Here at Last: Chile vs Venezuela LiveBlog

Join now! And tell me the starting Xls while you’re at it.

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. EGH I just KNEW it would go in the moment he took that kick and it DID. DON’T BREAK MY HEART CHILE

  2. F*** THIS

    Argentina already caused me enough hurt for a summer why Chile now why

    1. I laugh at your pain. 😆

      In all seriousness, according to FIFA ranking, every single quarterfinal tie would be classified as an upset.

      Hope Peru makes the final, at least.

    2. Paraguay, Venezuela and Peru all caused upsets. I think Uruguay was an ‘upset’ cos they have less of a reputation, they’re a quality side and all factors considered not just talent of individuals, a better side than Argentina/Brazil arguably and one of the best in the world. I didn’t consider it any more an upset than if say Holland beat Germany or the like.

    3. Yeah I know, my comment was more along the lines of ‘yeah and of those, these three were the ones I see as upsets, even though the media takes all of them as upsets’. I knew how you meant it.

  3. Now no team I feel any emotion for is left in the Copa.

    So what now. Do I root for Uruguay cos they’re a good side and I like many of their players? Do I root for Paraguay so Larissa Riquelme gets naked on the pitch?

  4. Everybody we care about is outta this crazy Copa. Get everybody home/signed for a decent preseason. Messi due back August 3rd; I don’t begrudge him some extra rest.

    1. Yeah I’ll just console myself with well at least they’ll be better rested.

      I’ll just fantasize about our team next season- able to reach the same insane peaks as we did October to January last year, but with the Spanish half of our starting XI having a summer of rest after 2008 09 and 10 of international competitions, more signings and promotions for depth, and so on, so that we can keep up our peak for the whole season! Excited!

  5. I think it’s the goalkeepers here (of some teams – Uru, Par, Vez) who have distinguished themselves.

    Amazing results

    1. Well, Muslera (URU GK) has always been a boss. I’ve liked him since I saw him pwn in the Roma-Lazio Derby for Lazio.

    2. I don’t follow Seria A now that I’m in the US so I haven’t seen him. He was really good against Arg. Too bad for us 🙁

  6. Although I am happy I must admit that Chile deserved better. First time ever vinotinto reached the semis 🙂

  7. Wow Argentina must be miserable now that they didn’t do a spot-kick better, if they’d gone through they’d have had to go against Peru and then Venezuela or Paraguay in the final… but then again considering how crazy the Copa has been overall and that Peru and Venezuela beat- and not too undeservedly either- two arguably better teams than Argentina this Copa in Chile and Colombia, probably not.

  8. So every team I cared about failed this summer.
    USMNT in the Gold Cup final.
    USWNT in the WWC final.
    Argentina- but I really only cared about Leo and Masche (and yes, Milito).
    Brazil Dani and Adriano- I couldn’t have cared less about the rest of Brazil NT

    Good thing I have Barca.

    1. Argentina and Chile in the Copa. Japan in the WWC is my only NT consolation.

      I’ll just cheer myself up by thinking about the well-rested, deep, brilliant side we will have for next season…

    2. No small consolation this. Remember how our Spanish NTers suffered in the beginning of last season? Avoiding that will be priceless!

    3. Yes… but our Spanish NTers were ultimately more successful when they won Euro08 (el triplete!) and WC10 (Mou Res! menys la copa) than when they were defeated in the Confederations Cup in 09. So I’m not sure how much effect it really has in the end.

  9. Our penya had a Copa America challenge.

    By the time I was told – Arg, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Ecuador (because that’s her country) were already chosen. So I had to choose amongst the remaining teams.

    Therefore, I chose Uruguay. And who would have thought that all those chosen teams will be eliminated so soon – so I won! I’m the champion of the challenge! Just like in the WC. I chose Spain too.

    Think I’m getting good at this…

    1. Haha. And why were you cheering for Peru again? I know I’ve read it somewhere but I forgot why….

    2. It started at the beginning of the Copa when I wished Peru luck in their first game and they went on to score and win the game. 😀

  10. I was Mexico for the Gold Cup, Japan for WWC, Argentina/Peru for the Copa, Spain for the U-20 WC in Colombia.

    Peru’s still alive so I haven’t given up on the Copa as of yet. We goin’ all da way, hey!

  11. Oh, I just remembered. Spanish U21 world cup win. I’m not a jinx. One of my teams did win!!!

    happy happy joy joy!

  12. And of course I supported La Rojitas in the WC U-21.

    So there you go. If Uruguay wins this thing, I could be the next Paul the Octopus.

  13. My estimations before the knockout ties were percentages wise, as in just how likely I thought it was. Based almost entirely on unscientific things such as- okay, entirely- how strong a feeling/certainty I had that they would go through.

    Uruguay 60-40 Argentina
    Colombia 80-20 Peru
    Paraguay 40-60 Brazil
    Chile 85-15 Venezuela

    I was right only once, about Uruguay.

  14. By the way, I got this from “con la roja.”

    There is more football! (I highlighted Kiko – since he was still at Hercules when Una wrote this item)

    “The RFEF has released the list of players called up for the U-20 World Cup, to be held in Colombia from July 29 to Aug. 20. Martín Montoya is the only U-21 player participating. The players will begin their concentración at Las Rozas on July 16, and will leave for Manizales, Colombia on July 19. They’ll first play a friendly in Lima before returning to Manizales. In the group stage, they’ll play Costa Rica on July 31, Ecuador on Aug. 3 and Australia on Aug. 6.

    Atlético: Jorge Pulido, Jorge “Koke” Resurrección Merodio

    Athletic: Aitor Fernández

    Barcelona: Martín Montoya, Marc Bartra, Marc Muniesa, Oriol Romeu, Sergi Roberto, Cristian Tello

    Benfica: Rodrigo

    Betis: Ezequiel Calvente

    Espanyol: Jordi Amat, Álvaro Vázquez

    Hércules: Kiko Femenia

    Liverpool: Dani Pacheco

    Málaga: Recio (José Luis García del Pozo)

    Real Madrid: Fernando Pacheco, Sergio Canales

    Sevilla: Antonio Luna Rodríguez

    Valencia: Isco (Francisco Román Alarcón)

    Zaragoza: Álex Sánchez”

    1. 😯

      Koke’s last name is Resurrection! As for the squad list, I’m not surprised. Sergi’s gonna tear it up. Tello’s promising as well, was the third best forward after Soriano and Nolito, although with the forwards succeeding him it’s not really saying much.

    2. And there’s also the U19 European Championships starting this Wednesday where the following Barca boys play for Spain:

      Barcelona: Sergi Gómez, Gerard Deulofeu, Rafa Alcántara, Javier Espinosa

  15. Some consolation:

    More rest for Messi and our South American players. Along with the Spaniards in our side getting a summer break for the first time since August 2007.

    Also, signings like Sanchez, plus the fact that new signings like Afellay and Adriano became fully trusted in the latter stages of last campaign and can now be called upon with confidence from the start, unlike most of last year. So more depth, allows us to rotate more and stay fresh.

    That and the signings of someone like Fabregas- as much as I wish it were not gonna happen, it seems likely- means that we can rest our starters and still have enough quality to beat almost anyone. Whenever we played with most of our starters, we’ve hardly ever lost- so the big risk I see standing in the way of us winning any competitions are those games where we need to rest starters or are forced to play without ones due to injury, where we may drop points or get knocked out of the Cup or CL. Those buys will at least account for that contingency.

    And the likes of Villa will integrate into the side better, now it’s his second season and not his first.

    So… we’ll have the same talent that reached the insane peaks of Oct-Jan last year when we were slapping manitas on teams like it was cake- but more experienced, fresher, and fitter. Perhaps enough to sustain it over the year (customary February dip aside) instead of being worn out and exhausted as we limped (by the standards of mid-season) to the finish line in the last few months of last season.

  16. I’m officially a big fan of Venezuela. And Salomon Rondon. We should buy him. Seriously.

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