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A conversation with Leonor Gallardo, PhD in Physical and Sports Sciences, professor at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha and director of the Master’s program of Sports Development for the Spanish Royal Football Federation. She is co-author, with Juan Carlos Cubiero (President, Eurotalent and professor at the Universidad de Deusto, San Pablo-CEU) of two books:  La Roja: El triunfo de un equipo [The Reds: Triumph of a Team] (Alienta Editorial 2009)  and, more recently, Liderazgo Guardiola: Como lograr que tu equipo sea admirado [Guardiola’s Leadership: How to Create an Admirable Team] (Alienta Editorial 2010).

Professor Gallardo was kind enough to reply to my fan-e-mail after I saw her interview on TVE’s ‘Deporte Noche’, a midnight must for any cable-connected Liga fan who suffers from a) insomnia; b) late-night talk-show wearies; and/or c) lingering jitters after a major mid-week match. She graciously agreed to participate in our BFB community, answered my questions and trusted my English. Enjoy!

Liderazgo Guardiola is available from many major Spanish booksellers (including on-line stores Casa del Libro, Planeta del Libro and the inevitable El Corte Inglés.)

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Updated! At the bottom of this post is the podcast I did with Adam, Kevin (different Kevin), and Mark. Listen to it!

This is another in the series BFB Interviews (previously here and here) that I’ve run with various writers from different La Liga teams prior to big matches with them. This time it’s Adam Bader of Real Madrid Talk at OleOle that is on the hot seat. Let’s see how he does, shall we?

Thanks for doing this interview, Adam. Anyway, let’s get this party on the road, shall we?

Barcelona Football BlogLet’s start with questions about finances. Since our first meeting, way back in the antiquity of 2009, there have been various new financial statistics released, including Real Madrid achieving €400m+ in revenue. Do you believe that Florentino Perez’s economic model is viable in the short term? How about the long term?

Adam Bader: It’s undeniable that Florentino Perez is a successful and smart business man and he proved that his economic model works when he first ran the club in the Zidanes y Pavons days. Short-term, his model forces us to take a lot of risks such as making expensive signings, getting huge loans from banks while the team is a work in progress and is not winning titles and therefore not bringing as much money as it should be bringing.

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This is the second installment of the series: BFB Interviews (the first was here). It is designed to broaden the horizons not only of this blogger (who needs it), but also of the blog as a whole by asking intelligent and qualified bloggers and thinkers from around the Internet to answer uneducated questions.

Before our Jornada 26 matchup with Valencia, I’ve asked fellow blogger Cesar to answer a few questions. Check out his blog over at The Offside.

Barcelona Football Blog: Thanks for doing this little interview, Cesar.

Anyway, let’s get this party on the road, shall we? Before the season began, there were lots of questions about the state of Valencia’s finances. Have most or all of those concerns been figured out? Pushed under the rug? Ignored like a giant gorilla in the room?

Cesar Benoit: Thanks, Isaiah … I’d say the money situation has been pushed under the rug, It’s something none of us VCF fans want to discuss or worry about. But we know it’s there. There’s a stadium we’re trying to get finished, creditors to satisfy and players to pay. The fans have been amazingly patient with the board, led by President Manuel Llorente and his assembled team. They’re trying to turn around the mind-bogglingly bad work of former chairman Juan Soler. It won’t be easy. The summer looms and the drama will begin again, with questions over David Villa and David Silva’s futures at the Mestalla sure to pop up again.

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January 11, 2010 / / Interviews

This is the first installment of a new series: BFB Interviews. It is designed to broaden the horizons not only of this blogger (who needs it), but also of the blog as a whole by asking intelligent and qualified bloggers and thinkers from around the Internet to answer uneducated questions.

In preparation for our second leg Copa del Rey match at the Sanchez Pizjuan, I’ve asked fellow La Liga blogger and all-around smart guy Ryan Knapp to answer a few questions. Check out the Spanish-language blog he’s a part of called El Desmarque and his personal site here and then enjoy his responses.

Barcelona Football Blog: Sevilla obviously has the upper hand because of the result of the first leg in Barcelona, but will that result change the tactical approach? Will Sevilla park the bus, so to speak, and take their chances or will they try to compress our lines again with up-tempo defending? And if they do do the latter, do you have confidence against Barça’s A squad, assuming Guardiola opts for that approach?

Ryan Knapp: It is hard to tell what type of style they will play. The one thing that will hurt us for sure is the absence of Kanoute up front as he is playing in the ACN. We normally do play an attacking style, but we also have been having trouble with some of the smaller teams this season, which is always our MO, playing to the level of the competition.

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