holding hands!
Vincenzo Pinto (AFP/Getty Images)

Villa, Villa, Maravilla.

That’s the chant you can hear sometimes at the Mestalla or during La Furia Roja matches. Will we hear it at the Camp Nou in the next week, though? The Spanish newspapers/rags are all reporting that Laporta is pushing hard for David Villa‘s signature before the coming week is out, but it’s hard to put much stock in any of these rumors (€40m! €50m! €20m + Bojan + Hleb!) which circulated constantly throughout last summer in the exact same manner as they are now. Remember when’s “source close to Camp Nou” told them Villa had agreed to a move? Yeah. About that source: “close to Camp Nou” turns out to mean literally close, as in, standing outside the stadium while letting go with verbal diarrhea. This time around it’s mainly €40m and a 4-year deal that’s being bandied about, but I’ll believe it when I see Villa holding his blaugrana #7 shirt and juggling for the cameras in the Camp Nou.

I don’t know whether Villa would fit in with Barça’s system or if his signature would create tension among the front line and produce fights for minutes and I don’t know if his arrival would bring about the departure of other players. I do know that he’s a fantastic player and is extremely popular throughout Spain, but his arrival at the expense of Pedro, Jeffren, or Bojan would be a step backwards in our youth development. Still, Laporta seems to think it’s a good thing to sign here and now before the new presidential candidate comes in, just as a legacy thing, you know? What’s important to me isn’t what Laporta and his ego want, but rather what Guardiola wants. If Pep is the one pushing for Villa’s signature, then all’s good in the BFB ‘hood, but that’s not something that we can know.

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May 11, 2010 / / Team News

Is success good? More specifically, is dominance good?

We are now seeing the stories, questioning whether the outright dominance of the Liga this season by us and EE is a good thing. That plucky, hard-working sides should have a chance to succeed as well, and shame on us for being as excellent as we are.

Statistics don’t lie. The second-place team this season will, at the end of it all, would have had a record-setting points haul, were it not for the winning team.

But anybody who says such a thing is boring, hasn’t been watching La Liga this season.
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May 9, 2010 / / La Liga

In honor of Mother’s Day, we adapt the standard admonition, trotted out when there was some food that you didn’t want to eat. She assured you that your shameful wastefulness was a slap in the face for some starving child your age, as in “There are starving children in (insert country of choice) who would love to have that food.”

I’m sure there are strikers all over the world who, having watched our match against Sevilla, and the chance after chance after wasted chance, chances strikers yearn for, who were saying “Dude! I could have used that!”

And so it goes. I took a while wrestling with a match that, really, was a lot more interesting than it should have been because of four minutes of unconscionable stupidity, in which we let Sevilla back into the match on the scoreboard, but they really weren’t back in it. Not really. Not once we decided to batten down the hatches and play football again.
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May 8, 2010 / / Barcelona
May 2, 2010 / / La Liga
Mighty Mites to the rescue!

It’s Lesson Time at Baby Kxevin’s Ecole de Barca.

In the aftermath of a most excellent, 1-4 pasting of Villarreal at their house, a match that was supposed to be a banana skin and could have been, were it not for some crapalicious finishing on their part, there are lessons to be had here.

Now, I know what many are already saying: “See? We are better without Ibrahimovic. Look at what happened.”

They’re wrong. But more about that, later. On to the more immediate lessons:
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April 30, 2010 / / Thoughts

Greetings, Barçabloggers!

I am happy to join you all here at BFB! I come here to learn (always), to celebrate (often) and to commiserate (ah, sometimes). When Kevin, Isaiah and Hector kindly invited me to post my ramblings in a bigger space rather than dragging all of the comments down I was honored.

So I offer this first post as an ‘entremés’, or a little something enjoyable between two bigger enjoyable things, like acts in a play, courses in a meal or (ahem!) posts in a blog. Please review last Wednesday’s review and look forward to Saturday’s preview. And if you need a little chuck-under-the-chin, warm-n-fuzzy-sports-fan hug, or a wicked little grin, visit me here. I have some shamelessly stolen quotes, altered verses and obnoxious rhymes to munch over while we await our next vist to Villareal. ¡Visca!

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April 29, 2010 / / Champions League

I am about to say words that I never, ever thought I would say, words that I hope to never have to say again, as a cule and a soci:

I’m glad we lost. Because I didn’t want to win like that.

When Busquets took that dive after the slightest of touches from Motta, and was shown on TV, peeking through his hands to see if the appropriate horror was being registered by the officiating crew, my heart sank and I almost started crying.

The team that I love so much is not supposed to do that. It just isn’t. Last season when we swept all before us, we didn’t just win playing our game. We won doing the right thing, being sportsmen and doing the colors proud. Yes, it’s easy to be graceful when you are kicking everyone’s butts, some might say, but it isn’t. Not at all. When you have your foot on someone’s throat, it’s easy to be a lout, but we weren’t. So it wasn’t just the beauty of our football that seduced the globe, but the pride with which we played it, and the grace that we followed it up with.

But it went from that, to one of the more shameful displays I have seen in a long time, and Valdes squabbling with Mourinho, and us turning the sprinklers on during the Inter celebration. I’m just ashamed right now, and sad and disgusted. It doesn’t mean that I love or support the club any less, but that love and support means calling it like you see it.
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April 29, 2010 / / Thoughts

“I need a hug.”

It’s one of those moments and I couldn’t agree more with my friend’s statement last night. It’s not about self-righteous indignation concerning refs, it’s not about who dove and who didn’t, it’s not abut anything other than love and passion for Barça. We lost. Kudos to Inter for going through, for being the better team over 180 minutes. Yes, I think they were cowardly, that their unwillingness to play a real match in the second leg was an embarrassment, but they’re through and, on the whole, they probably deserved it because of the thrashing they gave us in the first leg.

It’s been a while since we felt like this, since we lost on such a big stage, but it happens to all but one team per year and this year it was our turn again. It will be our turn again in the future as well because that’s the nature of sports. So it goes. You can blame it on the reffing if you’d like, selecting particular plays as where it was “blown” but the fact of the matter is that we spent 60 minutes with a man advantage and scored one goal. We left it up to the ref to make (or not make) the calls rather than out-playing them and scoring goals that no one can dispute. We needed 2 goals. We got 1 (and I’m sure Inter fans are saying Pique was offside, which is not only ironic, of course, but also wrong) and that wasn’t good enough. I said before the match that we needed to take our chances and what we did during the match was blow them. So please, it wasn’t about the ref. It was about us. And we came up short. And that is how it goes sometimes. Don’t hate what happened, just love the club.

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April 28, 2010 / / Champions League

So, at many Inter sites, people are hurling invective, calling us divers, dropping f-bombs, citing last year’s Chelsea referee, etc. And you know what? I just can’t do it. I can’t hate Inter.

It isn’t a question of respect. You can’t not respect a side that handed your butt to you in the first leg. It’s just that my needs from this match are bigger than anything I can think of, so big that I strive to make Inter transparent, so that I may see the glittering prize at the end of it.

Mourinho is right. The club is indeed obsessed with making the Champions League final.

Because it’s in the Bernabeu.
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