Barcelona 2011-12 Kits are Released, Earth still rotates Sun

As you may remember from last year if you were here then, I love new kits. I love that they change every year, the new patterns, and all that jazz. There are a few rules to live by when creating a new kit: don’t stray from typical/historic club patterns when creating a home kit; stripes are usually a good thing (unless they are horizontal); simpler usually equals betters, too much clutter ends up making it look like a NASCAR vehicle (I’m looking at you every Mexican club team); and bold colors can be great, but within reason. Oh yes, and black kits are always a plus. A good example is the 11/12 Argentina NT home kit, which is as beautiful as ever. Blue and white stripes with the crest, just perfect. This year’s unveiling comes with the added bonus of the Qatar Foundation kit sponsor fiasco (some would call it that, I more or less call it an inevitability). Anyway, on to the unveiling. Here is a quick video with English subtitles of Puyol, Thiago, and P!!! talking about the kit (incidentally, Puyol tore a groin muscle while tying his shoe, Pedro died of shock at the sight of it).


The Blaugrana

I'm hardcore even when tying my shoes

The new home kit comes equipped with vertical stripes that start out fat and then get thinner going down, a highlighter yellow “Qatar Foundation” logo on the chest and UNICEF represented on the back, below the name/number. While I know there is much hand wringing about these on the Twittersphere, I like these to a certain degree. They are certainly better than the half and half treble-winning monstrosities from the 2008-09 season, though the change in stripes is off-putting. I do like the simple blue shorts/socks combo though. Overall I find these not totally abhorrent, though I do wish that the club had gotten a company like Apple to sponsor it, if only so I could have an Apple logo on my Blaugrana shirt, and my misgivings about the Qatar Foundation controversy are more or less trumped by knowing that this was in the offing for a very long time. So, 6/10 for some controversy and the ass logo, but not terrible.

The Black

/Plays "Imperial Death March"

Say what you want about the new home kit, it may take some getting used to, but this one, oh it is sexy. All black everything with only the highlighter yellow logos to contrast and the crest, oh my, I’m in love. Seriously, there is still some part of me, however, childish, that believes that black kits inspire confidence in the team wearing them, and trepidation in the opponent. These are simple, clean, contrasting, and have a nice collar touch. 9/10, would be perfect but for the ass logo.


Oh, and why the hell not, a Thiago sullen stare to send you off with.

Smolder young man, smolder
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  1. I saw some game-plays of Sakho, and keeping in mind his age (21 years) and his involvement in the club where he plays(being captain), I think he would be and excellent choice for centerback, and in top of that he can also play in the left, I think having Abi in the team (also a french speaker, as keita too) would be excellent to teach him the Barça way, I dont know about his personality though, Pep made sure of checking the dressing room character of Afellay before signing him, we have to acknowledge we’re a team that takes very serious the “feeling”…
    I think we have 50 million plus sellings (Milito, Maxwell, Keirrison, Henrique, Hleb, and maybe Botia if we buy him back, maybe he needs first a chance with the team) asumming someone give us 3 -5 million for milito, 5-7 million for maxwell, 3 for keirrison, 3 for Henrique, and 1 for Hleb (I hope)we would have at least 15 million more for buys…
    65 million, according to transfermarkt Sakho’s cost would be 13.5 million, lets put 15 million for him…
    Llorente costs according to transfer markt 20 million, but we would have to buy him off his clause, I think it’s 35 million + IVA (taxes), it would be more than 50 million I believe, we wouldn’t spent that much in him, unless Atletic de Bilbao WANTS to sell him, then we could negotiate (our own Zubi has excelent relations with his former club).
    What about Hulk? he’s over 1.80, he has pace, he’s pretty technical (being brazilian) and he’s a pretty decent wingman (he can play from the right making competition for Pedro) and he’s the current champion of the europa league, according to Trankfermarkt he would cost us 21 million, so we would have:
    Sakho : 13.5 million
    Hulk : 21 million
    And he would have 30 million plus change for another signing, maybe Cesc, imagine those 3 signings for next season, that would be great! Pep would be happy, we would add competition to our own squad, Pep would sign for another year in december (after wining the clubs world cup, again if… hopefully we win in London). Sorry for the length of my ramble, I would like to see what you guys think about this…

    1. –I haven’t really even thought of specific signings of the positions. Your list and strategy makes sense to me, but I don’t think we’ll sell Maxwell. We have a habit of keeping players longer than needed.

      –In all honestly, I don’t even know who Sakho was until this thread. I haven’t seen him or PSG or any French team bar Lyon play this season.

      –Hulk seems like a beast, but there’s not telling how well he’d do outside of the Portuguese league.

    2. I don’t see Hulk at Barca, although he’s very good in confined spaces, I’m sure he’ll do well wherever he goes. He has a tireless attitude.

  2. If I could have any striker in the world right it would be Chicharito. Not gonna happen but a cule can dream (Wouldn’t it be wierd to have a Xavier Hernandez and a Javier Hernandez?)
    Since that can’t happen, Rossi (who is used to playing a similar style) and Kanoute (as a plan B off the bench) would be cool. Gomez would be cool as well. Llorente is too expensive and I think we would end up with a BANGS minus the attitude situation.

    I’m almost ready to say just buy Cesc already and get it over with so we don’t have to hear about it anymore.

    1. When I really, really think about it – I agree! Forget that it’s not going to happen. But yes… would be Chicharito for me too!

      I haven’t watched many of the players being mentioned here. Except for the old ones – as I used to follow Trezeguet in Juve, Forlan in Man U, Kanoute in West Ham.

      From what I’m reading though, it seems like Sakho would be a good buy for a CB. I just think it’s awesome that if we get him, we get another team captain. Masch is team capt for Arg NT, Affelay for PSV and Sakho of PSG. We’re a team full of leaders! Yay! And that’s because our two geniuses (Messi and Iniesta) are so shy and modest and retiring.

  3. I want Bojan out. He isn’t the same as before and clearly he needs some serious playing time and even more encouragement so Valencia or Villarreal would be good for him IMO.

    What about Pato?? He’s young, tall(sort of), has scored 16 goals in 32 appearances this season, no to mention he’s good looking 😀

  4. don’t mind the thin strips on the home kit, I DON’T like the solid sleeves. I think that ruins the shirt. If the sleeves were striped it would be fine or great.
    Black is cool. Wish it was still Unicef, then it would look really sweet

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