Barça 0, Slavia Prague 0, aka “Change has to come. Now.”

This can’t be allowed to continue. A board is tasked with the stewardship of the business that it runs and make no mistake, to this board, the FC Barcelona football club is a business. There are revenue targets, sponsorship targets, every kind of target except the one that really matters: the play, the team. Slavia… Continue reading Barça 0, Slavia Prague 0, aka “Change has to come. Now.”

Slavia Prague 1, Barça 2, aka “My eyes! My eyes!”

Somehow, FC Barcelona won its match against Slavia Prague, away in Champions League. It was a match that was, like so many of the team’s other matches of late, decided by a couple of great moments and then the team just hanging on, being battered by a pressing opponent with more energy and drive. We… Continue reading Slavia Prague 1, Barça 2, aka “My eyes! My eyes!”

Barça 2, Inter 1, aka “Makeup can hide a lot of flaws”

It’s easy to look at the scoreline, to look at the second half of the Inter match and think that everything is fine, that the team is just some correct personnel decisions away from being fine and dandy. Nah. You can have your slavish devotion to football Never Never Land, and believe that it’s just… Continue reading Barça 2, Inter 1, aka “Makeup can hide a lot of flaws”

Dortmund 0, Barça 0, aka “Today’s word is ‘Nein!'”

Public squabbles can sometimes be funny, sometimes spur a player on and sometimes get credit for spurring a player on, when that player was great to begin with. But when Marc-Andre Ter Stegen spoke up about being tired of waiting around to play for his Germany national team, and Manuel Neuer spoke up, it began… Continue reading Dortmund 0, Barça 0, aka “Today’s word is ‘Nein!’”

Champions League Monday

Every week, every Monday, people roll into the work week with this grim anticipation of five stinkin’ days until the weekend. Monday is the first. It’s Monday. UGH. My take on Mondays is that it starts a fresh work week, and begins a series of opportunities to be better than before, renewed chances for growth,… Continue reading Champions League Monday

Captain, o my captain

Healing from something traumatic is complex. There are stages of grief, then the acceptance that has to come before someone can manage those feelings, that thing in the pit of your stomach, in the back of your head. For the players, Anfield was brutal. It was only in the aftermath that we began to understand… Continue reading Captain, o my captain


Pathology is about the study of the science behind diseases. If a pathologist were to do a study of FC Barcelona and its fanbase right now, what might they find? What steps might they take to quarantine the malady that is spreading exponentially? Fascinating to consider. Let’s start with the famed hashtag #valverde out. As… Continue reading Contagion