We’ll Never Forget You, Queca.

On the bus ride home today, I thought about a lot of things. A lot of life-altering things. Because with all the route changes and random construction on important streets, I have a lot of time to deliberate the most pressing questions in life. Like, how is it that I can talk about the weather with total strangers and it’s totally not awkward?  Would people laugh at me if I said our train only had five stops? Why is it that when someone knocks into you, you’re the one who has to apologize? Who is that man in the white van everyone’s warning me about? Why are there more Canadians on Boston than Vancouver? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

All very, very important questions, but you know what the biggest one is? How did Queca die?

Yes, it’s true. I wanted to give people some time to mourn but it can be avoided no longer.

Yesterday, Queca passed away. Puyol dropped the Llorente sized bomb on us via Twitter.

F-for those of you w-who are unaware, Queca was…  Q-queca w-was… No! I can do this. I can do this. I promised Puyi I could. Do. This. Queca was Puyol’s best friend. They went through everything together, from running away from the barber in his heyday to the Clasico Apocolypse and everything in between. He was a true cule. A member of the Barca, and therefore BFB, family.

Carles had this to say:

“Today [Monday] is a sad day for me, Queca has died. He was old and couldn’t deal with the fame. Do not worry about me! I’m recovering well. In fact, I was allowed to bench press today. What a workout!! I sweated so much that it even came out of my eyes, especially whenever I thought of Queca!”

Of course, that wasn’t all. Less than 24 hours after Queca’s death, yet another bomb. This time, Messi sized.

“I now have another beloved. Let me introduce you to Puyi!


Queca, you were the best pet sheep ever.

Note, that is Crackovia!Puyol.

We’ll never forget you, Queca. RIP.

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By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


    1. Dunno. Everywhere I’ve read (read: barcastuff) has Queca listed as male. Methinks Crackovia would make Queca female for comedic effect.

    2. hehe… maybe…

      @barcatheoffside and some others translated it as a she…

  1. Very touching thank you for the piece. I think I’ll have to call out of work tomorrow.

    Also, does anyone know where I can buy the Champions league final jersey? I’ve gone everywhere and I can only find it being sold by someone from South East Asia somewhere via EBAY

  2. I’m in tears, absolutely streaming down my cheeks. I’m also at an absolute loss to discern if the sadness or absurd hilarity of this is the cause. Visca Queca, Visca Puyi.

    1. Someone made a facebook group “RIP Queca ” you can join that if you need someone to mourn with or just support Puyi

  3. Well I must confess ignorance as to whether this animal is a genuine beast of Puyol’s or a satirical creation emphasizing his bucolic perception. If it was a real animal of Puyol’s, even tho I’m not keen on the guy, condolences, because losing a pet is something that happens that never should, very sad.

  4. A post up for queca,thats funny,pets arent that much valued in my countryside,anyway RIP QUECA,THE EL CAPITANS’ PET

  5. I hope that one of the reasons we are not buying Botia back is because we don’t want to totaly destroy Gijon defence line. So I think our priority is jose Angel and we dont use the buy back option on Botia as a part of our negotiations.

  6. Totally off-topic.
    I’ve been out of rap game for the past 5 years or so but recently there were really some good stuff. But this is the best of them all. Masterpiece by the F-A-B-O-L-O-Z-O.

    Anyone here familiar with rap care to explain who the producer is?
    Sounds familiar… 9th Wonder? DJ Premier?

  7. There were a few mentions of Thiago Silva in the last post.
    Somebody mentioned a straight swap with Ibra + player + cash.
    It would be worth it. Look, Milan loves aging players.
    We have Maxwell, Milito who are old enough to play for them.
    And add another 10mill also I wouldn’t mind cause it’s worth it. We know how good he is. There is no other young defender out there who are that good except Pique.

  8. 100% sure Cesc isn’t coming this summer. Only way I saw him coming was if he put pressure on Arsenal. He says he won’t do that (I knew he wouldn’t). That was really the only way Arsenal would potentially drop their valuation of Cesc.

    I’m glad.

  9. According to espanafootball on twitter:

    Sandro Rosell will discuss his first season at Barcelona tomorrow, before a media contingent. Finances one of the things, on the agenda.

    Aren’t you supposed to look forward to hearing the president of the club you support speak? This makes me nervous.

    1. ridiculous. understandable coming from a U-21. This is a bit like saying that the English national team is better than the Spanish one

    1. I really wish you would tone down the profanity and make an actual comment with content for a change.

    2. Yes we get it, its crap. Please don’t work yourself up every time you read something you don’t agree. Relax, its silly season. Take a Hector pill..

    1. He has scored like 30-35 goals with his right foot and most of them were pretty massive goals,
      1. ‘That’ goal against Getafe
      2 and 3. The two important goals against Racing. the 4999th and the 5000th.
      4. The first goal from the Xavi pass in the Clasico we won 2-0 at the ‘Beau
      5. ‘That’ 2nd goal in the SF Clasico


  10. @blitzen
    the thought of Terry playing tiki-taka makes me giggle. And yeah, Lampard and Gerard would start over Xavi and Iniesta, riiiight…
    Ferdinand would be a great back-up DF, though.
    Rooney could start, but if he plays like he did the first 6 months of this past year he would be benched by Bojan.

    So…if Cesc is not coming that should leave us with a lot of money to spend, right? Rossi and Willan?

    Also, I think that if Pep does not want to buy Botia this year he must have a reason. I know that getting him back is a no-brainer for all of my esteemed fellow posters on this here blog, but I dare say that Pep and his scouting team have watched him a lot more closely than we have this season.

  11. Anyone hear about the big Messi scandal? Apparently he and the Milito brothers went to a “sex and alcohol” party where he–get this–danced! With girls! And played Play. Such moral turpitude cannot be tolerated.

    1. From what I understood from the article in as (I think), he played playstation and then went to sleep. THE SCANDAL!!!!

      (Admittedly, my Spanish is practically non-existent, but I prefer to stick to my personal version of events, because it amuses me).

  12. The Canucks are hated by Canadians too right? I can’t stand those divers. The Sedin’s would make Ollie Holt forget about Busquets. Lapierre would make di Maria look like a tank. Ugh. go bruins.

    1. Um, no, we don’t hate the Canucks. I don’t love them, either, but I’ll always cheer for a Canadian hockey team over an American one. In a final, anyway. I would even cheer for the Leafs if they were in the Stanley Cup final. And I hate the Leafs.

    2. eww I’m in the same boat. Boston is the bane of existence to most U.S. sports fans, but its them or the Canucks. Anyone but the Canucks.

    3. I’m better off than you, though–there is no likelihood whatsoever of the Leafs making it to a Stanley Cup final in my lifetime. 😈

  13. also some of you are hella wack with your assumptions of player swaps.
    You say xx + xx + xx for Silva. then call him a top 10 defender. he’s the best. yes, the BEST defender in the world right now.

    besides we all know Thiago Silva would displace Busi as the #1 DM for Barca.

  14. So, what is the situation with Ibrahimovic? Has Milan shown any signs of permanently signing him? Some reports make it sound like he is gone for good, which should mean we get some cash for home. On the other hand, I hear his named mentioned in possible swaps (mainly T. Silva related dream swaps) which makes me think that he’s still Barca’s burden.

    Personally, I don’t want to get stuck with him again.

  15. Bartomeu: “Estamos negociando por Alexis, hay que llegar a un acuerdo con Udinese. Somos optimistas” (from the Twitters)

    First official sign that we’re negotiating with Udinese for Sanchez.

    1. Rossi too I guess.

      Barcelona and Villarreal vice-presidents met on Friday for 3 hours to discuss a transfer of Rossi. A first formal offer was rejceted. [cope]

      via Pep @ Barcastuff..

    1. De Gea; Montoya, Botía, Domínguez, Dídac; J. Martínez, Ander, Thiago, Mata; Muniaín and Adrián.

      (from twitter)

  16. Thiago misplacing a few passes, but otherwise looking good. And Muniain is adding some needed energy to the attack. A shame Bojan and Jeffren aren’t out there though.

  17. Muniain, Thiago, Mata and Javi Martinez were all very impressive.
    Very one sided match though. From the second goal the match was over.

    Botia looked very assured at CB but one thing that is for certain, he is not good enough to start for us week in/week out. His defending is solid but he doesn’t win the ball back and maintain possession as often as Pique, Puyol, Masch or Abidal would, mostly clearing the ball or heading in to touch this match.

    Thiago’s play was impressive. His imagination and ball skills are very very good and he plays with an arrogance that you can’t help but like.

    1. I’m watching it. Steinberg is usually pretty hard on the English, but the Ukaraine are dominating possession (not quite as much as Spain did, but still). England have had only one real effort on goal, I think, but as always are being brave and passionate.

  18. Sport says that Milan offered Thiago Silva as part exchange for Ibrahimovic, and that we rejected the proposal.

    Now, I’m all for crazy rumors, but this one just makes me laugh so hard I need Depends. If they offered Silva as part exchange for Ibrahimovic, or even straight up, we’d be crazy not to take it.

    1. Wow! That made me laugh as well. They offered us one of the best CBs in the world for a Ibra, AND we rejected it? 😀 We decided that we would be better without him and agreed to give Ibra to Milan for only cash?

    2. Cash payments over three years, at that! Yes, that sounds entirely believable. 😆

    3. LOL i just read that and im still laughing.Sport always brighten my day with their jokes.

  19. It looks like Sanchez will be ours.

    Bartomeu (sports vice-president): “We’re holding talks on Alexis Sanchez. It’s a quality player, that’s why so many teams are interested.”

    Antonelli (consultant Udinese): “In the next days, it’ll be clear where Sanchez will go to. Barcelona’s push has changed everything a bit.”

    Where will he play? On the right or the left?

    1. I wouldn’t be so cocky. Udinese holds the rights to Sanchez, and they want 40m, highest bidder takes it. The player wants one thing, the club wants another. How the difference is split will be interesting.

      One rumor is that Sanchez likes Serie A, and likes the idea of going to Inter, where he would be an automatic starter, and remain in Serie A.

      So I’m not sure I’d be wondering right now where Sanchez is going to play. We’re a very daunting club for a young attacker right now, as we have some of the best young attackers in the world right now. He isn’t going to be an automatic starter in his preferred position, because we have a pretty good player already playing there. So it will require patience.

      I wonder if there is also the uncertainty about Guardiola’s future with the club weighing on some potential transfers. The first week of July should see a lot of action.

    2. I’ve also heard Inter’s coach, Leonardo, is leaving to be PSG’s sporting director and Moratti is wanting to pick up “El Loco” Bielsa-Sánchez and Chile’s coach during The World Cup. Gotta figure Inter’d be frontrunners then.

      I’m happy at the prospect of seeing El Loco and Lucho coaching top clubs. Is Serie A finally trying to get its shit together?

      And who else is watching Santos Peñarol? Neymar’s getting run over like a dead squirrel. Love it.

    1. Ha, how easy it is to forget Dani’s ears before he got them changed. The last thing opponents needed was for Dani to become more aerodynamic!

  20. From the Guardian;

    61 min: Sinclair is booked for playing on after he was flagged offside when through on goal. He probably can’t use the Robin van Persie excuse here, given that the stadium’s empty.

    Why do you guys think it’s a rumor that Barca rejected Milan’s offer?
    There could be some truth in it.

    1. Because that would mean Milan only values Thiago Silva at 24m. Does that seem normal to you? Their best player who has a contract until 2016, only valued at 24m? That’s a poor one even by Sport’s standards.

  21. @Jnice

    Thanks man.
    He’s new. No wonder I’ve never heard of his productions before. Stopped listening to rap in 2005-06. This guy has a hint of Dr. Dre, Premier and 9th Wonder in his music.

  22. Rubbish hockey, rubbish football. Not a banner day for Canadian sportsfans. Someone cheer me up. 🙁

    1. Way to pull a Sens and let down Canada, Vancouver. Don’t you know that’s Ottawa’s responsibility? 🙄

  23. Santos Peñarol ends 0-0. Not looking good for the Uruguayans. They have to play in Brazil at the Vila Belmiro and the away goal rule doesn’t apply to the two-legged final.

    It’s looking like The Club World Cup’ll be between Barça and Santos. Should be fun.

  24. -How come no one’s talking about the interview with Cesc?

    I’m very happy, I’m an Arsenal player now, and that’s it. Wenger knows what I want and he’s the boss, he decides

    That clearly shows that he already pleaded to Arsene to let him go but then he go and says some stuff like this

    Finally, Cesc was asked about the possibility that he could actually end up playing not for his boyhood team, Barcelona, but instead for their bitterest rivals, Real Madrid, with the player saying “in football a lot can happen.”

    -Was Thiago awarded Man of the Match again last night?

    1. Thiago didn’t get Man of the Match, but he played even better today. Adrian, the scorer of both goals, got the award.

      No one is talking about the Cesc stuff because all it means is he isn’t coming this summer. Only way I saw him coming was if he put pressure on Arsenal, but clearly he isn’t interested in doing that.

    2. I think he has a private agreement with Arsenal to let him go if they get a reasonable offer (from Barca only), I think he is being very discreet to avoid a huge media blowup. That’s why he’s not in Ibiza with his BFFs. That’s why he backed out of going to the CL final game, even though he had tickets.

      I’m willing to bet you that he is coming this summer. Stakes?

    3. I say we compare Fabregas’ quotes now to Henry’s before he left Arsenal. I bet Fabregas went to NYC to ask for some advice… (But he’s such a coward. Stay at Arsenal! We’ll keep Thiago. Humph.)

    4. I’m in. I feel that Cesc will come and I will award a 1 month premium for FS, MU, RS or whatever you want since we’re world’s apart, that’s all I can offer.

      Based from his words, it doesn’t look encouraging but it looks like Pep really wants his man before he leaves.

    5. Ooh, the premium idea sounds like a good one. I’m down with that. I’ll offer you and blitzen a premium count for month if Cesc comes. Or if you want the $20 offer, that’s cool too (or whatever other ideas you guys have.) If Cesc doesn’t come, you don’t have to give me anything.

  25. http://fourfourtwo.com/blogs/laligaloca/archive/2011/06/15/why-bar-231-a-should-sign-vidic-not-cesc-and-real-should-bag-bale.aspx

    In key games last season, Carles Puyol played at left-back and Javier Mascherano in central defence. That’s a clear suggestion that some holes need to be plugged at the back – no Gerard Piqué love-life joke intended.
    Barça have wasted nearly €70m in past seasons trying to find a permanent replacement to Puyol – stand up Henrique, Dmytro Chygrynskiy, Gaby Milito, Martín Cáceres. They’d have been better purchasing a crash test dummy and sticking a Deirdre Barlow wig on it.
    Rather than going for Alexis Sánchez or Giuseppe Rossi – who wouldn’t be a bad idea nonetheless – Guardiola should revert to his Big Man Up Front Plan B concept, the one which saw Zlatan Ibrahimovic brought in at huge expense but moved out due to bad ‘feeling’.”

    I agree with Tim.

    1. Signing Vidic isn’t realistic, though. He already came out and said he isn’t going anywhere this summer and I don’t see Man Utd letting him go easily, regardless of their recent signing of Phil Jones.

    2. So Jnice, you wouldn’t mind signing him if he was available?

      WHat happened to the rumors of last summer that Rio Ferdinand set his sights on Spain? I thought he was supposed to come to Spain (Us or RM obviously) this summer.

    3. I don’t like Vidic like that. I think he’s too clumsy against players with quick feet and decent technique. He would give up fouls in Spain.

      If we were to go for a CB, I would still want Sakho who is only 21. Vidic will be 30 in October.

      As for Ferdinand, I don’t know. Don’t remember hearing much about that.

    4. Well, most teams would suffer when all three of their left backs are unavailable due to injury.

  26. Not on topic for this thread I know, but having a look at the side, if we sign either Rossi or Sanchez, they aren’t bench players, especially Sanchez (who I beleive is overhyped, overvalued and overopinionated), and will demand 1st team.

    This means one of Villa, Messi or Pedro is benched (needless to say less playing time for 3M).

    I’d rather we focus on a CB and LB of decent enough quality to be competitive than overspend on positions that we don’t need filled.

    Our forward line at the moment has Leo, Dave, Peter, Bojangles, Abraham and Jeff, as well as the up and coming Nolly and Ben.

    Why not stick with the already World Class front line and look at developing the defense?

  27. After reading this, I’m having doubts that Cesc really wants to come back.
    “I won’t step forward and say I want to join Barca. After eight years at Arsenal, I won’t harm the club. That’s not my way of being. I’m very happy. I’m an Arsenal player now, and that’s it. Wenger knows what I want and he’s the boss, he decides.”

    The only thing I got from this quote is that he needs to grow some balls(for lack of a better phrase). I understand that as the captain its his responsibility to be cool and collected and not create chaos but still he should man up and admit he wants to go now..not next season, not when Wenger is ready to let him go…but now(if thats even what he wants). Most players when they want to leave and their clubs aren’t cooperating with them will do what ever it takes like refusing to play, pulling an Auguero and telling the whole world they are leaving, and if they’re injured they will prolong their recovery process until the right offer comes along then presto, they’re all better and ready to go. This whole “I won’t hurt Arsenal” song and dance is admirable but stupid because they’ll take advantage of his loyalty and string him around until they feel like it.

    I could be totally off, but that’s my perspective. If we don’t get him,then whatever…we have a gem named Thiago, who with some hard work and proper guidance from Xavi can take over in a few years and work wonders. The kid is a visionary and could surpass Cesc. Mr. Fabregas can stay trohpyless at Arsenal with all the kiddies if he wants..we can take our business elsewhere!

    1. Most players when they want to leave and their clubs aren’t cooperating with them will do what ever it takes like refusing to play, pulling an Auguero and telling the whole world they are leaving

      Aguero has been captain for them like what, not even a year while Cesc has been the captain of his team for a couple of seasons now. Obviously Cesc has a greater bond with the club and fans and therefore he can’t go public.

      I wouldn’t want him at all if he went public. What kind of players do we want? A player who would create chaos at the club because he wants to move or a player who would pressure the coach and club internally?

      And it would just leave a bad taste in the mouth if he goes public and then only he joins us.

    2. Why can’t he go public? He wants to win titles, is that selfish or unreasonable? His wishes should be respected by the fans, his happiness and desires should count for something IMO.

      What if internal pressure isn’t enough? Is he supposed to just give up or should he go the extra mile to make sure his window of opportunity does not pass him by. Its a matter of selflessness vs selfishness on both ends, will Arsenal or Cesc get their way? That remains to be seen.

      A player switching clubs is never taken well, in any kind of sport. Look at Fernando Torres, he left quietly and was still hated by Liverpool fans. Someone will get hurt in the process, it’s just like a relationship if you think about it from a different perspective, it’s unavoidable.

      Just because he creates chaos to leave doesn’t mean he’s going to bring chaos into the locker room..its just a way of getting what you want regardless of the means taken.

      Here’s to hoping silly season will be over ASAP! I’m sick of it 🙁

    3. Liverpool fans are hurt because he had stopped playing before he left, because he kept talking about moving to a big club, like Liverpool was a league 2 side, and because he came out with things like “I dont know why people say Im betraying the club I love, I never kissed the badge or anything”.

  28. I always had a bad feeling that this press conference will turn out ugly… It did…

    Rosell is stupid… Yes, what he said about EE are true… But there’s no need to say it now, really…

    This president must learn to Pep about how to behave in public…

  29. from @barcastuff

    Rosell: “With already 15 trophies won, this has been the best sporting season in the history of the club.”

    Rosell: “They’ve provoked us, but we could bear it, and the football we played at Wembley was the best answer possible.”

    Rosell: “Madrid made accusations and conspiracy claims without any ground. They’ve tried to win off the pitch what they couldn’t win on it.”

    Rosell: “We want to turn the page now, but if Madrid again cross the limits of sportmanship, we won’t hesitate to break all relations.”

    Rosell: “3 best moments of the season? 5-0 against Madrid, win at Wembley, and Abidal coming on at the Camp Nou after recovery.”

    Rosell: “Hardest decision of the past season? Selling Ibrahimovic”

    Rosell: “Cesc? I guess he’d like to join us, like a lot of players would, but we won’t go mad and offer silly fees.”

    Rosell: “We’ll see what happens on the transfer market. Initially, we have 45M but we might use part of next year’s money too.”

    Rosell: “Guardiola has his preferences, but he doesn’t talk about names, he talks about positions that should be strengthened.”

    Rosell: “Last year we offered 40M for Cesc, this season his value is less. What we can offer will also depend on his salary.”

    Rosell: “Clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City are heating up the market by offering prices out of the market.”

    Rosell: “Since we arrived a year ago, we’ve reduced the debt with 50M. It’s not easy balancing that with sporting successes.”

    1. Rosell: “Since we arrived a year ago, we’ve reduced the debt with 50M. It’s not easy balancing that with sporting successes.”

      That one must be a mistake, right? He has to mean they reduced the deficit by 50M not the debt, because the club is still running a deficit so how could it have reduced the overall debt?

  30. I gotta say, apart from the last comment about the debt (my understanding of economics only goes as far as what I have in my pockets), I agree with all of Rosell’s quotes given by barcagirl_indo.

    So far he has not been the bad president I thought he would be when he took over.

    I also think it’s class from Cesc not pushing for a move. It would have made me respect him more, not less, were it not that he suggest it might be possible he joined EE 🙁

  31. Well, that was a worthless presser in which RoSELL did nothing, said nothing. But the point was to stand there, thump his chest and in effect say “I’m da president now, dammit!”

    At least Laporta would just stand there, grinning unctuously without the need to say “Hey, I’m da man!” RoSELL knows that this is Laporta’s team, and will be until he does something significant beyond what any qualified accountant can do. Laporta’s team, Laporta’s coach, Laporta’s success in absentia.

    “We want to turn the page.” If you want to turn the page, don’t say anything. There. Page turned. By saying it, then attaching a threat, you don’t want to turn the page. You in fact want to say to everyone, “We’re the bigger club. Neener, neener.”


    1. AND he didn’t mention Queca! 😛

      There’s also the whole (long) announcement on the official site. Why is he still talking about this. *shakes head*

    2. I agree with the part about the threat. I fear it might reignite some arguing between the clubs.

      Yes he didn’t say much, but I still found some of what he did say interesting. For example:

      “Initially, we have 45M but we might use part of next year’s money too.”


      “Last year we offered 40M for Cesc, this season his value is less”

  32. I agree with you regarding rosell. There are different kinds of leadership but i like the vibe that rosell sends out as the leader of our club……. Under his regime the sensitivity towards attacks on our image seems to have increased.

    Also we seem to be much more ruthless with regards to negotiations on transfers..

    I was pleased with various parts of his statement even though i would understand people questioning the necessity and timing of it.

  33. Now here is what happened:

    To make it short, The club was under attack by scums on different levels. That threatened the club’s image. Till CL final where the players put their hearts on the field and defeated all the trash (who were outside the stadium that night), made the records straight and all the hate of haters started to look more and more like losers whining. Faded…faded…disappeared.

    Out of sudden, roSELL the great decides to open his mouth. A conference he was threatening the universe he will make for many months now. And what was it all about?

    A wannabee trying his most pathetic Mou impression.

    Whats next? A statement from Real Madrid responding to all that? Opening the rotten can of worms again which will lead no where beside a mud fight?

    Or maybe, Real Madrid will need no statements, they can just sit and watch the free fall of an inadequate leader. Marca and co will feed some English tabloids and the circus will be there to “enjoy” all over again.

    But what can I say…Thank you roSELL for the best season in the history of the club. Wouldn’t have done that without you/End sarcasm.

  34. Guys you love to hate rosell.
    The team hes president of,just came off a double and plans for the next season.Too much complaining for nothing.

    1. “Too much complaining for nothing.”

      The best description for roSELL’s conference:) Thank you for that!

      Oh and beg your pardon, its the team that we are the fans of. He is just an elected employee who is not doing his job properly. For being a fans’ club, we are the boss.

    2. Sometimes, dignified silence is the best riposte. And he makes it so easy to hate.

      Our club has significant gaps that it needs filling. Instead of holding meaningless pressers that could be dealt with via a press release, deal with the club’s needs.

    3. I complained a lot about the values he seemed to downgrade in our club.I dont have the strength to complain about minor issues.
      We came off a double , lets enjoy this.And looking forward to the formation of the next season’s roster.
      No offence to you guys 😀

    4. None taken. I just wish our president would act Presidential.

      Now we wait, but I am certain that by the end of the first week of July, all will be clear. But we need 2 defenders and 2 attacking players, I don’t care how we get them.

    5. Does this mean that now he will have a presser explaining how he really did want to turn the page and close the book, rather than reopening old wounds?

  35. RoSELL: Selling Thiago? Every talented homegrown player who’ll leave will only do that on loan or with a buy-back option. [barcastuff]

    Listen, a**, just say “Thiago’s not for sale” and that’s the end of it. Way to treat your budding superstar, RoSELL. #irritated

    1. You really have to get your butt on Twitter and follow Ramzi (@footballmood) and I (@kevvwill). We’ve been having fun this morning. My new description for Fabregas: Oft-crocked glory hunter.

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