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Robustness is an important quality for nearly every type of system.  Robustness is the ability of a system to withstand stress and pressures while still functioning as it needs to.  One of the reasons why the internet works so well is that it’s extremely robust.    You can knock out hundreds of thousands of servers and the whole network will continue to run.  Read MoreSuper Copa Review Leg 1: Barcelona 2-2 Madrid

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It’s SuperCopa time, or what might be, potentially, the first of as many as SEVEN El Clasics this season (2 SuperCopas, 2 Ligas, 1 Copa final(?), 2 Champions League).

And I know that it’s us vs them but try as I might, I just can’t get too worked up about this SuperCopa, or any SuperCopa, for that matter. So I am going to hope that this half-assed preview will serve to get me …. or at least some of you, geeked at squaring off against the Evil Empire. And if an image of a sweaty, triumphant Captain doesn’t do it, nothing will.
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The least-crappy thing about a crappy TVE feed is the lack of sound editing. So even on an even-crappier VHS tape (yes, you read that right, Millenials!), one heard tot el Camp corear their beloved champions/ campeones/ campions: Val-dés … Pu-yol … Pi-qué … Bus-quets … Xa-vi … Pe-dro!… and, later on, In-iesta … Vi-lla … who makes the best team in La Liga, and how much of whom makes the best team in the World. The afición showered affection on internationals, too: banners for a benched Ibra; a warm welcome for Adriano; and an hours-long hands-down homage to Messi at his most messianic. Everybody on the pitch pitched in, except for maybe Víctor, who had little else to do but point skyward every once in a while, as if to remind somebody that he was there, rockin’ the 80s tiger sleeves. But in a spirited game that lifted all our spirits, the SoMa Spirit Prize goes to My Man Dan.

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I love this picture. You have three players, all with “Damn!” looks on their faces. Whether it’s from something that they’ve just seen, something they’ve just done or an illusory moment that doesn’t exist in reality but that your humble author has ginned up to make a point, is immaterial. They’re in practice, and it’s hard.

I got to thinking about such things after reading a comment in the SuperCopa clincher match review thread by cliveee, which will follow the jump. But I think that the headline sums up for me why this club is so amazing. I said those very words to two employees, once. Both chose the latter option, though both had the talent to choose the former. That’s life in the big city.

But our club says that very same thing every day, with almost every match.
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"I leave destruction in my wake. Yes."

As a Sevilla fan at that club’s The Offside page noted after they gave our kids and b-teamers a 3-1 kiss at their house, “Remember when we pissed them off last season? 4-0?”

Yes, we do. And it was deja vu all over again, in a masterclass of decisive, dominant football, with a twist: Usually, it’s our opponent who catches us looking forward to a crucial mid-week European encounter. This time, it was us catching someone in a position of disadvantage. Because make no mistake, Sevilla had to balance the club’s Champions League needs past and upcoming, with what will almost certainly be the club’s most realistic chance to win silver.

So they rolled out with a spate of tactical naivete that was sure to fail, and so it did, because they ran into a buzzsaw, and we got, as Parliament-Funkadelic would say, not just knee deep, but hip-deep in that ass.
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Woo! It’s preview time for the Sevilla match and Barcelona is hoping to bring home the 8th championship of the Pep Guardiola era and start the season off right after an offseason of ups (hey, 8 World Cup champions) and downs (Zlatan is staying, for the last time, if you ask again, the banhammer is coming out). But out boys have got some work to do after taking a 3-1 beating at Sevilla last weekend in a game that featured very little good play, although that’s to be expected when none of your players have practiced together in 3 months and most of them have spent that time on a beach. But enough with the excuses here, Barcelona lost and the only way to make it better is to win at least 2-0 tomorrow. Read More“We Ready” – Supercopa, Leg 2 Preview