Happy 23rd birthday, Sergio Busquets, aka “What’s for breakfast? Biscuits!”

Our lightning rod, Sergio Busquets, is 23 today. Congratulations. Here’s a picture of him doing what he does best, which is owning suckas in the midfield.

Yes, another site would probably post a picture of famous diver Greg Louganis or something, and scoff, but we don’t roll like that. He’s ours, our player and when he isn’t making us want to drive to wherever he is and knee him in the groin, the perfect DM for our system.

In 2007 he made his first-team debut, in a Copa Catalunya match. The following season, 2008, he made his first-team debut and never looked back. At the time, many had doubts as he worked his way into the rotation with The Yaya, eventually being a factor that facilitated the sale of our former man-mountain to Manchester City.

Yes, he dives. Yes, he exaggerates even the slightest contact. Yes, he could probably get a nun yellow-carded. But he’s ours, and let’s wish him many happy returns.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. This. Is. Awesome.

    From the Twitters @barcastuff:

    Although the clubs on Monday had a deal on the transfer of Alexis Sanchez, Udinese the day after wanted to change the conditions. [marca]

    –18 players have been called for first training on Monday. Yes, that list includes Krkic and Jeffren, so no wisecracks.

  2. Cruijff re: Fabregas

    “[Coach] Arsene Wenger looks after their interests and it is Arsenal who control the situation. Cesc signed for many years and now he has to play them. If Barcelona want to buy him, you have to pay [for him].

    “When you sign for a club, you are bound to it. Arsenal are the master of the situation. It is logical to want [him] to come here, but he is under contract with another club.

    “I have no idea whether he will come. What I know is that they are asking for a lot of money. We must use our heads,” he said.

  3. And for those keeping score, Jonathan Dos Santos has been sold to Zaragoza for 1m, with a 2.5m buy-back. If anyone can think of a player we’ve sold, then exercised the buy-back on, you’re better than I.

    Was this a “character” sale, or was he just not going to pan out? Maybe a little bit of both? Sure, why not? Either way, the Second Coming becomes the First Going.

    –And Gone Adriano has been loaned to Palmeiras. And I need donuts.

    1. Is that confirmed, or just a “report” in the newspaper?

      He’s a very talented player, but I honestly didn’t see him breaking into the first team with so many other brilliant midfielders in the way. He had a fairly mediocre season in many ways. He not only has Xavi, Iniesta, Thiago, ect. ahead of him, he also has Sergi Roberto, Rafinha, Javier Espinosa, and now Kiko coming up from behind, any of whom I think are better long-term prospects for the first team.

    2. And for those keeping score, Jonathan Dos Santos has been sold to Zaragoza for 1m, with a 2.5m buy-back. If anyone can think of a player we’ve sold, then exercised the buy-back on, you’re better than I.

      Was this a “character” sale, or was he just not going to pan out? Maybe a little bit of both? Sure, why not? Either way, the Second Coming becomes the First Going.

      You never know what’ll happen. He’s young and can still become a great player.

      As for why he was sold, I don’t think it had much to do with his character. The Mexico thing was the only notable thing he’s done since he’s been at the club.

      I think it’s just tough for him depth wise. Even on the B team, I think the starting midfield will be Romeu-Riverola-Sergi Roberto. And last season, he was below par for most of the year. As for the first team, we all know the situation there with the midfielders. Pep even lost confidence in him last year, hardly called him up to train in the first half of the season and towards the end, Pep put more faith in Sergi Roberto.

  4. Happy birthday Busi!!!!! Here is what El Flaco had to say about Busquets in the interview Jnice posted yesterday:

    Good point the Busquets thing, he’s one of the biggest talents of the Spanish football ever. A discovery. The first time I saw him I called a friend and told him: “I saw a kind of football player that had disappeared”. He’s a ‘crack’.

    Amazing to think he is still so young and has developed so much in just a few years. Both Guardiola and VDB count on him completely (although I still think he would be better for the NT if Xabi Alonso wasn’t on the field at the same time getting in the way).

    Let’s hope he can put all the nastiness of the end of last season behind him and have another brilliant year.

  5. Happy Birthday Sergio and in your face all you haters. Yesterday arrived my new black away kit (with Dani Alves on the back) and if I can overlook the ugly yellow words on the front I can say it just look phantatic.

    Will we have a LB for the Argentine game this night?

    1. My next jersey- black away kit with Alves on it! Wanna buy it this winter in Barcelona, if our trip goes through!

      I’ve been rewatching some of our games and I’m constantly amazed by Busi(when he’s being good Busi). Sometimes I’m more amazed by him than Iniesta (am I allowed to say that…oh dear, I believe I just commited a major cule faux pas). Happy BDay, Busi!

    2. What a coincidence, I’ve ordered a black away kit with Alves on the back too. 🙂

    3. He is just such a force of nature. I know that he and Busi are the most depised players buy opposing fan and that make me to love them even more.
      Furthermore Dani is such a romantic always doing tweets to compliment his wife, what is not to love about him?

  6. So what do we all think of these rumours linking Joan Capdevila with a Barça move? While Capi is one of my absolute favourite players and I would love to see him at the Camp Nou, I have to doubt whether we would really be bidding on a 33-year old left back. I can dream, though.

    Wikipedia seems to think he is joining Dortmund. Silly user-updated content! 😛

    1. It’d certainly be interesting, as he has loads of experience playing with our guys in the NT. Having a World Cup winning left back as a squad player couldn’t hurt, plus he’d get to see some silverware. Hopefully his wages would be commensurate with the limited playing time he’d be getting though.

    2. Love Capdevila for Spain, nothing flashy, always reliable (and the fact that he raises the Catalan count on the NT is a plus(in your face M*drid). Not sure he could cut it at Barca as he’s sooooooo old (for a footballer).

    3. They had a brilliant 5 hour special on TV the other day about Spain’s campaign at the World Cup, in which they showed the whole final game.

      It was great to watch again, and was the first time that we had seen it since being in a noisy living room full of Catalans and expats viewing it live.

      Capdevila had a very good match that night, and he would well fit into the Barca squad.

      The only thing going against him would be his age which puts him on par with Puyol. It wouldn’t bring much longterm advantage to the club.

      While Abi, Adriano and Maxwell are still with us, I would much prefer the club to be buying a younger LB with potential, and training him into the role.

      There’s also Fontas to consider. There’s talk about him being a CB, but that would mean 2 Piques in the middle, whereas we’ve seen that Pique performs much better with an animal of Puyol’s or Abi’s stripes.

  7. They just show the CL finale again on German TV, apart from the first minute, man o man were we phantastic in this game

    1. Yeah – had to laugh at a comment made by Rooney where he reportedly said that Man U only had to up their game by 5% to be on par with Barca!

  8. Gol TV had the second Liga game against RM on yesterday – the 1-1 draw at the Bernabeau.

    Not a very happy match – so I had to watch the Manita afterwards!

    It’s difficult to use the Manita as a standard given how brilliant that performance was. But watching those two matches together it was startlingly clear how exhausted and tired the team was for that second match. The off the ball movement, ball circulation and pressing weren’t remotely close to what they were when the team was playing well – never mind at the levels they achieved in the Manita.

    This team’s biggest achilles heal is the one that should be easiest to fix – depth.

    There is still a long way to go in the transfer season. But a huge problem they are going to face from here on out is the opportunity cost of trying to sign Cesc (I’m assuming Sanchez will get done shortly after the Copa is over).

    Fabregas is such a convoluted, painful transfer – it may not get resolved one way or another until the very end of the transfer season. This very well may last until the final day of transfers.

    Given how much money is involved, it’s not going to be easy for the club to sign other players to build depth while they wait for Cesc’s situation to play out one way or another.

    The team is at significant risk for putting itself in a similar position to where it was in that away leg at the Bernabeau last season. They were exhausted. They will have many more games to play this season. And I don’t see the pathway right now for the club building a team of adequate size.

  9. I’m starting to think we won’t sign Fabregas. He just isn’t doing enough to force the move – & that obviously means he doesn’t want the move enough. Using Barcas players as his mouthpiece is really getting on my tits too.

    Looking forward to Sanchez being presented after the Copa America tho. & Capdevilla for cover maybe? I think Barca are showing they have faith in Fontas, Montoya & Thiago to be 1st team back up in the areas we need it next season.

  10. Rewatching the CL final. At Messi’s delight at scoring the goal that made it 2-1 the commentators on this version on TV going ‘Messi sure seems happy at scoring in England!’ and I wanted to reach out into the set and slap them and go ‘ITS NOT COS HE BROKE SOME ENGLISH DUCK, YOU BRITS, ITS COS HE SCORED TO PUT US AHEAD IN THE GODDAMN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL!’.

    1. Also, seeing it without the nervousness and tension, and on the massive full screen of my dad’s house back here in Maldives (got back here yesterday) just WOW at how incredible that performance was, I can appreciate it so much more than I did first time when I was too nervous to, well, really watch watch the movement and planning.

    2. Felicidades, Sergio! Any time a discussion of “world’s most underrated footballer” comes around, I am the first to put forth Sergio Busquets. And if the Spain World Cup celebrations are anything to go by, so is Pepe Reina 🙂

  11. Happy birthday, Busi!!!

    For all his foibles, I am very glad he is OUR player.

  12. This is what Roberto Mancini reportedly said about Arsenal’s Samir Nasri:

    Mancini told Sky Sports News: “Samir is under contract with Arsenal. Also for Samir it depends on many things.

    “I don’t know in this moment, I don’t know the situation but for Nasri it is difficult.

    “I hope that we can buy because we need other players, and I hope that this player can arrive before the end of the month.”

    Where is the uproar in the British media? Where is the fury over disrespect? How is this not “tapping up?” Where is Wenger with threats to report City to Fifa?

    Mancini is the manager. Not a player, or ex city-player. He makes the decisions there. Wenger has already said Nasri “stay.” 100% – full stop.

    They hypocrisy on these issues of “tapping up” in England are just ridiculous. If a foreign club does it’s the most loathsome behavior in the world. If a proper British club does it – well nothing major, business as usual.

    The Luka Modric situation is the same. No problem if Chelseas is “unsettling” and “tapping up” a Spurs player. It’s only Spurs – they aren’t a “top 4” club. They are there to be picked apart so it’s not disrespectful at all that Chelsea is not simply “paying up” or leaving the player alone. It’s just negotiations.


  13. Happy birthday Busi! I really enjoyed reading his interview posted on Con la Roja. My favorite part:

    ‘The worst thing about the World Cup was that every interview started with, “two years ago, you were in the third division.” Every day! And I thought, “yes, and one year ago, I was eating spaghetti.”’

  14. I remember the days when everyone here (including me) would lose their heads over every little mistake Busi made. Credit to Ramzi for having enough foresight to see what the rest of us were missing. My feeling is that if he were to play in any other league (EPL, Serie A whatever), he would instantly become the best midfielder in that country, he’s that good.

    1. Yo, I’m supporting Argentina; it’s safe to assume there is a LiveBlog for them unless stated otherwise by moi.

  15. At some point, Arsene Wenger is just going to spontaneously combust from the force of the outrage:

    [he delivered] a stinging rebuke to his Manchester City counterpart Roberto Mancini, who has said that he still hopes to sign the [Nasri] by the end of the month.

    “This comment is out of order,” Wenger said, before addressing the issue of its disrespect. “I cannot say otherwise. These comments are not allowed. They are against the basic rules of football and he should be informed [of that].

    “I don’t know what should be done. I don’t spend my time worrying about what other people say because we are focused on our game. 😛 But what we want is respect and we don’t make these comments about players who are under contract at other clubs. It’s time football in England came back to these basic rules.”

    Why is everyone so unfaiiiiirrrrrr!?!?!?!?!


    1. Normally I’d agree with what he said 100% if Wenger wasn’t such a hypocrite.

      But what we want is respect and we don’t make these comments about players who are under contract at other clubs.

      One word: Chamakh.

      Also [insert reference to taking players that are unable to sign contracts here]. 🙄

    2. I know it’s just how it was quoted and reworded to fill in for previous context, but I think the only player who should get a “the” before his name is the Yaya. “The Nasri” just doesn’t work for me!

    1. Like right there – Peru goal! Plenty of time left, but dang! If Colombia go out after doing so well..

  16. We call him “Buckets” in our house because everytime someone kicks him, he falls over. 🙂

    It was immensely frustrating watching his performance during the ’09/’10 season when we could see so much potential in him, if only he would stay upright and play.

    Del Bosque managed to get through to Buckets during the World Cup and did wonders with him, because he really came of age during the games in South Africa.

    He had a few silly moments last season in La Liga which will hopefully not recur. The team really needs to be squeaky-clean with their play this year, to play down the bad press received during the clashes with Real Madrid. Buckets will help that cause by playing, and not diving.

  17. DAAAAAAAAAAMN!!! Peru to semifinals!! the screaming, we dont pass to semis since 1997 and 83′ before that, a team with a lot of injuries, a lot of lack of motivation and disciplanary problems before Markarian, he truly is a wizard, kudos for him! for all the team, farfan must be crying in lima, he sooo wanted to be there..!

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