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October 23, 2013 / / Analysis


Yikes. It isn’t often that an opinion piece sparks a post outta me, but this one has done it. But it hasn’t done it out of sheer boneheadedness, which I think the post has in spades. It’s also a question of right questions, wrong conclusions that have their roots in devotion to a player, rather than to a club. It is still FC Barcelona, rather than FC Messi, something a lot of culers, including the abovementioned piece’s author, forget.

But let’s get to it. We have a lot of ground to cover.

The author asks the question, what if the team’s biggest problem is the decline of Iniesta? Good question, and one that I agree with in parts, even as I don’t think the question is framed properly. For me, the question is a more difficult one:

Is Andres Iniesta in his present state, fully compatible with Barça any longer?

October 2, 2013 / / Analysis


Another day, another moving target for our wee ones.

Levante wasn’t fit to be in the Liga. Wait til Malaga.
Malaga was down on its luck. Wait til Rayo.
Rayo had more possession, we got lucky. Wait til La Real.
Yeah, whatever. La Real are playing like crap. Wait to see what happens against Celtic. And without Messi!
We won, but now Celtic isn’t good enough. So we’ll see who’s next.

This was a very interesting match, because it isn’t often that you get to see a new coach against the same European opponent. And boy, was today fascinating.

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There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.

U.S. political figure Donald Rumsfeld could have been talking about transfer season when he uttered those words, as they describe exactly what is going on …. actually …. sorta.

Here’s what we know:

— We have Neymar
— We need one, preferably two defenders
— We would like a keeper

If I had my way, we would sign a sanely-priced veteran, and a very talented young player to groom in the system. Bartra’s feelings might be hurt, not that such a thing would bother me in the least. “Wanna stay? Earn your spot.”

We are looking at, or not looking at, various players. We have talked to, or haven’t talked to, various players. Rumors abound, along with plenty of knowns, unknowns and speculative hooey. Here’s some mini-profiles of the players who are known to be rumored to be in our orbit, and because exactly one of you have missed the KRS (Kxevin Rating System), I will rate, from 1-10, my joy at having the rumored defender in our ranks. Let’s call it the KDR, or Kxevin Defender Rating. Let’s go.

May 27, 2013 / / Analysis
"They paid HOW much? Wuuut?!"
“They paid HOW much? Wuuut?!”

It is very safe to say that not since the arrival of Ronaldinho has a player come with so much weight.

As many of you know, then-president Joan Laporta was running on the “bring Beckham” platform, even as that deal never had a chance of happening. Ronaldinho was the one, and boy, did that work out. And now we have another Brazilian, who is describing a very different path from Ronaldinho, one fraught with complexity.

The question now is, what does that path mean, and what does it mean for the club?

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