Ye of Little Faith…


Some of these writers can be such cotton-headed ninnymuggins. Here goes one right here in this very space, poo-pooing the f’in bananas out of a poor, defenseless rumor. Yeah, it’s some tyrannical overlord hemming and hawing and derping all day, looking for ways to bring in some chump change on a spurious rumor. There is no vast, periodical-based conspiracy. There is no SPECTRE.

The thing about these rumors is that it’s the naysayers that make them rumors instead of facts. It’s our “hero” Simmons, whose push for grammatical correctness and inability to see that rumors just need to be believed that keeps our dreams from coming true. A rumor is just a fact that hasn’t been supported properly.

Like Buddy, wandering the streets of New York looking for someone to prove him right simply by believing, these rumors merely need your support, your love, and your total, unfailing belief in them and poof they will become reality. There was no man on the moon, but everyone believes it so much that Neil Armstrong shot into space on a shopping mall rideWithout putting in a quarter.

Cesc for a bottle of cava and a Darth Vader pez dispenser? Check the “I believe” box and he’s all ours. Alexis Sanchez? A bottle of the boss man’s signature cologne and a hearty pat on the back for Udinese owner Giampaolo Pozzo from one Señor Messi.

Build it and they will come.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. I don’t know how Roma found an agreement to sign Bojan when he is at the U21 Euro. Don’t believe what you read guys.

    I think we are still far from signing anyone, even reports on Kiko have been wrong. Yesterday they said he was hours away from signing.

    TBH, I don’t think we are close to signing Sanchez yet, Its obvious thats the case when one side says the deal 80% complete and soon after the other side are saying we are not close to negotiating a deal.

    Udinese have set a value for Sanchez at 50 mil, but thats the ideal value, everyone would have said the same thing. It’s like how we would value Busquets, he ideally is worth 50 mil too, but in reality we’ll accept probably a fee of 30mil if we wanted to sell him or if he wanted to leave.

    So I think if a deal were to come through, it would be sufficiently lower than 50 mil, thats the beauty of negotiation. If not then we go for Rossi, who would be cheaper and add more depth.

  2. It does seem like the notion around Europe is that we are there for the taking. If we were more shrude, we would have more respect in the market. Even if it takes something durastic like going all summer w/o buying a big player, if it gives us back some respectability, that would be great. But, alas, we are Euro champs and have money to spend, so by the end of next summer I want Sanchez, Rossi, Cesc, a big time CB and a Coentaro type LB…..Cesc is the least important since we have Thiago and 3M. I think that there is no possible way we can sell Thiago, he is one of the most important players we have.

    *** If Jordan Henderson is worth 20M O.M.G, Thiago is a 35M player, but you know how crazy the EPL market is for young English players!!!!

  3. I would rather spend 150M over the next 2 years, while getting 40 or so back by selling Villa/Kieta/JDS ect next summer and being set for the next 5-7 years. I also love the idea of buying players for the B team. We could never do what Udinese did and send 8-9 player to another team, our boys need our system to flourish. Having said that, I really hope we use Roma as a Barca B+, sending our good fringe A team guys to them to get good minutes with a quality team.

    1. you can’t be set for 5-7 years…no top team does that kind of’ll always have injuries, players whose performances have dropped and players who want to leave to other clubs for more money or playing time.

  4. So still now there is no new my staying out of football zone was in vain.

    2 forwards are absolutely of them has to be kanoute/forlan/rondon.other one should be either san or rossi.i prefer san cause imo rossi will not upgrade barca.

    barca didnt handle jeffren situation well but at the same time barca should tell him whats good for both sides.

    regarding the sanchez price i think 35 m is the exact value for barca to dish out against man city inflated offer,.

    cheers everyone.

  5. One thing that’s abundantly clear from all this. We NEED to change the way we handle players who we send to other clubs (on loan or otherwise).

    Caceres, Hleb, Keirrison, Henrique, even the case of us not buying back Botia. Anyone with half a brain will look at their situations and come to the obvious conclusion “once Barcelona sends you out you’re never coming back”.

    No wonder players don’t want to leave.

  6. Nice interview with Thiago on FIFA’s website.

    So he is going to the U20 world championships too? That’s a lot of international football, but the more experience he can get in tough competitive tournaments the better I suppose. And since he isn’t in the Barcelona starting 11 yet, there’s little risk of him burning out.

    Does anyone know if other Barcelona players have been selected?

    1. I think Barca tried not have him called up for U20 so he can finally have a preseason with the first team. I hope they succeeded and he wont get the call up cause pre season is reaaally vital!

  7. this question is lingering in my mind for a few days

    what is the worst ever barca 11?
    so far i had managed this


    oleguer reizeger


    only four , i managed

    whats your opinion on this?

  8. Bonano
    maxi lopez
    keirrison(he didnt do anytin to warrant coming back)

    1. What the? Hleb never played piss poor for us. It’s just that he didn’t get enough minutes.
      How can you guys rate Reizeger as poor? He was just an average RB but definitely not poor.

  9. Thank God Bojan is gone. The boy needed actual playing time to develop into a good player. That is how Messi did it. He played A LOT more than Bojan did in the first team. At Roma, he is with a coach he knows and probably appreciates.

    Jefferen needs to be sold. The man is fast and skilled, but too injury prone. Sanchez seems like an ideal buy, but the one that will replace villa in the future is going to be Rossi.

    We need one more Centerback at least. If we bought Thiago Silva, we would be set for life. (well the next 8 years)

  10. Sport if reporting that Jeffren is effectively being valued at 4M in the Sanchez deal.

    That’s his cash equivalent and how much more Barca would need to up their cash offer in if Jeffren does now go.

    Barca could probably sell him for more (not much but maybe 5M) in the open market. More if its to Liverpool.

    Jeffren really only complicates the deal if Udinese were looking at him as a speculative investment. If they think that in buying Jeffren for 4M they were going to get a player who could get them 10-15 in a year or so. Don’t think Pozzo can afford to not sell for this reason if Barca replaces Jeffren with cash.

    Also, don’t know if the’re true – but it was reported in England and Spain – that City once again increased their offer to Udinese and to Sanchez himself. MD said they offerred 40M + 5M variables and increased the salary offer – Sanchez turned them down again. Whether or not that’s accurate – who knows. But I really doubt City has just pulled out of going after their top summer target. So it seems plausible.

    I also seems very clear that Sanchez only wants to play for Barca at this point. If City increased their salary offer again and Sanchez turned it down – he very well may have turned down 30-40% less money. Whether or not someone is making millions – 30-40% of your salary is a lot of money. A lot.

    Not too many people would insist on doing that. Sanchez seems to have made very few salary demands and doesn’t seem to have used City’s offer to get Barca to up their salary offer. He really does seem to be doing what Masch did – taking a lower salary than what his market rate would be to facilitate a transfer to Barca.

    I think this says a lot about how much he wants to wear the shirt. It means a great deal. He is coming here for sporting reason and is very motivated to do so.

    Inter’s technical director today on the BBC also said that Barca had a deal in place with Udinese and that Inter was out:

    “Sanchez is a player we liked,” Branca told BBC Sport on Wednesday afternoon.

    “Manchester City raised their bid for him to €35m plus a bonus, which ruled us out of the race.

    “In the end, the player preferred to go to Barcelona and they got him for €28m and a €10m bonus. Not many clubs can afford that.”

    Sanchez is going to be very expensive – but you see why. City really wanted him and pushed the market. But it’s clear that Barca also really wants him. Either Barca would just bow out or up their offer and hope that Sanchez’s desire to play for the club would force Udinese to take an offer Barca had to stretch to make but was still feasible. I think that’s why there’s been so much discussion of such a large portion in variables. It reduces Barca’s risk.

    1. Branca said that? Makes me believe its kinda like those open-secret type of deals. Like the one with Alves. Maybe we’re waiting for Jeffren to accept being a makeweight in the deal and save us some dough..

  11. watching spain u21 on espn3, no announcers so its just game sounds, very cool way to watch.

  12. Bojan should pay very close attention to how Munian plays. Munian has so many of the exact qualities that Bojan is lacking.

    Munian is just wonderful.

    It’s always interesting to see how youth teams reflect the strengths/ weaknesses of the senior side.

    Spain’s wide play from their full backs just isn’t great. Didac has not been impressive this tournament at all. Montoya has been fine but given how narrow Spain becomes in attack he’s not dynamic enough to provide the kind of width they need.

    Belarus is giving both full backs time and space on the ball. That’s a good decision.

    On the whole these u21 teams aren’t playing Spain the right way. It would be interesting to see what the Spain u21 side would do against a side that maintains a very narrow shape through the middle.

    1. the more I watch, the more I want munian. Hes so young and already so talented and multi faceted.

    2. munian is way more comfortable on the wing than bojan has ever been, so he has a position in the way barca/spain play, whereas bojan is at his best in the center but may not have the composure/strength to preform at the necessary level.

    3. I had never seen Munian play before, but I have been really impressed with him this tournament. I don’t know why I never noticed him in the Barca v Bilbao games, but he’s has a very strong influence in these games.

  13. Adrian pulls a Van Persie and gets the yellow – at least he converted his time waster!

  14. Munian is the best player on the pitch today. He’s really special.

    He’s almost single picking apart how Belarus is trying to play. Belarus are sort of trying to maintain shape and stay narrow. Munian is finding space out on the flanks (when he maintains tactical discipline and stays out there – he keeps pinching in to look for the ball).

    But the Spanish team is not understanding how space is organized on the pitch right now. They are not reading the game correctly. They keep playing through the middle when the attack should be left sided through Munian.

    1. in reply to your earlier comment, Why can’t spain say convert one of their numerous midfielders and wings into attacking fbs?

    2. That’s really what they should do in tehory – but it’s not that easy.

      The biggest issue in that is that the Spanish midfielders don’t have very much pace. That’s not their strength.

      And to play FB in the modern game to provide width you need pace. Technique is not enough.

      That’s why you can’t just take an Iniesta and move him to FB, for example or a Mata.

      The other thing is that these players are so used to forming tight triangles to pass the ball even when they are stationed wide they constantly pinch into the middle to play the ball.

      It’s why Silva for example doesn’t provide width when he’s stationed on the wing. Same thing for Iniesta.

      Munian is actually trying to stay wide – but they aren’t playing him the ball enough so he’s then resorting to pinch in centrally.

      So with Spain and FB it’s a combination of pace and the general pull of how the players are developed. It doesn’t lend itself to FB play.

  15. And there you go. Much too lax from spain. Far too casual again. I don’t like how Milla has had this team prepared. Very unimpressed.

    For an u21 side they seem to play as if they can turn it on and off when they please because they are just better than the opposition.

    Several poor habits out there in the red shirts. And it’s not just this match.

    Thiago is wonderful. He’s a great talent. And it’s difficult for him to completely assert himself with Mata and Martinez out there.

    All that said – he’s not reading the game properly right now. Mata, Martinez and Hererra aren’t either so it’s not just him.

    But this is a game where the ball should be funneled out every time from the middle out to the left to Munian. They cannot defend his pace and technique on the edge and he’s the one who is forcing Belarus to break their shape.

    But instead the ball keeps getting pinged around the middle.

    Perhaps that’s too much to ask from Thiago. Mata really should be asserting himself I suppose. But Thiago runs this team.

    And if he’s going to play a major role for Barca this season he has to do a better job of understanding space on the pitch.

    1. And will Milla actually make a sub before the 80th minute or stick with his starting 11 like he has in most of his games? Bojan coming in and getting the equalizer anyone? 🙂

  16. Citeh trying to hijack the Sanchez deal is funny. He doesn’t want to go to Citeh. Simple as that. He promised his dying father that he would play for Barcelona.

    I also don’t think that Citeh has the best track record in handling talent. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that you could go there and sink into an abyss of expensive players.

    1. I think they are just not used to getting turned down. Almost every player they have really wanted they have been able to buy. Even players who don’t initially want to go there (not that it turns out ideally afterwards…)

      I do believe Mancini built this off season around Sanchez. He is absolutely perfect for how Mancini wants to play. City’s big problem is that they had no creativity or vision in midfield.

      Sanchez as a trequarista would be perfect. That is the one player they do not have there. Silva is not that player.

      To take that next step up City needs Sanchez – or someone like him. They need a player in the advanced third even more than they need a central midfielder because they are going to play with two holding players, one of whom can link up play through the center.

      Sanchez is the key for them. If not him they’ll have to try for Pastore, Fabergas, Sneijder, etc. None of those players will be easy or cost effective to get. And for how City want to play and what they need Sanchez’s pace is particularly useful to them.

    2. I think they are just not used to getting turned down.

      I’m sure they have two full years experience in that department. Its just these couple of years has had them seeing the ~1Bn investment getting some returns. What with the clock not ticking over for a change.

      They’re the only guys where personal contracts with players is more difficult than that with the club..

  17. At half at least Mila made a change – moved Munian to the right.

    Not sure if that was the right adjustment to make though. On the right he’s asking Munian to stay wider and cross the ball more.

    Munian had space on the left. They just needed to funnel the attack through him more consistently.

    Spain now is playing in a more conventional way with wide wingers. Interesting to see what happens.

  18. Wow. Look at Munian run all the way from his right wing position to to the defensive third to stop the Belarus counter.

    Just fantastic.

  19. Montoya has the ball and makes a run forward. He has Munian all alone in space ahead of him wide.

    And instead of circulating the ball quickly to the man in open space – and the player who has been dangerous all match – Montoya dribbles the ball to the middle and passes to a midfielder who is surrounded by the belarus defense.

    That was emblematic of this match.

    And Milla take Munian out of the match and puts on Jeffren. While already putting Capel out on the other flank.

    Milla is clueless.

  20. Timewasting….

    So frustrating. Spain has been by far the better team, but they haven’t been able to capitalize on that. They need an Iniesta-type.

  21. Thiago finally figured it out. Look at how the play developed.

    They finally got the ball out to the player wide who was in space.

    All game long they have had that player in open space an not utilized him efficiently.

    Very good cross from Jeffren.

    But the key there was using space properly.

    Milla is very, very lucky. He’s done an awful job with this team and in this match.

  22. Whew.

    Yes, quite agree. Just didn’t see us getting a goal for the most part of the match.

    But great assist by Jeffren and thank God Adrian did well enough to get it on goal.


    1. If you’re referring to the tackle that I’m thinking of, I agree- I love a pretty tackle, and that certainly was one.

  23. Someone has already updated Adrian’s Wikipedia page with today’s goals. Mindboggling.

    Even more crazy, Adrian plays for Deportivo.

    1. Played. Apparently, he’s signed with Pathetico. But still.

      …Whoa. Did Javi Martinez just body check someone?

    2. Someone on twitter said that Adrian’s now got 5 in 4 for the Spanish under 21s in this tournament, and only had 8 in something like 36 for Deportivo all season.

    3. Guess he’s good enough if he had support.

      Wit a team that can keep the ball and provide assists, he’s good enough to convert chances.

    1. Right? He needs to stop doing it though. He’s already on a yellow and to miss a final because of something like that? Sad.

  24. Golazo Jeffren. 😯

    (I’d have been pissed if he didn’t score it, because Bojan or someone else was wide open through on goal)

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