Champions. [Updated with goal videos!]

I don’t have words to describe how elated I am right now. I’m thisclose to sobbing, my neighbours probably think I’m some kind of lunatic with all my shouting, but I don’t care.

I can go on and on about how right Pep got this, how immense Pique was, Villa and Pedro! scoring in the same match when it really counted, Messi…but I’m not. Words can’t express how special this team is and nothing I say will do this team justice.

Just enjoy it, folks. Enjoy it and remember how blessed we are to be cules in this era of Barca.


[Update] David Villa’s golazo in all its glory

I can’t embed all the goals….right?

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. Euler is working up one hell of a review, and I know because I facilitated getting him some of the passing charts, which are pretty amazing.

    The Zonal Marking piece is also excellent, because it essentially says what so many of us know: When we’re fit and healthy, it’s impossible to beat us playing football. Because no matter what you do, there’s an answer.

    You can’t press, because we pass too well. You can’t sit back and wait to counter, because we keep the ball and with the addition of shooting from the outside (you could see this one coming from recent matches), you’re screwed there.

    The sole option is Mou Mou ball, and hoping for a compliant ref.

    I fully agree with Diego. This team is better than the ’09 team, because it’s more of a team. The ’09 team had its star power. This team is a cohesive juggernaut.

    Oh, and as someone noted somewhere, Pedro’s Copa del Rey goal was offside by less than Giggs was yesterday. The difference is that the ref was in position on the Pedro goal. He was chasing the play on the Giggs setup, watching the play from behind as he ran to get into position.

    As many Zonal Marking commenters noted, the ref, even had he been in position, probably wouldn’t have called that one. Nobody wants to be the one accused of favoritism. But that performance deserved a clean sheet.

    Wonder what aging forward will sign on with us next season, for the chance to hoist Big Ears? We’ve done it for Henry, and now Villa.

    And in the aftermath of the season, thanks to everyone here. This site exploded, and as we moved to registration, it wasn’t really clear what would happen. Thanks to all of you, it only got better. Nicer room, and less trash.

    Now comes Silly Season, which we will hopefully resolve early, having already set up some moves that just take a few strokes of a pen. Because we don’t really have that much off season, and it begins with a bang, with the 2-legged SuperCopa against Them.

  2. By the by, it’s worth noting that our club will improve in the off season, even if no purchases are made, through better integration by new additions (Fontas, Afellay, Villa, Thiago) and the depth gained from the promotions.

    EE have a lot of work to do, but so do we. Not having a World Cup should help a lot with our fatigue factor. As of right now, I just don’t see any impediment to all of us having the same conversation next year at this same time.

    And wouldn’t that be nice? 😀

    1. Yes it would 🙂 My main worry is that more big teams will play Mou ball against us. That, and what will happen to Captain Caveman.

    2. Short-term, what happens is that he undergoes arthroscopic knee surgery on Thursday, with about a month and a half recovery time. But this was his last season as a full-time, automatic starter anyhow, making Mascherano (as it turns out) an even smarter purchase.

      I think that Mou ball requires a complicit referee. Compare the Copa final to the CL semis, which were in reality the CL Finals, since the two best sides in Europe are, in my opinion, in La Liga. The ref in the Copa final essentially allowed an on-pitch mugging to occur. In the CL semis, the refs were firm and firmer, which resolves those problems.

      You can press and be physical without fouling. We do it. If they learn to do it, it will make them a much more formidable opponent.

    1. I think he will be available, yesterday he wasnt even on the bench, but i dont want him, Berbatov, Ibra & Mario gomez are to me one and the same, i dont want to see any of them around our club.

  3. Because *obviously* we all need more reasons to admire Xavi:

    From barcastuff, most distances run (km): Xavi 11.95 – Giggs 11.16 – Park 11.06 – Iniesta 10.63 – Busquets 10.60 – Rooney 10.50

    1. Xavi is the most intelligent player in our squad, there’s no doubt about it. And my favorite! 🙂

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