Audi Cup Super Final: Fake Real Test

Consider this both your preview and your match comments post. No liveblog for this here little thing that takes place during the American working day when even the laziest of us (looking at you–oh that’s a mirror) are toiling away to earn ourselves a few extra Barça jerseys.

Will we be back at Allianz Arena in May to defend our Champions League title or will it be up to two different teams to crown themselves “best team other than Barça”? Oh snap, I went there. All I know is that it shouldn’t be a starter-heavy lineup, not least because a lot of starters are missing. There’s also the little matter of 2 games in 26 hours. Tis a bit harsh, especially for preseason.

Bayern Munich defeated AC Milan to make the final, so no rematch with Ibra is possible. Sad face. But we get to see Robben again and maybe show them how to possess the ball. Or we’ll start 8 children and get spanked. Not sure which.

Barça lineup: Valdes, JDS, Fontas, Busi, Maxwell, Keita, Thiago, Iniesta, Pedro, Jonathan Soriano, Villa.
Bayern lineup:  Butt, Rafinha, Badstuber, Luiz Gustavo, Contento, Pranjic, Alaba, Boateng, Usami, Olic, Petersen

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  1. outerspacedout
    July 27, 2011

    Wow Thiago

  2. jordi™
    July 27, 2011

    I cant tell if 30 is Jeffren or Gustavo because every time there is about to be a close up, there is some wacky camera angle.

  3. blitzen
    July 27, 2011

    Bet you’re all happy now that RoSELL rushed Thiago into signing his new contract while he was still woozy from his nose surgery. His value just keeps going up and up. 😛

  4. FalseNine
    July 27, 2011

    Time’s up…. what we’ve all been yearning for, Audi Cup Champions! 🙂

    So, who’s MOTM? 😉

  5. Barcaleya
    July 27, 2011

    Yay! First trophy of the season.


  6. deckardcain
    July 27, 2011

    Was Delofeu in the squad tonight?! Thought I saw him hugging Thiago in the end…

    • mei
      July 27, 2011

      nop hes with the national team

  7. Jackieboy
    July 27, 2011

    Damn, Thiago’s a beast.

  8. FalseNine
    July 27, 2011

    Seriously, there comes a time in every culé’s life when they have their “Oh my God Thiago” moment. (Also known as the “Cesc who?” moment.) I know a lot of you have had yours already. But I just had mine today. Wow, what a player.

  9. jordi™
    July 27, 2011

    So my heart is bursting with pride 😀

  10. mei
    July 27, 2011

    Thiago’s not ready.
    Send him back to the B squad for some discipline 😛

  11. July 27, 2011

    On a scale of one to ten (10 being as soon as it’s available) how soon should I download this match? Is it worth downloading, or YT-ing the highlights.

    I DON’T KNOW THE SCORE. Been steadfastly denying there was even a game today. 🙁

    • ciaran
      July 27, 2011

      Very one sided to be honest, definitely watch the goals/highlights because Thiago’s second goal was really really special

    • FalseNine
      July 27, 2011

      Thiago 2 – Bayern 0

      Most of the game was just OK, VV and Pinto had a couple nice saves, but by the standard of Barça it wasn’t anything special IMO. Thiago’s second goal, and the link-up with Ibi that preceded it, is worth watching over and over.

    • Ryan
      July 27, 2011

      Just imagine lots of back passes between the two goals and you’ve got most of the game covered.

    • July 27, 2011

      Heh, thanks! I just saw the YouTube highlights. Que golazo, Thiago!

  12. barca96
    July 27, 2011

    I thought I saw Rafa hugging Thiago.

    Where is Sergi Roberto? I didnt see him with Spain U19.

    • mei
      July 27, 2011

      Had an injury during the games

    • barca96
      July 27, 2011

      Oh. Which game?

      Muniesa was there too. He is injured too.
      Too bad for those two. I mean, for youngsters, pre-season is their time to shine.

      I was hoping Espinosa would get some mins tonight.

    • jordi™
      July 27, 2011

      Sergi made the step up with Isco and Muniesa(injury ruled him out) to the under 20 team for the world cup.Bartra is captaining the team 8)

  13. Gogah
    July 27, 2011

    holy crap..thiago is insane!!
    and he’s wearing #4!
    is that a message to cesc?

    • FalseNine
      July 27, 2011

      We’re pretty sure it’s a message that the equipment people can’t be bothered before the season starts. None of the jerseys had names and lots of B-team guys were wearing numbers that belong to absent first team players (2, 19, 21,..). I suspect the philosophy was “As long as we don’t have two people on the field with the same number, it’ll do.”

      Thiago did send a message, just not with his clothes. 🙂

    • Noslehcimretep
      July 27, 2011

      I had assumed we didn’t have the player names on because its a pre-season friendly. I know other teams do that, and don’t recall if we did or not last season.

  14. ciaran
    July 27, 2011

    Jonathan Soriano is injured & out for approx 2 months meaning he will miss the rest of the pre-season and it pretty much means he is not transferable

  15. Eklavya
    July 27, 2011

    – Preseason matches never have fixed numbers (at least for us). Once the transfer window closes the club will release the official jersey numbers. Till then they’re based just position wise.

    – Re: Soriano – yay,great timing -____-

  16. Jnice
    July 28, 2011

    Sucks for Soriano. He’s losing out on money (assuming he transfered to somewhere else).

    • Jnice
      July 28, 2011

      On the bright side, his injury means Espinosa gets to go on the US tour now. He must be elated. Hope he gets some decent minutes. Carmona shouldn’t play ever again.

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