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March 17, 2010 / / Champions League
March 14, 2010 / / La Liga
Quick! Get me more relatives cousins!

Wow! Our Man of the Match, Lionel Messi, should decicate more goals to the daughter of his cousin. What a knockout match by our little wizard (eventually), and what a display by our team (again, eventually).

Believe it or not MOTM wasn’t easy. Could it have been Victor Valdes, for his three goal-saving efforts, including an absolutely massive 1-v-1 stop against Nicola Zigic? Yes. Could it have been Thierry Henry, for his injection of whatever in the hell it was that made the difference in the second half? Sure. Could we have broken precedent, and given MOTM to a non-player in Tito Vilanova, who either read the players the riot act, or put Guardiola on speakerphone in the locker room? Why not?

March 14, 2010 / / Barcelona

Barca/Valencia LiveBlog

March 11, 2010 / / La Liga

It’s Thursday, and I’m already pumped about this match. Let’s GO!!!!

March 11, 2010 / / Team News
Sure, dude. Can I get back to my UNICEF thing now?

Awwwww! Our own Lionel Messi has been appointed a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, a charity that also adorns the front of our shirts.

The deal is that he trots around, makes magic and does things that bring awareness to the plight of the young’uns everywhere. He joins Shakira, Roger Moore and Queen Rania of Jordan, who are also in the UNICEF ambassador ranks. And personally, I would do anything that Shakira tells me to. I’m just saying.

March 8, 2010 / / Barcelona
March 7, 2010 / / La Liga

La Diada de Sant Jordi, in Catalan culture, usually comes on April 23. Women are given a gift of roses, and respected men are given books.

In an early variant, we gave Almeria a draw. Rather nice (and charitable) of us, don’t you think? People can chatter all they want about officiating, and dives, and unfair red cards all they like, but the fact of the matter is that we played like crap for most of that match, and still came away with a draw.

Which means what? Lord only knows, from our team that doesn’t seem to be able to find a consistent groove.

March 6, 2010 / / Liveblog
March 5, 2010 / / Team News

To start with, an apology: No new posts for some two days has the suck. We’re aware of this, and it doesn’t fill our hearts with song. It won’t happen again.

Now, to begin with, an interesting perspective on the Eto’o-Ibrahimovic swap. No, it doesn’t come from a “reputable news source,” but precious little does in this world of ours. The long and short of it is that we came out ahead. Now, I know that this startles some people, who believe that the Ibrahimovic experiment isn’t working and “Lord, how I wish we had Eto’o back.”

But the piece is worth a read.

February 28, 2010 / / La Liga
I did it again. Sweet!

This game, this beautiful game of ours that we play oh, so well, is about doing the right things with the ball. Seems simple, right?

It certainly should be, given that we have so many players with such incomparable skill on the ball.

But we spent much of our well-deserved win today doing the wrong things with the ball. And it was easy to tell when we did the right things, because the ball went into the net in a match in which Maulaga didn’t stop us from scoring, as much as we stopped ourselves from scoring. Despite all of the exquisite football that was so much fun to watch, too much of the time it was like noshing on one of the best meals of your life, only to break a tooth on the last bite.

February 26, 2010 / / Nonsense
February 25, 2010 / / Champions League
I can carry more of you, if you want.

So. Four times I watched this match. Once on a craptastic Web feed at work. Never again, I say. Again bleary-eyed at home last night, whereupon I cost myself a shiteload of sleep, banging out a screed whose vituperation would have been unmatched by any document offered up by modern man.

After the morning viewing, I calmed down a lot. After this evening’s viewing, I was even more calm, because things really weren’t that bad.