Ye of Little Faith…


Some of these writers can be such cotton-headed ninnymuggins. Here goes one right here in this very space, poo-pooing the f’in bananas out of a poor, defenseless rumor. Yeah, it’s some tyrannical overlord hemming and hawing and derping all day, looking for ways to bring in some chump change on a spurious rumor. There is no vast, periodical-based conspiracy. There is no SPECTRE.

The thing about these rumors is that it’s the naysayers that make them rumors instead of facts. It’s our “hero” Simmons, whose push for grammatical correctness and inability to see that rumors just need to be believed that keeps our dreams from coming true. A rumor is just a fact that hasn’t been supported properly.

Like Buddy, wandering the streets of New York looking for someone to prove him right simply by believing, these rumors merely need your support, your love, and your total, unfailing belief in them and poof they will become reality. There was no man on the moon, but everyone believes it so much that Neil Armstrong shot into space on a shopping mall rideWithout putting in a quarter.

Cesc for a bottle of cava and a Darth Vader pez dispenser? Check the “I believe” box and he’s all ours. Alexis Sanchez? A bottle of the boss man’s signature cologne and a hearty pat on the back for Udinese owner Giampaolo Pozzo from one Señor Messi.

Build it and they will come.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Hard to believe this is the same team that was 2 minutes away from losing the game.

    1. Part of it is that Belarus is just breaking down physically because they’ve had to defend for so long. The longer the game went the more Spain could dictate play.

      But on the whole this Spain team is far too up and down in terms of their effort and concentration.

      In this tournament their effort has varied far too much. To be honest they’ve played as if they just assume they are better than the opposition and have the game won before it’s played.

  2. So we pull Jefferen out of the Udinese deal and give him to Liverpool on the cheap for 10m now lol……Great game, impact sub. Everyone was giving love to Munian and here comes his sub and tears it up!!!! Great coaching, great sub!!!!

  3. I tell you if RoSELL does sell Thiago I will go to Barcelona myself burn my membership card in front of his face and piss all over him.

    He is the focal point of this team, when they were as good as out he did take initiative, he is just so good,

  4. Congratulations to Spain. They pulled it out.

    But on the whole it should have never come to this. Milla has done a poor job preparing this team to play. They come out against England – don’t really bother to score that second goal and just play lackadaisically and settle for the tie.

    They go on to play two relatively comfortable games and then today they reverted back to poor form against an organized side. Given how much was at stake in this match that’s not a good sign.

    They won and advanced but this is an easy match for both Milla and the players to draw the wrong lessons from.

    The Spanish midfield completed one pass after another – but they didn’t play well or efficiently as a unit. They did not read the game properly. And that’s the first main job of a midfielder.

    The players on Spain with space and time on the ball were the wide players. Belarus was trying to stay narrow. The ball should have been circulated rapidly into space along the flanks. When Spain did this Belarus broke down. Munian in particular was very dangerous when he got the ball wide in the first half.

    Instead for most of the game Spain just tried to play “their game” and not see what was going on in the pitch.

    Thiago played well technically today. But he did not read the game well. The other Spanish players were worse than he was – Mata and Martinez should really provided the leadership needed for Spain to correct course.

    But Thiago runs the team and it’s ultimately his responsibility. That’s the nature of the position. He’s only 20 so that’s just part of the process of learning. But today’s game showed limits to where he is as a central midfielder. Again – this is no statement on him or his talents or potential. It’s just where he is right now.

    1. Also – just to add to my comment. As I wrote earlier – credit to Thiago for setting up that tying goal. The key there was playing the ball out wide – that was the right decision as Jeffren had space wide of play.

    2. In the run up to the World Cup, the senior Spanish team was playing to prove something, to prove that Spanish football deserves the top title and probably had for a number of years. These players were playing against the sense that previous Spanish teams had failed to perform at the level that their talent warranted. The Spanish players of ’08 to ’10 weren’t going to let that happen again.

      My worry is that the younger Spanish players now look to that success and think: “See! Our way is superior. So let’s just tiki-taka for a bit and it will all work out.” They are missing the chip on their shoulder that drove the previous senior team. Add to that the inexperience of reading the game and their coaches seeming inability to read it for them and you get today’s near loss.

      I just hope that the senior team doesn’t develop the same mental problem during Euro 12.

  5. Bojan to Roma loan unusual. Can buy him outright for 10m. But, if they do, Barca can then buy him back in next 2yrs for 15m. Almost done.

    @Jnicee17 Roma are taking him on loan

    To clarify Bojan. Roma take him on loan. If they want 2 buy him nxt summer, it’s 10m. If, after that, Barca want him back, they pay Roma 15m

    So basically, we aren’t getting paid this summer. What a joke.

    1. What makes you think this journalist is privy to the details of this (unconfirmed) deal?

    2. Marcotti knows his stuff and other people in Italy were taking about a loan deal earlier today. Makes more sense on Roma’s part. We’ll see.

  6. So, if Bojan, at Roma,

    1) Sucks – They ship him off back to us. We skimp on his salary for a year, then ship him off somewhere else.

    2) Shows Promise, but doesn’t name names – Roma say thank you very much, a bag containing 10M is thrown at us. We still keep an eye out for him for later.

    3) Sets the Stadio Olimpico alight (figuratively) – Roma get 15M for a bucket-load of goals over a couple of seasons possibly.

    We lose 5M if we want to take him back, not pay his salary(someone could get that?) to see if he steps up. Not that bad.

    I take my earlier comment

    1. *as in someone could pull how much he’s getting paid at the moment for discussion sake.

      All the above holds provided what Marcotti is saying is indeed the case..

  7. This is off topic but….is anyone watching the USA vs Panama match? What a goal!

    1. Ado to Donovan to Dempsey …quite pretty. But what a nail biter.

      And hubby said that Barca has spoiled me rotten when I complained about the lack of movement off the ball. 🙂
      Go USA!

  8. I like Adu’s passing, much more thoughtful than the hoofing up the field that the rest are doing.

    1. Hopefully he gets more playing time in the final game..IMO he is an underrated player who can possibly make an impact on the USMNT if given the opportunity.

  9. picks their best World XI to beat Barcelona:

    I can’t argue with their choice of GK (Neuer) or their front three, even if it does include CRonaldo, but Ashley Cole as their LB? Dani Alves would eat him for breakfast. And BSdotCOM rates Pepe much higher as a DM than I ever would. I would pick either Fabregas or Schweinsteiger over him.

    1. Cole, Wilshere, Zanetti? 😆

      They are good/great players, but what makes them especially, well, special is the team surrounding them. And I could say that for every player, really.

      A collection of individually good players won’t “beat” us; as Hercules, Betis, etc. have shown, a functioning team that plays for each other will. And even then, we’d have to be on an off-day. No matter how I phase it, that’s just how it is IMO. An on-form Barca is just unplayable.

  10. Very interesting game for the US in the Gold Cup.

    Freddy Adu changed that match. He gave the US some of the creative spark they are always in need of.

    By bar the key play in the goal they scored was Adu controlling the ball and funneling that lovely ball out to Landon Donovan.

    Donovan put in a good cross – but honestly – the Panama defense did an awful job. They didn’t close down Donovan. They gave him time and space on the ball around the box.Can’t do that. Under those circumstances Donovan has to lace a good cross in.

    The real piece of difficult skill that sparked the play was Adu’s. That was very nice.

    Both good and strange to see Adu out there.

    And on another note – the Sanchez transfer really has become a total circus.

    Pozzo is just not going to make a deal on this until the very last minute. He wants to force Sanchez to city but that’s doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. So he’s going to keep holding out and holding out to literally drag every single cent out of the deal.

    And in the mean time the rumors in the press are just out of hand.

    1. I’ve been calling for Adu’s inclusion for awhile now. He’s more skillful than anyone on that squad. People love to hate on him, but the fact is, he can play. No surprise he was the game changer.

    2. So what should Rossel and Barca do? I think they should hold firm on their offer because Sanchez wants to come to us.

    3. They should sit tight. At this point I would talk to Sanchez and his agent and get them to put as much pressure on Udinese as possible.

      This needs to get wrapped up before the copa otherwise it’s just going to linger for a month.

      And given how much depth barca have to build they need to get this done. As it is they are going to waste enormous time and organizational focus going after fabergas again.

      If things don’t start moving soon I would open up negotiations for Rossi – both to get the process started again and to put pressure on Udinese. Have Sanchez tell Udinese I’m going to Barca – if i don’t go this year i’m going to go next year. I won’t go to City or United. So if you don’t come off this hard stance your not going to get a penny for me.

    4. When does his contract expire? I agree with everything you said regarding the approach. If we miss out on Sanchez, so be it, Rossi is also an excellent talent.

    5. It’s not for several seasons. I think he might be signed until 2016, IIRC.

      But Udinese must sell him this summer. They really should sell him before the copa because if he gets injured it could really cost them 35M.

      They are literally trying to suck out pennies from the deal. City is simply not a realistic option.

      Udinese should wrap this up before the Copa starts next week.

      Negotiating for Rossi will be more complicated now though. Villareal will know how much Barca was willing to pay for Sanchez.

  11. And if any of you haven’t gotten around to downloading the video of all Barça’s goals this season, DO IT NOW! Rediscover such forgotten classics as:

    –Xavi’s goal vs. Athletic Bilbao through a very narrow space.
    –Maxwell’s corker against Ceuta (you want to sell him because why?)
    –Dani Alves’ Ibra-style kung-fu goal against Sevilla
    –Milito! vs. Ceuta (and Nolito too!)

    Perfect video to watch on a rainy day. 😀

  12. Cules who want Neymar should watch the Copa Liberadores.

    He would have to radically change his game to fit in at Barca.

    He doesn’t defend at all. At all. It’s just not part of the game in Brazil right now. Forwards don’t have much in the way of defensive responsibilities. Neymar takes that to another level. And his overall work rate isnt’ good.

    And while he’s very good on the ball – when he doesn’t have it he doesn’t add much value. His off the ball movement just isn’t very good.

  13. On the other hand – Ganso really is the business. He is so good.

    Barca don’t need him. But some team should snap him up.

    It’s funny – all the emphasis Chelsea is paying on trying to get Neymar – and the player they really could desperately use is Ganso.

    United could also really use Ganso. They made a big mistake last year not buying Hernanes (or Ozil). They really could have used Hernanes at Old Trafford. He was wonderful for Lazio.

    It’s so unfortunate and really says a lot about the state of football in brazil that Menezes has no time for Hernanes.

    Really ugly ending to the match. Santos and Penarol almost getting into a riot at the end of the match. Penarol players were livid with Santos.

    Regardless – congratulations to Santos. It will be a fascinating match next season against Barca if Santos holds onto it’s players.

    1. Ganso was superb. I mostly tuned in because I read he was finally coming back from his injury layoff. Never would have figured he’s been out for over a month by the way he played.

      He plays with a cool head and rises to the occasion. I remember the second leg of the State Championship final last year in which he had a strong game too.

      I wonder if he’ll feature in the Copa at all? I believe he’s included in the squad.

    2. I really hope the play him. If they don’t I’m afraid we are once again going to see a completely pedestrian midfield from Brazil just as we did in the WC.

      The only really creative midfielders on the team are Ganso and Lucas. Don’t think Menezes is going to play Lucas in a major role yet.

      I think they need to play Ganso especially after how he looked tonight. If they don’t they are going to run into problems like they did in the last WC.

    3. I love Ganso. He’s so classy on the ball. Shame we don’t need him. He’s probably my favorite non-Barça midfielder along with Asamoah on Udinese.

    4. Echo what Jnice says. Love Ganso. Cool midfielder. Would definitely fit into the Barca midfield.

  14. The crack staff at EMD is saying that if Thiago feels he wont get first team exposure w/ us, he prefers Chelsea. So clearly tomorrow we wil hear Thiago & 15M for David Luiz….This is gettilg hilarious. I would not give Thiago up, at all. If Jordan Henderson is worth 20M pounds in the EPL, my god, Thiago is worth 30M!!!!!!

  15. I have full confidence that Thiago will be just as good at his position, MF, as Rossi and Sanchez are at their respective positions. So if they are worth 30M, surley a 20 y/o Thiago with virtually no ceiling is as well.

  16. One final thought tonight. I know we are not E.E, and take pride in that. What we are is the three time defending league champs and have won 3 CL titles in 5(?) years. We are a big club, with lots of money. If Alexi Sanchez is the right fit for this club, and we are between 30-35M for him, we should jump on it. I mean, remember, it was only a year ago that E.E paid 34.5M for their promising winger. And I can say w/ confidence, Alexis is a beter fit w/ us than the fallen Angel is with them!!!!!

  17. Question…
    Is sanchez fast? How would he do in a comparison to pedro villa messi?
    I’ve watched the youtuve vids but I can’t tell.. since I don’t how paced are the defenders he runs against. And Ibra looked much faster in serie A..

    1. try checking out the Chili national team from last summer. i remember that whole squad being fast

    1. I always knew Bassam was a Cule in his heart 😆
      It’s just that he became a Luke Skywalker.
      Is that right> Im not really a Star Wars fan.. 🙁

  18. Euler was absolutely spot on regarding Pozzo.
    Euler said Pozzo will increase his valuation on Sanchez again and again.

    Pozzo: “50M would even be a good deal deal for Barça. To start with, Madrid won’t win anything next season if they sign Sanchez.” [as]

    Now 50 is not enough since he said it would be a good deal. That implies that he wants more.

    1. What happens when Sanchez plays well in the Copa America?

      Pozzo raises Sanchez’s price again.

    2. That means that we better wrap this up asap before he increases it again. Or just stop at once!

  19. So, if Sanchez plays today’s friendly against Paraguay instead of hoping on a plane for Barcelona, we can effectively rule out the possibility that this deal will be completed before the Copa (if ever), yes?

    I can’t imagine Borghi will let Sanchez leave anytime after Thursday. With the Copa starting in ten days or so now, this last week becomes essential for squad preparation. Sanchez leaving the Chile camp even for a day or two would throw a wrench in those plans.

    Seems like this saga will only drag onwards.


    The Seven Creatures of the Transfer Window: which one are you?

    Ah, the summer transfer window: three balmy, barmy months in which normally sane football fans go doo-lally at the merest drop of a rumour.

    But which Creature of the Transfer Window are you?

    1) The Eternal Optimist
    Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cos every seemingly ridiculous signing will be alright. Sold your best striker and replaced him with a dud from the second tier of French football? Eh, it can be hard to score goals in that division, English football will suit him. The Eternal Optimist will spin everything so that it makes perfect sense.

    Natural Habitat: A Betting Shop
    Most likely to say: “The manager knows what he’s doing.”
    Least likely to say: “We’ve signed WHO?”

    2) The Football Manager Addict
    Never heard of a player and have no idea how he’d fit in at your club? Just find the Football Manager Addict. They’ll be able to give you a rundown of his strengths, weaknesses, positional ability, shot strength, attitude, sell-on value and how good they’ll be in five years. Who needs to actually watch football anyway!?

    Natural Habitat: University Halls of Residence
    Most likely to say: “I know it’s not real BUT…”
    Least likely to say: “I’ve renewed my season ticket.”

    3) The Apathetic
    Jaded by years of transfer windows these people have seen it all. Cynical about any link with a player they take everything with a tonne of salt. Always ready to hose down your excitement about the possibility of a signing, frustratingly they’re correct more often than not.

    Natural Habitat: On a Higher Plane
    Most likely to say: ‘There’s no point speculating until he’s pictured with the shirt on.’
    Least likely to say: “The deal is almost done, I read it on Twitter.”

    4) The Committed Pessimist
    It’s all going wrong. It is. Perhaps they predicted doom wrongly last year but this time they really mean it. The club is going the wrong way. A slippery slope to nowhere. So you’ve just signed a world class player? Pah, what’s world class these days? He could get injured on the first day of the season and then what? A new keeper, two defenders, a midfielder or three, and a top class striker are essential to avoid the fate they are predicting – and even then it will be a close run thing.

    Natural Habitat: Football Forums
    Most likely to say: “I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist.”
    Least likely to say: “We’re looking good for next season.”

    5) The In-The-Know
    This creature literally thrives at this time of year and is lesser spotted outside of it. They won’t reveal why they know what they know but they’ll tell you that they know it. They just know y’know. They know what you don’t know but would like to know yet they never know anything that would be boring to know as that wouldn’t be worth them knowing. Now you know.

    Natural Habitat: In the Pub or on Twitter
    Most likely to say: “Just trust me.”
    Least likely to say: “I’ve no idea.”

    6) The Wind-up Merchant
    Of course your best player wants to leave, you’re a small club. Last season was your peak and so next season will be your trough. Its better you accept it now. You’re a selling club. Not in the market for best players. Basically find the most controversial angle on any subject and the Wind Up Merchant will take it to a new level.

    Natural Habitat: On the payroll at TalkSPORT
    Most likely to say: “If you disagree, you know how to get in touch.”
    Least likely to say: “I could be wrong as it’s just my opinion after all.”

    7) The Sufferer of Premature Elation
    A lack of football can lead to a certain level of delirium for these people. Just the slightest rumour can result in them proposing formations for next season to suit the player’s strengths, making up chants, and contacting the club shop to see what number shirt the player will be wearing.

    Natural Habitat: Pacing Any Room Repeatedly
    Most likely to say: “Where should I get the tattoo?”
    Least likely to say: “It’ll never happen.”

    1. I’m a cross between the Apathetic and the Optimist. Apoptimist.

      I think most people in here fall into either the Football Manager Addict or Committed Pessimist categories. 😆

    2. Football Manager addict, I’ve scouted and signed so many of the talents that we’ve been linked with years ago in FM.
      The major issue I have is when EE sign them I sell them or bench them in the game, It really annoys me.

  21. Also, has RoSELL really added the extra disgrace of a UNICEF tramp stamp onto our jersey?

    I hate that guy..

    1. The guy is a total moron in the PR department. He runs his mouth too much in my opinion. bring back Laporta!

    2. Well, lower back of the shirt is much better than on the shorts, across the ass, as you see with some teams…

      And it’s UNICEF. I’m glad at least we didn’t drop them completely.

  22. i m not sure but it seem most of us here is condemning pozzo for the ridiculous price he set for sanchez.but as the clubs owner he holds the right to do that.nothing wrong in that.

    and if jeffren doesnt want to be a part of the sanchez transfer,no grudges against him.his right should be above the club.


    I’m sold tired of this and the Italian owner granstanding I’d almost want to walk away from both now. I will say this:

    1) We need additioanl scoring threat more than will need midfield depth. I would think Sanchez has advantage here but Cesc’s scoring numbers have been great recently.
    2) On the flip side, Cesc could be Xavi’s long term replacement when he retires.

    In case Pedro has a slow year or Villa stays slow, I like the pace, age, and threat factor of Sanchez but not for 50MM.

  24. I’m so bored… I’m fidgety like a junkie needing a fix. Sigh… When do we play again?!?!? I’ve already watched a lot of repeats, I am starting to be able to recite some of this seasons commentary for some of the matches verbatim… ughhh. Why is nothing happening? I mean some of these tournaments and stuff are OK, maybe not the Gold Cup so much… Sign somebody or something, c’mon already… painful. How can Pep play golf? you’d think those two would kick their putts… was surprised they used clubs

    1. Chile v Paraguay starts in under an hour if you’re interested.

      Not sure if Sanchez is playing or not, but.

    2. I’m pretty sure Sanchez, Matigol, Suazo, Valdivia, and Medel are being left out due to risk of injury.

    3. Thanks beeeef, maybe that will pick me up, got that one on the radar, I’m afraid he won’t play and I’ll be disappointed or he’ll play really well and we won’t sign him and then I’ll be mad…I’m suffering silly season emotional doldrums. Maybe I’ll throw on my jersey and watch the CL final again later and try to pretend I don’t know how it ends – I watched the 6-2 Clasico from 09 last night.

    1. Youtube is streaming it for free, and I believe Univision will be carrying it. I am fairly sure it will also be transmitted live (for free!) through the Univision site. If their Copa America coverage is as good as their Gold Cup coverage, it would be the best way to follow the tournament here in the states 😛

    2. To me, it appears that Univision is carrying some but not all of the Copa America games. The Argentina game on July 1st will be on WMDOC (whatever that is, channel-wise for me it’s in the 500’s). I thought for sure that GOLTV had the rights for the Copa America but they never publish their schedules until a few days before (maddening) and you’d think they’d be advertising it on their website it they had bought the rights. Hopefully good old barcastuff will post links.

    3. sorry, that’s WMDOCA

      WFDC is also carrying some games.

      What’s with the dearth of stations carrying this thing?

  25. Mods! Can we have a new post please? This one has been up for three days.

    I realize there is no actual news to report, but this thread is getting too long to scroll through.

    Thank you.

  26. with all this talk about Pozzo pricing Sanchez worth 50 mil. if we for some reason end up pulling out of the race to sign him, will Man City even be willing to sign Sanchez for 50 mil?

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