Match From The Past: 2009 CL Final, Barcelona vs Manchester United (May 27, 2009)

Oh ma goodness,” you must be thinking. Has Kari pulled a fast one and secretly uploaded the 2009 CL final for your viewing pleasure? Oh, no. You overestimate me, my good reader. I’m far too lazy to do that much work.

I’ve only provided links (since I cannot embed) to that final, in English (from Sky Sports) and in fantastic quality. You may all thank Siralicdaman for graciously uploading not only the full game, but HT “analysis” and post-match celebrations.

No, I’m not pulling your leg, or giving you fake links that will lead to viruses, or anything crappy like that. It’s the real deal. You don’t have to download it; it’s right there for you to watch.

The Purpose Of  Watching This If You Are A Cule:

It’s always good to refresh your memory. Sometimes, in all the hyperbole that comes with football, how a team actually performed in a match is vastly over/underrated. We’ve heard of the’ passing carousel’. We’ve heard of great performances from our players, Xaviniesta’s performance, in particular, garnered a lot of attention. We can finally revist the game and look at it two years later. How are we different tactically? Were Man Utd really better than us in the first half like Pep is trying to get us to believe? How beastly was The Yaya? Can you find Xavi calling Thong Boy a….Okay, my questions are getting a little off topic, but you get the point. It’s a good comparison.

If you’re a new cule and haven’t watched that match everyone is talking about gosh I want to see it, now is your chance.

Barca Starting XL:

Formation: 4-3-3


Puyol – Pique – The Yaya – Sylvinho

Xavi – Busi – Iniesta

Messi – Eto’o  – Henry

The Purpose Of WatchingThis If You Are A Manchurian:

I’m not saying this to take the p*ss, or whatever British expression (I’d say euphemism, but you and I both know that’s not true) is used for mocking another team. Watching the game again gives you a refresher as well, and a good way to compare the Man Utd then and the Man Utd now. Useful for figuring out what tactics to use and, according to our interviewee Corey from the previous post, Fergie knows how to beat us using a lineup similar to the one he used in this final (minus Thong Boy and Tevez of course). Also sets the mood, no? 😀

Man Utd Starting XL:

Formation: 4-3-3

Van der Sar

Evra – Vidic – Ferdinand – O’Shea

Anderson – Carrick – Giggs

Park – Thong Boy – Rooney

Okay, I won’t bore you any longer. Getting the good stuff  (I’m sure 99% of you didn’t read the blabber above anyway):

Pre-Match Build Up

First Half

Half-time Analysis (take it with a boat load of salt, Manchurians and cules, it’s Sky Sports after all):

Second Half

Celebrations + FT Analysis:

There is no doubt both managers will be playing this match again, for whatever reason, and now you can too! Enjoy!

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. Everyone should watch TB’s 53 goals this season.

    Not discrediting the guy, but most of his goals are penalties, tap-ins, and headers. There were some good goals but they were about 10 at most.

    1. I wouldn’t care to get too into the quality of Cronaldo’s goal tally, if only because I’ve said since the beginning of the 2007 season that I don’t give a fig about goal-scoring trophies. It obviously matters a lot to him and RM fans that he won it, and I say let them enjoy it.

    2. For me, it’s not the “how” but the “when”. 11 goals in 4 games at the end of the season when everything’s decided. Shows you his priorities.

  2. I still have an HD version of this final, complete with about 7 different languages to choose from. 😀 It makes for some good viewing during the Barca downtimes, either when we’re lacking games or lacking good form. That Eto’o goal was such a sucker punch after 10 minutes of Man U dominance!

    1. I have that same file. A couple of others as well. I’ve probably seen this match no less than 15 times. Love it.

  3. Ooooooh Kari! Thanks for these links.

    Not too concerned with who EE gets. They wasted half their talent this year. More quality in means someone of quality sits on the bench. I’m more concerned with whomever we get.

    About last thread, please, can someone educate me? What is wrong with the abbreviation Man U?

    1. Don’t worry about it. Plenty of Man United supporters in England use it nowadays. It used to be a part of rival club chants insulting Manchester United about the plane crash, but now it’s become prevalent with Man U fans everywhere. Very few of their fans actually find it offensive for anyone to use it, some find it just mildly annoying, many don’t care.

      Though you often get foreign fans that somehow take personal offense at the term to appear more “legit”. It’s almost as pedantic an exercise as a cule coming in here and saying that “true” cules never spell Barca without the squiggly under the c.

  4. If the rumours were true (of course they weren’t, but still), we were going to bid 40M + Bojan for Rossi. Surely we can now get Kun for 35M + Bojan (with a buy-back of, let’s say, 20M)?
    What a dream that would be. A rotating trident of Messi, Aguero, Villa and Pedro…

    1. The rumors were 30m plus Bojan for Rossi. I don’t think Pep is even remotely interested in Aguero and I think Atletico would make us pay his buyout plus tax. So that’s close to 50m euros. Obviously it’s not going to happen.

      I think we’ll find out a lot more regarding our transfer targets after Wembley.

    2. It’s not random, those are all the Quarter Final teams. We could have conceivably faced any of them en rout to Saturday. It just happens that all but Shaktar, EE, and Manchester United (ojalá) were able to leave the competition without the privilege of meeting our windshield.
      Great gif by the way.

    3. Considering this tax, how much will Rossi cost us then? Something in the region of 45M?

      Until two days ago, Pep didn’t have the slightest interest in Jose Angel either. Since Rosell, Barcelona have become more discreet in their transfer matters

      Until Sunday, I’ll just keep hoping that Kun does come here 😉

  5. I think Bojan captaining our last league game is a good indicator of our intentions of NOT selling him.

    1. I don’t think we’ll sell him, but I don’t think it’s a real indicator because it’s based on tenure when the 4 captains aren’t around.

  6. As Ramzi brought up last thread and Jnice did above, Aguero is likely going to cost an enormous amount due to the associated taxes. In total he could cost upwards of 60-70M when all is said and done.

    Remeber Atleti bought him for a fortune from Argentina when they were trying to replace Torres. If they sell him to a team in Spain they are going to make that team pay the associated taxes. For Atleti, selling Kun abroad for 30M would make more sense than selling him in Spain for 45 and having to pay the taxes.

    60M – that is an enormous amount of money even for a player as talented as Kun is.

    Madrid can afford him and if they want him they’ll likely get him. But that front line is going to be a circus with all the players they have.

    I can only imagine the conversations Kun has had with Tevez about what it’s like to play for Man City…

    I’d guess a team from Italy could probably get a very good deal for Aguero right now.

    And on the whole what Madrid needs is more help in defense.

    We’ll see what happens. I can’t see Mourinho going into next season without a target man of his choice. Aguero does not provide that and I doubt Adebayor is the target man Mourinho really wants.

    Regardless – Madrid are going to spend a great deal of money this summer as Mourinho looks to really put his stamp on the roster in his second season and with Valdano out of the way.

    1. He says he’s leaving for sporting reason, as he’s almost 23 and has his entire future ahead of him (his paraphrased words, not mine). I’d imagine he’ll want to go to a big club looking to win trophies ASAP. Chelsea would be his most likely destination in the EPL (also a reunion of sorts with Torres), but after paying 50m for El Nino, does Roman want to pay nearly the same amount for Aguero?

    2. Roman cracks me up. Buys El Niño for 50m, forces Ancelotti to play him even though he has sucked for over a year, and then fires Ancelotti when it doesn’t work out. lmao

    3. I know right? It reminds me of what Lillo said when Almeria fired him, “I get why coaches are sacked. My question is why we’re hired in the first place.”

      Ancelotti only won The Double last season and rose them from 6th to a respectable 2nd this season. 🙄 Methinks he just wants Hiddink to take over permanently.

  7. can’t believe there are people already starting in on transfer speculation when WE ARE IN A EUROPEAN CUP FINAL IN 5 DAYS!

    can we hold off playing Football Manager 11/12 until that’s settled?! i know i can’t concentrate on hardly anything else football-related.

  8. What about diego milito?

    I know hes been injured quite a lot lately but he would give us different options and he might come at a reseanable price given his age etc.

    1. Really nice, thanks for the link.

      The memory of that final in Rome hurts Ferguson so much that for the past two years he has point-blank refused to discuss the game.

      That made me giggle. 😀

    2. “…as his team-mates survived an opening salvo from United in the first 20 minutes and then, from Samuel Eto’o’s opening goal, went on to dominate the game and win the final.”

      GTFO with that first 20 minutes business, Independent. It was 9 minutes

      About Messi: “The fact that he is so in love with the game – this is what makes him the player and the person he is. People like how natural and authentic he is. He turns up in his tracksuit every day, he is not into the whole fashion thing. He is just the best player in the world and that’s it. If he walked in here now – and you didn’t follow football – you would say, ‘Oh, there’s a young guy in his tracksuit’.”

      Love it. Too true.

    3. GTFO with that first 20 minutes business, Independent. It was 9 minutes

      I said the same thing. 🙂

      Even worse was Pep today saying United were much better than us in the first half. Gotta love Pep.

  9. This was THE single game I enjoyed most in my life. Since etoo scored I just turned around and became the bar cheerleader. 1st 10 minutes I suffered but that goal by etoo was heaven kicking it with the tip of the wrong foot oh my god. Epic epic epic. From then it was easy never ever think that can happen again, those 80 minutes of joy… a cl final. that is so precious for a scared cule … I remember the final vs arsenal, sooo different, or sampdoria. That was THE game for me we played so damn well from min 10 or so when samu scored. Some beautiful control of the game tiki taka… And then messi scores with the head. Buuuuufff

    1. How can you not like something that includes a reference to The Wire?

      Nice job, dude.

    2. that’s your photo, Ahsan? 😀

      like Kari, you had me at the first paragraph!

    3. “it simply wouldn’t have mattered where Messi was nurtured or where his footballing education took place. Dude is from another planet. He is not normal.”

      You got it brother. Those films of him as a child honestly make me laugh out loud, not LOL, I mean really actually chuckle. His genius just inspires joy.

    4. Nicely written! I especially liked how you managed to subtly fit in the translator into the opening paragraph. 😀

  10. Observation after watching the 2009 final-

    We’re better this year!

    Oh, and Pep looks 10 years younger in 2009 not 2, and Pique looks better shaved.

    1. yes, no wonder why Pep is envy with SAF’s hair…

      Barça made him lost his hair and hurt his back…

      and Piqué, I must rescpectfully disagree with you, soma4…lol 😀

      I think he’s better with thin beard…
      thin, not heavy, don’t like him with heavy beard…

    2. Poor Pep..I noticed how much he’s aged since ’09. He deserves a long vacation on some remote island that’s football free!

      BarcaGirl…I must disagree with you! lol
      Pique looks good no matter what 😉 he’s sexy even when he gets hurt… but thats just me and my fangirl crush talking.

    3. oh, snap! you’re right…

      even a bleeding Piqué is sexy…

      and he was mi sol before you and Shakira, culegirl3!

    4. LOL okay fine!

      If we’re gonna start claiming players then flyboy es mio and I also stake a claim on Xavi, Maxwell, Villa, and if we get Rossi then him too 😀

  11. For this match fellas, I bought a ticket at the price of usd200 just to get back to Malaysia from my holiday in Bali to watch the match with my mates at a Man U hang out cafe. And went back to Bali the day after.

    Flight tickets=usd200
    Fighting with parents for leaving them behind and wasting money= broken heart
    To enjoy the win and to see the tears of the over confident Man U fans=PRICELESS

    Ooh and I have a 27gb version of this match.

    1. no Man U cafe in Bali?

      but yeah, it must be priceless to celebrate in front of over confident Man U fans!

      back then they were really favourites..with strong and full squad, most people were bet for them..

    1. Watching 1st leg semi too. These look so different when you know the outcome. It seems FSC has shown just about every Man U game played in the CL the last couple of weeks, they’re on every time I turn on the tv. Marseille, Chelsea, and Shalke – nice of them to throw that other team in the final in there tonight. Unless I missed something I haven’t seen the Arsenal and Shaktar matches replayed in the run up to the final. Messi’s two goals were so good. They just showed Messi’s stat 4 shots, 2 on target, 2 goals, 2-0, talk about making them count.

  12. LOL what the hell Jeffren:

    Tw Jeffren: “Greetings to all blaugrana women around the world ;)”

  13. I love this game, mostly because Sylvinho took over the LB. Everybody was really scared, but that man worked his tail off, and I loved him for it and then he cried when he was leaving so that just made it even better.
    We are stronger this year, I am not afraid !! (ask me again how I feel Saturday morning… )

  14. That Other Coach’s wish for next season :

    Finally, I would like to end with a very simple wish, which is that next season we recover certain values no one should ever forget, but that some professionals and institutions of the world of football have nonetheless forgotten.
    These values should be the basis of our sport. Fair play, respect for your opponent and zero tolerance to racism shouldn’t just be words, they should also be facts.

    fair play, respect for your opponent, and zero tolerance to racism…
    yes, some institutions has forgotten this apparently, except The Royal White…

    but amen to his wish, we all wish the same, don’t we?

    1. Mourinho and fair play. That deserves a laugh. And respect who is the guy who finds the need to regularly celebrate in front of visiting teams’ dugouts?

  15. Just watched the 09′ fian again. I think we need to watch for Valencia & Rooney’s crosses, and maybe the odd 20-30 yard through ball from the midfield to Chicharito. Also, now I can see why some United fans think they will be better off this match, than with Thong Boy. EVERY attack was pushed to the left and toward Ronaldo. Not one time did CR9 play a switch ball to the right. Barcas D could shade left the entire match. On Saturday United will be more balanced. 3-1 final for la Blaugrana

    1. lol don’t worry, that injunction will not hold water..I mean what can they do? arrest 75000 twitter guys who quoted that dude’s name?

  16. I have only watched that final once, and it is and will be engraved into my memory forever. Just like the 2006 final.

  17. it was a spectacular game and we need to be honest with ourselves – Man U looked electric in the first 20 minutes and we were extremely extremely clinical with our first goal. We need to get out the doors much quicker this time.

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