Messi Attends Sexy Party, Does Messi-Like Things

Carles said I could go to the alcohol party, OLE!

Here at BFB, we give you nothing but the most hard-hitting journalism minimal bandwidth and old Geocities encoding can buy. Some fans complain about the dearth of posts and real news during these summer months, but I am here to bring you out of the morass and into journalistic splendor at its best. As we all know, Lionel Messi is usually the clean cut golden boy who is not involved in controversy unless it’s nagging Pep to play him the entire 90 against a 3rd division side in a December scrimmage match. But now we know that he’s not a goodie-goodie but a hardcore party-boy. According to Deadspin (via Argentine funny paper Libre): Messi showed up at a “sexo, alcohol y cumbia” party (I’m going to assume this is the Albiceleste version of a frat party but with more international sex symbols). This party was thrown by the Milito brothers and included lingerie and Playboy models, some WAGs, and Martin Palermo was there too, presumably scoring after everyone else did all the work.

Now you might think to yourself: “why should I care if he’s at a sexo party? Ronaldinho still has 37 arrest warrants in his name in 22 countries from his time with the club and I’ve seen Pique have actual sex in the stands during a game, with my own eyes. Beside, it’s none of my business what goes on in someone’s personal life. This isn’t real journalism” You might say that, if you had something to hide. We at BFB know someone’s hiding something when we see it, and we see it here. Those of us who are more intelligent know better, and we know that the golden boy has never done anything wrong, plus, when he started growing that patchy beard, he became a man, and a man who goes to cumbia parties. PLUS, if nothing went on, why hasn’t he made a public comment about it? Huh!? HUH!!!? There had to be some pretty shady dealings going on there, right?

Wait, what’s that you say? He did comment and rebutted anyone who might think he was doing anything naughty or untoward at such a party. When asked about his involvement, the party animal simply responded with:

We just danced and then we played some PlayStation.

… Oh, um, well… that makes total sense. You go to an awesome party and play Playstation? Well of course you did. Were Legos involved as well? Did you and international lingerie model Andrea Rincon build a Lego Star Wars ship? While the Brothers Milito were doing body shots off each other’s hair, Messi was eating pizza and playing Little Big Planet? You know what? I totally believe that. The next time I make a Messi-playing-with-Legos reference and you give me a hard time, I’m pointing this out.

Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe

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  1. blitzen
    June 17, 2011

    Kumbaya party? I don’t remember anything about sex or alcohol in the lyrics I was taught….

  2. blitzen
    June 17, 2011

    For mom4

    I put it in this thread so you won’t miss it in the last one. Here are some amazing novels I have read in the last few years. I can’t 100% guarantee that they are all available in the US:

    Annabel, by Kathlen Winter (A hermaphrodite is born in a small community in Labrador and raised as a boy. Things are not always as they seem.)

    Someone Knows My Name, by Lawrence Hill (CDN title The Book of Negroes deemed too “sensitive” for the USA and Australia despite being based on a historical document. Some idiot in the Netherlands is planning to burn it based on the Dutch title.)

    Far North, by Marcel Theroux (Postapocalyptic road novel, beautifully written.)

    I Do Not Come To You By Chance, by Adaobi Nwaubani (Have you ever wondered who is behind those scam emails from Nigeria promising you enormous riches if you help “liberate” money that is being withheld from its lawful owners? This is who, and how, and why. This may be a novel, but it is also the truth.)

    A Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick (Psychological, atmospheric, empathetic.)

    We Need to Talk About Kevin, by Lionel Shriver (In a series of letters to her husband, a woman discusses their teenaged son, who is responsible for killing 9 people in a school shooting.)

    Stuart, A Life Backwards, by Alexander Masters (A “biography” of an ex-homeless, ex-junkie psychopath, told…backwards. Wonderful and gutwrenching in equal measure. Unforgettable.)

    Pynter Bender, by Jacob Ross. (Quite possibly the most beautiful novel I have ever read but I have no idea how to describe it. Set in Grenada and told in a sort of creole, you might have trouble with the language. I doubt very much you will be able to find it, anyway.)

    A couple of other suggestions: have you read any Gregory Maguire? Wicked, Son of a Witch, and Lion Among Men are all set in Oz, and he has some others as well (I like Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister). And if you really want a challenge, how about A Suitable Boy, by Vikram Seth? At only 1500 pages, it’s a doddle! I read it last year while I was laid up with a nasty infection, and it’s really worth the time. And of course there is always Don Quixote, which is not nearly as daunting as it seems and quite saucy to boot.

    OK, I’m done. Apologies to those crazy people who aren’t interested in literature. Let normal programming resume.

    So…should we go after Cesc this year? 😀

    • Vj
      June 17, 2011


    • June 18, 2011

      Thanks Blitzen I shall try some of these books as well 🙂 Altough some do look immensly “heavy” and I stopped reading those 2-3 years ago when I started to realise I can’t fix everything 😉

    • K_legit
      June 18, 2011

      Really? A Suitable Boy is a prose-overdose..I am very proud I finished it btw 😀

      If you’re into travelogues I’d highly recommend the works of William Dalrymple.

      And Midnight’s Children is a master-piece.

      I saw someone mention Lolita and I’d agree, it is one of my favorite books and perhaps one of the greatest novels ever written. Lo-Lee-Ta

    • mom4
      June 18, 2011


      Thanks, Blitz! Although not the escapism I was craving, these really seem interesting. Gonna look for the Maquire novels.

      And of course there is always Don Quixote, which is not nearly as daunting as it seems and quite saucy to boot.
      🙂 How ’bout Don Quixote in the original Spanish castellano to brush up on my languages 🙂 (Our own “man of La Mancha”, Don Andres, would approve methinks)

      And thanks to all again for the suggestions. A girl must keep her sanity during silly season.

      Cesc? No, not this year. Although it may be worth 40M just to not go through the Cesc Groundhog Day thing every summer.

    • Luke
      June 18, 2011

      Here is a list of books I’d suggest:

      “Freedom” – Jonathan Franzen: I don’t know if this translates so well if you are not American, but for my money, it’s the best piece of fiction written in the last 20 years.

      “The Road” – Cormac MCCarthy: Brutal, brilliant, sad, and real. The definitive post-apocalyptic novel.

      “Zeitoun” – Dave Eggers: Non-fiction of an American immigrant from Syria trapped in New Orleans after Katrina.

      “Slaughter-house Five” – Vonnegut: His best work.

      “Under the Banner of Heaven” – Jon Krakauer: Non-fictional history of the Mormon church and it’s polygamist offshoot. Stunning.

  3. June 17, 2011

    How about A midnight in the garden of good and evil, ot rhe kite runner. I also enjoyed Sense and sensability. If you can get past the social stigma that comes w/ reading Lolita, do so, it is such a well written novel. Also, if you are a crazy person, give Ulysess a shot. props if u can get 30 pages in!!!

  4. Ahmad
    June 17, 2011

    Do you guys think anybody created a Lionel Messi sackboy!?
    I want one for my little big planet!
    It would sure as hell make the game alot better.

  5. Blow-Grenade
    June 17, 2011

    For mom4

    Christopher Moore

    • mom4
      June 18, 2011

      B-G, these look hysterical!

  6. June 17, 2011

    After all the stress and suffering of a long season and all what he had to deal with, I won’t mind him hanging out with C.Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo the great all packed in one party, if that makes him enjoy his vacation and have fun.

    As long as that all ends at the beginning of the preseason, Release the leash.

    • mom4
      June 18, 2011

      But Ramzi, Dancing? With Girls? And PlayStation? And what if Kari’s suspicions are correct and there were actual Legos involved? What’s next, Bionicles? The horror!

      Nah, you’re right, and you only go through your twenties once. Glad he gets to have some fun(within reason). Better that he do it on the NT’s time than the club’s, anyway.

  7. blitzen
    June 17, 2011

    Well, I can see why Thiago has a rep for being cocky:

    “I would be lying if I said that my dream is to succeed only at Barça. My dream is to succeed in football. I want to be a player that the people remember for ever. [A player] that the people recognise as someone that entertains them with what he does.”

    Now, there is nothing wrong with being ambitious, and it’s great that he wants to play beautiful football, but…a little humility goes a long way. It almost seems like he doesn’t appreciate that he is playing in one of the greatest teams of all time.

    • momo
      June 17, 2011

      I don’t see how that statement has anything to do with whether he appreciates being a part of the greatest team of all time or not. He merely mentioned his personal ambition. Which may SEEM unappreciative to you as a result of the increasingly high moral standard that is met by the rest of the Barca squad.

      Truth be told his boldness is refreshing.

    • Barka
      June 17, 2011

      Agreed, I think he’s just confident of his skill. If only Bojan and Iniesta has more of Thiago’s confidence/cockiness they would have realized their potential much sooner. While this talk about the Barca family is good to hear, we shouldn’t worry aboutthose who have different opinions about the squad. They could be friends and still play well together.

    • June 18, 2011

      blitzen said “It almost seems like he doesn’t appreciate that he is playing in one of the greatest teams of all time.”
      I have to agree with blitzen here..
      It’s one thing being confident and another thing being cocky…
      2-3 days ago someone here posted interviews from many U-21 players all saying that that their dream is to succeed in their respective teams (Barca,real,Valencia etc) all but Thiago, who again did not mention Barca but football in general…
      I think he is the first kid from the b team that doesn’t mention Barca first…

    • June 18, 2011

      However what actually annoyed me the most was
      “Thiago: “On the pitch, I don’t think. I have everything already outlined in my head.”[efe] Via barcastuff.
      I mean what the ?!
      Seriously this is reaching ThongBoy heights…if TB had said that we would have dies laughing here…

    • NeverEver
      June 20, 2011

      lol i just realized someone quoted this farther down the comments! sorry…

  8. nzm
    June 17, 2011

    Bit OT here, but as we’re starved for football news, there’s another Barca team doing well at the moment!

    The women’s team is in the Finals of the Copa de la Reina, being played in Madrid tomorrow (Saturday 19th) at 11am (CET) in Madrid.

    They beat R. Sociedad 2-0 in the semi, and will face Espanyol in the final. Espanyol has a very strong team with some big girls, and a good record in this competition!

    Here’s hoping that our team does well!

    More details here, but only in Catala – run it through Google Translate!:

    And the Copa de la Reina Wiki page in Castellano:

    • nzm
      June 17, 2011

      Sorry – that should read (Sunday 19th) – not Saturday.

    • blitzen
      June 17, 2011

      Non sequitur much? 😛

      Actually I am glad you showed up! You are a photographer, right? I am reading a book on street art right now, and I know Barcelona is supposed to have some of the most talented graffiti artists around. Do you know any sites that have good photos of Barcelona street art?

    • nzm
      June 19, 2011

      Barcelona has some amazing street art – especially in the old parts of town. The best time to see it is during siestas, holidays or at night, as most of the grafitti is on the steel roller security doors of the businesses that are only down when the shops are closed.

      A good place to start is here:

      I can’t put in too many links, as my post will be blocked for moderation again!

      Here’s a couple of others:

      Also, Google “grafitti+Barcelona” – a lot more will pop up.


    • blitzen
      June 17, 2011

      Oh there you go. That was weird, I could only see your second comment for ages.

  9. June 17, 2011

    If you want a transfer this is how you actually get one.

    Luka Modric:

    “I would like to go to Chelsea. A lot of players would like to go there and play for Chelsea because it is one of the best clubs in the world, and so do I. I would like to play there. But we will see what will happen. Chelsea are a great club, they play in the Champions League every year, they have great players, they are ambitious and have an ambitious owner who wants to invest in the club and make it win the Champions League, the Premier League and other titles.

    “They are going in a great direction and everything about the club is very good. They [Chelsea] are the only one who sent an offer and they are at the moment my first choice.”

    “I love them and they love me but that’s the way it is and I have to think what is best for my career. But first I need to speak to the chairman [Daniel Levy] and see his view on everything. I don’t know when that will be, but soon.”

    “It’s a short period [your career] and you want to fulfil your personal ambitions as a football player, win trophies, play Champions League football every year,” he said

    : “I need to talk with the chairman. I won’t ask for a transfer, no. That would be disrespectful.

    “I hope they can reach an agreement [with another club] that is satisfactory for everyone. I am on holiday [until 6 July], but I need to speak and to see if I can find a solution to this.”

    The key line here – “I love them and they love me but that’s the way it is.”

    Substitute the word “trophies” for “champions league” and Fabergas would pretty much have a recipe for what he should have said years ago.

    But he never does. Because he wants everything. Which means other people have to do the unpleasant things to get his transfer that he himself has no interest in doing. Someone else should do it while he gets to stay above the fray and stay a hero to everyone.

    Interestingly, there seems to be very little scathing, unending, screeching in the british press about Chelseas “tappling” up Modric or being “arrogant” or “disrespectful.”

    And this after Chelsea offered 22M pounds for Modric as an initial offer – which is 2M more than Jordan Henderson cost in the same market.

    Where is the outrage a about disrespect because Chelseas hasn’t met the Spurs valuation?

    Or does that only apply to “foreigners”?

  10. June 17, 2011

    This is for Kxevin, posted in the last thread but got hectored.

    Thanks for the champions league commemorative jersey link! I ordered one for myself as well! I am located in Connecticut, USA.
    I had a few questions. Would be glad if you can answer. Approximately how long did yours take to arrive? Did the shipping have tracking numbers?

    I am super excited about it! Thanks again.

  11. sathompson1
    June 18, 2011

    Hey everyone,

    Since we’re in a slow news period, I thought you’d like to know that an Arsenal blog, Untold Arsenal, just ran a series on media fraud in the Cesc transfer saga. This was a real defense of Barca, and I thought you’d all appreciate knowing about it, and perhaps want to give them credit for running it. Here it is:

    The Cesc transfer saga, how they lied to us – part 1

    The Cesc transfer saga, how the media finally shut up – part 2

  12. June 18, 2011

    Hey, I’d been active here for the past couple of years up until I got myself stuck in an MBA program (smart!). I posted under a couple of different aliases back then, including Ocho and IS (I think there was another one… can’t recall). Despite my absence, I still feel like I’m part of this community – even though it feels like years ago: pre-Admin Kari and just around when SoMa began whipping our brains with linguistic orchestras.

    Anyway… I was hoping to ask you all for a little favour. I’ve been tasked to create a viral video (not easy). And so, I would extremely appreciate it if you guys could spare a couple minutes to watch/like/comment on it on youtube (the grading criteria) and if you enjoy it (which I sincerely hope you will) share it with any friends that may be interested. At least a couple of this site’s lurkers (possibly including me) are actually in the video – but would rather keep their (our?) identities ambiguous for now 🙂

    Anyway, hope you all enjoy it!

    I hope this doesn’t come out as an embedded video.. since it’s not exactly football related – although I wish it was :/

    PS. Kxevin, any chance you could “accidentally” throw it into an issue of the Chicago Tribune? :p

    • Dani_el
      June 18, 2011

      Nice one! congrats

    • barca96
      June 18, 2011

      I commented on the video as …Realtor.
      Which camera did you use? They look extremely sharp.

    • June 18, 2011

      Thanks for checking it out.

      We used a Canon 5D Mark II – Awesome DSLR camera with some pretty good lenses…

  13. June 18, 2011

    Tulanlan to Malaga, hell of a move, they are looking super good. Possible top four material.

  14. K_legit
    June 18, 2011

    Regarding Mr. Alexandre Rosell statements and the fallout from Madrid-land I would like to state the following:
    “I, the aforementioned K_legit, could not give a tinier rat’s ass about ‘Institutional Relationships’ between FCB and RMCF”
    There, somebody had to say it.

    It is obvious that the two clubs do not like, trust or honour each other in anything so maybe its just to stop this charade and take off them gloves and have it out.

    This bureaucratic ‘after-you’ pseudo-gentleman, rhetoric that has been spewed over the past summer is absolutely worthless.

    Rosell is a waste-of-space, yes, but so is Perez. So, for the love of my sanity, let this charade stop once, and for all. Barcelona and Real Madrid HATE each other, and long may it stay that way. I’d prefer that to this boardroom snivelling and then a dinner with Caviar and Cava where Perez pouts and Rosell shows off his razzle-dazzle.


    • mom4
      June 18, 2011

      While I agree with most that there should be some diplomacy and that Rosell seems to fail time and time again in that endeavor, I have to admit that in my heart, this is kinda how I’m feeling, too. Maybe, I would have felt differently before this April.

  15. mom4
    June 18, 2011

    Thiago is learning the “anything you say will be quoted and have consequences when you reach this level” lesson:

    Thiago: “I want to rectify yesterday’s statements, I didn’t choose the right words.”
    Thiago: “Barça is my home, here I grew up, here I want to triumph. That’s my dream. I didn’t want to upset the fans.”
    Thiago: “Of course it’s not pleasant to hear you might be sold, but I don’t have any bad words for the club.” [rac1]

    • blitzen
      June 18, 2011

      LOL, it’s true! Hire that boy a publicist, stat!

  16. flyzowee
    June 18, 2011

    Someone above me…… I believe Sathompson1 posted a link ( in fact 2 ) to an arsenal blog called Untold Barca.

    Now if u are here and u havent looked it up, i strongly advise that u go back up and do so…..

    Its quite a read and lady who wrote it has officially become one of my favourite peeps…

  17. flyzowee
    June 18, 2011

    Re.*Untold arsenal* lol

    • sathompson1
      June 20, 2011

      Well, I’m the one who wrote it, so thanks for the props 🙂 The reason I’m actually mentioning it around here is because I’m hoping that BFB would be willing to officially post on/and/or link to it. The main reason for that is because I believe that Untold deserves major credit for being willing to go against the standard Arsenal line and publish that sort of defense of Barca. Aside from the efforts that I put into writing it, I would like for Barca fans to know about the good will that some Arsenal fans are still willing to show our club.

  18. Rao
    June 18, 2011

    I was in an exile all these days.This is my last year at high school and projects,assignments,homeworks and what-not are all thrown at us all at once.I’m starting to feel that I may miss at least 80% of next season. :(.But I’ll somehow try to watch some matches.

    Can someone summarize all the past week’s news in just one sentence(If possible and can’t go through Barcastuff because I’m typing this with my Geography project nearby) especially this Messi-thing?.I’ll be really grateful. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Diego
      June 18, 2011

      No Transfers, More Rumors, Messi played PS3 with Milito brothers and Palermo.

  19. mei
    June 18, 2011

    Well ramzi and kxevin must be dancing right now 😛

  20. June 18, 2011

    There are reports out from canal 13 that the Sanchez transfer is completed and that he is coming to Barca on Monday.

    Via barcastuff:

    Udinese attacker Alexis Sanchez (22) will on Monday travel to Barcelona to sign his contract as new Barcelona player. [canal 13]

    Sanchez had to choose between offers of Man United, Man City and Barcelona. He picked the latter despite Barcelona offering lowest salary.

    Alexis Sanchez heard yesterday about the deal on his transfer to Barcelona. NT players were informed and congratulated him. [canal 13]

    It’s not official of course. But Sport reported today that Barca had increased their offer to 35M total, with some proportion of it in variables.

    If Barca in fact were willing to go to 35M total then it seems like that is a bid that should get it done given that Sanchez wants to play for the club.

    It’s very interesting – if this is the case I’d guess part of the reason why the club was willing to go so high on the transfer fee was because Sanchez may have been willing to accept a relatively low salary that fit within the overall salary structure. I have little doubt that Man City would have paid him much, much more.

    Let’s wait and see. But if this is the case it would be very exciting news.

    Sanchez will have some very large adjustments to make to fit in with Barca. But he’s an enormously talented player whose skill set with time could really blossom on the team.

    And because he’s only 22 he could be a cornerstone attacking player for years to come.

    • Luke
      June 18, 2011

      First-year adjustment is the biggest thing. He’s a good player, can be great, plus he won’t be the main attacking force at Barca. If true, it’s a good deal methinks.

    • June 18, 2011

      First year could be very difficult for him. He really exploded last season in the trequarista role. Took his game to a new level – a level where he dominated games in ways he couldn’t do on the wings.

      But that’s exactly the same space Messi plays in. They both can’t play in that space. That’s my biggest concern. He’s going to have to learn how to bring the dominance he showed as a trequarista to another role – as an attacking player off the flanks.

      And when he does move in centrally off the right, he’s going to have to adjust to acting as a point of reference in front of Messi rather than being the one playing off a striker in front of him.

      And probably for the first time in his life, he’s going to have to learn to share the pitch with a player who is more naturally talented and even more technically gifted than he his.

      But that said – he’s an immense talent. This is the kind of player Barca should be targeting and taking a risk on. This also sets them up very well for the future. Villa may only be able to play at a top level for 2 more years. Barca now set up to have a front line of Pedro – Messi – Sanchez for the future.

      It’s a huge amount of money. But their willingness to spend this much on this player speaks to how much Pep must like him. The reports of Barca’s interest go back to fall of 2010, IIRC.

    • blitzen
      June 18, 2011

      Is canal13 a reliable source? It seems like a good deal to me, but I won’t believe it until it’s official.

    • June 18, 2011

      Don’t know about canal13. Just know it’s not Sport or MD!

      Have to wait until it’s official. It’s a lot of money but on the whole I agree – good deal as he is the right kind of player.

    • Nik
      June 18, 2011

      If true how much does it leave in our estimated transfer budget? 10-15m?

    • blitzen
      June 18, 2011

      That’s not including money from selling players, which we haven’t even heard anything about yet. Plus if Sport is correct, a big chunk of the 35 million was in “variables” which doesn’t count towards the 45 million.

      Don’t worry. We still have enough money to buy Cesc. 😉

    • blitzen
      June 18, 2011

      Thanks! Just got here. Who scored the goals?

    • Jnice
      June 18, 2011

      Dongou x2 and Deulofeu with a golazo a few minutes ago.

  21. June 18, 2011

    Javi Espinosa is very good. He’s always impressive to watch.

    • Jnice
      June 18, 2011

      Yep. So smooth. I like him more than Deulofeu. He’s gonna do well in B next season.

    • June 18, 2011

      He’s very composed on the ball. The kids games can get so frantic. He always sticks out because of that composure.

      He will do very well on the B team. I think he has a very promising future.

    • Jnice
      June 18, 2011

      Behind Thiago, he is my favorite (young) midfielder. Sergi Roberto after that.

  22. blitzen
    June 18, 2011

    Feel bad for that poor keeper who just came on. Oops. 🙁

  23. Jnice
    June 18, 2011

    First leg was 1-4 to Barça, so they’re chillin’ right now.

  24. June 18, 2011

    On the Sanchez rumors – canal 13 is apparently a channel in Chile. From what I can tell from their twitter feeds, it seems like several reporters in Chile have reported and confirmed the story about Sanchez agreeing to terms and traveling to Barcelona on Monday.

    It was evidently first reported by Eduardo Rojas and then confirmed by Claudio Bustios of canal 13. For what it’s worth (which could be nothing) – they sound very confident that this is done.

    I don’t really see how Sanchez is going to travel to Barcelona on monday given Chile’s match schedule for the cup but who knows. That seems very odd to me. It’s possible they could come to terms – but flying all the way to barcelona given chiles’s schedule doesn’t seem very feasible.

  25. Nik
    June 18, 2011

    I was a bit sad to read that Kanoute decided to stay put at Sevilla. I would have loved to have him in our squad.

  26. Whatever
    June 18, 2011

    According to latest rumors, Sanchez IN, Bojan OUT. As far as I’m concerned, great.

  27. y2k156
    June 18, 2011

    Sanchez is an excellent signing for us. Only Cesc remains now. It would be great if Rossi joins as well.

    I think one of the main reasons for Pep to push for Sanchez is the fact that he plays very well in the hole. Barca is lucky for last two years that Messi has been relatively injury free but considering how many times he has been crucial, it is a smart move to have a cover for him. Also Sanchez can also play on wings and if that is not his best position, i think we can live with having his diminished, still quite formidable, threat on the flanks. Rossi, if he comes, would be natural replacement for Villa.

    Also i believe that Messi is the best substitute for Xavi. Even better then Cesc. So if Cesc does not come, Messi can slot in with Iniesta in middle of park and Sanchez can play the Messi role.

    If i start thinking, the possibilities are quite fantastic. If we get Cesc and Rossi, we might be even better next year.

  28. June 18, 2011

    If the Sanchez signing it true that will be immense for us. He is an amazing player and the fact that he can play in the hole as a false 9 very much like Messi is the reason why I think Pep wants him so badly. Having Messi there is amazing, but Messi likes to roam free, he likes to move all over the place, having someobdy who can interchange so freely with him is what we have always needed. Suddenly you have Sanchez and Messi who can both play on either wing, plus in the hole. I think that will give Messi even more freedom now. Can you imagine what Messi, Sanchez and Pedro/Villa could do together?!?!

  29. can_we_go_Xalvies
    June 18, 2011

    Well if the rumours are true, I’m surprised we managed to sign a big player this early in the off season.

    35 mil sounds a bit concerning, but there were some other reports saying we offered some of that money as incentives and so forth. So in effect it may not be all in one lump sum payment, the fees could potentially shift into next years transfer budget, which is ok I guess.

    I’m a little gutted we didn’t sign Rossi first, but I guess Sanchez may offer something new to the squad. The pre-season is going to be pretty fun and exciting for us fans, can’t wait.

  30. Humphrey Bogart
    June 19, 2011

    Seems Inter are more and more desperatly looking for a new coach, every free name has already been linked with them but have rejected them, seems the last one was Villas-Boas.

    • beeeef
      June 19, 2011

      Inter are fast regressing to their pre-calciopoli status as the ‘joke’ club of Italian football.

      They can’t keep a coach, Moratti doesn’t want to spend big, top talents are looking elsewhere, they have lots of players in their 30’s, etc.

      With some smart restructuring of their squad they could still be competitive, but ultimately I think Inter will start regressing back to their pre-2006 status.

      Personally, they’re my least favorite Serie A side, so I could care less. Hope they get Ranieri or something.

  31. Olufestus
    June 19, 2011

    Thank God 4 bull crap.com

  32. June 19, 2011

    Some Alexis Sanchez to keep everyone salivating while we wait…


  33. Olufestus
    June 19, 2011

    Now who does the self acclaimed ANTI-MESSI(PEPE) man-marks?? Tricky-sanchez or magical messi

    • Humphrey Bogart
      June 19, 2011

      Thin air

  34. Olufestus
    June 19, 2011

    I wonder if Arse an*l had so much problem taking cesc to london

  35. Olufestus
    June 19, 2011


  36. Olufestus
    June 19, 2011

    Who remembered when kxevin used to call P!! As “the random chaos generator”…i luvd tha name

  37. K_legit
    June 19, 2011 all of Barça’s goals in the 2010-11 season..courtesy Allas and totalBarca

    • blitzen
      June 19, 2011

      It’s a gorgeous video, although it took me ages to download since I don’t have an account with that site. Totally worth it, though. The music is…acceptable.

      And yay, the site is back! It wasn’t just me who couldn’t get on last night, right?

    • K_legit
      June 19, 2011

      yeah, had problems accessing the site the whole day myself.

      and yeah the music is ok..but the goals are better music than the songs!

    • barca96
      June 19, 2011

      I can’t access megaupload or any file sharing websites anymore.
      My bloody goverment blocked all the file sharing websites.
      I don’t really download movies or music, I just download football matches. That’s all I need. Haih…
      I’m not even done with my 25gb CL Final.

  38. Eklavya
    June 19, 2011

    Site is back! It’s in times like these, that it is good to have Twitter 😉

    Anyway it seems like Sanchez is coming. Yaaaay. The latest fee reported is 37M. Booooo.

    barcastuff Udinese attacker Alexis Sanchez (22) will sign a 4-year
    contract at Barcelona, worth around 3M a year. Barcelona will pay
    37.7M. [latercera]

    • Humphrey Bogart
      June 19, 2011

      Yeah, but I think 10 or 11 Mio. are incentives, and the actual cash now is 27 Mio.

    • Para
      June 19, 2011

      He doesn’t sound unhappy to me- it seems more like he’s stating that if Barcelona has signed Sanchez, that it’s unlikely that Rossi will be transferred as well.

      Probably a fair enough evaluation on his part, if Sanchez is a done deal. It’s not like he’s going to come out and say that because Rossi’s not going to Barcelona that his career is over, and woe is us.

    • messi_fan
      June 19, 2011

      He doesn’t sound that unhappy to me either. Even though I would’ve preferred Rossi, one good thing about getting Sanchez (if it is true) is that for Rossi it is Barca or nowhere, so TECHNICALLY we could just get him next year to replace Villa.

  39. K_legit
    June 19, 2011

    Sanchez is out of Chile’s next friendly on Thursday and will travel to Barcelona tomorrow!

    • blitzen
      June 19, 2011


    • K_legit
      June 19, 2011

      Agencia News and YoungCules twitter account

  40. June 19, 2011

    BFB’s back! Thanks to Tarun for fixing it up and y’all for being patient!

    It looks like we’ve got us some Alexis Sanchez. New word via AgenciaNews on Twitter says it’s confirmed Sanchez will travel to Barcelona on Monday and will not take part in the friendly against Paraguay on Thursday. They continue to say that the transfer is absolutely done (“the agreement between Udinese, Barca and AS7 <-- oh God, please shoot me. I hate those initial plus number nicknames, is absolutely closed"). He travels to Catalunya to sign the contract. The plot thickens. If true, I'm glad because we won't be weakening Villarreal and Sanchez has a huge upside. If the price is 30+M, well, I'll ask RoSELL what happened to austerity. We won't "go crazy" for Fabregas and yet.... Still not confirmed confirmed, though.

    • K_legit
      June 19, 2011

      too early? maybe but any idea what he’ll sport at Barça?

    • K_legit
      June 19, 2011

      ahh the JNasty on tweet world says that Sanchez is travelling to Barcelona to convince Pozzo to let him sign for us

    • June 19, 2011

      I still don’t believe it*. Remember when they said they’d announce the Sanchez deal tomorrow? Still way too early.

      By the by, Agencia News have sourced El Grafico, a Chilean newspaper. I believe them when they say Alexis will miss the Paraguay game, but the first and most important part, I’m still iffy on. The journalist who reported that Sanchez has gone to convince Pozzo works for Canal 13, the same station/newspaper that said the Sanchez deal would be announced tomorrow and he’ll be in Catalunya the same day.

      The answer is somewhere in between, as usual.

      *I never believe transfer until I see their smiling mug dressed in blaugrana.

  41. June 19, 2011

    Udinese’s whole organizational model is based on searching the world for players they can develop.

    Should they attempt to really strong arm Sanchez into going to City when Barca has presented a very strong offer – that will not send a good message to the rest of the players in their organization. It is something Pozzo would need to consider carefully.

    Those kinds of strong arm tactics – forcing a star player to play where he doesn’t want to for a few million when you’re already making a fortune on his transfer – would only give other young players in Udinese an incentive to either not renew their contracts or renew them for shorter periods of time.

    Sanchez is obviously going to make out very well financially here. But it does seem likely that he is interested in far more than money alone. Don’t see how they can really play that hard with Sanchez and force him to City.

    But until it’s official – it’s not official.

    • barca96
      June 19, 2011

      Now I just started to like this kid.
      1) Because of his desire to play for us for a much lower salary
      2) His tracking back as seen from Allas’ new video.

    • June 19, 2011

      Sanchez is an outstanding defensive attacking player. One of the world’s best. His work rate, pace, and strength are huge assets.

      Under Bielsa he played for one of the best pressing teams of the past few years with Chile. Udinese also play aggressively.

      He’s a very good defender.

  42. Vj
    June 19, 2011

    Pastorello seems more heartbroken than Rossi over his non-transfer. Someone give that guy a hug.

    The press over in Italy seems eerily quiet over the whole Sanchez affair. Weird. Lets see whether the rumours are actually true.

    Also, Femenia! His transfer is also close. I hope he joins Barca B. We strengthen both our teams + we can call him up to the senior side if needed..

    • June 19, 2011

      The quietness out of Italy makes me think that the deal is not yet done.

      I’d guess it’s close but not finished. I think Udinese is still trying to squeeze more out of Barca because they have the City offer in hand.

      I wonder if this may get down to them wanting a player thrown in the deal on top of the money + variables. There’s been talk about Soriano going in the deal possible. Perhaps that’s what they are holding out for.

    • Vj
      June 19, 2011

      via Pep @ barcastuff..

      Barcelona’s last bid for Alexis Sanchez is 27-28M, plus variables, plus possibly Jonathan Soriano. The deal is not yet finalized. [ona fm]

      Thought so.

  43. ciaran
    June 19, 2011

    Absolutely gorgeous pass from Thiago set up a chance for Adrian v Ukraine.
    I don’t see Thiago as a replacement for Xavi but he does have the Deco thing going for him IMO

    • ciaran
      June 19, 2011

      Another great piece of play from Thiago sets up Montoya for an assist for the Adrian goal to make it 2-nil.

  44. mom4
    June 19, 2011

    Oddly, the two games I’m watching at the same time are both red vs. yellow. In both games I’m rooting for the red team. Go USA and U21 Spain! Spain looks really good. Someone tell me again why we need Cesc???

    • ciaran
      June 19, 2011

      Something about measuring Rosell’s manhood I think

    • Ryan
      June 19, 2011

      I’m watching both games as well, although I could only wish that the US played as well as la Rojita is playing right now!

    • Para
      June 19, 2011

      They’ve been so much more dynamic up front the last two matches than the first. I don’t know if that’s because of Muniain instead of Jeffren, or just generally more movement, but it is much fun to watch.

    • kinukinu
      June 19, 2011

      I’m watching both games as well. I can’t help but think it’s sad that even the Spain U21 team could beat USA

  45. ciaran
    June 19, 2011

    The manager of the Spanish u-20’s is incredibly bad at squad management. So far, only 15 players of his squad have playing time, and of those 9 have started all 3 matches. He hasn’t made a substitution early in any of the last two matches which have both been won with more than half an hour to spare.
    Managing a bunch of youngsters and not giving any of them match practice is a waste of their time

    • blitzen
      June 19, 2011

      I agree, although Spain is doing well, so he may have an attitude of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I mean, these aren’t friendlies.

  46. Jnice
    June 19, 2011

    Spain was excellent. Thiago a beast. Milla needs to sub sooner, though.

    Bojan and Thiago had a nice connection when Bobo was brought on. Thiago should’ve scored off of Bojan’s pass and vice versa.

    • Jnice
      June 19, 2011

      Oh, and I was impressed with Rakitskiy. He defended well despite the scoreline and has a real nice touch for a defender.

    • jordi™
      June 19, 2011

      Thiago’s shooting is erratic to put it kindly, whereas Rafa and his left foot is lethal.Really Interesting, these two brothers.

      Meanwhile after several years of seeing England rob teams especially spain at youth level with late goals against the run of play, funny to see them crash out that way 😀

    • June 19, 2011

      I really enjoyed Thiago playing. He is really good at that killer ball, which is amusing to see. Under the right coach, he will learn to cut out those rather useless tricks and dribbles from his game and move more towards a Xavi like direct play. Which would make him even more effective.

      Iker Munian’s work rate on that left flank was tremendous! I asked OptaJose to give me a stat about that, but he didn’t reply. Ignored.

      Bojan has a serious confidence problem. Maybe someone should tell him to not over think it and just shoot. Thiago put him in a couple of times for some really nice balls. Adrian is a decent forward. Imagine had they had a better forward up front, how much this team will be lethal. I think they should put Parejo in for Adrian and switch Mata more upfront.

    • mom4
      June 19, 2011

      I really enjoyed Thiago playing.

      Come over from the dark side and you’ll enjoy him even more 🙂

    • June 19, 2011

      I come for the cookies with sprinklers on them. Nothing more. 😉

    • Jnice
      June 19, 2011

      Mata is perfect in his role, though. Parejo, Ander, and Thiago is way too redundant.

    • mom4
      June 19, 2011

      Thiago was fantastic. We need Cesc like a fish needs a bicycle (having a Ray Hudson moment here 🙂 )

      USA was …um…adequate to the task. My eyes stryed more often to the U21 game on the tiny laptop screen just to see something approaching the pretty footy to which I am accustomed?

      England lose in the last 5 minutes of their game. Wow!

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