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This is late, but here’s your chance to listen to me ramble about Champions League and other stuff. And I’m very sorry if you’re from Morocco and are a big fan of Chabab Houara or some other second division team.

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Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. June 9, 2011

    I’ll continue on what was said in the last thread while listening to isiah diss morocco.

    @kxevin: usually, buy back clauses work in a weird way. If you sell thiago’s for 8, you can’t buy him back for less than that. We sold granero for 3, got him back for 4. Negredo was sold for 5, brought back for 5. When I asked a Spanish based fan, he said it’s a legal manner to prevent money laundering and players illegally supporting other clubs.

    Now there are benefits to selling high. One of those benefits is that If the player you are selling has not had a 1st team appearance and the team is not sure how he will fair on a high level, you are gaining money if he flops. We have had many of those. Thiago does not fall under that department though, since he already looks good in his appearances.

    In all the criticism RM get for selling on a buy back and not loaning, I find it a great system. You are at 1st giving the player a home in case he is deemed not needed at the club after a year or 2. The buy back is also great financially, which barca will be interested in. It offers cash flow. Even if it’s 3 or 4 mill, but this serves to help alot in transfers and debt.

    I would not want Sarabia or morata (two players we are thinking of sending on loan and are considered awesome, which they are) to villarreal, Udinese or any club outside of Spain. The point of offloading the player is to give him 1st team experience. Is he going to get that at Udinese? A 19 year old going to a new country, different culture, different style. Too many risks. On the other hand, sending him to a team like getafe, levante, rayo vallecano or Betis is a much safer bet. He will be a star at those teams, but not at a big team.

    Again just my two cents. I have an odd fascination with following up and coming stars.

  2. IamXavi6
    June 9, 2011

    No matter how often I listen to it, I never can get use to American’s talking soccer/football, sorry.


    Nice podcast though.

  3. IamXavi6
    June 9, 2011

    Also too much talk about Madrid in the podcast. 🙁


    • Noslehcimretep
      June 9, 2011

      that’s “Evil Empire” please, children can access this page.

  4. IamXavi6
    June 9, 2011

    You’re right…the EE, sorry folks

  5. The__K__Man
    June 9, 2011

    Agree about the TV rights thing but honestly when you take a look at the Premier League it isn’t much better than La Liga..Maybe the gaps aren’t as big as in Spain but the Premier League has been dominated for the better part of 18 years by United with the odd win by Chelsea or Arsenal every 2-3 years..The final also showed how the problem isn’t just that other La Liga teams are weak but that Barça and EE are playing on whole new level that even Premier League teams can’t keep up with ( Barca vs UTD & Arsenal 3-1…EE vs Tottenham 4-0)

  6. barca96
    June 10, 2011

    Can’t believe that nobody picked this up.

    Pastorello (agent Rossi): “If Barça want top players, they sign Rossi and Cesc. If they want more simple transfers, a defender and Sanchez.”

    That would be pretty low coming from Barca. Imagine the excitement both those players felt when they heard that Barca came calling only to find out that they were used.
    In a way, it’s similar to EE’s tactic showing interest in players that we are interested in just to increase the price. Imagine that particular player actually is a bigger fan of EE than us but found out that EE is not really interested in them actually.

    • Vj
      June 10, 2011

      What? When did we come calling in the first place? Imagine the disappointment to find out your dream move was nipped for a few millions, because your club was silly and then the same club hurriedly faxed a lower offer when we found a replacement?

      And who is Pastorello to tell us what is good for us?

      • barca96
        June 10, 2011

        I know. His agent is way out of line! DOes anyone know if he made problems with Rossi’s previous clubs as well? A player with a mouthy agent is not what we want to endure once again. Too many in recent years.

        • barca96
          June 10, 2011

          Ah crap!!

          Barcelona is only interested in one player between Rossi and Alexis Sanchez. The other player is used to lower the transfer fee.

          That’s teh one that’s supposed to be bolded. No wonder the response from VJ was weird. My bad.

          • Vj
            June 10, 2011

            Even so, I’m sure they’ll have other offers. And its not like we need a signing desperately, which would’ve been the case had we lost the CL final hence the apparent interest before it and the lack of it now..

  7. barca96
    June 10, 2011

    -Casillas admits to Messi nerves

    For some reason, I can’t find the news from a more credible source.

    -Is that really Isaiah talking in the podcast? I thought Isaiah was a African-American. I am so sorry if it sounded bad but I was shocked. Usually what I hear on tv, all the colored guys in US have a tough voice.
    Or is it because of a slang?
    Man…I need to go to US to get a better picture.

  8. Vj
    June 10, 2011

    Via Pep @ barcastuff..

    Barcelona will only sign two players during the summer transfer market. There will be no transfer of a defender. [rac1]


    Barcelona is only interested in one player between Rossi and Alexis Sanchez. The other player is used to lower the transfer fee. [rac1]

    Which apparently is 30M for both 🙂

  9. June 10, 2011

    Regarding Sanchez Vs Rossi in the previous post:

    – First thing first, I do believe Sanchez is a better buy. Rossi is already at the top of his game, Sanchez is still blooming. If the comparison between them is already that close, that tells a lot about who is actually a better strategic buy.

    – It is impossible to know how things may go if we sign any of them. That’s why you can be sure that if we sign Rossi instead and he doesn’t meet the high expectations, you will not find me preaching about “See! We should have signed Sanchez!” and vice versa.

    – As mentioned before, I approach this transfer period with “Vacation attitude”, meaning that you take it the way it comes and you enjoy it no matter what. Basically, because no matter who comes, thats adding quality to a qualified squad. Lets not forget that our main problem last season was NOT lacking players for first 11. It was depth and game changers. Looking at it this way any of the two (whether starters or not) fit the bill -theoretically.


    Now we come to the tactical notations:

    Sanchez is more “winger” than Rossi who is actually more capable as a false 9 or second striker. So its more appropriate to have Rossi-Messi-Villa than Sanchez-Messi-Villa, and it is more valid to put it Villa-Rossi-Messi than Villa-Sanchez-Messi. I didnt forget Pedro and will come back to that. I’m just commenting on structures mentioned before.

    It is true that Udinese performed better when Sanchez played behind Di Natalie than when he played on the wing. But that’s not because Sanchez operates better in the center, its because Sanchez is quality on both flanks and center. That’s a tactical plug coaches always use when they have this kind of players: Why using him on one flank if he has enough work rate and quality to play across the field? By having Sanchez in the center (between the two flanks) Udinese didnt feel the need to use two wings and saved one extra player for the midfield. As a counter attacking team, that fits them perfectly. Close the area, suck the opponent to your third and generate counters through the space whether left, center, or right and Sanchez will be there on the receiving end to set offense.

    Lets not forget that for Chile in the worldcup, he played on the wing of 3-4-3, and he did great.

    As a general not, we need to be careful how we use the word “winger” for Barcelona. Pure wing players barely work at Barcelona. This is -traditionally- not our type. Even overmars had to adapt to that fact. On the flanks we use more what I like to call “flanked forwards”. Players who can cut inside with/without the ball. Some may think that Pedro -for example- cant run with the ball on the sideline and kick a blind cross to the area. Think again. Thats the easiest thing to do for that position. He is doing what is far more complicated than that. He doesn’t perform as pure wing because he knows it doesnt work this way in our system. It will look like a drummer setting a dancing tempo in a library. I bet Afellay will learn that with time as well. Especially if we will have Messi in the box most of the time, with Iniesta and Xavi leading the midfield

    We need a player who can beat defenders on one-on-one situation. This is how you force opponents to structure a defense to stop a player rather than a defense that close a zone on the field. Checking a player demand more labor than closing a zone and when you can create this situation on the flanks that will offer more space in the center for short passes and diagonal runs. The opponent will either have to check the flanks in a way that create spaces in the center or crowd the center exposing themselves to long shots.

    And we need a skillful player who can create something when Messi is not on the field. Recall that my first option was neither Sanchez nor Rossi, its a player whom we can build around him a radically different system than the default one – when needed. But if we will stick to the unique system we have, we need to be careful who we pick.

    Will that be Rossi, Sanchez, or Hleb… We’ll have to wait and see…

    • June 10, 2011

      So its NOT more appropriate to have Rossi-Messi-Villa than Sanchez-Messi-Villa

    • messi_fan
      June 10, 2011

      Thanks Ramzi. What do you think we should do defensively?

      • June 10, 2011

        If we believe the rumors, I can understand that strengthening offense is a priority over defense. As I pointed out by the end of last season, imagine having the injury crisis in defense, in offense instead. I think with all the challenges defense had to deal with last season, it kept being relatively stable. What I cant understand is investing in midfield instead of defense – again, if it happened.

        Ideally, we need one defenders and it will be all fine. I would’ve preferred buying a CB who can also play as a RB. We will be well covered in all defense spots this way. But that’s not on the Agenda – or there are no realistic targets, so I’ll be satisfied if we buy a CB who can play as a LB and then see how it fit the team best between Abidal and the new defender, who plays left and who plays center (Though Abidal was my first choice converted CB since last year).

    • K_legit
      June 10, 2011

      Wait..Hleb? Do you honestly think he has a shot left to make it at this club? That and he has a serious knee injury to boot

      • June 10, 2011

        No. But his name is more an expression for me that means “Whoever, whatever…”

  10. blitzen
    June 10, 2011

    Has anyone heard from Miguel lately? He hasn’t been around since before the CL final.

    • soccermomof4
      June 10, 2011

      Wondering the same- hope he’s OK.

  11. Rao(145culegirl)
    June 10, 2011

    I felt quite girly by the name 145culegirl so I changed it.

    Arsenal are demanding 50 million for Fabregas.And we have only 45mn for transfers.Everyone are following this saga quite closely and one thing popped in my head.I don’t think Fabregas is trying enough to come to Barca.Our players are lobbying quite a lot for him and in that process the club’s reputation has been a bit damaged.Fabregas did come out in public stating to come back to his home club but thats it.

    If Fabregas is so restless to come to Barca then why is’nt he convincing Arsene Wenger and the board of arsenal to lower his transfer fees?.Mascherano has taken a pay cut before coming to Barca and he knew that he wont be a starter.Why can’t Fabregas follow the suit?.Johan Cruyff stated that Cesc will not be sitting on the bench if he does come to barca(And that too is not making my sense).One thing which is confirming my doubt is that Liverpool were in an awful condidtion at the time of Masche’s transfer on and off the pitch.Arsenal,compared to Liverpool are well and fine with only their empty trophy cabinet to worry about.

    However,I’d love to see Fabregas wearing the Blaugrana colours.But I sincerely hope that Rosell is sensible enough to decline the 50mn transfer fee with regards to our economic condition.

    • K_legit
      June 10, 2011

      Nasri’s apparently very close to joining Utd alongwith Ashley Young of Aston Villa..Utd’s really hell bent on splashing the cash it seems!

  12. Josep
    June 10, 2011

    A couple of things;

    “In all the criticism RM get for selling on a buy back and not loaning, I find it a great system. ”

    YES BASSAM. A lot of people on this board criticizes RM’s getafe connection but I always supported it. Buy back clauses are a smart piece of business.

    The flip side with a possible Thiago sale is yes, the lower the fee the lower the buy back but if we could sell for more.. say 12m.. there’s another clause (which we have on any gio deal) of % of the next sale. So say we sell him for 12m and slap on a 50% we can buy him back for 24m one day, and he’d actually be free (costing 12m). I don’t know how high the % can go up to though.

    Thiago shouldn’t be sold. he’s too promising and his value can only go up barring a huge injury. He proved hes got tons of talent, and with first team time by this time next year he’ll be atleast 15m.

    Okay onto my boy the Dirty Sanchez.

    Okay, damnit.. I just noticed what the boy wonder Ramzi wrote. He stole my words. But I’ll hit the key points again. He came up as a right flanked player. He’s got amazing speed, pace, stamina. Think an even more attacking Alves, with less defensive abilities. And better crossing and waaaaaay better finishing. We were actually linked with him before, after one of the youth tournaments. Or that could’ve just been me linking him I don’t remember.

    He has all the abilities, the speed, the one-on-one, the crossing, the finishing, the pace, to be an amazing RW. He didn’t work out so well at Udinese, but it doesn’t help that Di Natale was the forward (5 foot 7), and he also roams. Sanchez basically has a free role. He’s like Pedro except he can excel in the middle.

    If we employ him on the right I would expect to hear some Llorente rumors, honestly. He on the right, Afellay/Jeffren on the left and Llorente in the middle is a great bus breaker. He can also drop deep and play in Iniesta’s role tho that would take more adapting, then maybe Iniesta would be pushed back to test out the Xavi role a little bit (heard it here first).

    On the left he’s your typical inside forward though he usually doesn’t get employed there. He can cut in and has a blistering right footed shot, and doesn’t dive often. I think what helped him so much was not so much moving central but the evolution of Kwadwo playing behind him in a box to box role, giving Sanchez freedom to play anywhere along the front line.

    Basically, for me, Sanchez > Everyone. Rossi is a great talent but is not as versatile as Sanchez. If we’re being frank, I’d take Piatti, based on availability, price, adaptability, etc., over Rossi.

    oh, and I also talked to Graham Hunter this morning about Sleigh Bells and Funkadelic and he told me to “rock on dude” 😀

  13. June 10, 2011

    I am against letting Thiago go, whether as a sale, with buyback clause of 1 $ or loan.

    Period. Full stop. Case closed.

    • June 10, 2011

      Nah, Arsenal can have Thiago for Cesc + 20m.

      That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

    • Josep
      June 10, 2011

      Since I didn’t specify, at all. I am as well. Was just mentioning that at a higher sale the other route would be smart, for say a Bojan.

      • barca96
        June 10, 2011

        I also don’t understand why there are rumors re: Thiago. He just got promoted and over and over again Pep gave him minutes. That really doesn’t look like a player who will leave anytime soon. I jsut don’t get these rumors sometimes. Can really make me lose appetite at times (especially Thiago’s rumors)

        • PhepheSa
          June 10, 2011

          And Thiago came out and said he isn’t going anywhere as Pep counts on him.

  14. kinukinu
    June 10, 2011

    With the utmost respect to all of you and your valued opinions, reading this blog is starting to feel a bit like watching CNN when major news has broken but no real information is available yet: endless speculation and endless repetition of the same points ad-nauseum. I know it’s somewhat unavoidable when there is little else to talk about, but I’m dying to read something–anything–barca-related that doesn’t involve theories about the Cesc transfer saga or Sanchez vs. Rossi or Bojan/Thiago leaving, etc.

    How about the fact that there has been so little discussion about how great the Hungarian referees were in the CL final?

    …or the fact that on May 27 Rosell promised: “when the season ends I’ll talk about what happened in the clasicos. We’ll make ourselves respected.” Is there more to the story than we know about? Will we get further explanation to satisfy our need to see Busquets properly exonerated?

    I know all I’m really suggesting is more rehashing, but I’m desperate for a change in topic people. Or at least a little diversion or comic relief. A new gif. Anything.


    • June 10, 2011

      Don’t worry! I’ve been MIA for a reason!

      ….Or at least that’s what I keep telling everyone.

      • kinukinu
        June 10, 2011

        Please tell me that means you have something clever in the works???

        • June 10, 2011


          What I can say is that I’ve never done something like this before and I still don’t know if it’ll work out.

          And it won’t be Silly Season related. #nomorebullshitamineisworkinggreat

    • Cesc Pistol
      June 10, 2011

      Or how no one is really talking about Rosell cutting funding to the other sections.

      or how someone should totally do Mourinho excuse stats:

      Times complained about referees: 46
      -Times complained about referee for his match: 37
      -Times complained about referee for Barca match: 9
      Times complained about Barca: 35
      -times complained about Barca players: 14
      Times complained about scheduling: 12
      -Times complained about playing before Barca:5
      -Times complained about playing after Barca:3
      Times complained about other teams: 15
      -Times complained about Barca’s opponents: 1
      -Times getting 9 year home record destroyed by said opponent: 1

    • June 10, 2011

      Sorry, but for me right now there is NOTHING more important than Silly Season, because it directly involves who will be wearing the Blaugrana next season.

      Not that I would ever tell anyone not to visit BFB, but as with CNN, you can tune in or out, as the news strikes you. A lot of folks have taken Hector Pills, and zoned out until some player is announced, and being photographed kissing the badge at Camp Nou.

      For others, comments such as those from Josep and Ramzi put the advocacy by certain family members for certain players in perspective. Euler also had some very good comments in the previous post about the suitability of the two main targets (it seems), Rossi and Sanchez.

      This doesn’t even get into the renewed Fabregas rumors, such as that he will be arriving in Barcelona on Monday!!! to finalize his contract with us, and that we will have a deal with Arsenal by then. But I presume everyone recalls the super-secret, alleged deal that RoSELL made last summer that guaranteed that Fabregas would come THIS summer.

      Either way, we don’t know what we don’t know. But in a time that is bereft of real news, augmenting the side in what is going to be an intense, daunting and potentially historic season for our beloved Blaugrana trumps anything that I can possibly think of.

      RoSELL’s blather about how “we will be respected” is precisely that: It’s Laporta’s team. He’s just the president who inherited it, so he’s looking to cast some of the reflected glow onto himself, so he isn’t just the guy sitting in the fancy seats, rictus grin frozen in place.

      –RE: The referees in the Final. Of course they were brilliant. Referees usually are, but people let an odd match or two, or a losing coach’s blather fool them into thinking that officials aren’t almost always very good. So I confess to not really knowing why this is worthy of note. Clarify your remark, and perhaps it would lead to a post about it. As everyone here knows, we aim to please in these parts.

      • kinukinu
        June 10, 2011

        As I stated in the beginning of my previous post, I have nothing but respect for the opinions expressed on here. My comments were more of an expression of impatience than anything else–I was just asking for a little diversion—some entertainment—to detract from the fact that all we can do right now is wait for something to happen. As for the particular diversions I suggested, they were mostly desperate attempts to find anything else to talk about, in order to help pass the time.

        Having said that, since you asked, I will clarify my remarks.

        Regarding the Referees:
        I think it’s unfair of you to suggest that it is not important to recognize a referee’s good performance just because they generally do a good job. Some very big games have been seriously impacted by poor officiating, and it was refreshing to see that this ref did nothing to draw negative attention to himself. In this particular final, it was more important than ever that the refereeing was as solid as it was. If there had been one potentially game-changing mistake in Barca’s favor, the world would not be talking about Barcelona as the best team in the world—they’d be debating bad ref calls. Refereeing (as well as goalkeeping) can be a thankless job—it often only gets deserved attention when it is bad. So yes, I do in fact think that that the Hungarians deserve huge props for not being particularly noticeable in the final.

        Regarding Rosell’s quote:
        I took it to mean that, at the time of the clasico madness, Barcelona was forced to hold back from engaging during the controversies that surfaced so as not to add fuel to the rapidly growing wildfire that Mourinho was desperately fanning. I took it to mean that there was a more concrete position that the club wanted to take, particularly in regard to the Busquets allegations, but they had to wait til things died down. After all, RM’s season was over, so participating in the debate at the time would only have hurt Barcelona and created tension before the CL final.
        Many of us were not satisfied with the club’s stance when it was all happening, and I was hoping that Rosell was hinting that there was more to it than they could reveal at the time. In some ways, I’m glad to move on and leave it in the past. But part of me still feels unsettled and really wants to know what really happened, and if that’s what Rosell was insinuating, I’m listening…

        So that’s all–just a little change of scenery…Now was that so bad?

        • blitzen
          June 10, 2011

          So yes, I do in fact think that that the Hungarians deserve huge props for not being particularly noticeable in the final.

          Well, I did give the referee a blitzen award, if that counts. 😀

          • kinukinu
            June 10, 2011

            Yes–it counts very much 🙂

            What can I say? I’m a sucker for an unsung hero…

          • Josep
            June 10, 2011

            haha “the hungarians”

            are you referring to the Hungarian Linesman of 66?

          • kinukinu
            June 10, 2011

            I just like saying “the Hungarians”–it sounds so…I don’t know…solid.

        • Ryan
          June 10, 2011

          Don’t forget that the ref allowed the Rooney goal despite Giggs being offside. Valencia aside, the players were well behaved and gave the ref an easy game.

          • blitzen
            June 10, 2011

            I would say that was more the fault of the linesman than the ref. He wasn’t in position to see, he had to go on the linesman’s (non)-call.

  15. beeeef
    June 10, 2011

    For you internet/computer savvy people out there: how can I skip waiting time between downloads on without paying for a subscription?

    On another note, it’s been a while! Caught the CL final in Montreal with some friends during a week of post-grad debauchery. What a great performance to cap off an amazing season.

    As much as the boys need their vacation time, I’m itching to watch some good footy again. Can’t wait till July at least for the Copa America. Would love to see another Brazil v Argentina final. I still remember Argentina getting rocked in the final.

    • barca96
      June 10, 2011

      What I read somewhere was to turn your modem off once you’re download is completed and turn it back on. That way, you wouldn’t need to wait for the next download to be available. Never tried it though since I’m using premium for RS and FS. But my b***h a*s government tried to act holey and banned filesharing websites such as MU,RS,FS, even warez-bb.

      Yeah. I remember that tournament very well. Had to go through a lot of shit like waiting for a cab in a deserted high crime area alone at midnight. Was really hoping Messi would win but they were stunned. They were playing better than Brazil for the whole tournament and all of a sudden…

      • K_legit
        June 10, 2011

        Banning sites is a meaningless sham..only ensures illegal ways of accessing said sites results..

        • beeeef
          June 10, 2011

          Alright thanks, seems simple enough. I’ll give it a go.

          As for that particular game, it was unfortunate that Argentina conceded within the opening five minutes. That’s never an ideal way to start a Cup final, and when your own captain doubles that tally with an own-goal on the halftime mark, you know it’s probably not your day, haha.

          Hopefully if the two teams meet again this year, we’ll see a more even, competitive match.

  16. Josep
    June 10, 2011

    Malaga signed Monreal, I said it on twitter, they’re looking at third IMO. If Mata leaves, and they keep pushing forward.

    JuventusOffside tweeted that Juan Manuel VARGAS could be had for as little as 12m.

    That’s a steal he’s, as Kevin would want, the “Willian-type”. Can roam the left, played forward more with the injury to Jovetic. South American (Peru), so I’d believe it would help shirt sales and we’d be dominant in South America with big players in Argentina, Brazil, then possibly Chile and Peru. Just a thought.

    • Dani_el
      June 10, 2011

      I’ve seen Vargas, he’s an excellent player! he’s peruvian as I am, so I may be biased 🙂
      He’s a left winger, with a lot of stamina and charachter, you have to see this video
      A MUST SEE!! It’s a Peru Argentina in the estadio nacional, my father was there, he told me the environment after that goal changed everything, Vargas takes the ball away from no other than messi, you have to see his run, the commentator was crying, a little context: we’ll we (peruvian national team) created better oportunities, as always and we had possession, but the killed us in the counter attack, as they usually do (whatever team faces us, well we like tikitaka but without the success of Barça or Spain, that’s why I love that kind of football), and then came this play! tell what you think of vargas, one thing about him, he never surrenders that was the 93th minute I think, he never quits..!

      • Josep
        June 10, 2011

        I love Vargas I was slightly favored towards Fiorentina last year and when they faced Sporting in the KO stages before the Group stages those were two great matches. Stupid Vukcevic getting sent off for going shirtless. 😀

        Vargas is a beast! 😀

        • Dani_el
          June 10, 2011

          He certainly is! he’s the soul of the peruvian national team, him and farfan, but Vargas is more disciplined.

  17. soccermomof4
    June 10, 2011

    What is the therapeutic dose for Hector pills? Is there a danger of ODing before the end of Silly Season. This cule needs to know!

    BTW, 5 Mexican NT players are out of Gold Cup due to banned substances (thankfully not Marquez, Gio or JdS, or Chicharito) They blame contaminated beef.
    Not that I’m quite ready to blame the food, but it causes me to worry about what kind of food, supplements,care, etc. our guys get when they are with their NTs.

    • Jnice
      June 10, 2011

      What is the therapeutic dose for Hector pills? Is there a danger of ODing before the end of Silly Season. This cule needs to know!

      Hector took too many and went away forever. You might want to be careful. 🙂

  18. June 10, 2011


    I was out for some months. Coming back during silly season feels silly but Hey! I am home!

    Just read some updated comments here and I have to agree with Ramzi for the most part. But I do understand why Fabregas’ deal is being put in a high priority.

    The reason is actually in tune with your idea of our need of a game changer. I never was a fan of Fabregas, but I think he is a game changer *for us*. He may not be a bigger game changer elsewhere, but for us, Fabregas knows the system and the type of game we play, and he also knows when to break the rules, which has a world of difference with transfer from other teams who learn our system.

    Our midfield feels very strong at the moment because Xavi and Iniesta are mostly very healthy. Fabregas will give them more rest which will be crucial next season as we will have extra matches to play after winning CL, and we also have Euro.

    Xavi is too important for us after all.

    • Ryan
      June 10, 2011

      Cesc is a huge game changer for Spain. He actually made team of the tournament in Euro08 from the bench!

    • blitzen
      June 10, 2011

      Welcome back! When are you going to make a season highlights Abidal video, complete with lifting the CL cup at the end? 😀

    • Jnice
      June 10, 2011

      What’s good in the hood, cliveee?

      Now we just need Miguel back and who else… blaunero, right? (And probably 100 others, lol).

  19. Ryan
    June 10, 2011

    So Adriano gets to go to the Copa America but Marcelo doesn’t! I wasn’t expecting Kaka, but surely Marcelo deserved a call up…

    I hope Alves starts over Maicon. 🙂

    • The__K__Man
      June 10, 2011

      I’m sure aAlves will start..Maicon’s highlights of the season were his embarrassing displays against Bale..As much as I hate Marcelo I’m surprised he didn’t make the cut..Surely he had a better season than Adriano but of course him being a madridista doesn’t make me sympathize with him at all 😀

      • the only reason he didn’t call marcelo is probably cause he asked to rest. Probably on mou’s suggestion…

        • Jnice
          June 10, 2011

          I doubt he would ask to rest. Marcelo isn’t a regular in the Brasil team, so at this point, asking to rest is like asking never to be called up again while Menezes is manager. I just think Menezes favors Andre Santos (who I don’t like at all) and might not like what he sees in Marcelo for some reason.

          • Ryan
            June 10, 2011

            Maybe using both Alves and Marcelo together is too risky for his tastes, and certainly of the two I’d take Alves. Interesting to see how both Brazil and Argentina aren’t stacked in every category like they usually are – I just hope Messi gets the opportunity to make some mayhem next month!

  20. vicsoc
    June 10, 2011

    I’ve been surreptitiously reading everyones opinion on the Rossi vs. Sanchez heavyweight debate. While there has been some fantastic arguments which are threatening to sway me to Sanchez, I have to admit I still prefer Rossi. I can’t even give you a good reason why, it’s just a weird gut feeling that Rossi would be a better fit.

    Now that that’s out of the way – whoever we sign will NOT be sufficient to add depth to our front line. There was a report a while ago that we were considering three “alternative-type” (my words) strikers: Forlan, Kanoute, and (I believe) Guiza.

    If we are serious about adding depth to our front line then two acquisitions would be ideal (with one player leaving – Jeffren or Bojan). Any of these three would add something a bit different that we currently don’t have in the team and could be fantastic impact players. Whether we sign Rossi or Sanchez I still think it’s going to be important for the club to sign a player like one of these three this summer as well.

  21. Vj
    June 10, 2011

    via Pep @ Barcastuff..

    Barcelona at this moment offer ’25M + variables’ for Udinese attacker Alexis Sanchez (22). The Italian club ask ’27M + Bojan’. [md]

    Had me doing a triple-take 😀 I misread Bojan 😛

    • Josep
      June 10, 2011

      I have my doubts on most mundo deportivo stories (from what I’ve read recently, atleast)

    • BA
      June 10, 2011

      Pep knows his stuff over there. but either of those options are way too much money.

  22. just listenin
    June 10, 2011

    Getting back to silly season… I had a funny thought this morning wondering if we’ll make any big name signings at all. Would be funny if we waited on Fabregas (doubt it though), and the whole Rossi/Sanchez debate was a misdirect or something. I am half expecting that after all the debating and speculation to have one of those “wait, we signed who??” moments any day now, where somebody off the radar that was spotted in the club’s world travels through many a tournament, is suddenly announced. Wouldn’t surprise me. The team while lacking depth, is awesome, and it doesn’t feel right letting the up and comers go to generate the cash unless we have hidden reserves to make deals (though there are good arguments for getting them real playing time to develop w/buy backs, etc.)

    None of this is likely, because of the grueling schedule and the need for rest/rotation and injury backup by players ready for prime time, but it all sounding too predictable at the moment. Maybe it’s a predictable year.

  23. blitzen
    June 10, 2011

    I’m Canadian and I know I should be interested in this playoff hockey game and I sort of am (Go Canucks!), but…but…it’s not beautiful. Sigh. I miss Gretzky.

  24. blitzen
    June 10, 2011

    Terrific video of Messi’s early years at Barca. This made me cry for three reasons:

    1. The sheer raw talent and the joyfulness with which he plays.

    2. The difference between the first team he debuted with and the team now. No Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Deco, Belletti. I’m not complaining at all, just missing some heroes.

    3. That horrendous travesty of a beige kit. Who ever approved that? Makes me weep every time.

    • June 10, 2011

      I clicked your name and saw the most peculiar thing. Are those bunnies in cups twitching their nose?!

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