Copa America 2011 QF LiveBlog: Argentina vs Uruguay

It’s on like Tron. Let’s do this, Messi–err, Argentina!

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. Hmph. I knew from watching Arg play that they’re just not going to progress. Hopefully, this will open their eyes and help them with WC preparation. First, by firing Batista. And not pandering to crowd in choosing line-up.

    What’s worse is that Uruguay was down to 10 men!


  2. Stupid Carmageddon. Comiserate at local S African pub or go swimming? Poor Messi.

    1. I second the carmageddon sentiment! I wanted to go to the Galaxy game to night but I’m scared of what would await me on the 110.

    2. How could you not take Carmageddon into account before booking Galaxy v Galacticos? Both teams suck but I’d so chill with the “Riot Squad” for this one.

    3. No. They suck. Only time I ever watched the Galaxy live was against Barca a couple/few(?) years back and they didn’t even let the Blaugrana win. I hate you, Beckham.

  3. Did anybody notice near the end of ET, Messi played the ball into Tevez, Messi continued his run into the box with nobody in front of him. I was fully expecting Tevez to play a one touch return ball. Instead he turns right into a defender. Then of course he misses his penalty.

    1. ” I was fully expecting Tevez to play a one touch return ball”

      Heh, not watched much Carlitos?

  4. So fitting that it was Carlos “The Player of the People and so doesn’t need to pass to Messi” Tevez that missed the penalty. Couldn’t have written a better script.

    My internet connection died just before the penalties. Shows you how much it cares for me.

    1. Sorry internet died but yes, agree Kari – perfect script.

      At least Lio doesn’t get unduly crucified by having one obvious perpetrator of this ghastly result.

  5. Good. Messi & Smasch get a weeks extra rest & no one can say it’s Messi’s fault they are out…

    1. No they can’t JP, and no they shouldn’t, but they probably will anyway πŸ™

    2. You are really naive, of course they will. They can not put Batista into the fire because this would pose questions further up in the AFA why they can not find a decent coach, and they will surely not turn against the people here Tevez. I think they will concentrate on the 2nd half as long as they were one man up and ask why Messi did not save them there

    3. but they still say that. my twitter timeline is full with bulls**t like “ahahahahaha!! without Xaviesta, Messi is nobody! nobody!”

      those IDIOTS.

    4. It’s a team sport. Never mind those idiots. They are the nobodies.

      So long as we keep on winning the Liga and the CL, Messi will go down in history as one of the greatest. Many years from now is what’s important. People will look back wistfully at this time and dream of watching a team like ours play.

  6. it’s all for the best. Messi salvaged his “Argentinian image” and gets some rest. Tevez and Batista get fed to the lions (la puebla)

    Plus now I get to see him live again against man U in DC! (It’s all about me, after all…)

    1. Sorry kinukinu, I don’t think he’ll be there. He’s hosting some benefit game on the 31st.
      Hope for Brazil to lose and maybe we’ll at least see Dani and Adriano!

    2. But why would he schedule that?! Ugh. I hoped he might make it to DC if Arg don’t do well….oh well

    3. what? No! Of all the barca friendlies, this is the most high-profile game. I thought for sure Messi would be there! Oh well, at least I saw him play vs USMNT. I’m still excited to see the rest of them. And glad for Argentina to find a new coach and recoup in time for the World Cup. (but the way south american teams are playing, it’s looking pretty good for another european champion at this point…)

  7. I remember when the initial list of who’d play for Arg during the Copa was released Tevez made a scene complaining that he works hard for the national team and deserves to be there. Well for all that talk he sure as hell has not delivered..I don’t understand why he’s the golden boy of Argentina and Messi get’s blamed for everything. Makes no sense what so ever. Tevez is an epic fail as is Batista.

    1. Messi grew up in Argentina in poor circumstances and played as pro for an argentine club, Messi grew up in Spain and only played for FCB; therefore Teves is seen as the real “Argentine”, meanwhile Messi is accused to only care for Barca and not for his country

    2. If that’s how they see it then they’re a bunch of morons! The real hard worker is Messi, he is selfless unlike Mr. Apache who hogs the ball and tries to take every golden opportunity for the good of Tevez and not for the good of Argentina.

  8. Even the dumbest Argentina fan will see that Messi was at the heart of everything that was good about their team. Batista is the one who will get the flack. It was their complete lack of a midfield which undid them…

    1. And lack of support by a really poor defense–sorry Gabi and Zanetti from 1945…

    2. Ha! Now, Zanetti, he has great hair(sorry Caceres)! As does JDS, which I forgot to mention in my B-team report.

  9. so when will Messi and Masche (okay, plus Milito *sigh*) back to Barcelona squad?

    excited to see our beloved squad back on the training field on Monday… πŸ™‚

  10. my friend (he’s a TV reporter), said Maradona, Cruyff, (real) Ronaldo and Zidane didnt need a strategy to be a star.
    they can play in any team and be a star, because they are the strategy itself.
    that’s why Messi now is only half the best, not the best player in the world.

    is that sound make sense? :/

    1. Maradona played in teams cohesively built for him and around him, Cruyff played in some of the most organized and tactically prepared teams ever in Ajax, Netherlands and co. Didn’t watch France enough to judge if 2006 was as much a mess where Zidane shone in spite of it so can’t say there, though.

    2. Wow. There is so many things wrong with that I don’t even know where to start. Flawed logic at its worst.

    3. I hope your friend isn’t a football reporter because honestly he doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

  11. Pep for Argentina! πŸ˜›

    Really though, they are terrible. And Batista SHOULD get sacked. I knew they’d get knocked out, and sure as hell they delivered. Now let’s just hope Brazil don’t win it. My second favorites are Chile. I’d be happy if either Chile or Uruguay win.

    1. They wouldn’t have to cos Pep coaching THAT team would win EVERYTHING.

      (Say that last word the way Andrew Garfield says it when he’s stalking off after the ‘you better lawyer up, a**hole’ speech in The Social Network… it’s how I always say ‘EVERYTHING’ in my head nowadays)

    2. Speak for yourself. BRASIL! Besides, if you adhere to the theory that the AFA needs to reach rock bottom before any change is put forth, you should cheer for Brasil to win the Copa in Argentinian soil.

      Or Peru. Peru has been awesome as an underdog πŸ˜‰

  12. Let’s not forget Maradona was Argentina’s villain in the 1982 World Cup where he got sent off… and at 26 he became a demigod.

  13. So Part 1 of the long awaited B-team report is posted. I’d prefer it if all CA talk would stay on this thread and not carry over to that post. Just revel in the perfection that is our scouting report. πŸ˜›

  14. Tevez should never have played in this Copa. Serves everyone right that it was him who caused the defeat. Screw Argentina. They deserve EVERYTHING they got.

    I’ll be cheering for Chile as I was before

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