Champions. [Updated with goal videos!]

I don’t have words to describe how elated I am right now. I’m thisclose to sobbing, my neighbours probably think I’m some kind of lunatic with all my shouting, but I don’t care.

I can go on and on about how right Pep got this, how immense Pique was, Villa and Pedro! scoring in the same match when it really counted, Messi…but I’m not. Words can’t express how special this team is and nothing I say will do this team justice.

Just enjoy it, folks. Enjoy it and remember how blessed we are to be cules in this era of Barca.


[Update] David Villa’s golazo in all its glory

I can’t embed all the goals….right?

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. Just post your one favourite picture and I’ll post it. If you leave it up to me, I’d post 100+ pictures.

  2. Visca el Barca. I love our team, and I love you guys. Hats off to the top team and the top blog. CAMPEONS!!!!!

  3. This is bliss :)) Can you imagine what the players are feeling?

    Valdes – Immense. Spain, give him a cap. And I give him my vote for future captain of Barca.
    Abidal – A massive, massive win. For football and humanity. Operation what? Valencia who? The KING prevails over all!
    Alves – give him a contract until 2100, he’ll still be running Park off the park;
    Masche – is not getting sold in the summer. and probably ever. even has to give up now;
    Pique – a weak season? can’t make it without Puyi holding his hand? Right back at ya! Piquenbauer makes a grand comeback;
    Busquets – a great metal win after those awful allegations. way to show us they don’t weight on his mind;
    Iniesta – did his daughter proud. made history in the process;
    Xavi – played against great midfielders of yore, his old role models. won hands down;
    Messi – Pichichi is for mortals. Messi is not of this Earth;
    Villa – what is this draught you speak of? showed up in a spectacular fashion for his first CL final;
    Pedro – after all he’s achieved, some still see him as a weak link. not any longer, i should hope

    Barca players often say they are nothing without the team. I beg to differ. They are amazingly talented, hard-working and likeable human beings. But this team makes them IMMORTAL.

    10 for everyone, as promised :))

    (sorry for repost, so happy right now)

    1. Exactly right, lea! The team was in perfect harmony, like they always were this season when they had to be.
      My favorite scene from this game (besides Abidal lifting the trophy) was how Messi immediately sank to his knees and celebrated when he saw Villa’s goal go in. The sheer joy he displayed, as if he had put in the goal himself, is what this team is all about!
      Thanks for a beautiful season! Visca el Barca!

  4. i only stay up til 5am to watch the best f*cking futbol team in the world. VISCA BARCAAAA!!!

  5. I am going to get a poster of the 2nd pic posted by Kari and stick is right above the 2009 poster of the same kind

    1. I would too, but there is no Xavi in that photo. And that sucks, because Xavi is the heart of our team.

    2. No, Puyol is the heart. Xavi is the brain. Iniesta is the soul. And Messi…is indescribable. 🙂

  6. This comment wins!

    Well it must be said. It really hurt Barcelona this season when we won the CDR; We had the pleasure of lifting that trophy in their faces and out of all the people that scored the winning goal, it was cristiano and in extra time.

    Cules will have nightmares for years upon years of that game and expect prolonged hate coming from them.

    We must sympathize for the Cules; after all there trophies they won in there golden age, they never managed to lift one in front of us, however, we have and it felt so damn good :).

    1. How about this gem from soccernet:

      I think the media has a lot to do with teams playing a certain way against Barcelona… No team wants to be called “parking the bus” Or “Not playing football”.. which works to Barcelona’s advantage most of the time.. only exception is RM & Mourinho..
      United played to Barca’s strengths and practically committed suicide… Barca likes that, don’t they… Play open, so that they can mow you down… What’s not to like?

      Now it’s the media conspiracy as well.

    1. Make it three!

      My neighbors probably do think I’m nuts for suddenly bursting into tears on a Saturday afternoon, but whatever. It’s BARCA.

    1. ITV amuses me for the first time tonight: gareth southgate asks whether pique is stealing the net to make Shakira’s wedding dress. 😀

  7. today is a day when dreams come true. who would have thought we’d be watching barca beat arsebal at paris? beat madrid 6-2 at bernebeu? beat utd in rome? trash madrid 5-0 at nou camp? n beat utd again in wembley? guardiola, u n ur team have really2 spoil us cules! for we now wants soo much more from this golden barca team!

    1. Haha I wish you were a fan so much earlier. A lot of nice things happened before those years too. But no matter what, this is the climax

    2. i’ve bee nsupporting since the days of “real ronaldo”.. but we dont taste victory this much back then.. this period of domination is just too much.. hehe.. visca barca visca catalonia!

  8. barcastuff:

    Guardiola: “Puyol deserved to lift the cup, but he decided Abidal had to lift it.”



    Also doesn’t this mean we finally get to permanently keep the UCL trophy in our museum….

  10. ermm…what? moment of the night: Adriano bouncing up and down balancing his CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNER MEDAL on his mouth.

    ahahahah. I love this team!

  11. ¡¡boti boti boti madridista qui no boti !!

    Valdes! Sweeeper Keeper!

    Pique! Oooh Moc Moc!

    Puyol! El Capitan of our heart!

    Dani, Xavi, Iniesta! the backbone of our team!

    Villa Villa Marvilla!

    Pedro our Dark horse!


    Keita! sMASCH! 3M!


    I’ve NEVER EVER been happier to admit I was more wrong. We didn’t need an expierneced coach. We didn’t need a plan B.


    ¡Visca Barça! ¡Visca Catalunya! ¡i Visca Fuentebella!!


    ¡¡boti boti boti madridista qui no boti !!

  12. You know, I would have gotten my 3-0 scoreline correct if Rooney’s goal hadn’t stood (Giggs was offside) but ah well. Brilliant build up to Rooney’s goal though (but if it stood for us, it’d have been a conspiracy)

    And how good was Villa’s goal. If you see Messi’s reaction to it, mine was exactly the same. Seriously.

    And when Messi scored, I threw a pillow at my TV in happy anger (they call it “passion” these days).

  13. Also, gotta give props to Man Utd. They came out to play football. Just like the 2009 final they were the better team for ~10 minutes. That’s one of the main reasons the game was so good.

    (Don’t know how Dani got a yellow (and it was a yellow) before Valencia though 😯 )

    1. Our team is perfect to play against teams like Man U, Villareal, Arsenal, Madrid pre Mourinho and any other attacking team. We are lucky that we met an attacking team in the final, imagine if it was Chelsea, Inter, Real with Mourinho,…

    2. Yeah, Valencia should have had a yellow, but his fouls weren’t that bad. He’s no Arbeloa.

      Honestly, I am very happy with how both teams played. It was a wonderful game to watch (and I will watch it again very shortly). A very clean game, with some excellent football. I even liked Rooney (and I hate Rooney). A little disappointed with how Chicharito played, I expected him to shine.

      Abidal ate Valencia for breakfast. Alves sucked for about 10 minutes then was brilliant. Park had moments of genius and long stretches of being stifled. Masch demonstrated why he is Argentina’s captain and our best signing of the season. Pique focused. Villa chot de bol. Nani was invisible for the few minutes he played. Scholes managed not to maim anyone. Pedro!! earned back his !!. Giggs is still pretty darned good. VDS should not be retiring.

      An excellent game made more excellent by the outcome. I need a cigarette. And I don’t even smoke.

  14. All goals scored were brillant tonight. Even Rooney’s goal. The image of him crying because they lost but still appluading because we were much better was awesome.

    1. Seconded. Seeing Rooney applauding while crying was kind of touching. Respect.

  15. OMG – I don’t know what to say.

    I love you all!!! I love Barcelona!!! Thank you, dear Lord!!!

    **I am dying to celebrate with you all but I have to go to the ballet. WHY???**

    Will read all comments and posts when I get home.

    VISCA BARCA!!!! Visca BFB!!! Thank you all for sharing the wonderful season!!!

  16. Alves: “Winning this cup again is wonderful. Man United were very classy in defeat, they’re an example.” [barcastuff]

    My thoughts exactly, Dani.

  17. I love you all Cules, what a year it has been, I am speechless with this, thank you family, all you cules, and the core values that make up this club. Lets enjoy this, we are truly blessed to be in this era.

  18. Wonderful game. So thankful to the team and Pep and God and the fans etc etc : ))) Also thanks to Man United, for playing a classy, clean match.

    Sir Alex said this Barcelona are the best team his Man Utd has ever played.

    Awesome time to be a cule.

  19. Lovely photos Kari. I think we are missing pictures of Goal scorers after scoring their goals. Can you please do the honors and add them. Or, at least the links.

  20. Folks, this is a rare and amazing time, courtesy of a rare and amazing set of players. Euler is doing the review, so stay tuned for that. For me, there were so many amazing moments, but Abidal’s performance, and the look on his face when he lifted the trophy …. any cule who can get through that dry-eyed, I dunno.

    Mascherano was in beast mode, as well. It was such an extraordinary match, and I almost forgive all the epithets I hurled at Villa when he tried to pass to Messi instead of shooting at goal, when he scored his beautiful, beautiful goal. It was also an important one, as it meant they had to score twice to force extra time.

    And full credit to Sir and United. All class, all the time.

    1. I actually didnt follow Villa’s run to the corner, I focussed on Messi right after the goal. I 😆 He was just so happy!

    2. LOL! When Messi falls on his knees, you know you have done something spectacular!

      How great must Villa be feeling right now? He came up big when it counted, has a CL and Liga championship to add to his World Cup. Goal drought? Whatever!

    3. I totally called that Villa was gonna come up big today. It was a feeling.

      Gonna insert his goal into the post now.

  21. Congrats all, a very well earned victory, a great performance by a great team, Abidal lifting the cup is definitely the highlight of the season.
    I was never in doubt, the gulf in quality is too big to ignore, we proved that on the pitch, and i got my prediction right.

    SO happy for the team and for all the cules all around the world.

  22. Just saw a replay of that free-kick that didn’t work out, where Xavi played it to Busquets, who passed it just beyond Pedro. Pedro fully runs right around the Utd wall, and ducks back behind them so they don’t know where he is. I know nothing came of it, but that was genius.

  23. Recall that we only allowed an average of 2 shots on goal per match in the CL. We only allowed 1 tonight.

    The fitness, effort and constant motion were truly amazing. And how about Messi stripping Nani naked to start the play that led to the Villa goal?

    People are going to try to sully this one, though I don’t know how. This should have been the one that removes all doubt, but it still won’t. I’m sure that folks will point to refereeing controversies, the fact that Busquets should have been suspended, etc, etc.

    Fact of the matter is that we are the best club side in the world, and proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt tonight. People can console themselves by believing that the Premiership is the best league on the planet. Whatever. I think they have some great teams and great players. And on any given night, against any other club, United probably is in with a shout.

    But this is a once-in-a-lifetime set of players, folks. Look at the lineup: Valdes, Alves, Mascherano, Pique, Abidal, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Pedro, Messi Villa. All the bold-face names are La Masia products, born and raised in the system. It’s just an extraordinary thing.

    1. Kxevin said, “the fact that Busquets should have been suspended”

      -huh? Am I missing something? Or did it just come out wrong?

    2. Yes, you did miss something. There are many who suggest that because of the Marcelo allegations, Busquets should have been suspended for this final. They will use that to try to taint what has transpired. I’ll copy the paragraph below, with the parts most worth noting in bold:

      People are going to try to sully this one, though I don’t know how. This should have been the one that removes all doubt, but it still won’t. I’m sure that folks will point to refereeing controversies, the fact that Busquets should have been suspended, etc, etc.

      Hopefully it’s clearer now.

  24. Ferguson on Barcelona: “The best team we’ve faced in my time in management. No one has given us a hiding like that”

    Class. Pure class.

  25. So. Happy. Right. Now.

    Abidal lifting the trophy has to be one of the best sporting moments for me in a LONG time. WOW.

    What a game, what a team. I cannot wait for next season……. jesus, can we get better?

    Anyone have links for postgame pressers from Ferguson and Guardiola or any other interviews?

  26. Barcastuff: Barcelona’s official celebration party is at the Natural History Museum in London [Catradio]

    ahahaha. That is brilliant. I love the natural history museum.

  27. The good games of our team are worth watching a thousand times…. which one is our Casablanca? visca el barca ara mes q mai

  28. Fergie was asked which Barcelona player he’d sign if had a blank cheque. “One of the most stupid questions I’ve ever heard … Mascherano” [oliverkaytimes]

  29. I know some day I’m gonna have a lot of grandchildren who come up to me and ask “so how was it like watching that Barca team play?”. I just do. And boy, will I have a lot to tell!! Visca el Barca! Perfection.

  30. OMG. I am speechless. I was there guys. Not only was I there but I was 20m from the pitch. 20m from the best team in history. I am lucky enough to have a friend who works with Canal+ and who had a spare ticket for a seat usually reserved for journalists and what a seat. I was right next to the Barca section as well.

    There are a lot of things that were amazing tonight, but Messi was something else. Maybe its because its the first time I have seen him live, but there are simply no words to describe him. Sometimes when you see him on tv you forget how small he is and how unreal some of the stuff he does is, it almost seems fake. When you see it in person and so close, it makes you realise just how special he is.

    I cant type anything else now, emotions are still too high. I do have some nice pics that I took. How can i post them?

    P.S Some goal by Villa. I knew when he shaped up to hit it that it was going in. I just knew it.

    1. I’m so happy for you.
      How did Busi look live cause he was phenomenal this match?

    2. Awesome! So happy for you! When you have had time to settle down and digest it, I expect a full “I Wuz There” Match Report! 😀

    3. Haha. I’ll try to give you guys a more detailed report tomorrow. Once I have allowed the whole event to settle a bit. The game itself was special but even leaving the stadium was an event in itself, it took about 2 hours to get out of there. The whole thing was like one huge party. There were a lot more Barca fans than I expected and the UTD fans, I have to say, were pure class. So many random ppl coming up and saying how amazing we were.

  31. Barcelona have now won more League and European Cup doubles [4x] than any other team in history. [optajean]

  32. Watching the game live I couldn’t relax I was nervous all the way through even after Villa’s goal, can anyone link me to a HD copy throw it on the PS3 and sit back take it all in.

  33. Class:

    Tw Ferdinand: “Congratulations to Barcelona, the better team on the day.” #fcblive [@@rioferdy5]


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