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My only warning advice is this: if you are wearing head/earphones, you might want to put down the volume near the end.

Without further ado, BFB’s season in preview ft. a certain man-monster (it would not be a BFB video without him):

[…I regret nothing. πŸ˜€ ]

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. So yeah, I’ve been wasting my time using Sony Vegas Pro 10 that a friend of mine downloaded on my laptop. Haven’t really gotten the hang of it yet, but whatever. The damage has been done. 8)

    1. Kari –

      I’m not able to watch the video. It keeps on saying that it’s private…

  2. I thought about putting text in since I am trying to say something (particularly the Messi/Keita part πŸ˜› ), but in the end, I’m really crap at it (see intro and ending) and the video kinda speaks for itself. I had a lost of ideas for this one, but this is how it turned out in the end.

    Oh well. I’m allowed to experiment on you guys, so tell me what you think.

    (No need for constructive criticism, though. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› )

  3. Yo, I was watching it like “when am I going to see this years jerseys?” LOLOL… good job, Kari. :mrgreen:

    1. That said, I can see Welbeck and Sturridge causing Spain problems. Can’t wait for this game. Hope Bojan scores a couple.

    2. It is more than possibly sad that I know this, but isn’t Rafinha the one with the tattoo on his arm of the two of them? Unless Thiago has one as well.

      There is something about Barcelona, players of south american origin, and dubious tattoos. (See Messi’s shoulder tattoo for reference).

      (Because…uh…I obviously focused on the most important part of that article.)

    3. Perhaps I am wrong? I thought he had one on his shoulderblade of his mother.

      Now I feel like I’m making this up, but at the time I was pretty sure…

    4. its a tattoo of his mother I think. Gee imagine how awkward it must be for his girlfriend…

    5. LOL! Thiago really is the new Xavi: Called arrogant and misquoted by the British press! Must be that Barça DNA.

  4. Nice vid, I know Vegas inside out let me know if you have any questions, but YouTube has millions of tutorials and guides.

    Arsenal chief scout is watching Delafeu and they want to try to sign him before his 18th birthday next march

    I f**king dare them πŸ™

  5. Djourou on Gervinho:”He has all ingredients to play for Arsenal,that is a definite” So he can say whatever but when a BarΓ§a player talks about Cesc..GASP BLASPHEMY TAPPING UP etc

  6. mastamind9682 has made some excellent videos:

    David Villa’s 23 goals for Barcelona:


    Yeah, he’s rubbish. πŸ˜‰

    Barcelona best team goals 2010/11:


    Rubbish. All of them. πŸ˜€

    1. I know, right? Wonderful to see that Villa again. Now pre-WB Villa after a season in the system… *wipes off drool*.

      If I had to pick one that wasn’t the Wembley goal, it’d be the Sevilla one where he cuts inside and curls it (4:10) . That’s Villa at his best IMO, and it was after a goal drought and from the right(!) using both feet!

      My least favourite is 9:09 because it showcases a Villa that’s trying too hard. In live time, I thought he was going to fudge it up, and he almost proved me right. -.-

    2. Ah, that was soothing after watching the USA-Panama game. πŸ™‚

      Let’s see more of that Villa next season, eh?

  7. This one made me laugh:

    Bolton Wanderers made a 5.5M bid for Barcelona B midfielder Thiago. They have been following the player for a year.

    Bolton manager Owen Coyle is ready to fly to Spain for face-to-face talks with Thiago and with Barcelona officials. [daily mirror]

    1. I read that piece earlier, and it isn’t entirely crazy. If you think about what it would take to get Fabregas/Rossi/Sanchez, assuming that is the ultimate goal, the writer is merely suggesting a way to get at the monies required.

      I believe his speculation is also that the acquisition of Rossi and Sanchez, assuming Villa and Pedro are still on the roster, creates potentially unsolvable selection headaches.

      Viewed that way, it makes sense. But as with any first-year striker in our system, as long as he doesn’t become a head case, Villa should have a very good second year with us. But I’d definitely be thinking about selling him at the end of next season, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

      Should I note that selling Krkic (the author advocated selling Villa, Krkic) didn’t inspire the same level of outrage? πŸ˜€

  8. I wish that you guys not living in Spain could see what Spain’s GOL Television is showing re Barca.

    They have 2 special features playing at the moment. One is the goals of Messi for 2010/11, and the other is showing the La Liga goals of the team.

    Both make for very good viewing.

    The Messi goals feature is on a higher rotation than that showing the goals of a certain RM Pichichi winner – just saying. πŸ™‚

    They are also showing a feature on the goals in the last 10 years of UEFA Champions League matches. Our team gets to feature in 3 of those years, of course!

    1. Sell nzm! πŸ˜€

      See, what you’re supposed to do is record them to a DVR, convert them then upload them here so that we can all see them. Now THAT would be love. πŸ˜€

      Color me bright green with envy. Enjoy!

    2. Ha – I would if I knew how, Kxevin!

      We don’t own a DVR system – otherwise I’d have a go!

  9. What up y’all! I bailed out of my suicide pact so I’m still kind of alive, just went on a little trip. ClΓ‘sicos burnt me out a bit so I haven’t posted much in a while. Wubs you guys, though.

    And file me under “would prefer SΓ‘nchez to Rossi.” Big fan of El Loco Bielsa’s Chile in the World Cup. Plus Giuseppe’s from New Jersey. πŸ˜›

    You’re nuts, Kari.

    1. Welcome back. You owe us all a drink. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, Rossi’s from Jersey. Wonder what exit?

  10. Anybody else watching USA v Panama?

    It’s not CL football, but it’s end to end stuff with the States chasing the game in typical fashion after going down 0-2 at half.

    1. Final score 1-2. USMNT with more than several opportunities to equalize, but fall short in the end.

      Oh well.

      Is it August yet? lol.

    2. Blah, Donovan really should have done better that game. All three goals scored from set plays, although the build up to Bradley’s close miss was nice.

    3. Canada loses to the US 2-0. Panama was leading 2-0 until that US goal. If Panama plays Canada, does that mean they’d beat us 4-0? Hmm…

  11. Can’t wait for the Spain-England U21 game tomorrow.

    Thiago and Bojan will start for sure. Montoya has a chance, but if Azpilicueta is fully fit he’ll start.

    Jeffren may come on in the second half depending on how the game is going.

    De Gea’s finger isn’t 100%, but I don’t know if Mino is 2nd or 3rd choice.

    Botia will be starting at centerback, so keep an eye on him.

  12. i have been thinking about Pep’s possible replacement. Much as we all hate it, he is unlikely to spend 15+ years as our manager. There is the very real possibility that he z leaving next summer.
    Now lets all take a moment to think about the poor guy who replaces him. He will have to stick to tiki-taka, of course. And the media will crucify him if he doesnt break a million records in his first year. You can almost see MD headline screaming ‘WHY DIDN’T WE HAVE 90% OF THE BALL IN THE HOME CLASICO?’ They will want 11 big signings every season. And 5 or so youth team players must be promoted and become automatic starters. And it goes without saying that none of our stars must leave.
    The solution, and I have not gone bonkers, is to sign Mou. Yes, you read that right. Won’t it be fun watching him struggling to emulate Pep? certainly better him than someone we actually like.
    He will destroy our philosophy, you say? look at it this way: if the next coach plays tiki-taka and fails, people will be crying about how passing the ball around is futile and they will want ‘more direct’ football. it could be decades before we have another proper tiki-taka manager. Mou, on the other hand, will show the just how unattractive the alternative is. He should have people crying for a return to our true game within a few months, and the next guy would have more breathing room.

    1. K_Legit, what’s wrong with AW man?
      I’ve liked him ever since he joined Arsenal. Watched Arsenal a lot back in the days when Bergkamp was there. C’mon, you gotta love AW’s style. I believe he can succeed here -his whining.

    2. I’ve always been against the signing of Mourinho when they wanted him to replace Frank. I jsut dont understand how after seeing him at Porto and CHelsea makes them think that he could succeed in Camp Nou.
      Now is just impossible for him to come here.

      My choice would be Lucho, Porto coach, Arsene Wenger.

    3. Well, that’s definitely an interesting proposal, I’ll give you that! But at this point, there’s no way Mou will ever coach Barcelona in the future. While there may have been a point in the past when he was considered for the post, it’ll never happen now. And frankly, I think it irks Mourinho a bit that the best club in the world is the only club in the world who would never hire him.

      As for more realistic choices to replace Pep when the time comes, in no particular order; Villa-Boas, L.E., and Vilanova would all be choices I’d be comfortable with. But there’s only one Pep, and for any coach to replicate his success at Barca will be very difficult indeed.

    4. after all the accusations he made against our club, would you really want him here? I don’t even want him to manage us for a day let alone a few months. just thinking about mou in barca makes me want to gag

  13. Arsenal has rejected a “34M-plus-Bojan or Thiago” bid for midfielder Cesc Fabregas (24). They ask 45M, without other players involved. [md]

    I guess it’s true after all that they don’t mind letting Thiago go. Sigh. Big sigh. Don’t have the mood to play futsal now.

    1. I’d take these rumours with a pinch of salt. Thiago isn’t going anywhere. Neither is Afellay. And for that matter, if Bojan goes anywhere it will be on loan.

  14. I don’t think we will sign Cesc this summer. I think at most we want to offer 30 million otherwise we will not have enough cash for other signings. Considering we also want a winger/CF player and they do not come cheap. Arsenal will not accept 30 million in my eyes.

    I wonder what is going to happen after Chelsea sign their new coach, Because potentially Drogba may be makeweight this summer and he would seem a player worth negotiating for. He also may desire a move elsewhere possibly for a chance at winning the CL before he settles down for the last stretch of his career.

  15. You know, come to think of it, the only two players from our current squad that I’d sell right now are Jeffren and Milito. Jeffren because he gets injured too often and Milito because it’s clear Pep no longer trusts him at the back.

    I know it’s fashionable to want Maxwell out and have Adriano as backup LB. But isn’t Adriano our backup RB as well. Relying on one player as backup for two positions got us into trouble these last few years. Furthermore, every player we sell, we have to replace or we aren’t doing our depth any favours.

    Who I WOULD sell though, are all those players we have on loan indefinitely.

    Buy Rossi or Sanchez. Buy back Botia, and still have money left back for another decent player. And give Thiago a chance to see what he can do before we decide whether we need to buy ourself a Cesc

  16. The Sunday Times is reporting that Barcelona have reached an agreement with Villareal for 29.5M euro and that the deal will be announced monday.

    Who knows if this is true – but this is not the Mirror or the Sun, etc. This is the Sunday Times reporting the deal.

    The main thrust of their report is that Man City is now looking to finalize a deal with Alexis Sanchez. Their initial offer was 25M but they are willing to go up to 38M to sign Sanchez. He is City’s top target this summer per the times.

    This makes sense – Mancini is systematically trying to rebuild his system at City. He probably envisions playing Sanchez not as a winger/ forward but as a Trequarista behind the striker much like Udinese did with Sanchez this season.

    City was really boring this year and most of that was due to their midfield. Yaya is tremendous but he’s not ideal as the creative midfielder in a three man set up.

    Supposedly Sanchez wasn’t interested in City before but it sounds like they are about to unlock the safe so things could change very fast.

    In that story the Times says that Barca’s interest in Sancez was largely a ploy to negotiate against Villareal. Rossi has been Pep’s top target all along. They now have a deal for Rossi at 29.5M.

    The Times then goes on to say that Barca will use their remaining funds and raise 20M more by selling players (which they already have with Ibra) in order to make a bid for Fabergas.

    There hasn’t been much talk about Fabergas at all in England so far. It’s all been out of Spain. But now the Times and others are talking about Arsenal letting Fabergas go. Supposedly, Wenger may feel the need to sell Fabergas now in order to keep Nasri. Nasri can become the teams highest played player and they could essentially tell him they are building the team around him now.

    We’ll see.

    Finally, I know many people here (including myself) were excited about the prospect of Sanchez coming. But the quality of Sancez as a player takes nothing away from how good Rossi is. Rossi is a tremendous footballer. He really is. And in many ways Rossi fits most directly with what Barca needs and their system. He’s going to be terrific playing in that Right flank-Center role.

    1. Where does silva fit in? If this goes trough then teves leaves for sure. Baloteli bench? Well on the good side we can still get sanchez in 1-2 years from city for like 5 mil!

    2. That’s a good question. It’s always difficult – if not impossible to figure out what’s going on with City, but the situation has improved there since Mancini has taken over.

      Basicialy I think Mancini’s goal is to have the depth and quality to utilize two different starting 11’s to compete in all tournaments.

      At the same time they are able and willing to take risks on players in order to move fast and can afford to lose 30-40M on a player like Balotelli if he doesn’t work out.

      Silva was very good for them last season and I don’t think he played enough. Mancini just didn’t trust his team and played ultra-defensively. I don’t think he’s going to play that way to that degree moving forward.

      He’ll likely play a 4-2-3-1 type formation. I could see their starting midfield/ attackers being: De Jong/ Yaya and then Sanchez as the 10. Then on the wings I think Silva will play out on one flank as a regular. They’ll rotate players as the lone striker and right wing in Tevez, Dzeko, Balotelli mixing in Johnson/ Milner on the right wing.

      Targeting Sanchez as their top guy really speaks to how astute and systematic Mancini is with his football. Sure he’s being massively wasteful but that’s part of the luxury of that job. But Sanchez is the perfect player for them.

      I don’t know if Tevez is going to leave. Don’t think there’s a team that can afford his transfer and pay his enormous wages.

      Finally, despite all the money and transfers on attckers, Kompany may be the best player on the entire team.

    3. Thanks Euler! I was surprised as well to see silva so often outside the starting 11 because he was always added something while playing. I was starting to believe he had injury problems. I must say I’m not a very big fan of Mancini as a coach. I think he is to rigid and too predictable sometimes.
      Kompany is a great player! I was really excited when we were interested in signing him while he was still at Anderlecht. He chose Hamburg for more playing time and seemed a very ok guy. City got him for like very little 7-8 mil while Txiki was still in charge.

    4. I think any combination of Cesc + Sanchez/Rossi would be immense acquisitions for this team both in the short and long term.

      You’ve made this point in previous posts, but Rossi is excellent at finding and exploiting space all around the last 1/3rd of the pitch. Yes, Sanchez is perhaps the more naturally talented player, but maybe Rossi would suit Guardiola’s style better for this reason (not to mention his impressive goal-haul and La Liga familiarity).

    5. I think Rossi is very much a Guardiola type player. I can really see Pep wanting him a great deal.

      He’s a marvelous footballer.

  17. Thanks for the news Euler, hopefully it becomes official.

    The story about Sanchez being a decoy sounds more like a theory some journalist thought up really. I wouldn’t see Barcelona not wanting Sanchez. I think Barcelona is just weighing up both players, see which of their respective clubs accept reasonable deals.

    1. I agree. Don’t think he was a ploy at all. Going into a market as crazy as the transfer market is with so many people looking to buy and sell you can’t just settle on one player. Especially when you need to build out depth.

      I’d guess Cesc is in his own special catefory as pep just seems to love him.

      But otherwise I’m sure they drew up a list of players – spoke with all of them to make sure they were interested in playing for barca, willing to start out on the bench and fight for a spot and willing to play on the barca wage scale.

      From that list they then move on to negotiate with the clubs to see what transfer fees are workable given their budget and priorities.

      From the list of possible candidates they’ll probably sign 2-4 players depending.

      It’s not that any of the players are ploys. Just alternatives.

  18. I can’t believe I am reposting a link from ONTD, but you need to see these interviews with the U-19 players:

    With translations. Featuring Gerard Deulofeu, Marc Muniesa, Rafinha, and Sergi Roberto.

    Muniesa is particularly adorable, and I will be very surprised if Rafinha doesn’t become a big star someday.

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