We’ll Never Forget You, Queca.

On the bus ride home today, I thought about a lot of things. A lot of life-altering things. Because with all the route changes and random construction on important streets, I have a lot of time to deliberate the most pressing questions in life. Like, how is it that I can talk about the weather with total strangers and it’s totally not awkward?  Would people laugh at me if I said our train only had five stops? Why is it that when someone knocks into you, you’re the one who has to apologize? Who is that man in the white van everyone’s warning me about? Why are there more Canadians on Boston than Vancouver? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

All very, very important questions, but you know what the biggest one is? How did Queca die?

Yes, it’s true. I wanted to give people some time to mourn but it can be avoided no longer.

Yesterday, Queca passed away. Puyol dropped the Llorente sized bomb on us via Twitter.

F-for those of you w-who are unaware, Queca was…  Q-queca w-was… No! I can do this. I can do this. I promised Puyi I could. Do. This. Queca was Puyol’s best friend. They went through everything together, from running away from the barber in his heyday to the Clasico Apocolypse and everything in between. He was a true cule. A member of the Barca, and therefore BFB, family.

Carles had this to say:

“Today [Monday] is a sad day for me, Queca has died. He was old and couldn’t deal with the fame. Do not worry about me! I’m recovering well. In fact, I was allowed to bench press today. What a workout!! I sweated so much that it even came out of my eyes, especially whenever I thought of Queca!”

Of course, that wasn’t all. Less than 24 hours after Queca’s death, yet another bomb. This time, Messi sized.

“I now have another beloved. Let me introduce you to Puyi!


Queca, you were the best pet sheep ever.

Note, that is Crackovia!Puyol.

We’ll never forget you, Queca. RIP.

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By Kari

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  1. apparently EE has issued a reply on rosell’s statement…but I wont bother going to their website havent been for 5 years now, its yaki…!
    I’ll wait till sport puts up or smth 🙂

    1. “Real Madrid C. F. regrets the unfortunate statement made today by the President of F. C. Barcelona, nonetheless understanding said remarks respond to the pressure felt by its Board of Directors coming from a particular sector of the media close the club and demanding a more aggressive attitude towards our entity.

      The grave and false insinuations in the speech relating to certain reports on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport, that have nothing to do (neither in origin nor fruition) with Real Madrid C. F., are incomprehensible to us, given that everybody knows our club immediately and categorically denied said reports on the media platform they were published in.

      It is important to remember that, facing the aforementioned pressure, F. C. Barcelona lodged an astonishing formal complaint against the coach of Real Madrid C. F. at UEFA, something unprecedented in the relations between both clubs.

      Despite this unprecedented event and the statement made by the President of F. C. Barcelona, and for the good of football, Real Madrid C. F. will continue to work to have the best relations with F. C. Barcelona, as it always does with every other club from Spain and the rest of world.

      Finally, Real Madrid C. F. once more reiterates its committment to sportsmanship and the values inherent in football, especially those regarding fair play and the unequivocal battle against racism. The club regards these as essential elements in sport that set a valuable example for children around world.”

      Nothing special about their response..its the expected “not guilty” statement.

      Rosell’s speech was unnecessary..it was just an echoing of everyone’s thoughts and sentiments. Someone should put a muzzle on him so he can learn to be the bigger person and just let it go. It makes Barcelona look stupid when the president is issuing threats from his soapbox instead of just winning titles and letting the club’s accomplishments and style speak for itself.

  2. just read the ZMs european team of the season.

    bemused how iniesta ,busi and abidal was left out?in case of abidal he was out for 2 months.but i simply cant understand the exclusion of busi and iniesta.it may seem controversial,but busi is more important to us in this season than xavi.

    regarding ro sell,his comment on thiago made me very nervous.

    and like everyone i must say he just made this to let the world know that he is the president of barca.

    is it me or others also find resemblance of allan harper of”2 and half men” in Ro Sell?and he also acted like allan Harper.

  3. it seems Bielsa is gonna be the coach of athletic bilbao.

    he is an interesting coach,but i think he is a bit over rated.

    anyway the liga will be lightened if he comes

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