FCB vs Internacional match comments post

No LiveBlob, folks. Sorry. Just think of it this way: We’re saving up the mojo for the ones that really matter.

So what is going on today? Well, this is the Audi Cup. Winning this, plus a couple of Euros will get you a wee latte at Starbucks. We’re part of a four-team rotation with Internacional Porto Alegre, Bayern “Ribery is worth THIS MUCH” Munich and AC “Buyers’ Regret” Milan.

The real question is, do we care?

YOU BET! For so many reasons.

Players such as Jonathan Dos Santos and Jonathan Soriano and Jonathan Winters* get to prove their worth to Guardiola. We rolled into Germany with 25 players, including a big, giant passel of B-Teamers. And in the “This one’s for the brothas who ain’t here” program, that roster does NOT include: Messi, Mascherano, Milito, Alves, Adriano, Sanchez.

So who IS here?

Goalkeepers: Valdés, Pinto and Masip
Defenders: Puyol, Muniesa, Piqué, Balliu, Rosell, Maxwell, Fontàs, Abidal
Midfielders: Busquets, Keita, Riverola, Thiago, Iniesta, Carmona, Xavi, Dos Santos
Forwards: Cuenca, Soriano, Afellay, Jeffren, Pedro, Villa

If that doesn’t add up to 25, shoot me. I’m a journalist.

I don’t expect much time for the big boys, because we care more about the track day where our players get new Audis, than the Audi Cup, which is mostly an opportunity for players to make a name for themselves, or not get injured.

Is it going to be fun? You bet, because it’s on real, actual TV, one of the 47 ESPNs here in the ‘States, at 11 a.m. CT.

So comment away, and have fun.

*Jonathan Winters doesn’t have a chance in hell of making the squad.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Jeffren is looking more resilient; he’d have been injured by now last year with the hits he’s getting.

    1. Well its normally over extension of his muscles that leave him on the treatment table.His injuries come when there’s no contact.I think the regular spells of inactivity don’t help with that either.

  2. Just received the BARCA BARCA BARCA Book from the lady. SO. AWESOME! If any of you have not yet picked it up,definitely a must. So many pictures, its rad. Apparently the book was so successful that they added to it and just made it available for purchase again. Btw brand new app came out today for iphones that is free from FCBARCA that shows you where the games are being played publicly around you, pretty awesome app. Anyways, soooooooooooooooo HAPPY we have our futbol back. VISCA BARCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I didn’t expect someone to cry after scoring in a friendly. I guess its because it’s against Barca 😆

    Or maybe he had some personal reasons.

  4. Captain Abi!!! Oh my god. What a save!

    Ah fuck. Spoke too soon. What the hell’s wrong with you Pinto? Braids on too tight?

    1. Well, no one told him to play the entire Barça youth division. He could have put in a few more grown-ups.

  5. Guy blows for penalties before full time 🙄

    Hopefully some Pinto jedi mind tricks during the pk’s.

  6. Lets us see what happens when we have an “ordinary” midfield, I suppose. Also, Pinto will do well to see even Copa action this year.

    1. He is the exact kind of keeper who doesn’t instill confidence in the team. Just like Rustu and Bonano a decade ago. And Valdes in his earlier days.
      That is why having a good GK is very important.

  7. In the 1st half we had Iniesta and Thiago. In the 2nd, JDS was all by himself in the middle and VIlla alone up front.
    At least leave Thiago on.

    1. Yea pack your bags Jeffren. How he has hung on to the first team even this long I have no idea? No doubt he was missing that penalty.

  8. Bonera playing CB for Milan.
    If Im not mistaken, a decade ago there was a player at Parma with the same name. If it is the same guy, he must be old. Fit in right well at Milan.

  9. Does anybody know who decides the player name on the back of the shirt? I mean did Alexis Sanchez decide that it will be Alexis or does the club decide it?

    1. Unashamedly and unshavenly drinking a brew in the face of his new competition? – like a boss? Probably still celebrating his first liga and CL, long time comin’

    2. I think if you look closely, you will find that those are not short shorts, but rather normal shorts rolled/folded up. Villa is fastidious in his avoidance of tan lines. 😀

      (I’m not sure though- they look folded to me).

  10. 1)Not sure if its the hairstyle or what but ibra looked leaner.Might be the uniform cut as well.

    2)Bayern could reach the cl semis or further if everything clicks next season and they keep Robben and Ribery fit.

  11. Blitzen- 1-1, Ibra scored early on, Toni Kroos tied it up. Bayern have the lions share of possession and are doing lots with it without actually scoring goals.

    I’ve only vaguely got it on in the background…its not that exciting.

    1. I don’t think I know enough about the teams to know whether they’re playing youth players or not, but I don’t *think* so.

      (Although I think Milan has some players under 27 on the pitch- that’s youth for them, no?)

    2. that made me laugh. I think when Beckham was on loan there the average age was 29 for the first team. Arsenal’s at the same time was about 23. But we can beat them both, so I guess it doesn’t really show anything 😉

    3. I think the first half was pretty exciting. Once Robben walked off injured (?) the tempo dropped a bit.

    1. At least 3M got to chat with Robben for a little bit. I much prefer friendly interactions between players! (And we get to avoid potential Ibra ninja kicks to our players)

  12. I missed another game. DAMN YOU SUMMER SCHOOL!

    Sorry about the inactivity, folks. I’ll be back to spamming you all soon.

  13. Dos Santos had about 5 minutes to finish on his goal. Champion’s League he gets caught up with….

  14. Hey anyone have any cesc updates? the murmurs have been awfully quiet lately, no?

    1. Either we’re sticking to our word and operating quietly or there’s “nothing new” like Pep and Bartomeu have said. I’ll choose to believe the latter.

  15. Tito Vilanova on Bojan:

    I understand that not playing the games hurt, it’s the same with Bojan and all players, but for me it costs more to understand that someone is hurt by not playing a minute of a game. Bojan’s case is simple to explain. It would be an easy solution to keep him here because he’s a guy who does not cause problems and there was no media pressure to play him every day because people understand that here players do have a very high level. It is a decision taken because of thinking about him and, above all, thinking about the club. A player who has spent four years in the first team and had no continuity (in minutes played) needs to take a step further and find a place to get those minutes. In two years he will be only 22 and will have more chances to be in the starting 11. We think he’s a class player. Just 20 years old.

    Read more: http://www.totalbarca.com/2011/interviews/tito-vilanova-the-task-is-to-keep-winning/#ixzz1TGUZYRng

  16. I love how this team has progressed. From Juvi A to the senior team, everyone is on the same page and plays the same way. This ovbiously helps our kids transition to the big team w/o much issue. It also makes our kids look really good helping up to use them in the treansfer market at an over inflated value. I mean, as long as we stay super sucessful, plenty of big european teams will be shelling out on guys we may not see in our future. I am willing to bet that in 5 years we will be one of the most prosperous teams when it comes to selling players with little or no A team experience for 5+ Million. With that money we can afford the extra 10-50 million to buy world class senior team players like Cesc.

    Finally, one player I have been begging for since he was in Brazil is Douglas Costa. He looks to be back on the market and would add crazy depth to our wings, while being versitile enough to play in a creative CM role as well. He and Affely would stand out in Copa games as well as CL group games. I love the guy.

  17. Meanwhile, Malaga’s buying players like no tomorrow. Pelligrini gets infinite cash, awesomeness ensues. They will maul no more, no more, no more, no more.

    I hope.

  18. So I did download the game and it was interesting, although definitely not a keeper. A few thoughts:

    — Iniesta has somehow managed to get even better. I don’t know how this is possible, but it is. I cannot wait to see him play with the full first team again.
    — Speaking of Thiago (weren’t we?), he has a really good connection with Iniesta. They were so smooth together. I want more of this, please.
    — Riverola doesn’t usually play as a RB, does he? He was surprisingly good there.
    — Afellay has gobs of talent, but needs to calm down a little and work on his first touch.
    — Soriano should have done better with the scoring chances dropped in his lap. If Villa had missed those, he would have been crucified in here.
    — Abidal is not only a LB and CB, he is also a GK now. Give the man what he wants so he can sign his contract, already! Legend.
    — Cuenca did not impress me at all. And I am irritated that I still don’t know who he is.
    — Pinto had a shocker. He needs to quit faffing about off his line and concentrate. Admittedly he had a shaky backline to deal with, but still. His hair looked great, though, and that’s what’s important.
    — Jeffren really did work hard (missed PK notwithstanding), and had a better game than Pedro. Pedro was in the game, wasn’t he? It was hard to tell.

    Tomorrow should be fun!

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