Quick Note: Travel Issues


To pass the time before our review is up and to clear the air over all of this, we are reporting both the official FC Barcelona statement about yesterday’s travel issues as well as President Rosell’s letter to supporters regarding the situation. It appears to me that the blame lies with RFEF and possibly the boards of both clubs, though this seems more to have been an issue where RFEF failed to communicate to anyone in a concise or fair manner. It appears we were told numerous incorrect things while waiting for the planes to become available and then as soon as the truth was made known, we boarded the train / bus as quickly as possible to make the match. I think comments about the players / coaches regarding them being snobs or elitists for only wanting to fly are unfair, as that was obviously not the case, and Pep was unamused by of all this yesterday in his presser after the game. Eventually, President Rosell takes the blame in the matter, and I am glad he has stepped up to say so, but this does not seem something that should fall to him, but to RFEF. Continue Reading

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Loose Ends

Please Give Me News Luke

Hey friends, just wanted to give you a few newsworthy points before the weekend when there is another game and all that jazz. News, notes, thoughts, pass the time! Continue Reading

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Scorched Earth Policy: 5-0

Don't shoot, let him burn

Just throwing this up as a placeholder of greatness, plus this picture makes me smile wide as I can. We will have much more tonight, but go ahead and comment away about the Monday Night Massacre. I seriously wish I could think of a player on our team who played poorly, or even remotely decent or close to not good. It’s not possible, that’s the most comprehensive beating I have ever seen. Much more later friends. But for now, let’s all enjoy as Messi salts the earth in Madrid.

Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe

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Happy American Thanksgiving

Just a quick note to all our readers. Here in America we are celebrating Thanksgiving today. We are obviously all thankful for your support and comments, because without them it would just be Kevin, Isaiah, SoccerMom, and myself screaming at each other, while Euler occasionally shows up. Obviously we are also thankful for FC Barcelona. So enjoy it friends. Should have included this earlier, here is the Wikipedia link to American Thanksgiving as a holiday. Even though it is based on some myths about Pilgrims and Indians and everyone getting along, we still want to celebrate. While we all celebrate it for various reasons, from social to philosophical to even religious, we all show thanks.

The Best Captain approves

Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe

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CL Preview: FC Barcelona at Panathinaikos F.C.

Through 4 games in the 2010-11 Champions League campaign Barcelona has been moving along in a rather up-and-down fashion, roughly the equivalent of a season of “Mad Men”: never terrible, occasionally missing its stride, but brilliant the rest of the time. Simply, unequivocally, brilliant. In our first foray into continental competitions this year, the boys brutally decimated Panathinaikos 5-1. Then a trot of 1-1 at Kazan, 2-0 to Copenhagen, and 1-1 to Copenhagen leaving us top of the group with 8 points and holding tiebreakers over second-place Copenhagen, who sit on 7 points. A win here and we are one step closer to qualifying in 1st for the Round of 16. So without further adieu, let’s Preview.
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Copa del Rey Update: New Foe Emerges

King's Cup Champions!

Quick note here: The new Copa draw is out and our boys play Athletic Bilbao on December 22 and January 5. If we progress, we play the winner of Getafe v. Real Betis.

Enjoy your day people.

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Official: Ibrahim Afellay to Barça in January

So excited to come to Barcelona, I shall dance!

Today, possibly prematurely, PSV Eindhoven’s official team site has revealed that a deal has been reached for the transfer of 24-year old attacking Mid / Winger Ibrahim Afellay. Rumors are that the fee is to be between 3-4M Euros, which is a damn steal honestly. No word on the personal terms, but rumors have it as a 4.5 year deal beginning in January. Continue Reading

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Your Weekly Schadenfreude: Rio Ferdinand

Last week we in BFB nation openly and derisively mocked the “pain” inflicted upon Cristiano Ronaldo, because that’s how we roll. But it’s a new week, and it’s Veteran’s Day here in the States, and Remembrance Day in Canada and a few others, so let’s celebrate by openly mocking someone because of their pain.

Today’s guest of honor is Rio Ferdinand, stalwart of Old Trafford and magical defender of Sir Alex’s magic potions that somehow keep him a live and simultaneously drunk at all times. While conducting a search for a map to said potions, Ferdinand was the subject of the worst torture of all:

Argentina special

Now sure, this could be a random snapped picture that just looks like that, but come on, everyone knows Ferdinand likes rectal exams on the pitch from the Argentinean madman who won’t try to snort blow off your ass while doing it.

So relish this one friends. Also, there’s this!

Enjoy your holiday denizens.

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FC Barcelona v. Ceuta Rewind

Thiago's in there somewhere?

Comprehensive beatings are sometimes fun to write about, especially when it is against a Valencia, Real Madrid, Villareal, or the like. We can gush and fawn and generally praise the entire team while reveling in our own superiority, at least until the next week. This game against Ceuta though was something all together more measured. Like my cat Bella pawing at a bug or some such thing, perhaps the bug puts up a fight for a minute, but other than that it’s just a prolonger and measured torture. In a Copa del Rey match where Pep was looking to give some young kids reps we introduced Messi up 3-1… It was that bad for the North Africans.

Continue Reading

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Your Weekly Schadenfreude: C Ronaldo Fail

Starting… now, I am starting your weekly BFB Schadenfreude where we openly take pleasure in the misfortune or stupidity of others. Remember when Busquets made that horrific dive against Inter, inspiring internet meme win? And we were roundly mocked by numerous opposing fans, stating that Busquets is a diver and that he should be suspended? You know, this one:

The Pain

Our good friends who are fans of Real Madrid were especially merciless during the process. So, I present this. I mean, it’s not like we couldn’t find this stuff anyway, but we might as well post it here for all to see. Well, I give you this:

Revel away friends.

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In Memoriam: Paul the Octopus


As the entire world, even those living in caves or the people who live under the Las Vegas strip, the CHUDS I believe they are called, well know by now, Paul the Octopus, predictor, Oracle, god to many of us, has passed away at the ripe old age of 2.5 years. We here at THE Barcelona Football Blog are not the cold, calculating sons (and daughters) of bitches we might seem to be at first blush. We have feelings too, feelings of pride and sadness, or glory and failure, or living and dying. Unfortunately during this dark week our lives have been collectively shattered and we leave this memorial in tact so that you may share your most fond memories of our most holy of Krakens. Continue Reading

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All Your Wayne Rooney Are Belong To Us

Ugly, yet effective

Yeah yeah, this is an article inspired by Wayne Rooney and you are on a Barcelona Football Blog… get over it. So Rooney gets pissed because the guys at Manchester United are stringing him along for a contract renewal, even though he is one of the better strikers in the world and played hurt for 4 months trying to will MUFC and England to titles. So he got pissed, said he wanted out and created a huge media firestorm surrounding his supposed flight from Old Trafford to Chelsea, Madrid, Barcelona, Man City, or the most likely destination of all: NY Red Bulls. Predictably then, the media backlash turns on Rooney because he’s not “loyal” to his team and is a “traitor” and all that heavy-handed moralizing that really does not fit in the place of modern business contracts. Especially in club football, where your side dumps you for a Euro and a 40. Probably even more predictably, Rooney today re-signed on a new 5-year deal with the Red Devils and the world is finally back to rotating around the sun on it’s proper axis. But what can we learn from this saga about how we should react to players, clubs, and the news that comes about? Continue Reading

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