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October 29, 2013 / / History/Culture


So, there was this lumberjack named Paul Bunyan, and what a lumberjack he was. When he came into the world, it took not one, but five storks to bring him home. His hand claps and laughter broke windows and he was sawing legs off beds even though he could barely walk. He made a mountain, though he didn’t really know he was doing so, simply by piling rocks to put out his Bunyan-sized campfire.

Mes que un lumberjack Bunyan is described as being “64 axe handles high,” which by the 18-inch measurement of the average axe handle, makes him about 95 feet tall. And he traveled with the only blue ox in the history of mankind, Babe, who was sized to the same colossal scale as Paul Bunyan.

September 19, 2013 / / Soap Box
"Didn't I used to suck?"
“Didn’t I used to suck?”

I just want to make sure that I understand this correctly:

FC Barcelona won its opening Champions League match 4-0 over Ajax. The team is still unbeaten this season, and perfect in two competitions.

Okay. Got it.

Like Victor Valdes, Barça is this thing that nobody will realize is as good as it is, until it is gone. And make no mistake, this glorious, winning, conquering team will, at some point in the not all that distant future, be gone.

I’m not sure how people will take it. Will buildings have to bolt windows shut to keep people from leaping from them? Will the FC Barcelona bandwagon blow a strut from all the people leaping off it at the same time? Lord knows. (Shudder!) Meanwhile …

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I will begin by saying that I understand precedent, I understand that legally, a deal is a deal, even if it might not be a deal. I get it. All of it.

But surely, there is a more effective way for our club to extract what it asserts it is owed from Sporting Gijon for the Alberto Botia transfer than to institute legal proceedings. For those who don’t recall, when Botia was tranferred to Sevilla, we were due 30% of the 2.5m transfer fee. That money wasn’t paid, so now we’re exploring the possibility of going after those deadbeats.

Gijon says that it doesn’t owe us anything, and everything was legal and by the letter of the arrangement. So preliminary proceedings have been instituted by us, and we’ll see what transpires. So as I said …. I understand all of the legal, globosocial and potentially nuclear ramifications of Sporting Gijon not ponying up. But there has to be a better way.

December 6, 2012 / / Injuries

“Was this trip really necessary,” muses the driver, gazing at the wrecked Ferrari after a trip to the local 24-hour grocery store for some chips became something much worse. Had chips at home, but wanted a certain kind, didn’t have to mash the throttle so hard, could have taken the Ford, dammit, dammit, dammit!

Here we all are, breathing an immense sigh of relief after the knowledge that our best player is going to be okay, and might even be fit enough to play on Sunday. But, for about an hour, from when he took the shot and crumpled to the pitch, everyone was thinking, This Is It.

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