La Liga 2011-12 Schedule Out

We all love ourselves some RFEF. Technical glitches and refusal to tell us when matches will be more than 2 weeks in advance means there’s lots of guesswork left, but La Liga’s schedule is out. Or at least the framework for it is.

Round 1 21 August 2011 Málaga v Barcelona
Round 2 28 August 2011 Barcelona v Villarreal
Round 3 9 September 2011 Real Sociedad v Barcelona
Round 4 18 September 2011 Barcelona v Osasuna
Round 5 21 September 2011 Valencia v Barcelona
Round 6 25 September 2011 Barcelona v Atlético Madrid
Round 7 2 October 2011 Sporting Gijón v Barcelona
Round 8 16 October 2011 Barcelona v Racing
Round 9 23 October 2011 Barcelona v Sevilla
Round 10 26 October 2011 Granada v Barcelona
Round 11 30 October 2011 Barcelona v Mallorca
Round 12 6 November 2011 Athletic Bilbao v Barcelona
Round 13 20 November 2011 Barcelona v Real Zaragoza
Round 14 27 November 2011 Getafe v Barcelona
Round 15 4 December 2011 Barcelona v Levante
Round 16 11 December 2011 Real Madrid v Barcelona
Round 17 18 December 2011 Barcelona v Rayo Vallecano
Round 18 8 January 2012 Espanyol v Barcelona
Round 19 15 January 2012 Barcelona v Real Betis
Round 20 22 January 2012 Barcelona v Málaga
Round 21 29 January 2012 Villarreal v Barcelona
Round 22 5 February 2012 Barcelona v Real Sociedad
Round 23 12 February 2012 Osasuna v Barcelona
Round 24 19 February 2012 Barcelona v Valencia
Round 25 26 February 2012 Atlético Madrid v Barcelona
Round 26 4 March 2012 Barcelona v Sporting
Round 27 11 March 2012 Racing v Barcelona
Round 28 18 March 2012 Sevilla v Barcelona
Round 29 21 March 2012 Barcelona v Granada
Round 30 25 March 2012 Mallorca v Barcelona
Round 31 1 April 2012 Barcelona v Athletic Bilbao
Round 32 8 April 2012 Real Zaragoza v Barcelona
Round 33 11 April 2012 Barcelona v Getafe
Round 34 15 April 2012 Levante v Barcelona
Round 35 22 April 2012 Barcelona v Real Madrid
Round 36 29 April 2012 Rayo Vallecano v Barcelona
Round 37 6 May 2012 Barcelona v Espanyol
Round 38 13 May 2012 Real Betis v Barcelona


So we start the year at Malaga and end it at Real Betis. Add in the August 14 and August 17 dates with Real Madrid in the Spanish Supercopa and we’ve got ourselves one hell of a ride starting in just over 1 month. We’re also visiting Madrid for el clásico in the first half of the season instead of the other way around, which is a fun change of pace from the last couple of years. We also host the Catalan derby on the second-to-last weekend of the season.

Shiver me timbers, it’s going to be a good one. Villarreal in the second week could present serious problems, especially if Rossi is still there and wants to show us what we’re missing out on. Then again, maybe Alexis Sanchez will want to show the world why he was worth the price. Or neither of those things will come true. Who knows?

Our only “stretch of death” is Valencia followed by Atletico Madrid. Given that I haven’t compared the probable Champions League dates, I don’t know if there’s another set that will be tricky (last group stage matchday should be directly before the first clásico) and given that we have no idea who will be in the CL group, it’s best not to speculate.

The Club World Cup is scheduled to start on December 8, but Barça doesn’t participate until December 15 when we’re slotted into the semifinals. Rumors suggest that the first clásico will be changed to accommodate travel to Japan where the tournament will take place (specifically, the team plays in Yokohama where the final will also be held). Traveling to Japan and playing a competitive match on short notice would be difficult, but not unheard of if the team is able to go directly from Madrid rather than returning to Barcelona. At least they won’t have to drive…

What are your thoughts on the schedule?

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By Isaiah

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    How did I miss this comment? Perfect analogy. Even though he was the best player in the world for 20 odd years, Sachin finally got the Holy Grail once he had a proper team. And success in Football depends 10x more on the team than Cricket. If Messi could maintain this level for the same amount of time then only one could hope of him winning the WC because the Argies might have to wait a long time for a proper team/coach/tactics..

    1. Tico Kids have the first two-goal-margin victory of the tournament! Who would’ve though 😛

      This match probably ensures Colombia will win the group, as its last match will be against a Bolivia who will be missing two starters due to red cards.

      Now the Costa Rica-Argentina match will be especially interesting… A draw would see Costa Rica through and Argentina *might* have a shot at best third place. Even then, such a result would likely mean Argentina meeting Brazil in the QF or SF.

    2. Right, hopefully this means Batista has to make some changes. He probably won’t do anything drastic though.

    3. Wait…are you saying a team actually scored a goal in this competition? More than one, even? Wow.

  2. barcastuff:

    Mali midfielder Seydou Keita (31) has asked his agents two months ago to look for another club, where he can be a starter. [el confidencial]

    Seriously doubt this.

    1. it’s possible. thiago promoted. possible arrival of cesc. he must see the writing on the wall…

    2. 😀

      But all jokes aside, I think Rosell is serious about not raising the bid and Arsenal seem serious on their stance, so unless Cesc hands in a formal transfer request, I don’t see a resolution this summer. Sorry, Francesc.

    3. ….I’m not sorry.

      (Looks like you’ll be winning your bet(s) :D, but it’s still early goings. Remember The Ibra Fiasco? Yeah… )

    4. Ibra fiasco, yes…. 😆

      I was very sure Ibra will stay, because I didn’t think Milan willing to pay that much money and I didn’t think Rosell could be that idiot and weak to sell Ibra for cheap…

    1. this comment cracked me up!

      “Arsene starts to see the appeal of jumping ship…”

  3. Leo does wonders with his organization, Fundacion Leo Messi, for children all over the world, is the better man not to mention the better player, but he will never be as loved. Not even if Argentina win the World Cup. He knows this and it’s destroying him inside. The pressure is too great, and he does love Argentina. A lot more than they deserve.

    “A lot more than they deserve…” it breaks my heart to read this sentence (a comment from Guardian…)

    But he is not the angel with the dirty face. I have to say I myself miss the days when Leo was the wandering waif with the messy, long hair. It seems the Barcelona clinicality (and I speak as a blaugrana) has destroyed something inside of him, some restlessness, something that cannot be tamed, a rebellion.

    I like his hair now, to be honest… 😕

    1. idk. i thought that untamable rebellious restlessness was on full display when he wacked that EE supporter shooting the ball over the sideline as hard as possible 🙂


    In case this hasn’t been mentioned, Barcelona and Barcelona B were both handed the Fair Play award in their respective leagues yesterday. Basically, each team gets a point for every yellow card and three points for every red it gets every season. At the end of the season, the team with the lowest score gets the Fair Play award. So Barcelona committed the fewest cardable offenses of any team–in both La Liga and la Segunda Division.

    Barca, notably, only received two red cards in the entire league season, the second least next two Real Sociedad (who didn’t receive a yellow card all season o_0 ).

  5. “Despite having an embarrassment of riches in an attack spearheaded by Lionel Messi and Carlos Tevez, Argentina failed to impress. Coach Sergio Batista, however, said there would be no major changes for the final group game. “We have a game against Costa Rica and if we win that, we will have five points and go through,” he insisted, adding that he understood fans’ frustration.”


    1. I’m not sure what Aguero has to do anymore to get a starting spot. Or how many times the forward line has to fail before Batista will make any changes!

  6. If you are a fan of Crackovia (who isn’t?), you might enjoy this interview with Jordi Rios:

    And if you are a bad cule and haven’t become fluent in Catalan 😉 you can copy/paste a reasonable translation here:


  7. A comment on totalbarca
    “You wouldnt want Barcelona to be your girlfriend. She might be beautiful but damn she’s possessive”

  8. I didnt see the columbia game but in the first game of the copa,LE0 was far and away their best player and their only spark of creativity.sometimes he looked like the only one who cared.what’s he being blamed for exactly?for playing with a bunch of selfish idiots trying to secure a big move who has less than 10% OF HIS TALENT,AND 2%OF HIS COMMITMENT?

  9. A London newspaper suggests Abidal & £32million is the offer on the table for Cesc now. I seriously hope not…

    1. 😆

      This takes the prize of daftest lie from the BritPress. Abidal’s not leaving, period. But to also include him in as a makeweight (because he’s French) and then we still pay >30m? LOL.

  10. Just booked my flight to Granada for week of October 24 as they play Barcelona on match 26. To be safe, i shall be there on Oct 25 and 27 so LFP cannot screw me up:). Now will have to see if those guys even have a website where i can buy the tickets to the match.

  11. I found this article about Luis Enrique here:

    The writer seems to think there was friction between Lucho and Pep over the issue of B players being called up for first team games:

    Pep Guardiola speaks highly of Luis Enrique, which says a lot given the friction between the two of them this year. ‘Lucho’ is a winner, like Pep. ‘Lucho’ has a strong character, like Pep. ‘Lucho’ has his own ideas, like Pep. And when Guardiola took the best players of Barça B to complete his squad, the Asturian was not happy and let this be known. Because Fontas, Muniesa, Thiago, Nolito, Montoya and the others were essential players in his team, while they were only there to make up the numbers in the first-team squad.

    I never heard anything like this during the season. Did any of you? Obviously no coach would be thrilled to lose players every week, but the whole point of the youth system is so young players can get experience training and playing with the first team. He knew that was going to be one of his challenges going in, and he did amazingly well to take the team to third spot in the Segunda.

    So what do you all think? Any foundation to this? I think if it bothered him that much he wouldn’t have stayed in the job for three years. Then again, Lucho always did like to finish what he started.

    1. Never read anything at all about that. I’m no one important, but I read a bunch of different things and follow journalists who cover Barça with pretty good info and I’ve never read something like that. Not sure that wouldn’t have leaked at some point if true.

      Also, anytime Lucho and Pep merged training sessions (namely during FIFA international dates), there seemed to be good feeling between the two; all laughs and smiles.

      And like you say, blitzen, Lucho knew the deal coming in and it’s not like Barça B did poorly as a result of players being called up.

      Short answer: No foundation at all for me.

  12. Uruguay Chile is on right now.

    Still no Mati Fernandez or “El Mago” Valdivia. Sad faces.

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