2010/2011 Barcelona B Scouting Report: Part 1

This is a collaborative post between blitzen, Jnice, jordi, Miguel and Kari. Please note that performances are rated solely on last season and not a complete breakdown of the players throughout their Barcelona careers.

Barcelona B employed three goalkeepers in the 2010-2011 season: Oier Olazabal, Ruben Mino, and Jordi Masip. Coach Luis Enrique employed a rotation system that ensured that all three keepers played almost the same number of games.  Some have found his commitment to this system surprising, but Lucho feels that this is the best way to keep a high level of competitiveness within the squad and develop players with different strengths. He chose the keeper based on not only who he felt was best for each match, but also based on hard work, ambition, and good attitude in training. As a result of this philosophy, Barcelona B now has three keepers full of confidence and playing at a very high level. When Pinto eventually leaves, the first team will be spoiled for choice as to who to promote.


Name: Oier Olazábal Paredes
Birthplace: Irún (Guipúzcoa)
Date of birth: September 14, 1989
Height: 189 cm (6’2’’)
Official First Team Appearances: 1
Chances of getting into the first team next season: 40%

Continuing the tradition of excellent Basque goalkeepers, Oier joined FCB in 2007 from Real Unión de Irún and has spent 4 seasons with Barcelona B/Atlètic. Initially brought in as a backup to Rubén, he impressed the coaches with his agility and drive to succeed. He has been called up as a reserve to the first team several times, and made his debut in the League on May 17, 2009 in a game against RCD Mallorca.

In 15 appearances last season he conceded 28 goals and had 2 clean sheets.  He also has excellent hair. 🙂

Name: Rubén Miño Peralta
Birthplace: Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona)
Date of birth: January 18, 1989
Height: 191 cm (6’2’’)
Official First Team Appearances: 1
Chances of getting into the first team this season: 60%

Rubén is a local Catalan boy from Esplugues de Llobregat, a city just outside of Barcelona (Their coat of arms is something to behold). He entered La Masia as a youth, and was eventually sent on loan to local club UE Cornellà for two years to gain experience. He came back in the 2007-2008 season to serve with the Juvenil A (under-19) side, and was promoted to then-Barcelona Atlètic in 2008. He has been with the B team for three full seasons and is also regularly called up for the Spain U21 side. His debut with the first team occurred on August 14, 2010 in the first leg of the Spanish Supercup against Sevilla, with Victor Valdes still resting from the World Cup and Pinto being out with injury. FCB lost that game 1-3. He is a very complete keeper who understands the Barça philosophy that a keeper should be involved in building attacks.

In 15 league appearances last season he conceded 21 goals and had 3 clean sheets. He appears to be currently the third-choice backup for the first team.

 Name: Jordi Masip López
Birthplace: Sabadell
Date of birth: January 3, 1989
Height: 180 cm (5’9’’)
Chances of getting into the first team this season: 0%

Another local Catalan boy, Masip joined La Masia in 2004 from regional club Mercantil. He has worked his way up through the youth ranks, spending one year with Cadete A, two with Juvenil B, and one with Juvenil A before being loaned out to UE Vilajuïga for the 2008-2009 season. He returned to Barcelona B for the 2009-2010 season where he became third-choice keeper. In the 2010-2011 season coach Luis Enrique incorporated him fully into his GK rotation system. In 12 league appearances last season he conceded 13 goals and had 3 clean sheets. He is known for his quick reflexes, athleticism, and intuition.

He has yet to make a first team appearance.


Despite not being known for it, La Masia has a plethora of talented defenders in their ranks and there are some very promising youngsters coming through. Versatility seems to be the trend of this generation and many of the players are able to play multiple positions in defense and midfield. This season Luis Enrique had eight defenders to choose from and has used them all to the best of his ability. With captain Andreu Fontas being called up to the first team for the second half of the season due to Eric Abidal’s unexpected tumor, the other seven players had ample opportunities to show the boss they warranted regular appearances.


Name: Martín Montoya Torralbo
Position: Right Back
Birthplace: Barcelona (Barcelona)
Date of birth: April 14, 1991
Height: 174cm (5’7’’)
Official First Team Appearances: 2
Chances of getting into the first team next season: 50%

Martin Montoya is a promising right back that possesses great stamina and is able to run up and down the right flank for the entire ninety minutes. He is always available as an outlet in support of the midfielders/attackers and is a good crosser of the ball.  He is not the best at taking players on when in possession and needs to improve in that aspect of his game. Defensively, he is very solid and rarely gets beat by an attacker 1v1.

Montoya has been called up twice for the first team, his most recent appearance against Real Sociedad away from home where he was solid for 10 minutes he played (he left the game due to a broken collarbone after the 10 minute mark). This summer he was an integral part of the Spanish U-21 side that won the European Championships in Denmark.

Out of all the defenders in the first team, he is currently the closest to a first team call-up.

Name: Marc Bartra Aregall
Position: Center Back, Right Back
Birthplace: Sant Jaume dels Domenys (Tarragona)
Date of birth: January 15, 1991
Height: 181cm (5’9’’)
Official First Team Appearances: 6 (1 goal)
Chances of getting into first team next season: 20%

Marc Bartra is one of the most talented defenders currently in the Barcelona system. He is predominately a center back, but has shown on many occasions he does not look out of place when moved to right back, where he played in his first team debut in an away game against Atletico Madrid on February 14, 2009.

Quick and nimble, he is consistently able to make strong runs from the back, showing a deft touch on the ball. He is another one of those center backs that are comfortable on the ball and has an eye for the long diagonal, or crossfield pass. His leadership qualities make him stand out as a player and he is someone others look to for guidance.

At times, he suffers from lapses in concentration and can be put off balance a bit too easily by skillful dribblers. Still, having been called up three times for the first team and for the U-20 Spain WC squad this summer, he remains one to watch for both Barca and Spain.

Name: Marc Muniesa Martínez
Position: Center Back, Left Back
Birthplace: Lloret de Mar (Girona)
Date of birth: March 27, 1992
Height: 179cm (5’9’’)
Official First Team Appearances: 1
Chances of getting into first team next season: 0%

Everyone remembers him for his red card when making his debut for the first team in the 08/09 treble winning season, Marc “The next Puyol” Muniesa is another extremely promising defender in the Barça system. Like so many of the youngsters coming through the ranks nowadays, he is versatile and can play both the center back and left back positions in defense. He’s aggressive, has a great sense of anticipation, and is a good distributor of the ball from the back. However his positioning is not always the best and he loses concentration too easily at times. Marc also seems to be a bit injury-prone, recently pulling out of Spain’s U-20 WC squad.

That being said, being versatile, talented and hardworking, he has what it takes to make a push for the first team in the future and/or sustain a healthy career in the Primera – if he can keep healthy.

Name: Andreu Fontàs Prat
Position: Center Back, Defensive Midfield
Birthplace: Banyoles (Girona)
Date of birth: November 14, 1989
Height: 186cm (6’1’’)
Official First Team Appearances: 10
Chances of getting into first team next season: 100%

Already promoted to the first team for next season, Andreu Fontas is a classy left-footed central defender with great positioning and a remarkable composure to his play. Having started out his career as a defensive midfielder, Fontas has a great touch and is extremely comfortable on the ball. He is able to build play from the back with ease, while also being able to play a killer diagonal pass. Tactically flexible, Pep has experimented with him at left back against Real Sociedad where he performed well despite the team losing the game. Unfortunately, he is not blessed with the greatest amount of pace nor does he win as many headers as he should defensively. His calmness can also be his undoing at times, leaving him behind the attacker.

He is a raw, but very promising player. With the proper guidance and patience, and him having been the B-team captain and therefore possessing strong leadership abilities, he has what it takes to the next great Barca defender.

Name: Armando Lozano Sánchez
Position: Center Back
Birthplace: Motril (Granada)
Date of birth: December 16, 1984
Height: 185cm (6’1’’)
Official First Team Appearances: 0
Chances of getting into first team next season: 0%

From 2003 to 2006, Armando played for Malaga’s B side in the second division before being promoted to be the first team for the 2006/07 season.  The then-Liga side Levante acquired his services for the next season but after suffering relegation and a financial crisis and the player himself being used sparingly, Armando left the Valencian club for third-division side FC Cartegana before signing for Barcelona B, who were also in the third division, in 2009.

The oldest player on Barça B, Armando is known for his immense physicality as well as his impressive leadership qualities. He is also good in the air both defensively and offensively. That being said, Armando is fairly slow, gets beaten by attackers regularly, and is not comfortable on the ball like his teammates.

He has no chance of ever being promoted to the first team.

Name: Carles Planas Antolínez
Position: Left Back
Birthplace: Sant Celoni (Barcelona)
Date of birth: March 4, 1991
Height: 173 (5’7’’)
Official First Team Appearances: 0
Chances of getting into the first team next season: 2%

Carles Planas is a talented left back who like Montoya, shined in last year’s European U-19 Championships. Planas is quick player who loves to join the attack and offer support on the left flank. However, on the defensive end, Planas seems to get caught out too many times and this past season saw him struggle against the bigger and faster Segunda attackers. He suffered from a few injuries during the season that seemed to affect his rhythm and confidence.  Nevertheless he is a very hard worker, so expect him to work on improving his game this summer.

Name: Abraham Minero Fernández
Birthplace: Granollers, (Barcelona)
Position: Left Back, Left Midfield
Date of Birth: February 22, 1986
Official First Team Appearances: 0
Chances of getting into the first team next season: 0%

Abraham is a fairly versatile player who is capable of playing in both defense and midfield. He works hard and has a bit of pace to him, but unfortunately, he tends to be caught out of position a lot and also has a bad habit of giving away the ball cheaply.  As such, he’ll be playing his trade at Real Zaragoza next season.

Promoted Juvenil A Player To Watch:

Name: Sergi Gómez Solà
Position: Center Back
Birthplace: Arenys de Mar (Barcelona)
Date of birth: March 28, 1992
Height: 185cm (6’1’’)
Official First Team Appearances: 1
Chances of getting into the first team next season: 0%

Sergi Gomez is one of the eight Juvenil A players being permanently promoted to Barça B next season.  One of the most reliable players on the treble winning Juvenil A side, Sergi Gomez is strong, capable of marking players tightly, and is comfortable on the ball. A towering 6’1’’, he is good in the air both defensively and offensively and will be a threat in corner and freekick situations. At times last season with Barça B, his positioning left a little to be desired. He also lacks pace and will need to improve on his lateral quickness in order to avoid giving up fouls against the attackers in the Segunda.

Once he has consistently proven himself at the Segunda level, there is a chance he could be called up to the first team sometime in the future.

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. Awesome!

    In 15 appearances last season he conceded 28 goals and had 2 clean sheets. He also has excellent hair.

    -No he doesn’t. 😛 Why you trying to make it look like I said that, Kari?

    1. Who was it in the liveblog last night in raptures over Caceres hair? Who was that, Miguel??? 😛

  2. A thing of beauty and a joy forever. Great stuff, and kudos to everyone involved. P.S. When you get to Dos Santos, remember that it’s “ho,” no “e,” as that references a garden implement.

    –Bummer about Messi, but I’m not sure what people expect. He’s surrounded by overrated players and aging duds. And no, he doesn’t play his heart out as he does with Barcelona. Weird, that. Is that because he expects no reward for doing so? Possibly. Who knows.

    –I know we don’t care about the player, but Wenger is out of his mind for not selling Nasri. We got Afellay in the January window for 3m because it was the last part of the last year of his contract. Pretty absurd.

    –We still have done nothing in the window. But I finally caught up with the last Chile match, and was impressed as hell with Sanchez. It’s easy to imagine him (maybe) destabilizing a match like that for us. Yes, I still believe the price is too high. Yup.

    –We’re back on NewsNow, which is nice to see.

    1. And no, he doesn’t play his heart out as he does with Barcelona

      I noticed that too…But why is the question? He also looks pre-occupied, as if something is troubling him…

    2. Pretty sure having already played 60 games before getting there has its part in that

    3. And no, he doesn’t play his heart out as he does with Barcelona


      He always looks like he’s giving 110%. Yesterday he was going through tackles just like he does at Barça. In the first half, he tried to carry the team by the scruff of it’s neck. He looked extremely frustrated (even more than usual) when he missed the chance near the end of the game.

      I see the same desire and the same will to succeed.

    4. I second JNice. Kxevin I think this is the first time you’ve said something I’ve disagreed with so violently. I think he comes off as woeful and ineffectual but when he has a bad game with Barcelona he seems frustrated rather than miserable and enraged.

  3. Nice review. As you said, Montoya has the ability to be a good back-up player, which is really all of what we would want.

    BTW Does anyone know which was the last Revista Episode, When was it aired etc.?

    1. Thanks! I have that one but they were showing Jornada 34 review so I was wondering if there were more.

      Though I would love it if you could give me links for older ones that still work esp. after bigger matches or those which you think are worth keeping. Most of the ones on pakmans blog say “file deleted”

  4. Cool review, thanks for the effort you put into this. Fontas is the only defender that will be promoted, but all of them will have their chance in the future. I’m worried about Muniesa, as his injuries seem very persistent. Once our most talented youth player, I’m now worried if he is going to make a career out of football at all. Bartra is one of my fabourites. I don’t agree with him being beat by good dribblers. He is the best tackler in the B team, uncluding Fontas, and he is unbeatable in 1v1s. Sergi Gomez is very complete, he has everything he needs to make it. Not a big fan of Planas.

    I used to think Montoya was bad, but he has – slightly – won me over. He is a solid player, decent defensively and offensively. Defensively, he can seem somewhat nonchalant at times, but he is solid enough. Offensively, he is capable of making Alves-like runs down the wing, but once he is fed the pass, he looks like Oleguer on the ball. If Montoya can improve his speed, his reactions, and his crossing, I see a good future for him.

    1. Bartra is one of my fabourites. I don’t agree with him being beat by good dribblers. He is the best tackler in the B team, uncluding Fontas, and he is unbeatable in 1v1s.

      Fair enough. I was probably a bit harsh, but I’ve seen him look silly many times through the course of the season. I guess it’s the same with every defender once and a while.

  5. Good stuff. Looking forward to the midfield scouting report.

    On another note I have a favor to ask you Tweeters out there. Whose the best (english-speaking) resource on anything and everything related to French football?

    Would be much appreciated, thanks.

    1. French football…. @tomwfootball is probably the best. You can check out @gibfootballshow and @FrenchFtWeekly as well.

    2. Thanksss J

      Think I’m going to have to stop following individual accounts and register finally. Just for footy news – I’m telling myself.

  6. I like Bartra. I hope he gets playing time next year.

    I hope Thiago gets loads of playing time, Bojan does well at Roma, and Bartra get some games with the first team over the course of next season.

  7. I’ve only caught a few B team games this year, so this is great–it also makes me want to watch them more this coming year.

    Just a question though- when you talk about chances of getting into the first team, are you talking about a permanent promotion during the season, or featuring during some games, or a permanent transfer for the 2012-2013 season?…or something else entirely.

    1. Can’t speak for the other authors, but I was thinking of chance of getting a permanent promotion, not necessarily in the next year or two. Mino, for example, won’t get promoted (if he does) until Pinto leaves. If Pinto stays more than another year I would see it as likely that Mino could be loaned out somewhere for more experience at a higher level.

    2. But the label in each report is ‘Chances of getting into the first team next season’, not chances of getting a permanent promotion within the next few years.

  8. Damn it.
    Maybe there are just two chances remaining for Leo to win a title with Argentina… 🙁

    I didn’t watch the penalty shoot-out, but when I went to bed I thought “Tevez will fail”. Now that I woke up I unfortunately had to discover that I was right.
    Tevez should never have been there, at the Copa. And he should never have been substituted for Aguero.

    Plus, I think that Argentina might be a little bit cursed:
    Mascherano sent off was very harsh, then Gago limps off the pitch.
    Muslera was having the game of his life in denying Higuain and Messi with fantastic saves. And Messi usually scores at least one of them, when he plays for Barca. It seemed to me as if his shots were not that powerful when he played for Argentina, as if there was a rock attached to his foot when shooting. Actually he just lost his balance – but why?
    Why does it barely happen at Barca?
    Why did Messi slip in the penalty box once against Costa Rica and one against Uruguay in promising positions?

    It’s not all down to the bad coaching, because in 8 out of 10 matches, Argentina would have won this. I’m really depressed now.
    Hopefully the Copa doesn’t affect the choice for the FIFA Balon D’Or. It’d be unfair, because Messi was still the best for Argentina in the whole tournament, but they’ll say the opposite.

    Only positive thing is more vacation for Messi^^

    The Copa is over for me. Chile should take it, please not Brazil or Uruguay (Uruguay just because Suarez made me go crazy with all his play-acting and complaining to the ref – he was far worse than Dive Maria, which I previously thought would be impossible!).

    1. Yeah, this FIFA Balon D’Or thing is worrying me too. But last year he had, allgedly, a bad WC( did not see it that way mayself, but according to the media), but he did win it nevertheless.

      And I think he is just unbelievable tired and knackerd, he must have played more than 65 matches, no summer this year as well as the year before that.

    2. Yeah I’m rooting for Chile as well, from when I started to feel sure Argentina wouldn’t win it for sure. They’ve played the best football out of all the South American countries for the past few years anyway, and are just such a likable side. Bielsa’s Chile played orgasmic footie, the whole team is talented and together and hard-working, and it’s a high-pressing, skillful, very exciting side.

  9. great work guys
    when is the part 2 coming up ? 🙂
    where do you watch Barca-B, Barca TV?
    anywhere online regularly?
    looking forward to chatting with you all

    1. There are often streams for B games. The best thing is to follow @barcastuff or @Youngcules on twitter, they usually post streams. You can also check rojadirecta.es for streams.

    1. Nice. My boy Romeu looked good in the 2nd half. Very excited for the U20 WC starting up soon.

  10. – I got a text from a friend on the other side of the world at 5 in the morning saying :

    “Viva PEROU HAHAHAHA” -___-

    – Didn’t see the Argentina match. How did they play during the 90 mins? I don’t even know the starting XI. Will check it out now.

    – Good stuff, am waiting for the one. It’s good to see pictures of them clearly with the percentages. Helps understand better than having a blurry general image. Good stuff.

    – We still haven’t signed anyone. Oops, sorry.

  11. Great job on this report, guys!

    I found the 2% really funny. How did you manage to come up/calculate that? 😀

  12. Great job, ya’lls. Looking forward to the rest of it.

    And no, he doesn’t play his heart out as he does with Barcelona. Weird, that. Is that because he expects no reward for doing so? Possibly. Who knows. (Kxevin)
    Regarding Messi, to me it doesn’t look as though he is not trying as hard for the NT as with Barca. It just looks as though he is playing with obligation and no joy. We’ve all noticed that when Leo looks like he’s having fun on the pitch, it’s then that he’s at his best. No joy. No joy at all.

    Oier’s hair?…no comment!

    1. I’ve never seen Messi totter around and collapse like he was starting to in the last 15 minutes of the game… it looked like his body was betraying him, not his resolve

    2. I know, Xingxian. 60 odd games and the physical and mental weight of having to be all things to a team that can’t support your play and a nation that doesn’t even seem to like you much can do that to a person. I find it very sad.

    3. But I don’t think that there can be any doubt that he loves his country and does everything humanly(despite popular opinion, he is human afterall) possible for it’s team. So frustrating for him.

  13. I don’t agree that it’s lack of heart re Messi for the NT.

    I just think that at some point, he’s getting really frustrated and he’s trying very hard to think of a way for a breakthrough. With Barca, he plays with more instinct and reflex because there are many avenues open to him. With the NT, he’s trying to figure out in his mind the many places he needs to be and where he should place the ball. That’s why he looks more serious and I guess tired. He has great mental effort along with his physical exertions.

    I play doubles badminton and am really frustrated when my partner is slow, caught out of position, etc. That’s just one person. I can imagine that Messi must be seething inside when the entire team is just off. And he tries so hard not to show it too.

  14. Brazil v Paraguay, Chile v Venezeula, Breaking Bad season premiere… not bad for a Sunday.

  15. The 50% for Martin Montoya seems a bit low in my opinion.

    The kid played a Great u21 European championship, and will most likely be ready for first team action in the coming season.

    Guess we’ll see.

  16. Um
    180 cm =/= (5’9’’)

    180 cm == (5’11’’)
    181 cm == (5’11’’)
    179 cm == (5’11’’)
    174 cm == (5’8.5’’)

    Great report BTW, LOL @ 2%

    1. Where did you get those numbers? I got mine off Google and checked with three conversion sites to make sure.

      I also rounded some of the numbers up to avoid decimals.

    2. Don’t 12 inches make a feet? 2.54 cm is almost 1 inch. 183 cm is 6 feet so 181 cm should be around 5 feet 11 inches. That’s how my calculations go.

      I take it wikipedia weren’t one of the sources?

      I’m 182 cm. No one takes me for 5’9’’.

    3. Yeah, so I’m right.

      2.54cm x 12in = 30.48 cm/ft

      182cm / 30.48cm/ft = 5’9.7” and I would round that to 5’10”.

      If it was 180cm, it would equal 5’9.0”

      And no, Wikipedia wasn’t a source. It never counts as one anyway. 😛

    4. Yeah but 5’10” is read as 5 feet 10 inches.

      182cm / (30.48cm/ft) = 5.97 feet = 5 feet 11.5 inches..

    5. And this is what I get for trying to do imperial system people a favour. Bleh. Metric system FTW!

      Thank you kindly; I fix it later.

    6. Never mess with an IIT-ian! 😀

      But thanks for taking the trouble/time to write the heights in both units! I do prefer cm though I’m getting used to inches.

    1. I have a lab I’m working on, so if I manage to finish it before the game, there’ll be a LiveBlog. If not, sorry.

  17. USA is absolutely hammering Japan, but they just can’t finish any of their chances. Is anyone else hoping Brazil stumbles against Paraguay? I’d feel different if Alves could find his way back to the team…

  18. Can’t believe two defenders let that ball get away from them!!! Come on USA!! They’ve been doing so well.

  19. @blitzen

    -You got me. I’m taking that picture to my barber.

    What’s happening in the WWC game? It going to ET?

  20. Awesome, y’all. Brazil Paraguay is going into ET, too. So boring. Why am I watching it?


    Barca should get her. She’d be an amazing Plan B.

    1. How bad are brazil doing? So pissed Japan equalized..I was ready for my victory drink!!!

    2. Don’t let that stop you. 😉

      Red card for Japan!

      Red card for Paraguay!

      They’ve just been boring. Midfield’s muddled. They subbed off Neymar for Fred. The usual.

    3. Ah $#@&! Sorry, culegirl3. You should have that drink.

      Really? How many missed penalties was that? Four???

    4. I’ll be having several drinks. I can’t believe after two come backs we ended up losing and over penalties no less. 🙁


    Man, that was so freakin’ awesome! I love football again!

  22. That was one hell of a match. I was neutral, mostly because I just can’t root for any side wearing white. It’s instinct. Truly amazing, though. And no fouling, no crap, no diving or rolling around in agony.

    I have to admit that you can see the parallels in Japan and us, once they got rolling. And hell, they use wing overlaps better than we do. I still think that penalties are a crappy way to run a railroad, and Julie Foudy (sp?) made we watch with the mute button on. But that was quite the game of footy.

    1. Great game! Japan played some really good football once they got going. Their main problem was that with their stumpy little legs the US could beat them to almost any ball.

      No diss to the US, they may play mostly long ball but they are damn good. When I realized it would go to penalties I was certain Hope Solo would be the hero who won it for the US. I’m glad I was wrong.

      It was a victory for football! /Xavi 😀

  23. Streak for FIFA World Cups:

    In the last 7 World Cups (both men and women’s, stretching back to 1999), if Germany doesn’t win it, the team that beat Germany wins it. Same with Japan just now.

  24. Go Japan, such a phantastic team and Sawa such a phantastic player and inspirational skipper.

  25. Brazil in the same position as the USWNT was: have to save the next two penalties, and score their own.

    1. Nine. They made none of their attempts. NONE!!!!!

      Does this mean Larissa Riquelme gets naked now? 😛

  26. If only Argentina didn’t lose their match on penalties. This weekend would have been perfect.

    Damn you, Tevez. DAMN YOU! *howls to the heavens*

    1. But I like Muslera. He’s all baby faced and cute and stuff — when he’s not deny my team the victory of course, so damn him too!

  27. Okay, Imma work super fast on my lab so I can get to Chile – Venezuela. *drinks Dani’s secret stash of Red Bull*

  28. I gotta say, that Brazil is out at least makes me feel a little bit better about Argentina being out. At least Argentina netted some, haha.

    1. To be fair, Brasil went out looking far more superior to Paraguay than Argentina’s fumbling effort against Uruguay.

    2. Ah true. Didn’t get to watch the game. Ah well this has been a strange cup indeed. But hey Brasil is out!

    3. I thought Brazil played pretty well for most of the game, but they sure could have used some Dani Alves, huh?

      And the penalties. *facepalm* In my feverish state I hardly noticed who took them but it didn’t seem like any of the strikers stepped up? Someone enlighten me?

    4. I think that actually Argentina should have won. I mean, the saves from Muslera against Higuain in regular time and against Messi at the very end of extra time were not from this world!

      I don’t know how many brilliant saves the Paraguay keeper did, but those two from Muslera were truly unique.

      In the end, both countries should be ashamed and I wonder if Brazil is now looking forward to 2014 – or praying that it was some years later^^

  29. 🙁 Congratulations to Japan. :'( 4 more years…

    Well… this summer has been very unkind to my international sides, and while club soccer remains a major step down in my heart (even though the level of play is so ridiculously higher) at least this year was kind to my FC Barcelona >_<

    On topic, I'm really looking forward to the rest of the report, especially the midfield (I want to hear lots more about Rafinha), and I'm very thankful for it

    1. I’m not really from a footballing country so I think Club footbal is >>>>>> than country football for me.

  30. If Chile win now, Barca better be putting pen to paper on the Sanchez deal early. God knows what’ll happen if Chile win the whole shebang!

  31. Euler, I’m very keen to hear your thoughts on Brasil and Argentina and their early exits from the Copa and what it means for the future of the South American giants. It’s so strange.

  32. Wow. I never thought I’d see something like that. From Brazil, of all countries. Oh well.

    Yeah, so I really hope that we have signed Sanchez or else – we’ll never get him if they do win the Copa.

  33. Japan are now men’s Asia Cup holders and of the women’s WC: the Spain of Asia maybe?

  34. Yeah I’m just kinda laughing at Brazil now.

    And no Kari, your conversions are incorrect. VJ was right. That I know for sure, where I live we grow up using both metric and imperial since childhood, and also:

    See their conversion of feet to inches is 1 foot equals 12 inches, which is correct:

    And their 1 inch to centimetres is 2.54, which is also correct:

    180cm to inches is done correctly- 70.87 inches

    60 inches is five feet (which is how I usually convert heights from inches at least to feet- see how many inches more than 60 it is, and it’s 5 feet that many inches, or if 12 inches more than 60 on then 6 feet up and so on), and 70.87 is 60 + 10.87 or basically 5’10.9″ which is 5’11.

    Actually when I do Google conversion it comes up as 5.9 feet, not 5’9. But the 0.9 is 0.9 of 12 inches to a foot, so 0.9 of 12 is 10.8.

    1. Oh wait, VJ already pointed out the 0.9 =/= 0’9 since a foot is 12 inches bit right? My bad.

  35. Well, that’s balm for my soul! 😀

    Yesterday I was depressed, but now that I saw Brazil screwing it in the most pathetic way, I’m a little bit consoled.
    I think that Brazil did not deserve to qualify for the semis either, because they were no better than Argentina.

    Way to go for the former South American giants, right now I see Germany, Spain and Netherlands some classes above them.

    1. Heck I even think Uruguay IS better than the South American big two right now, in the World Cup and here. I don’t rate them as highly as the likes of Spain and Germany yes but over the current incarnations of Brazil and Argentina yes.

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