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There is something funny in the reality that the two Liga giants both went into Saturday’s match day as a favorite, only to go down a goal, then rally for a narrow, one-goal victory. Could both colossi have had the same thing on the brain? Maybe, just maybe. And it must have been contagious, because the weekend’s opponent, Sevilla, also had Copa on the brain, as both us and them have decisive matches this week against sides from the capitol city.

And yet, there are differences, as Sevilla’s Copa hopes embody the only silver that it has a shot at. Barça, on the other hand, sincerely hopes that this year isn’t like the last, in which the Copa is its only silverware. Say what you want about the two teams, imbalance of Liga power, etc, but there was the weekend’s reality.

As a consequence, both teams decided to hold key players back, with the likes of Negredo watching from the bench for Sevilla, while Xavi and Puyol rested on the home side of the benches.

Further complicating things is that Barça is coming off of an armageddon of a match, a 0-2 Champions League loss to AC Milan, a match that had so many pundits, cules and assorted hangers-on predicting everything from a loss in the return leg to the return of the Plague.

So clearly, one team had quite a bit more to prove than the other, which leads to all sorts of questions, most notably ….

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