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You guys have been amazing, what with the donation drive (more on that very shortly) and the lack of posts over the last few days. So, obviously, you deserve a Banquillo. Hopefully it lives up to its reputation. It’s as timely as all the other ones were, at least.

Episode 7: In which the darkness is repelled by the light. And goals. Lots of goals.
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I know that this is late, but there were some technical difficulties in getting it posted. My apologies. -Isaiah

Episode 3: In Which Real Madrid convenes their yearly player meeting to discuss tactical changes, greet new personnel, and do a little math…

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[Author’s note: The idea for this was taken from the amazing The Dugout over on Progressive Boink. You should read it and love it, even if you don’t like baseball. However, if I took any of the names from The Dugout, that was entirely unintentional. -Isaiah]

Episode 1: In which the team meets up for the first time after the off season to say goodbye to those who are leaving and hello to some of the new guys.
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