Champions. [Updated with goal videos!]

I don’t have words to describe how elated I am right now. I’m thisclose to sobbing, my neighbours probably think I’m some kind of lunatic with all my shouting, but I don’t care.

I can go on and on about how right Pep got this, how immense Pique was, Villa and Pedro! scoring in the same match when it really counted, Messi…but I’m not. Words can’t express how special this team is and nothing I say will do this team justice.

Just enjoy it, folks. Enjoy it and remember how blessed we are to be cules in this era of Barca.


[Update] David Villa’s golazo in all its glory

I can’t embed all the goals….right?

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. Salud all Cules!! What an great match, class all around.

    Estrella DAMN, I was so very close a few posts back – got the what (scoreline) and how (dynamic of the game) just missed the who a little;

    Repost: “I am going for 3-1(?), I think it will end on the “operatic high note” at our uncontainable, irresistible best (thanks for all the hyperbolic commentary Mr Hudson). I’ve been feeling in recent weeks post clas-psycho weeks like the team is resurgent (mentally) and rested (physically).

    I have a feeling we’ll strike first, they might nick one, and we’ll dig deep and pull away convincingly. Love the romantic’s view with Abidal scoring and how phenomenal would that be, but my gut says Messi (2, first and last) and Villa or Iniesta (depending on style of the game)”

    The first 20 minutes of the second half were phenomenal. We were unstoppable… I am actually much happier we got an MVP for the goals than what I was imagining.

    It’s been absolutely great enjoying this season with you all – looking forward to the next leg of the journey, wherever it may lead. Hope you are all enjoying and celebrating! Stop and smell the roses, this is really special, we’re very lucky to witness it.
    Congrats to all.

    PS: watched the match in a cule friendly pub with a bunch of cules singing the anthem at the bar for a lot of the match, and one table of a dozen or so Madridistas who came to try and hope to rain on the parade, when it was done; expression on their faces, silence,… priceless

  2. I don’t know if class and Ferdinand should be in the same sentence.
    Really though there is nothing anyone can really say, they were beaten comprehensively in every aspect.

    The gaol from Wayne should not have stood either.
    Had it been Barcelona who scored an offside goal…

    1. Oh, don’t be bitter. We won, and in style. Rooney’s goal may have been offside, but it was an excellent one just the same. And Rio is a lovely guy, really.

      And how cute was Scholesy in his Iniesta shirt? 😉

  3. Ok here are a few –

    I wish i had taken more but at the time the last thing i was thinking about was taking pics! I think my friend who was with me got some better ones so will try and get them off him.

    One of the best nights of my life.

    P.S Sergio was remarkable, but tbh the whole team was just incredible. When you watch it live you realise how much they work for each other and how much they understand each other. Villa btw didnt stop running, well actually none of them did, but Villa especially seemed determined to put in a shift tonight, more so than usual. I didnt even realise how incredible his goal was till I just saw the replay in HD. Watching it live i thought VDV might have saved it. No way. Unstoppable. We were unstoppable.

    1. Well overall there were definitely more Utd fans than Barca fans, but I was right next to the Barca fans so I got a much better sense of the Barca atmosphere. Also when I left the stadium it was among all the Barca fans. I have to say our fans were great tonight, you got the sense that it was a Barca stadium, even though there were more UTD fans. Even when they scored their goal, their fans didnt really overwhelm the stadium with noise. I was sort of expecting it to be the opposite, I was expecting it to be like an away game for us, but it wasnt at all!!

    2. Thats great Hilal that you were there. Great to see the pictures from inside the stadium. Would be great to hear more about your experience.

  4. Rooney’s goal was beautiful. looked like something our team might do with messi scoring.
    loved Abidal lifting the trophy and i hate that as soon as his hands touched it the cable cut out for 30 seconds.
    Shocked that Puyol didn’t play. When I saw Masch on the field (i started watching about 10 minutes in) i was terrified that Puyol was playing LB

    well… 2.5 hours of sleep and now i’m off to class

    1. Its funny how everyone ALWAYS gets their tactics wrong against us isnt it.

      Mou got his tactics wrong by not taking the game to us and not attacking, and now SAF got it wrong by trying to win. Which is it ehh? Cant have it both ways…

    2. And Pep gets zero credit, and it’s all down to the players. I shouldn’t care, and I haven’t really, but now it’s just getting annoying. If we lose, it’s what the other manager did “right”. If we win, it’s what the other manager did “wrong”.

      But whatevs. I’m watching the match again and how good was Pique? Crucial, beautifuly timed interception after interception. And Iniesta. Holy crap, did Ghostface show up or what? Actually, Messi – Iniesta – Xavi trio was just incredible. Pundits must be feeling silly. Our meh form was mostly due to fatigue. Rested Barca is a scary thing indeed.

      I wanna watch them live so, so bad. Maybe I can get tickets to the DC game….

    3. “Rested Barca is a scary thing indeed.” – Yet another thing Guardiola got right. So much of the British press was saying before this game that two weeks of rest was going to be Barca’s downfall, because players weren’t going to be match-fit, etc, etc.

      If that’s not match-fit, then frankly, I’m a little scared.

    4. I’m trying! It depends on a bunch of stuff (like I’m trying to coerce my sister into taking me (I’m but a poor student) amongst other things) but I really really want to go. Can’t miss a chance to watch this team!

  5. Do we know who turned on the sprinklers, btw? Not that we were bovvered. Everyone just played in the water. 😀

    1. PLUS no one can call us “Sprinklers” anymore! You hear that, Bassam? 😛

  6. And also, I would like to congratulate ManU supporters for not trolling us before the game! Either they are very classy, or they could not find this blog. Works for me either way!

    1. Manchester United is a classy team. I would not mind loosing to this team, although I prefer that we won the CL.

  7. I have no words that can express how good Messi was in this match. That’s it, I officially deem “Messi” to be an adjective.

    “I can’t tell you how awesome today was. Actually, I can — today was so Messi.”

    1. Yes, he made the difference in the match. He was involved in all the goals, besides terrorizing the entire ManU defence multiple times.

      1st by dragging Evra out of position
      2nd by just pure brilliance
      3rd again by driving the defence out of position

      He was just magical today.

  8. Glorious day! I’m so happy..I cried like a baby when Abidal lifted the cup <3 Comes to show just how classy our team is.

    Does anyone have links to the celebration after receiving the cup? Stupid fox ended its coverage after the trophy 🙁

    1. I mentioned it in the LoveBlob. Pep has switched their sides a few times before and it has almost always worked out.

  9. I’m totally Bogarting but let me just say: Busi was incredible. Seriously. Just watch the game following his movements.

    This match should end the fallacy that Busi isn’t a good player. It makes you look like (even more of) a fool.

    1. Absolutely, Busi was unbelievable today, I am one of the original Busi supporters, when all the world was against him, and instead wanted Yaya. I knew when I saw him pass, that he would fit right in. Exactly the opposite feeling that Ibra gave me.

    2. Funny you say this, I was looking at a man of the match poll and my first instinct was Busi, there should always be a MOTMOTM (MOTM Other Than Messi) and Busi was a major major force in this match.

    3. I am a fan of this award. It means FCB players other than Messi can be given a ‘double’ of sorts, haha (MOTM and MOTMOTM).

  10. And Villa really needed that rest. All the players did, but him in particular really needed it. El Guaje was boss today.

    1. I wonder what they’ll look like after their first full summer of rest in the Guardiola era. Except for Messi and Alves of course.

  11. Cant wait to get home and download the most high res, pre-match, match, post-match, celebration feed on the internet…. British and also Spanish feeds if I can find them. 😀

    1. 🙂 I wont be getting home until Monday, and Ill be looking for torrents (big, 4GB ones!) then. Like the one I have for the World Cup final and la Manita.

  12. I want to say one more thing: Puyol asked Abidal to lift the cup, and that was wonderful. But I would also like to give major props to Adriano, who stepped in while Abi was recuperating, and showed us all what he is capable of. He deserves this cup as much as anyone.

  13. I thought there was a football weekly special on todays final, I don’t see it on the guardian site though?

    1. For those that don’t know: If you don’t have premium accounts, you can just use a different site for each part of the game.

      So for the first half use fileserve, second half, use filesonic and for the post match, use hotfile so you don’t have to wait. Download all 3 simultaneously.

    2. Anddddd the links I posted are for Standard definition. I figure those without premium accounts will find this more convenient. If you want HD links ask for ’em.

    1. Hehe! Thanks, I found one another one pretty quick (funny how fast one can search for thing when they want it badly). This one’s great too, so I’ll send it as well. 😀

    2. It’s still a long shot, though… But I can’t help but try, even if Messi and Alves don’t come (I wanna see Messi live so very bad) the chance to see Xavi, Puyol, etc. before they retire as well as, well, everyone else is too enticing to let go without a fight. :mrgreen:

    3. We need a BFB meet up in DC. We’re (me and mine and in-laws from Spain) going down to see the match and staying a day or two

    4. Yes! Let’s do a BFB meet-up. I’m watching the Barca-Man U game in DC.

  14. @Kxevin

    What is clear as day is that the only one sullying anything right now HERE is you. I don’t mean to come off as strong as it seems you did but there is no such thing as “the FACT that Busquets should have been suspended”. I’m sorry but you stating your OPINION and trying to pass it off as a FACT is just not going to fly. You speak of those that will try to sully things when in FACT you are doing the same thing. Wait, just because I call my opinion a fact does not make it so either, it is still just an opinion and never a fact. In short leave the hatin’ to the haters. Leave the sullying to those who are not champions today. While should we give them the grace of echoing their pitiful complaining.

    AND Kxevin, Jnice,Isaiah,Blitzen, Kari,Helge, EVERYONE…… Congratulations on this happy day. 🙂

    1. I don’t think you quite understand what Kevin is saying…
      “There are many who suggest that because of the Marcelo allegations, Busquets should have been suspended for this final. They will use that to try to taint what has transpired.”
      He does not say himself that Busquets should have been suspended for the final.

    2. Regardless happy days! Winners of La Liga, and winners of Champions League!!!

    3. You are completely misunderstanding what Kxevin was saying. Why don’t you just tone it down and enjoy the night, OK?

    4. I think you misunderstand. It might have been better if he put facts in quotation marks just in case, but he’s taking through the lens of biased whiners, not expressing his own opinion.

      Just sit back and enjoy the win, tutomate. Congrats on a happy day too. Wooot!

    5. I do think I misunderstood now. My only beef whas that the paragraph is saying that the opinion that some share, “busquets should have been suspended”, is actually a fact. In retrospect I should have just asked, hey Kevin are you saying that busquets should have been suspended? But I was too quick to judge. In reality it makes more sense when I take it the way you mention. Kevin has said many times that he doesn’t add any nuances to his words so I should have remembered that. In short I should listen to my moms old advice more often, “mijo eres mas bonito cuando te quedas callado”

      Anyaway I apologize Kevin. I read too much into something that did not require it.

    6. hehe, thanks for mentioning me.

      It was awesome, I’m just lost for words. I’m so grateful, so happy about this team! 😀

  15. No controversy, no whining about refs and controversies, graciousness in defeat and in victory, and just pure football with both teams trying to win. This is how a final should be.

    I quite like Man United. 🙂

    1. That must be it, huh? And UEFACEF didn’t know which one of us to support, so that’s why both penalty appeals were turned down. 😆

  16. Players of the game for me:

    Messi of course, no words really. He said he’d speak on the field and he did !! boom!!

    Mascherano: 1 hour before the game started it was all “No offense to sMasch but…” but what? He deserved to play, and he did, and we won. I’m happy he joined us, he wasn’t a bench, he earned a spot.

    Busquets: After all the “drama” he did not let it affect him, he took names, did what he had to do, this is futbol, its what he does, he may not be a people pleaser and who gives two flying (beeps) he’s amazing at Barça.

    1. Yep. And Messi scores on English soil. WTF will the haters use now? First he couldn’t score against English clubs, then against Mourinho teams, then in England…. Hehe, what next? He can’t score against Stoke? Well, to be fair, they’d be right about that. 😆

    2. The Haters will find something, that whole “you’re not as good in Argentina NT..” stuff but what CAN he do with DiveMaria and that other guy… whats his name… um.. oh yeah Higuain “helping” him??
      He’s the best player in History and all who disagree are just blind/stubborn/dilusional !

  17. Before Villa’s goal

    Alex Ferguson: This is Madness….

    Josep Guardiola: Madness?…

    And o yes, I hope nobody forgot that Messi broke the never scoring on english soil luck.

    Barcelonian for Life!!

  18. a great, amazing, and classy final!

    I was watching it at a cafe with FCB Indonesia and some MU fans… I was sitting next to a very classy MU fan by thew way… amazing, amazing, amazing!!

    I’m so grateful we have a wonderful team as our opponent.. hats off and respect to MU..

    they played great, aggresive, but clean..unlike *cough* EE *cough*..

    dear God, thank you for this team..thank you Pep Guardiola..thank you all players!


    I Love you, guys! <3
    Group Hug? 😀

  19. oh, and DAVID VILLA, he’s now with Puyol, Xavi, and Iniesta, players who have won ALL major trophies in club and international level!

    Congratulations! Really happy for David Villa! 🙂

  20. What can I say that hasn’t been said. Without a doubt the greatest team of this Era of Football if not one of the greatest in all sports.

    Oh and I found 20 min English highlights for those who don’t want to download.

  21. Absolute perfection. I love you all, and want the season to start tomorrow. The only regret was no Puyol (minus trophy 2 min). However, in a way that may be the momentous moment of all. My biggest fear has been what will drive Barca once Lionheart retires 15 years from now…tonight was a great omen, but still need him back through at least 2020.

  22. Just re watching the match and Carrick is HUUUGE – he looks 3X the size of Iniesta, looks like me and my 9 year old practicing.

    1. I’m re-watching as well – this Sky Sports pre-game show is so much better than the drivel I got on Fox!

  23. !!!!CHAMPIONS ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!, this team just changed the face of the club forever. A real model to the world.

    I have to say that those two weeks off and that early trip to UK really helped our cause. Despite the first 10 minutes we were flawless.

    I can’t believe how much faith Pep had by starting Mascherano. Just goes to show that being Patient and working hard gets you what you want.

    Puyol showed a true way of a CULE, he would have been the 2nd Captain in history to lift 3 CL trophies, and he gives that opportunity to Abidal. AMAZING!!!!!! oh man

    David Villa saved two months of not scoring for the best goal of his domestic/European career. Hats off, he didn’t even look nervous last night. Its like he has played five CL finals already.

    lets face it, Busquets was born to play in Finals. Why does he always play amazing in finals??????????????

    I could go on about every player but, I’ll save it for later 🙂

    1. “Puyol showed a true way of a CULE, he would have been the 2nd Captain in history to lift 3 CL trophies, and he gives that opportunity to Abidal. AMAZING!!!!!! oh man”

      Couldnt agree more! This was the highlight of the final for me

  24. On Daveed(phonetic) Villa – Wow, we were tough on him all year. That goal today was rested, all time leading Spanish scoring, 30 yr old danger man, David villa. I hope we remember how he was the only one scoring for a while in the team Jan/Feb drought, (what was it Bilboa goal for a tie…working from memory here , and Aresnal away goal??) and how he steps up in the big matches (manita, CL final) – I’m happy for this guy, rested and younger, he would be… no wait, now is a Barca legend…

  25. Many congratulations to FC Barcelona. Best team in Europe presently. Enjoy your time in the sun, because I do feel this might be the last year. (No signs of the end though, just a guess).

    1. @halamadrid, thank you, and I assure you that I for one will pay you props when you are on top, as you surely will be at some point… it is what makes sport fun, the fight for king of the hill. We will again one day envy your position, and I hope we take it gracefully and see it as a call for ourselves to find a better way amongst ourselves rather than be critical and cynical of you advantage when you have it… I found that sad about this year. Begrudging is a trait of sore losers. Admissions of one’s faults are the hallmarks of character and the way to greatness, it’s easier to destroy than create, but those with the courage and perseverance to create win in the long run… you saw that today. Choose hope, confidence and optimism – it’s ok to have these things and not come out on top in any given year.

    2. I agree with what you are saying but unfortunately there is just too much hatred between our clubs. But lets not spoil what has truly been a fantastic achievement by your club. Last night was also another high for Spanish football.

  26. BARCELONA ARE THE KINGS OF EUROPE!!!!!!!.Everyone were men of the match.I’m really proud to be a Barca fan.The boys has made all their fans proud.

    Manchester United played well in the first half and kudos to them for losing with dignity and not ranting(looking at that club).

    The most touching moments are when Abidal lifted the trophy and we gave them a guard of honor.These moments make us cules feel so proud.

    It’s the best club I could ever follow.Visca Barcelona!!!

  27. Well, Congrats are in order no?

    Congrats guys! Well deserved victory! And the best in Europe this year. You guys needed this to put yourself truly among those historic teams, and you have. Thats not an easy thing to do. So props to that.

    Before the game started, i tweeted (yea, im into that now) that for me, it was like choosing between dog shit and horse manure. In the end, i will be ending up with crap both ways. But i have to admit, with the performance Barcelona put out yesterday, they made shit smell like roses. So a tip of the hat.

    I have really been fond of Abidal lately. I’ve always thought he was the best in his position defensively, and yesterday was evident. The reason Puyol wasn’t missed as much as before is because Abidal was just rock solid. And the fact that he did all this after having to over come a tumor was borderline on a miracle.

    Anyways, I won’t bore you with tactical talk, i will leave that for the review. Congrats again. Enjoy it! Well deserved.

    1. I should clarify. I didn’t tweet about that because i thought the teams were bad, but rather because i hate both teams. Although a couple of cules made sure to let me know what they thought of my views in a very elegant manner… #sarcasm

    2. Whats worth noting Bassam: is that we did not dive or cheat or use the help of UEFA to do this, after all our name is UEFALONA.

    1. The stats show he did step it up, But he still showed some nerves here and there and wasn’t always the dependable player we are usually accustomed with.

      His goal was amazing but, if it wasn’t for Xavi’s nice flick or Messi’s distracting run, Pedro wouldn’t have been clear through.

      Collectively Pedro was just as big game as the whole team TBH

  28. What a team what a performance.watched the game3 times.the performance was simply messi.

    now i m in a normal mood.
    the moment for me is the emotion of messi after he scored.never saw such raw emotions from him.he was celebrating in a crazy rooney mood.

    nothing else to say all have been said by others.


  29. I was going through the pictures of the celebrations when I realized something: this was a kind of treble, only infinitely more gratifying.

    Champions of Spain, champions of Europe.

    And yesterday, the King lifted the trophy as he emerged victorious over his disease. That single moment is the best memory of this season.

  30. Haven’t been in here for a while but just popping in to say after reading comments from a few posts back. Aww Helge *internet Barca hug* I sorta know how you feel from the been forever without still being able to get into college for lack of funding, bored to death with all my friends in college or A’ level, bummed out over where my country is going etc and Barca is one of the nicer things in my life.

  31. Pedro and Villa are big team players and just wanted some rest.

    FC Barcelona es mes que un club, It really is true, Letting Abidal carry the trophy was an amazing gesture.

    Imagine new additions to this squad.

    Dismiss all the talks, We have deservedly won.

    Is this team better or the Treble season one ? Personally, I think this one is better.

  32. How many of you really know the lyrics of the CL anthem (and what it means)?

    Few years ago, a friend of mine kept telling me it was in Latin. -_-

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