A Double LiveBlog (Kinda): Malaga vs Barca Liveblog

Apparently Barca B is also playing now, so we can follow them too.

Barcelona line-up (official via barcastuff): Pinto – Adriano Bartra Abidal Maxwell – Sergi Roberto Fontas Thiago – Jeffren Bojan Afellay

Bojangles is captain!

Starting right away!

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. Boo Wellington. Yay Barca. Yay 3m. Yay Bojan and Bartra. Yayyy everybody. Expect Eklavya.

  2. Nice fun end to the season. Arnau should have come on as a winger just for a laugh in his final game.

    I really like Ibi, he’ll help us a lot next season.Its interesting all our singings did well this season.

    1. I really like Ibi, he’ll help us a lot next season. Its interesting all our singings did well this season.

      I really like him as well. He’s intelligent and never gives the ball away cheaply. That’s the Dutch training in him, I guess. Love his shot, cross, and pace, too.

      And you make a great point regarding our signings. Everyone has done really well overall.

  3. yay for the win 😀
    great way to end the season
    loving afellay!
    congrats to him, bojann, and barta! on the goals

    gah the next game is in a week. darn :/
    hmm well although this is our last game for la liga, its def not our last win
    our last win will be next week ;D

  4. The EE wining again with a high score, talk about hollow victories.

    1. Same amount of goals scored like last season, same place in the table like last season

  5. Is Ronaldo now the top goalscorer in Europe (meaning he will win the Golden Shoe)? Or Messi still leads because of his goals in the CL?

    1. Yes, the Golden boot is only league goals, so yes Cristiano is the European Golden Boot.

    2. Why do they count only league goals? =/

      I guess those who are in the CL have an advantage since they have the extra matches…

  6. Villarreal/Osasuna very exciting game! Don’t they know the league is over?

    Zaragoza just scored! I hope they stay up! As it stands right now, Deportivo is going down,. Stay tuned.

    1. Noooo I want Team Burger Dubai King to go down! And face it, every team in Spain has fans who have made racist chants. Even Barcelona, unfortunately. Zaragoza is a good team to watch, much better than Getafe or Depor.

    2. I know it’s unfair, but I can’t help it. I don’t want Burger King Team Dubai to go down because I’d have nothing to mock next season 🙁

      Hercules, Almeria and Depor can go down. Depor is boring as all get out and Tim Stannard would be happy. Hercules apparently cheated their way to the Primera and haven’t paid their players either. Plus, they beat us. Alcorcon can take their place. 😉

    3. because I’d have nothing to mock next season

      It’s OK, Kari, we’ll always have Teh Ramos. 😛

  7. So is this Rossi thing as wrapped up as Phil Schoen says it is. He would be a killer for us. Are him and Affelay our super subs next year?

    1. Nope, it isn’t. Phil is clueless.

      But if we do sign Rossi, he won’t just be a sub. Same with Afellay next season. Pedro and Villa won’t be able to go on slumps like they did this season and continue to start. That just won’t happen.

    2. Rossi is our first choice and I don’t think we are rapping up his signing anytime soon, We are just working out how much Villareal would agree to sell for and if it is too much, we will move on to the rest.

      Plus we have to wait for the CL and see whether the players get their bonuses or not.

    1. I think I criticize anyone who does something silly. Nothing against Villa personally. I don’t know why people are so protective of him.

    2. I just want people to be fair. Villa has worked his butt off adapting to a new system, making himself available for passes, tracking back on defense, going wide to stretch the field and allow Messi to make a run down the middle, but the second he makes a poor shot he is labelled as “awful”. It’s stupid. He has done a lot for the team this year.

    3. In my case, if I say “terrible finish,” it doesn’t mean the player is terrible. A player can have a terrible match and not be a terrible player. Villa has done a lot well this season and he consistently works hard, but that doesn’t mean I should ignore some of the silly things he does.

      If he does an unnecessary back heel, I’ll call him out on it regardless of what he’s done during the match. I just call it how I see it. If he takes a poor touch, it’s a poor touch. I just feel too many people misunderstand that and are quick to label it as being negative or picking on Villa, when it’s just saying the truth.

    4. Heh, I agree with both you and blizten blitzen.

      I think the problem stems from the fact Ibra and Henry both got lambasted for what Jnice is saying, but those people didn’t realize or mention what blitzen is saying re: adapting process. Some people feel that cules are giving Villa a free pass, ignoring the bad plays he does as part of his “adapting process”. Those same people killed Ibra and Henry for the same bad plays, even though they were adapting as well, and so the people who feel this is unfair feel the need to point this out.

      Personally, I’ve always seen it both ways. If a player does a bad play, I’ll call him out for it, irrespective of whether or not he’s adapting to the system. If he does something nice, I’ll mention that too. I don’t think people need to compare the treatment of Villa and Ibra/Henry all the time, maybe point it out here and there, but not make it an agenda. Ibra/Henry aren’t here any more and, while I understand the feelings of pointing out unfairness (ahem), I do think people need to let it go.

      (this isn’t directed at anyone in particular, I’m just saying in general)

  8. Congratulations to Lille. First League 1 championship in 57 years.

    They play very entertaining football. Very good club, especially in their attack.

    On another note – the more I watch Sakho play the more I like him. It’s always difficult to know how a player will integrate into the Barca system. But he looks like he would fit in well and provide important skill sets that the team currently does not have in it’s youth rank defenders.

    Sakho is composed at the back, especially for his age. He’s good on the ball (not great – but good). He’s strong positionally. Very good pace. He’s tall and very strong.

    He’s been the captain of almost every French youth team he’s been on since he was 16. He captained PSG at the age of 17 and would be the captain now if Makelele hadn’t gone to the team.

    I hope Barca seriously consider buying him this summer. They must address the CB position.

  9. I know we just got Affelay, but here is another Dutch league guy who can play the LW and could come seriously cheap. If we bring in Rossi, and someone like Luciano, we have to send Bojan out on loan.

    Luciano Narsingh


    1. ~10 years after winning their first league title, they get relegated. Ohh how far they have fallen.

      In the deepest corners of a Madrid based apartment, Tim Stannard is doing a happy dance.

    2. If you have to watch the eyesore that was Depor for a living, its really no wonder..

  10. Super Depor. 🙁

    I wonder where Guardado will end up or if he’ll play in the second division. It would have made for more funnies had Getafe gone down. Plus I hate that damned Burger King logo.

    1. Motionless Deportivo fans with shocked, stunned, disbelieving looks on their faces. The same they normally had during games, this season.

    1. Uh, that wasn’t meant to be an excited emotion. How to do that emoticon with the eyes bugging out, omg-style?

    2. Fixed it for you. To do the OMG one, it’s 8 O (take out the space), not : O .

      Also, another Icelandic volcano? 😯 Sn~ap. Here’s hoping it won’t be as bad as the last one.

    1. Just came upon that. He says some interesting things-about Pepe’s red card, on Busi, and about how he was tempted by the Premier League. He also speaks candidly about Madrid.

    2. On Biscuits:

      By tripe he also means the accusations of racism levelled at Sergio Busquets. “He has got black team-mates, for heaven’s sake. How would he be able to come to training if that really happened?”

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